Thursday, 5 February 2009

Doctor Gil Blackwood part 2


  1. This is a cracker of an interview, well done!

  2. It Looks as if Dr Blackwood knows things about Pollard that need to be exposed, but is not sure of his best way of going about doing it without getting himself into trouble, Im sure he will find a way, he was very diplomatic in his interview. He looks as if he needs to get it off his chest, sooner rather than later.

  3. To the last commenter.

    Dr.Blackwood has plenty more to talk about concerning CEO Mike Pollard.

    As I'm sure you can appreciate both Dr.Blackwood and I must be extremely cautious as to what is said and published.

    You are correct there is a lot he would like to "get off his chest" you are also correct he/we will find a way!

    Dr.Blackwood has agreed to possibly a series of interviews so I'm sure there is plenty more to come!

  4. Dear VFC

    The sooner the truth comes out about the lies and cover ups that are happening in health the better.

    Mike Pollard needs to go, but such is the climate of fear no one feels able to speak up.

    He is a bully, but is under pressure. This must not be allowed to go away.

  5. Great interview.Keep up the excellent work.
    So many questions remain unanswered.
    Unbiased investigations will be the only way the people of this Island can feel safe,and restore confidence which is so sadly missing from some of our senior civil servants.
    Hopefully the truth will prevail.

  6. This is just what we need out here, all we get is spin or nothing at all in our media. They just tell us what THEY thing we should know.

    How can So Many documents be aloud to be Shredded & its happening in all departments. It just shows how corrupt our top civil servants are.

    All they do is show contempt to everyone. Even our top consultants get the same treatment as if they are just nonsenses in there daily life.

    How many document's have been shredded in all these years, we've only just herd that this outrage happens, if it happened once that's wrong. But if it's common well that's a outrage.

    I've said before the cracks are showing & with your most gripping interviews we will dig them out & rid this Island of the Cancer that's killing us all.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. Who needs the TV, radio, and newspapers, when there are now blogs with substance, courage, and honesty to expose, what needs to be uncovered. Carry on the good work.

  8. Let me tell you. Minutes of meetings, there is an original copy and then there is an approved (heavily vetted) copy, The original is not destroyed, but it is never refered to again, if possible.

  9. VFC i think i might be giving you the VC if you carry on with this sterling effort.. And big thanks to DR Gil Blackwood..

    The truth is out there


  10. Sterling work VFC well done and thank you Dr Blackwood.

    This is real news


  11. Excellent interview. It is a great pity that Dr Blackwood was not elected into the States.

  12. Going off topic but only just I watched the Bankers geting a griling by the Parliamentary Select Comitte - it transpires that when a Risk Manager questioned the sustainability of the rapid growth of HBOS in a meeting - the minutes of that meeting were allegedly doctored to water down his comments - he was subsequently sacked - and a woman with no experience of risk control replaced him .........he contested the sacking through a tribunal and was cleared of wrong doing and won substantial damages....the rest as they say is history! White collar crime does exist however our society is set up in such a way that it is very difficult to get complaints against these powerful people to stick. Can the tide change - yes it can! I thought your question on Talkback on Sunday went completely over the heads of the guests!