Sunday, 10 January 2010


Below is an e-mail sent by Deputy of St Martins Bob Hill to Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur, copied in are all media including “Citizens Media” and all States members.

Deputy Hill is an avid campaigner for Human Rights, open and transparent government, accountability in government, governmental reform and just as importantly TRUTH and JUSTICE.

Regular readers will be aware Deputy Hill, along with Connetable of St Helier Simon Crowcroft, has been striving to get some answers regarding, the very suspicious, suspension of the Chief of Police CPO,QPM Graham Power.

The e-mail appears to bring into question the Chief Minister’s “neutrality” regarding the role he has played concerning Mr. Power’s suspension. It also brings into question the role played by Chairman of PPC Connetable Juliette Gallichan.

I believe it brings into question the “LEADERSHIP” of Terry Le Sueur and many more questions, which seems to be a common thread, there are always many questions and very rarely any answers coming back.

Let’s see what kind of a reply Deputy Hill gets back from Chief Minister Le Sueur. Let’s see if we end up with any answers or more questions than we started with, as is so often the case. One thing is for sure Terry needs to “get a grip” and start displaying some LEADERSHIP otherwise a vote of no confidence will have to go in and we’ll see how Senator Ian Le Marquand performs as Chief Minister. Sorry Phillip but you know it’s on the cards.

E-mail to Terry……………

Dear Terry,
Below are two Voice for Children websites which contain a letter from Mr Power to PPC dated 30th October and the reply from the Chairman dated 13th November 2009. I would add that the letters have been subject to attention from the other media.

I write to express my deep concern not just at the contents of Mr Power's letter but also by the dismissive action taken by PPC's Chairman who appears not to have discussed the letter with her Committee.
As you will see Mr Power has made allegations regarding the untoward actions surrounding the events leading to his suspension which he is able to substantiate. I think it is important to remind you that in a statement read by the former Home Affairs Minister at the States Sitting on 2nd December 2008 in relation to Mr Power's suspension, the Minister said, and I quote " In addition, of course, the Chief Officer cannot comment and has not yet had the full opportunity that the process allows to answer to these matters and to defend himself. Any debate would thus be unfair to him as the full facts are not yet known. I am sure, however, that Members will readily understand that a suspension in these circumstances is a neutral act and implies no finding one way or the other, but is rather an entirely prudent course to preserve the integrity of the investigation,"

A neutral act should by definition be neutral with neither side impeding the integrity of the investigation which should be conducted in an even handed and transparent manner. Also before any suspension is implemented those responsible for the implementation should be above reproach. Clearly from the contents of Mr Power's letter the integrity and motives of those involved with the suspension are highly questionable. It would appear that there is substance to Mr Power's observation that the actions of a number of people raises the possibility of a " Government within a Government" in which unidentified and unaccountable individuals exercise power outside the parameters of the law.

You are aware that the Chief Executive has admitted to destroying the original notes of the suspension meeting on 12th November 2008. Also although the Royal Court, when considering Mr Power's application for Judicial Review was unable to formally pass judgement on the initial suspension, it did say "we feel constrained to voice our serious concern as to the fairness of the procedure apparently adopted by the previous Minister." In page 4 of his letter Mr Power makes reference to significant differences between two media scripts which have come to light by the Wiltshire Constabulary. There appears to have been an alteration to a script drafted on 5th November 2008 and the one actually used at the briefings a week later. It may be pure co-incidence but the person involved with both scripts had much to gain from Mr Power's removal from Office.

I believe you should already be in receipt of the exchange of letters between Mr Power and PPC and considering the action to be taken.. However to give you the benefit of the doubt I ask that you read the letters below and ask yourself if you can allow for such damning evidence to be put aside. I remind you that the suspension has been claimed to be a neutral act. For many months Mr Power was denied details of the dates of documents which he eventually obtained via a successful application to the Complaints Board. It should be recalled that you personally defended the request for the details at the Hearing. Where was the neutrality? Mr Power had not been charged with any offence.

