Friday, 23 January 2009

Blog direction.

Regular reader(s) of VFC will have noticed a slight shift in direction of it's content. This has happened unintentionally and is just part of a natural progression.

I never thought for a minute, when I started this Blog, that I would become aware of such, in my opinion, disgraceful goings on with our goverment and local media and quite honestly wish I never did become aware.

I had seriously considered giving up Blogging altogether, for a number of reasons not least because of the threats I have recieved which have esculated to threats to my children. I have had to think long and hard, wrestle with my concience and do some serious soul searching.

Why would I want to carry on Blogging after recieving threats to my children?.....good question! Well I believe my children are in harms way for as long as this government are in power and if I say or do nothing about it that would make me as guilty of cover-up and concealment as our "ruling elite".

It came down to one question, what can I live with easier,...............fear or guilt? fear that I am Jeopardizing my childrens welfare by speaking out, or the guilt of knowing what I know and doing nothing about it. I chose fear, I can live with that a little easier than I can live with guilt and keeping my mouth shut would not guarantee my children's well being.

So back to the direction of this Blog! I would like it to concentrate predominantly on giving a voice to the voiceless and exposing the failings of our childcare system. Now that we have a new Minister for Education Sport and Culture and he has had time to settle in to his new post I intend on striking up a dialogue with him and hope he will provide me with answers to questions the previous Minister failed to.

One of my fears is there have been allegations that a senoir civil servant in Education Sport and Culture is allegedly under suspicion or is a suspect in the ongoing "historic" child abuse investigation and remains in his post. I have absolutely no proof that these allegations hold any merit. The reason I have no proof, one way or the other, is because the said civil servant will not reply to my e-mails or meet with me, and when I asked the previous Minister for a comfimation or denial of these allegations I was told "the States have a duty of care to their employees" and failed to put my mind at ease by allowing me to believe there could be some truth in the allegations.

So this Blog will get back on track and hopefully be a "Voice for children" and parents alike.

My new Blog came about as the natural progression. I was becoming more and more frustrated and curious as to why our local media appeared very selective as to what they would or wouldn't publish/broadcast and indeed the way they published or broadcast certain subjects.

After being approached by a few people we decided to get together and offer some alternative media to the online community and start asking questions our local "journalists" don't or won't. It is still very much in it's early stages but all going to plan we have some rather big names in local politics who have agreed to an "indepth" interview on camera. will cover, when possible, current affairs and hopefully report on subjects that you don't see in our local media, or at the very least, give an alternative view.

It's good to be back!


  1. Glad you chose to keep blogging. You are doing a noble and brave thing in not giving in to the thugs who try to intimidate you.

    At least you can stand proud, can others?

    Take good care

  2. Dear VFC

    I'm so glad you've decided to keep going, now more than ever we need alternative outlets for information that is otherwise kept secret and covered up.

    You have a truly investigative style and are doggedly prepared to ask awkward questions that the establishment media refuse to even consider.

    Power to the people and the alternative media.

  3. I look forward to your next post, good luck and keep your spirits up, you're doing a fantastic job!

  4. Dear VFC

    Would love to see you doorstep Mike Pollard on video and ask some really searching questions like:

    1. Who decided that Dr Myano needed supervision

    2. Who was responsible for supervising her

    3. who knew she needed supervision

    4. If she needed supervision why was she on the Consultants duty rota and therefore the most senior Dr on call for the hospital

    5. Who sees the references for staff employed by health

    6. As chief executive should he not take the ultimate responsibility and do the honourable thing and resign

    Just a few ideas to start with, I'm sure you can think of more.

    By the way you will probably find him lurking in the hospital carpark with his bicycle helmet and trouser clips about 5pm

    He's clearly under pressure on scheduled TV interviews where he's rehearsed his answers so well he repeats the same thing over and over again. Might not be quite so good caught on the hoof.

  5. I came onto Sen Stuart's Syvret's approx near the time that you were saying you may give up blogging. I am so sorry that you and your family have had threats and I am sure it must have been a great worry to you.

    I am so glad that you have decided to carry on and thank you for the enlightening videos and interviews you have conducted.

    Eventurally because of people like you

    Truth Will Out