Friday, 9 October 2009

Goldilocks or Rosa Parks?

During the summer holidays my nine year old daughter (Voicette) took part in “Quest Seekers”. A scheme where you read 6 books from the library and describe the story satisfactorily to the Quest Seekers member then you are awarded a medal and a certificate.
I am very pleased to say she successfully completed her mission and received the medal and certificate yesterday.

The dilemma was, what 6 books do we choose to read?. Had this been a few years ago I would have liked her to have read something along the lines of Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

A little while ago I got a massive wake up call as to how our government operates and was left no choice other than to “warn” or “alert” my children to the dangers they face because of our government. The said books therefore were not in the running.

As a small part of warning or alerting my children, I took my daughter to the States one day, I think it was the day of the Air Display this year. Although she knew some of the Politicians on a first name basis she didn’t know a vast majority of them or what they do.

I explained to her that I believe a vast majority of them are complicit in the cover-up of child abuse, she asked “which ones”? I pointed to the elected and un-elected members and told her their names. She asked “is someone paying them to cover up for child abuse”? to which I said “yes, about £44k by the people they are supposed to represent and considerably more for some of the un-elected members”.

I went on to point out and name the “good guys” and the “bad guys”, the Senators, Ministers, Constables and deputies. I tried, as best I could, to explain what they do, and how 10 out of the 12 Constables are only there to do, and vote, what they are told by the Council of Ministers.

It was not that long ago when I never knew who our Politicians were, or what they did, but I was propelled into this very dark and sordid world involuntarily and as they say “we are where we are”.

Our elected members and their Civil Servants have a lot to answer for, including my daughter’s view on Politicians and government.

So back to the books we chose and she enjoyed immensely. They were “Mother Theresa”, “Guy (Guido) Fawkes”, “Dr Martin Luther King Junior” “Mahatma Gandhi” “Nelson Mandela” and “Rosa Parks”.

Congratulations to my very articulate and beautiful little girl for achieving this certificate and medal. Shame on you elected members and Civil Servants (you know who you are) for influencing our choice of reading.


  1. Our family firmly believes that the only way we can change the current situation we have in Jersey, is by educating our children.

    Congrats to Voicette for this achievement. That's some pretty heavy reading material to get through. Maybe one day you'll be on the TV announcing proper, unbiased, trustworthy, propaganda free local news to an open minded fair society.

  2. First of all, well done Voicette, a lovely little girl and obviously a chip off the old block!!

    It is indeed a sad reflection that parents today feel the need to be alerting children to the ins and outs of our Government, where as once upon a time innocence was best left to remain as long as possible. In today's world sadly this is not so, and perhaps there are many good reasons why an education in the politics of this shady isle we live in are not a bad thing.

    Like you VFC, quite by chance and the misdemeanour of a politician, which affected me personally, I became embroiled and interested in our Government and its workings. Boy, what an eye-opener it has been, and overall, not for the best.

    I hope that the lovely Voicette will not become too cynical, too young and enjoy her young years as children should.

  3. I have just read "Nobody Came" and if only fifty per cent of this book is fact, which I doubt.

    Its tragic.

    Children own their own bodies and no adult, especially in a position of authority, has the right to even touch that child, without that child's consent.

  4. Congrats to Voicette for this achievement. That's some pretty heavy reading material to get through. Maybe one day you'll be on the TV announcing proper, unbiased, trustworthy, propaganda free local news to an open minded fair society.

    What an insult ,this child has amazing potential .You need a degree to be a journalist and read the news you need intelegence to go further in this life.Voicette will go far.

  5. For the Troll(s)

    I have made a point of ignoring you as you will be well aware. I ignore you as I won't buy into your quest for craving some kind of status through my Blog. However I do not like denying anybody a voice that's for the JEP and the local BBC to do.

    So I would like to offer you that voice. If you disagree with something I have put on my Blog please leave a comment with reasoned argument. If you insist on personally insulting me, threatening me and my children and so forth then i'll not publish it.

    Failing that, just don't read my Blog, or get one of your own.

  6. Ohhhh I've only just seen this blog entry...

    Congratulations on your choice of books Voicette, it's very heavy reading, so congratulations on your much deserved award too!

    I take my hat off to you VCF, there aren't many parents who can be bothered or who are willing to give their children an education in politics or alert them to the ins and outs of our local government. You teach your child well and the experience of going to a States sitting, I'm sure is something she'll never forget.

  7. Should Voicette wear a red or a white poppy this year?

  8. Re; should Voicette wear a red or white Poppy?

    Voicette will be wearing whichever colour she like the most, it's as simple as that.