Home Affairs engaged the services of the Solicitor General to oppose Mr Power's application for a Judicial Review of his suspension. Where is the neutrality? Mr Power had not been charged with any offence.
You and the Council of Ministers successfully opposed the Connétable of St Helier's proposition (P182/2008) to request the Minister for Home Affairs to commission a compliance check on the procedures followed by his predecessor in suspending Mr Power, Where was the neutrality? Had you supported the proposition, not only might an honourable and decorated man and his family have been spared the stress and uncertainty, but also the States might have saved in excess of a million pounds on Royal Court and Complaints Board Hearings, costs to cover Mr Power's suspension and the ever rising cost of the Wiltshire Constabulary investigation. Also at stake is the Island and Government's integrity and reputation.
Mr Power's suspension issue has been running since 2008 against a background of extensive publicity little of which has reflected well on the island or its government. If one of the original aims was to protect the reputation of the island then this has clearly not been achieved. It is now a matter of public knowledge that Mr Power is to retire sometime this year, if the object of the exercise was to remove him from office then this exercise now appears to be pointless. He is to leave the service this year anyway and against that background, any disciplinary action, which has not yet been decided upon let alone started, would appear to be pointless. This whole matter has now been "drifting along" since 2008. It appears that Ministers are oblivious to the human cost to Mr Power and his family and the financial cost to the taxpayer.
The issues raised by Mr Power are too important to ignore and it would appear that they are pointing towards a conspiracy at the highest levels of Government, therefore immediate action needs to be taken to find a way forward. I must urge that you to show leadership and to "get a grip" before the matter runs further out of control and further damage is done and needless public expense is incurred. I would be grateful if you would inform me of your proposed actions by 5pm next Friday.

First blog contains Mr Power's letter to PPC.

Second blog contains PPC's Chairman's reply

Deputy Bob Hill, BEM.,
Deputy of St Martin.
Tel: 861019


  1. Excellent letter Deputy Hill, and many thanks for affording VFC the opportunity to post it on their blog.

    It is indeed time to get to the bottom of this murky affair, which as Deputy Hill so rightly has not done, and will not do Jersey or its Government any favours at all until the truth is unraveled, which sadly thus far has been left to mere members of the public to do.

    Let us hope that before tying themselves into more knots and digging deeper holes someone will have the courage to be honest for a change, particularly for Mr Power and his family. Let them have some decent closure.

  2. Sorry I omitted the word says after 'Deputy Hill so rightly' which makes it read incorrect.

    Sorry Deputy Hill - one of the good guys!

  3. Terry Le Sueur is a nice guy, but no way is he or ever has been up to the job as Chief Minister.

    Senator Ian Le Marquand said a while ago that no one presently sitting as a States Member is good enough to be a Chief Minister....

    Senator Le Marquand it is now the right time for you to step forward and take command and help sort this mess out before it goes too far!

  4. Well said Deputy Hill.

    A fine and honest to goodness letter, written with the welfare of the majority in mind.

    I can only question one point in the whole statement, "Also at stake is the Island and Government's integrity and reputation."

    I can assure Deputy Hill that any notion of the general public's view of "reputation & integrity" was lost to the gutter, many many years ago.

    However, we are grateful that there are still one or two honourable members still surviving within this clandestine regime.

    Hats off to Deputy Hill and Senator Syvret, we salute honesty and intergity.

    May Mr Power also find justice. For if he cannot, then the common man swimming around in this proleterian stew, we laughingly call society, has no hope in hell left.

  5. Well done Deputy Hill, what a great pity there are so few other politicians on your island who do not have your conviction of honesty and truth.

    Perhaps those other elected representatives should start showing their colours by adding their names on this blog to support your email.

    Won't stand on one leg however waiting for replies, I guess there is only a handful who have the guts like yourself to speak out.

