Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Wiltshire Police Report for Media only (2)

On Saturday the 10th July 2010 we posted part one of an interview with Deputy Trevor Pitman on the subject of the now infamous Wiltshire Report. In that posting we said we would be looking at, in part two “just what is the point of this cherry picked report?”.

Well here we are a month later and the interview with Deputy Pitman and more importantly the questions asked in the interview are as relevant today as they were a month ago.

Just what was Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand’s motives behind giving the media a copy of the heavily redacted report, while members of our parliament were being refused a copy? Why would a former Magistrate and now Home Affairs Minister put into the public domain, the prosecution case and not the defence? Why did he deny the former Chief Officer a fair trial?

Has Senator Le Marquand lost all recognition of “natural justice?”

Submitted by VFC.


  1. Has Senator Le Marquand lost all recognition of “natural justice?”


  2. Still relevant. Tell it how it is is always the best policy at the end of the day, whatever happens on the way, and however many kicks you have to take.

  3. Hang your head in shame senator le marquand. Hold your head up high deputy pitman and graham power.


    Just a little look at the forthcoming report


  5. Sadly I feel what happened to GP was calculated and deliberate with the majority of States Members watching and allowing it to happen by doing nothing.

  6. justice from ILM- oh please

    as 'magistrate' ILM was a direct employee of SOJ inc.
    his job was to raise revenue for his bosses

    as a lawyer ILM knows exactly his
    position,to do whats best for his employers

    try getting any 'magistrate' to honour their oaths of office

    the courts(magistrates) are a commercial enterprise, only commercial law applies.

    do your homework, and wake up!

  7. I don't doubt that Ian Le Marquand is doing exactly what he is being paid to do. I do doubt that he is is doing what he was elected to do.