Monday, 17 May 2010

Stuart Syvret Interview.

Last Friday the 14th May 2010 Team Voice interviewed former Senator Stuart Syvret “in-depth.” Below is the video of part one of that interview.

Team Voice wanted to put the questions to the former Senator that we believed the public would want answers to and in particular, those of his detractors. So much did we want his detractors questions put to him, we actually contacted an alleged victim of his Blog and asked that person for the questions they wanted asked……and we asked them - which will be the next instalment of this in-depth interview.

Submitted by VFC.


  1. good interview thanks for that i just hope you can get this out to the greater public at large because the likes of me we are the converted so to speak...
    PS i think your sound quality would be better in aa room with more soft furnishings or something cos it does seem to be a bit echoee

  2. Anon.

    Thank you for your comments regarding the audio quality. You will see Stuart is actually "miked up". This is because I had some professional help at the interview, which is all on a professional camera and audio system and the next instalment of the interview will have better quality visual and audio

  3. Thanks for allowing the Jimmy Perchard CTV interview to be back on the bottom line of youtube selections related to this.
    It really does show his breathtaking inadequacy!I had forgotten how cringeable he is!

  4. Good interview. You asked most of the hard questions.

  5. The poor sound quality and bare walls really detract from the interview. I would seriously think about scrapping it and doing it again.

  6. Excellent interview VFC. Hard hitting questions which were answered honestly by Stuart.

    Judging by his performance at the meeting this evening, whatever his detractors may think, at least we have a man who is open and honest and passionate about his wish to change the 'status quo'.

    So, we look forward to part two with interest to see how he answers the questions from 'the other side'.

  7. agree regarding sound,have severe tinnitus & empty rooms such as here echo & distort sounds,also had the problem @ town hall last night so improved sound system plus soft furnishings would be great help particularly when hustings as do not want voters to miss SS message.