Thursday, 10 November 2011

State Media and Scrutiny.

Today saw the publication of the long awaited Report from the Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Sub Panel's Investigation into Issues surrounding the Review of Financial Management of Operation Rectangle (Jersey Child Abuse Enquiry).

Firstly this Sub Panel's Investigation came about because of questions asked by Bloggers. Well one question and that was "how can a Report be conducted into the expenditure of the Historic Child Abuse Enquiry (HCAE) without the Senior Investigating Officer of that Enquiry being interviewed?"  The Senior Investigating Officer being Lenny Harper, we've all seen and heard the Headlines "The Lavish Lifestyle of Lenny Harper", "Meals at top class London Restaurants paid for by the tax payer" "First class trips to Australia" etc, etc. Yet not one of Jersey's "Journalists" thought to ask, "what does Lenny Harper have to say about this?"

These headlines, and many others similar, came on the back of a Report commissioned to examine the expenditure of the HCAE. This Report has been totally misrepresented by Jersey's State Media and used as a stick to beat Lenny Harper and Former Jersey Chief of Police Graham Power with, two cops, with their team, who were investigating Child Abuse that carried on for decades in Jersey State run Institutions.

The Scrutiny Sub Panel chaired by Deputy Trevor Pitman with members Deputies Daniel Wimberley and Roy Le Herissier has opened up a huge can of worms that should become one of the most important documents for anybody researching this dark period in Jersey's History.

The Report made a number of recommendations and findings and can be viewed on Rico Sorda's Blog HERE

One of the key issues highlighted in the Sub Panel's Report is the role of Jersey's State Media, the mis-reporting, the non-reporting and creating a completely false impression to its audience.

Deputy Pitman, along with Senator Ian Le Marquand, were guests on BBC Radio Jersey this morning (recorded by TJW and we'll put a link to it when published later tonight) where they explained how they are in agreement when it comes to the poor media reporting. Once more yours truly phoned in to the show and was prevented from going on air but as regular readers will be aware that's nothing new.

Below is part 1 of a two part in-depth interview with Deputy Trevor Pitman, edited in order that we can focus predominantly on the subject of Jersey's State Media. We also discuss the man who took over the HCAE upon Mr. Harper's retirement and that's Mick Gradwell. He has been accused by at least one witness under oath at the Scrutiny Panel, including the Home Affairs Minister Senator Ian Le Marquand telling States Members that after an internal enquiry all avenues of a leak to the National Media led to the door of Mr. Gradwell.......And Jersey's State Media didn't think it newsworthy?

This is just one of the cans of worms opened by this Sub Panel's enquiry which will surely now demand that the HCAE under the leadership of Mr. Gradwell is revisited and his motives questioned? Gradwell trashed the Child Abuse Enquiry under the command of Lenny Harper and at the same time allegedly leaking confidential information (during a live Child Abuse Investigation) to a journalist with a history of supporting convicted paedophiles?

The same Mick Gradwell that the Home Affairs Minister, reluctantly conceded, had he (Gradwell) not been seconded and was a States Of Jersey Police Officer would likely be facing disciplinary charges. The same Mick Gradwell that said he would take part in any enquiry set up to look at the HCAE didn't give evidence to this enquiry.

Finally This Scrutiny Review, along with the "Lime Grove" Review is what Scrutiny should be about, tackling "real" issues that seriously challenge our government and credit must go to Deputies Pitman, Wimberley and Le Herissier, now all we need is a media that will do the same (challenge our government) so us members of the public don't have to live in this culture of fear by highlighting the stuff they should be.


  1. Just caught CTV tonight, they made it sound like the original investigation was badly managed, again - talk about put their spin on it to discredit! They missed the point, it can only be deliberately to deceive.

  2. Here in the US, our top national news story is about several top football coaches and prestigious university administrators being brought down by pedophilic abuse committed by one of their sports staff. All but the one perpetrator have been thoroughly disgraced because they aided the cover up instead of caring about the plight of the children who were abused. It took quite a few years for the story to leak out to the wider public, but these stories do have a way of getting bigger when they have been intentionally ignored by the more local media. It will all explode in Jersey eventually, and then it will bring down the arrogant b****rds who chose image over compassion and justice. The lid will not stay on this boiling pot in Jersey either. The truth is working oh so hard to free itself now.

  3. 2. The BDO Alto review was an official review commissioned by the Minister for Home Affairs dealing with matters of legitimate public interest. The media has a right and even a duty to report fully on these matters. However, it is also important that the media give a balanced and complete picture. Our review has revealed a number of concerns about the media coverage of the BDO Alto report and its conclusions. We give a brief account of our concerns in this section of the report.

