Saturday, 21 November 2009

The Wiltshire "report".

So Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand, has had, in his Possession, some kind of a report from the Wiltshire Constabulary since the 20th of October 2009.

Once again more questions need answering. Why was Senator Le Marquand so quick to inform the States Assembly about the existence of the “Operation Blast” files claiming he wanted to be open with the house..... and then hang on to the Wiltshire report for the best part of a month without mentioning it despite being asked on numerous occasions for an update?

Here is how it looks

The Wiltshire Constabulary have furnished our Home Affairs Minister with a draft of PART of a report. How does that work? Not being experts in this field - but having done a little research - it would appear Investigating officers should not submit draft reports, particularly when their enquiries are incomplete, although we stand to be corrected.

It could be argued that having missed several promised deadlines it became politically necessary for the Wiltshire Constabulary to be able to say that they had submitted something and for the Minister to be able to say that he has received something. If this is the case then this could be characterised as "face saving" rather than actual progress. It is however unlikely that an incomplete draft report can form the basis for any action. That would have to await the complete final document.

Has Chief Officer Graham Power been given access to this “report”? if not why not? What might its contents be? Well that would depend on what they were looking for.

The nature of the Wilts work and its intended outcome has been the subject of extensive exchanges between the parties in the early part of 2009. It started off as what appeared to be a management review of the enquiry. Then it was pointed out that a management review in itself could not have a disciplinary outcome. After more exchanges and legal advice, the status was changed to a DISCIPLINARY enquiry and Chief Officer Power, we believe, was cautioned and given appropriate written notices. Unless the rules have changed, the purpose of a disciplinary enquiry is to find evidence of misconduct. Most people would describe that as DELIBERATE wrong-doing. It is expected however that they will have some critical comment to make about some aspects of the management of the “historical” Child Abuse enquiry.

Now here’s the rub. Give ANYBODY half a million quid and a year to view, with hindsight, decisions taken under pressure in the space of a few minutes, and they would find mistakes and criticisms in ANY investigation, let alone one as sensitive and complex as the “historic” Child Abuse enquiry. But does that equate to misconduct? We would argue “NOT”. We would also be astounded if the Police were the only ones who were subject of critical comment. If nothing is said about the behaviour and performance of Ministers and the Law Officers that would be a travesty. Is the conduct of the Attorney General, in any way, being investigated? The Centenier that, although believing there was enough evidence to charge a certain couple, didn’t charge them on the advice of the Law Office?

So How much more time, and tax payers money, is it going to take before this Wiltshire report is complete? Just as importantly will it be made public? That is to say will the tax payer get to see what they are paying for? Our research has led us to believe that Chief Officer Graham Power has submitted a statement to the enquiry which has in excess of 60,000 words. Will ANY of those 60,000 words be made public? If Team Voice have anything to do with it, the entire 60,000 words will be published on here.

Now how is this for irony? It is believed the Wiltshire Constabulary will be investigating how the HDLG expenses were allowed to allegedly spiral un monitored. Well who is monitoring their expenses?
In a year they have cost the tax payer over half a million quid and so far only come up with part of a part report!

Their expenses include £82,000 hotel accommodation and £92,000 in travel expenses… a year!…….for part of a part report!! Did any one carry out a risk assessment at the outset and should one man, the Minister be judge and prosecutor in the same case?

let’s have a look at Home Affairs Minister Senator Ian Le Marquand’s role in this.

He claims he cannot interfere with the enquiry as he has to judge/consider the findings of the report. If that is the case - who is responsible for oversight of the enquiry especially the cost? Surely it’s his department who he is ultimately responsible for and in charge of?

I reproduce the expense claims below of the Wiltshire Constabulary, to date, let’s remember these expenses will be rising on a daily basis!

Staff costs.............£200,700


Hotel Accommodation ..£82,000

Legal Fees...........£77,100


Equipment Purchase..£15,200


Other costs......£11,400



  1. Graham Power should be allowed to go back to work forthwith. Sorry I haven't got any answers to your questions vfc i would like the answers to them as well. Graham Power has been treated worse than a criminal so has lenny haper and stuart syvret. Good luck mr. power and as a jerey person i can only apologise for what our govermant have done to you and your family.

  2. One would presume if and this is a big if, anything seriously detrimental towards Graham Power would have found it's way into the hands of numerous journalists, leaks etc., However I am more than sure they and I say 'they' the selected few are going through this with a fine tooth comb to try and find at least something against him and Lenny. Who knows how these peoples minds work, how much more money will they throw at these endless enquiries into their own failures. Not that it worries me, I am not a Jersey taxpayer, if I were I would be demanding answers.

    Like the last commenter my thoughts are with Mr Power and his family, it is a sad reflection of a corrupt government who would try to save the face of a nation by victimising people, who have done their very best for the good policing of your island. My heart is also with those abused who it seems will never get closure unless this corrupt system is over thrown.

    An excellent post VFC please carry on fighting the good fight.

  3. Does anybody know how many wiltshire police are in jersey? How have they managed to rack up such a bill? 92 grand travel and 82grand hotel accomodation?

  4. Dear V.F.C, If I commented and you guy's published it, we would all be in prison!!!

    The shit will hit the fan soon enough, and then this evil Government is finished. So if any of you want to know my views and evidence on Mr Le marquand, and his culpability in the cover up market, please visit the Fbook Group, "Ian Evans Against Jersey Corruption & Police Brutality" over the next few weeks.

    I doubt this article will get clearance, but if it does, please stay glued to your monitor. Kindest regards Ian Evans A.K.A Beanbuster xxx P.S watch out for the paedophile stuff I will be releasing soon !!!

  5. Dear VFC

    £32,000 subsistence, that's food to you and me - what the hell are these boys eating that costs more than the average salary in Jersey?

    Time for more questions to the ex (conflicted?) magistrate methinks

  6. I would just like to share a bit of good news on the anniversary of starting my blog - please read my new post!

    Thank you