  6. Thank you deputy Hill,a true and honest politician .

  7. Senator Le Marquand had his first real meeting with the annoyed Jersey public, last Summer at Fort Regent and he seemed to come out of it intact.

    Infact he seemed to show his true colours at that meeting and they were not bad, a bit nieve maybe but not bad.

    Senator Le Marquand, now is the time to step in and take the lead for the sake of the good Jersey Public!

  8. I would like to add my thanks to Deputy Hill for all he has and is still doing to seek justice for not only Mr Power and his family but also for the island as a whole.

    It takes a lot of courage to stand up against the opposition and for what is right, so I take my hat off to you and look forward to a satisfactory conclusion to this sorry affair.

    Team Voice, you're doing a grand job with your investigative journalism and at keeping us informed at every stage along the way. Keep up the good work, it's very much appreciated!

  9. Hi

    I hope Deputy Bob Hill gets a reply to this email if not he should demand one.

    Terry le suer time to stand up and be counted or at least stand up.

    Cant wait for his response, and from those at PPC

    Thanks Bob your doing what a politician should be doing


  10. Well done VFC.

    I must say you are doing more good for this Island then the majority of Members of that Bull sh?t factory, sorry Members of our States.

    You are showing our respected media the way to do there job & I must say again you are doing it very well, with people going to you then our media. I think that say's it all, you & your team are at the moment the only outlet for news that can be trusted with no spin & half truths.

    How can thay take no notice of you now, if old Ben Shenton comes back with Citizen Media does not work or people get there information & news from the JEP.
    There should be a cry of foul play.
    I emailed all our politician's for there thoughts on what Senator Syvret wrote about in his last post & only 9
    replied, with all but constable crowcroft saying "have not read it."
    But since then you have come up with the story of the year already, which they have to all read & think very carefully about what is going on & start saying that thay need the truth, with no more lie's or cover ups.

    We did the truth, time's are hard we get told there is no money for this or that but thay can though hundreds of thursands, may be many millions of pounds away in defending the indefendable & cover ups.

    Can't wait for the next States siting when all the questions that need to be answered get asked. I would love to be there.

    You have set the pace for the rest of the year, it will be hard for the rest of the credited media to keep up.

    Have a busy year.


  11. Deputy Hill, Mr Crowcroft and Stuart Syvret - 3 politicians who have shown support for Mr Power and the appalling situation he finds himself in.

    Three out of 53 - when will the rest of you have the cohones to show a bit of courage and true statesmanship and do the right thing. A lot of people will remember who 'did' and 'didn't' when the next elections come around.

    Let's have some honest answers now Mr Le Sueur, and hopefully Mr Le Marquand's Christian conscience will not allow him to become part of this nonsense, and lead him to bigger and better things.

    Thank heavens for VFC!

  12. Where the hell is Montfort Tadier in all this? He sits on PPC & was going to be different.

    Pussycat more like.

  13. Hi VFC

    Is it 5pm next friday yet.


  14. Rico - 5 p.m. Friday I reckon will come and go with a deafening silence.

    Bet Terry is out buying some of those leopard print Y-fronts that you wear!

    Seriously though, the pressure must be kept on now with no respite. In fairness to Monty I understand he is on holiday at present, but I would be disappointed if he sits on the fence on this one.

    Fast forward to Friday then - any bets anyone?

  15. Hi

    Im just leaving the readers a link, it might help people who have an interest the police handling into the historic child abuse investigation.

    Ahh jill the leopard print "y" fronts lol good days

    Lets keep the pressure on

    Team Voice


  16. Rico.

    Your link doesn't appear to work.

  17. Hey ho here we go! The Rag have actually published Deputy Hill's case for Mr Power (well I guess they had no choice after it appeared on your blog).

    The bad news however is, we can't comment on it!!! Let's have Newsquest (parent group of the Lancashire Telegraph) here asap.

  18. Sorry to disappoint Anonymous, but the comments facility has now been removed on the Lancashire Telegraph story on Gradwell. I wonder why, as some of the comments were left on for a few days.

