Thursday, 5 March 2009

Scrutiny Questions, Education Answers?

The following letter has been submitted to the Education and Home affairs Scrutiny Panel which meets this Friday 6th March 2009 in the States Building at 3pm. Members of the public can attend (but can not video) see here

This is the cotinuation of the Panel meeting which was attended by the Minister for Education Sport and Culture Deputy James Reed and his Chief officer Mario Lundy for which the matter of suspensions was on the agenda. That meeting overran on time and so is resumed on Friday.

Copy of letter submitted;

Dear Deputy.

Can you please ask the Minister for Education whether he is aware of any continuing Police investigations regarding a senior officer in his Department or whether such investigations have been terminated?

You will know because you asked certain questions in the States in October 2008 that a Senior Officer had recieved a Police "Disclosure Notice" and it is a matter of considerable public concern that this officer might still be in position preparing and administering Education Policies.

Since the nature of the alleged offences was concerned with "child abuse" and the (then) Chief Minister gave assurances that the matter would "be taken very seriously indeed" and that "a risk analysis of what action should be taken" would be undertaken, it must now be reasonable to ask if any action has been taken or is proposed to be taken, with regard to this employee?

I obviously won't need to remind you that the (then) Chief Minister also gave assurances that "the priority is always to protect the interest of the public and vulnerable clients".

Letter end.

It is quite normal for letters from the public to the Scrutiny Panels to be submitted and discussed at these meetings. VFC/VFJ will keep you informed............


  1. Hi VFC,

    Did you attend the meeting?

    What happened? I notice they put it at a really convenient time of 3pm, so most members of the public can't make it.

    The Jersey way.......

  2. One Day.

    Yes I attended the meeting and plan on publishing a Blog about it in the next couple of days.

    "How did it go"? Well that's where I am struggling on doing a Blog about it! How do you explain in layman's terms and get the point across that being at one of these meetings is like being in "a land of make belief"?

    It truly is mind bending and mind numbing.Futhermore I believe it is a complete waste of time and tax payers money.

    Like I said I will (hopefully) be publishing a Blog on it in the next couple of days which (hopefully) will explain all

  3. I ve had a number of 'a land of make belief' meetings. Everything that is said I'm sure is scripted, they all play their own part - all in all they are pretty good actors and don't let real life get in the way of their play.

    Good luck with the translation.... I'm sure you'll do it proud!