Friday, 2 April 2010

Naughty Naughty Ian!

An e-mail from Deputy Bob Hill to states members and media.

The “scoop” Deputy Hill mentions will be the subject of my next Blog.

The Press Release from CPO Graham Power might suggest that Senator Ian (P9-26) Le Marquand might just have soured relationships with ANOTHER Police Force.


Good Afternoon All  

Some of you will have read Thursday's JEP  " scoop " which I understand  was promised to them by the Minister of Home Affairs during the Scrutiny hearing last Tuesday. I will not comment on the release at this time however Mr Power has now learnt of the unorthodox disclosure and has asked that the following statement be circulated to all States Members and the media.  

"Paragraph 1.2 of the Disciplinary Code for the Chief Officer of Police states 'All parties involved in the operation of this Code will maintain confidentiality while proceedings are being progressed."   It is my intention to continue to observe this requirement of the Code.   I have however seen a media report which appears to indicate that a serious breach of the code may have been committed by another party.   I am currently taking advice on this issue and it is probable that a formal complaint will be made in the near future."

"In addition to the local requirements of confidentiality, the Chief Constable of Wiltshire has also informed all parties that in his view disclosure of the report 'would be likely to prejudice relations between the United Kingdom and Jersey."   In light of this it is particularly important that I continue to observe confidentiality whatever the provocation.   I do however wish to once again make it clear that I totally deny any misconduct or mismanagement whatsoever in relation to the Historic Abuse Enquiry and will firmly oppose any disciplinary proceedings which the Minister may bring."


  1. ......and we believe you Mr Power, make no mistake.

    So ANOTHER complaint against Mr Le Marquand by Mr Power.

    Now you are conflicted. What an absolute farce.

  2. hahaha,
    this just gets more pathetic by the hour.

    ILM knows better than anyone, the rules of disclosure. So why is he breaking them?

    I think Le Marquand should toss away his shovel and splash out on a J.C.B digger. It will save much time in digging that crater that he is so intented on burying himself in.

    ILM for Chief Minister? not now, not ever!!!

    When is ILM going to resign? or better still, get booted out.

  3. A long time ago on Planetjersey i said ILM would putting his reputation on the line over this, i was mocked for that statement.

    He is under serious pressure all because he got exposed with suspension review 1-2-3 his ego got a kicking. What next for the poll topping senator?


  4. For picking on Ian Le Marquands naiveaty, Diane Simon and Chris Brights professionalism should be questioned before much longer?

  5. Rico, you have really called it like it is on ILM. Stuart was spot on when he described the way they compulsively over reach very time. They couldn't just pretend they had some suspicious stuff on Power and Harper, they had to claim they had all sorts of bombshell evidence which the independent outside investigating/reporting agencies will eventually find a way to thoroughly dispute. Of course the establishment won't stop over reaching with lies even when it stands ready to bring it all down on their heads, will they. The once respected ILM will be forever be linked to the worst excesses of his colleagues. What a legacy.

  6. This just gets better and better!How stupid does ILM et al really think we are!! Ian LOL, I agree, defo needs an industrial digger for this one, too much stuff to bury and not enough time. TIME IS RUNNING OUT - THE TRUTH IS GOING TO BE EXPOSED. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH.
    Keep up the good work guys.



    Indeed I have been criticised by some for giving them that support, particularly giving the Police, right from the outset of the investigation, what, in effect, amounted to an open cheque book to ensure that no stone was left unturned and that no line of investigation had to be curtailed due to lack of funds.

    Frank Walker on CTV

  8. VFC

    Well he has to go hasn't he? Goodbye Ian Le Marquand.

    Senator, Minister, States Member RIP

  9. ILeM came in to politics with a statement which no politician in power at the time liked, he said: no one at this present time in politics is worthy of being Chief Minister.

    So they took their chance and s**t on him!?

  10. I Le M is learning the art of spin. He is becoming a politician like his fellow Council of Ministers, who know not to make statements unless they have been crafted by civil servants. Note that his “scoop” is given to the loyal and deferential JEP and its chief columnist of disinformation.

    We need to keep central the understanding that Jersey’s Establishment were completely unbalanced by the revelations in early 2008 of child abuse at Haut de la Garenne. It exposed state responsibility for neglect going back thirty or forty years. They handled the issue as they would an attack on their beloved finance industry, but failed to realise the difference. Their incompetence led to humiliation as revelations from victims poured forth in a way that exposed the cover up of years. The source of the problem was the shortcomings of a meager welfare state, created post war around a system of Parish Welfare, based itself upon a system of centuries of paternalism and indifference to poverty.

    The Police investigation led by Harper and Power was too revelatory. The political embarrassment caused deep anger. It became imperative that the issue of child abuse be closed down domestically and internationally. The JEP did its job calming the waters by inventing the “coconut enquiry” myth and set about demonizing Harper and Power. Note they could not demonise the Police as an institution, as it was too integral to the Jersey state. Individuals are vulnerable and so scapegoats were found. A new regime was instigated following a political coup d’etat which placed Warcup in charge of the Police with an agenda to reign in the enquiry. A few old men were prosecuted to maintain credibility with the international press, but the issue of wider state responsibility was denied.

    I Le M has inherited that situation and essentially subscribes to the strategy of containment. However, Jersey’s rulers suffer from a hubris born of being the one eyed man in the kingdom of the blind. Incompetence is compounded time and again. Everything they touch turns to dust.

    I Le M has put his reputation on the line, not just as Home Affairs Minister, but as a future Chief Minister. Ozouf and the representatives of big capital will be waiting for any mistake.

  11. Thanks, Prof Tony, for the link. Yet another reminder to those who claim they don't read or believe anything in these blogs. It is not necessary to read the words of the bloggers. If you just go to the links they and their readers provide you can usually find the whole story in the words of the inner circle of mobsters, themselves. That is because the links are a permanent reminder of the many ways the idiots lie, spin and then contradict themselves later.