    Were they 'got at' too?

  19. Rico & Jill

    Never mind all this Lancashire Post nonsense - what's all this leopard skin Y-fronts business?

    Some of us are too naive to understand such cryptic references.

    Come on - spill the beans?


  20. Everybody knows except the few people on here that when it is raised in the states the response will be somewhere along the lines of 'investigations continue so no further comment, next question please'. His e-mail means nothing anyhow and you are painstakingly trying to make something out of a storm in a tea cup.

  21. C'mon Rico - you are now going to have to admit on this blog that in your rock 'n' rollin' past you used to wear said Y-fronts.

    He let it out on Facebook, and my personal guess is that he wears Speedos too. That I have still to investigate.

    I'm putting the record straight Stuart, because you know what it's like. People may think I am party to what underwear Rico wears because there is a 'Mrs Robinson' affair going on in Team Voice! I'm sorry to disappoint, but things can get very twisted and distorted on this rock.

    Sorry it's as boring as this Stuart, but I had to put the record straight because you know how some of our media make headline news out of nothing and ignore real stories which is left to you and The Voice!!

    All the best - Jill

  22. I heard a rumour that Rico lost his metalica y front on a night out in town and tried to get them back with a loud hailer during the line in the sand protest. He found them!

    Keep digging team voice you'll find more then Y fronts if you look hard enough and ask the right questions.

  23. Rico - whilst we appreciate that you are unable to comment at this moment in time (you know what I mean, time to wriggle and squirm and think of something half credible), your response by 5 p.m. on Friday would be most welcome!!

  24. Hi Guys

    When these scum bags are shown the door all will be revealed about my leopard print 'Y' fronts until then no chance lol

    So lets keep the pressure on and keep looking and searching

    love you all

    lol jillul


  25. So far the silence from Chief Minister Le Sueur has been deafening.

    He doesn't appear to be in any kind of a hurry to "put the record straight".

    The questions raised by Deputy Hill should warrant immediate attention. As much as I dislike the man, at least Frank Walker would have given some kind of a reply by now.

    It's time for Terry to move over and let Ian Le Marquand have a go.

  26. 'It's time for Terry to move over and let Ian Le Marquand have a go'.

    How I agree - poor Terry must be feeling like a rabbit caught in the spotlights. Does he run or does he sit motionless and wait for the dogs to make the first move. Either way the 'lurchers' will catch him - there can be no escape.

    Rico you old coward - stop teasing!

    Love you all too!

  27. VFC,

    Do you still try to get on the local BBC phone in or have you stopped bothering about it?

  28. Do I still try to get on BBC Radio Jersey phone in?

    No I have given up. Chris Stone has used his discretion to prevent me from going on. I've been told "the BBC are under no obligation to tell you if you can or can't go on". "The BBC are under no obligation to explain why you haven't been allowed on".

    I have been listening to it just lately and they are playing more and more records...........wonder why that is???????

  29. You are a one trick pony though VFC. Just reading a number of your topics they all mimic the Stuart Syvret stance and they all go around in circles. It says on the radio that your blog and other forums were blocked lately for states members but it cannot make any difference because we already know they read all the blogs and forums out there already from home or on their blackberries. The stance of the council of ministers of Graham Power won't change no matter what arguments you put forward but I guess you know that already.


  30. Paul.

    I might be a one trick pony but the trick is truth and justice.

    It might very well be the case that Chief Officer Power is guilty of all sorts of things concerning the HDLG investigation.

    One thing is for sure, the way he was suspended is very suspicious.

    If the Chief Officer has charges to face, then charge him. 14 months he has been suspended and denied the opportunity to fight any allegations made against him.

    One way or another I want to see the truth, if he has done wrong throw the book at him. If suspending him was a political move in order to hush up the HDLG scandal then throw the book at those involved.

    We are probably close to a million quid into this. The Chief Officers reputation and career is in tatters and 14 months down the line he has not been told difinitively why he's suspended!

    He must either face charges or be put back sraight to work. One way or another this has to reach a conclusion before he retires.

  31. Paul - Eeer, how many national newspapers roll off the presses every day? All in slightly different format, with varying opinions, but always with the same news stories unless they have an exclusive scoop.

    Likewise our local accredited media, where the 'same old, same as' is churned out.

    So where did they obtain the exclusive stories of the last week or so relating to Mr Power? Yes, from VFC. Where did they obtain the information of Deputy Hill's concerns and e-mail. Yes, from VFC!

    If you note that Stuart's latest blog posting has been about 7, Bedford Row, and VFC's on the issues above. Two entirely differing posts on two very important stories which had not seen the light of day in the accredited media. Of course both blogs have a similar interest and may I spell it out again.


    What on earth is wrong with that Paul?

  32. "One thing is for sure, the way he was suspended is very suspicious".

    VFC I agree with you, but I cannot see it being enough or strong enough to over turn anything. I noticed on CTV the other night and also many of the forums is that the questioning of his suspension is only bringing up speculation as to why he is suspended so I don't think its doing him any favours.


  33. Paul.

    Perhaps I should make something clear. This has absolutely nothing to do with "favours" for Chief Officer Power.

    I do not know, nor have I ever met the man, so certainly don't owe him any "favours"

    There is a much bigger picture to this than Chief Officer Power.

    It's about political control of a police force, it is about following (or not) the correct procedures. It is about accountability of Civil Servants and elected members of the States, in particular, Ministers.

    It is about Justice and fair play. The way it looks to me is the most senior Police Officer has evidence that some, shall we say "skullduggery" has taken place involving Senior Civil Servants and Ministers and there's nothing he can do with that evidence!

    What has happened to Chief Officer Graham Power, a man I believe with FORTY TWO YEARS POLICING EXPERIENCE, with a distinguished career in policing and decorated by the Queen, could indeed happen to anybody.

    That is to say if the most senior ranking Police Officer in the land can be treated like this, then what chance have you or I got?

    Make no mistake Paul, this has nothing to do with "favours" for Graham Power. This is all about me and you, and our children and every Jersey Citizen.

  34. Hear hear!

    Well said VFC.

  35. Who thought they had the right or the authority to take truthful and informative blogs, like Senator Stuart Syvret's And Voice For Children off the States intranet and the States Government sites?

    It certainly wasnt authorised by our elected politicians.

    Therefore it could only have been a frightend or frightend Civil Servants?!....The truth hurts!

  36. Ok but when you say you have never met the man it sounds even stranger. How much is Graham Power on...... £130,000.00 a year maybe or more? Are you on this kind of money yourself VFC and does he really need your support? Anybody thats on that kind of money can defend themselves. Just an opinion my friend.


    Be back at weekend.

  37. VFC,

    This Paul bloke for 1, is not worth answering.

    And for 2, the bigger picture seems too much for him to comprehend!

  38. paul have you gone back Accy until the weekend?

  39. "Just an opinion, my friend," but Paul is simply trying divert attention from the facts in evidence, not to address them. If he had a relevant argument against your evidence, I would very much wish to read it.

    If you refuse to indulge him in this campaign, his next step will be to rant about your unfair censorship or hypocricy as a supporter of free speech. Who cares? It would not be unfair censorship if you refused to publish comments regarding the price of tea in China, either.

    Paul has never once presented any actual argument with facts you have posted. He just has a BIG problem with you posting such inconvenient facts, so he tries to create the false impression that there exists some legitimate counter argument.

  40. Terry Le Sueur is leaving it a bit late for his reply to Deputy Bob Hill, with just 2 working days to go.

    Lets hope we get to know as soon as it happens or doesnt happen?!

  41. Less than 24 hours for our Chief Minister to reply to Deputy Bob Hill.

    This is a must do situation because there are no excuses for no reply or need more time?!