    Press Coverage of BDO Alto report

    3. The publication of the BDO Alto and Wiltshire reports by the Minister for Home Affairs on 14th July 2010 was an occasion for highly critical attention on Mr. Harper. The Jersey Evening Post published an extensive six page report with headlines focussed on:
    • Celebrity lifestyle of Lenny Harper and his officers
    • Meals in top-class restaurants and first class travel at expense of tax payers
    • £42,000 – the overtime paid to a single officer in the first 15 months of the historical abuse enquiry
    • No dog’s life for handler with luxury hotel lifestyle
    • Hot on the trail of top London restaurants
    • Lenny Harper and his team enjoyed £90-a-head meals and travelled first class at taxpayers’ expense, an accountants’ report revealed
    • Off to Scotland Yard again
    • First class on the Gatwick Express
    4. The problem with the way the official review was reported is that it appears to take every opportunity to discredit, with the benefit of hindsight, those in charge of Operation Rectangle without any reference to the constraints and pressures under which the Police were operating during the early stages of the investigation. The emphasis on alleged misuse of taxpayers’ money risks implanting the impression in the public mind that the entire expenditure on Operation Rectangle was badly managed.
    5. In contrast, the BDO Alto report notes:
    In undertaking this Review and throughout the preparation of this Report we have been conscious of the fact that detailed scrutiny of any major inquiry will reveal errors, omissions and learning opportunities, particularly given the benefit of hindsight. It has not been our intention to be ultra-critical in our conclusions and we have attempted to be fair to all of those involved.
    6. Mr. Kellett as previously mentioned made a point of qualifying the critical attention in the report with praise for the dedication and determination which police officers brought to the task of investigating child abuse:
    We have no doubt that Mr Harper was totally dedicated to the task of investigating serious crimes that had possibly occurred at Haut de la Garenne and that he was entirely sincere in his belief that child abuse there and elsewhere in Jersey was a major issue that needed to be dealt with. Throughout the period that Operation Rectangle was live, he and his staff displayed great dedication and did their utmost to bring suspected offenders to justice and we pointed out as much in our report. However, we were not asked to examine motivation and dedication but rather to look at how the resources available to the investigation were managed. We did so and made nineteen recommendations. Inevitably, because of the central role Mr Harper performed, his management of the resources formed a central part of our examination but to the extent that any of those recommendations constitute criticism of his actions, no criticism of, let alone attack on, the existence of the investigation or of the motivation for it is intended or implied.

    7. No such qualification appears in the above press report.
    Furthermore, the newspaper did not pick up on the fact that Mr. Harper had not been interviewed or given the opportunity to respond to the criticisms in the report. Nor, as far as we are aware, did the newspaper give Mr. Harper any opportunity to state his own perspective

  4. To the commenter "NOT FOR PUBLICATION"

    They are being received and all is well.

  5. "241. In our hearing with him on 25th August 2011, the Minister was sympathetic to our concerns about the way negative messages about Mr. Power and Mr Harper had been spun in the media and he offered to make a joint statement to this effect with the Sub-Panel. We believe that this would be a positive step."

    Your move Senator Le Marquand.

  6. Now, having thought about that, let me now add this. It's taken from the speech Senator ILM made on the Amendment brought by Deputy Tadier concerning the Law Office on the 1st March 2011;

    "The Deputy of St. Mary offers a statement made, apparently, by former Deputy Chief Officer, who he named in fact today as Mr. Harper, as being a reason to doubt that. Well, in my view, the opinion of that particular gentleman is hardly a credible source of information. This is the person who took colleagues on expensive outings to London, with expensive meals, which were totally unjustified in any way whatsoever. This particular officer, in my view, caused enormous problems in this Island, not just in this context, but in the context of the police force generally, and he is, in my opinion, an incompetent maverick and not in the least a credible person to be believed by this Assembly or anywhere else

  7. Yes, forgot about that, and so has Ian Le Marquand it would appear. How can he criticise the State Media for reporting what he has been saying???

  8. What an appropriate time for the JEP Opinion to 'come out of the closet' and state categorically that Senator Elect Sir Philip Bailache is the only man for the Chief Ministers job as Senator (note he does not get the elect tag despite being a Deputy previously), Gorst must not because he has plenty of time to do it in the future.
    Now neither of these fill me with overwhelming joy but at least Gorst can utter the word 'concensus' without choking.What I don't want is a grubby little apology for a childs comic trying to further its own political ends.

    I must stop paying for that rubbish and find out who has died overnight, some other way.

    111 posts a few weeks to go for 112 :}

  9. The JEP did, as good as, run Mr. Bailhache’s election campaign and as this Scrutiny Review have shown the State Media can’t be trusted. They will be doing all they can to get their man the top job. The State Media, and in particular, the JEP are nothing if not predictable.

  10. A reminder of Ian Le Marquand telling us about GRADWELL Which did NOT make the news in ANY of Jersey's State Media.

  11. Hi VFC.

    Just put up the recording of yesterdays interview with Deputy Pitman & Senator La Marquand. You & you readers can Listen to it HERE

  12. Has Crowcroft turned his coat or is he merely laying his cloak on the ground? Lets hope he wakes up and sorts out his senses.

  13. Yes very bizarre Simon Crowcroft has always been on the side of truth and openness fair play and justice. Aligning himself alongside Mr. Bailhache isn't going to do him any favours at all.

    That said, one can't help thinking that there is more to this than meets the eye, just don't know what it is.

  14. Mr Crowcroft has posted reason on his blog.

    I found it strange he believes Mr. Bailhache has Island support based on elections result. How many other participants could have got the same result with State media endorsement given was equal

  15. Lets face it Philip Bailhache is
    HE PREFERS TO OPERATE IN SECRET. These are not the qualities I'm looking for in a leader.

    Now, I'm not sure of the Bailiff's salary. I think it was in the region of £125,000 several years ago. Whatever the figure, its many many times most people's wages. He was on that salary for.... 14 years. He was a lawyer before and he comes from a landed Jersey family.... so lets face it, he's not doing this for the salary. Surely he has another motive?
    I think he wants to get Jsy independent so the UK can't touch what ever needs to be kept secret. Or perhaps someone has something on him?

  16. Yes VFC. I too sense something very peculiar going on. I loath the guy (bailhache) and Crowcroft too now. Whats going on?

  17. It was no mistake that NONE of Jersey's State Media reported this question about Mr. BAILHACHE

  18. I sent my complaint in yesterday to the BBC Trust.
    Please just,

    1. google BBC Trust
    2. go to make a complaint
    3. selct the reason as bias
    4. type in your message
    5. press send.

    Easy and I'm a techno nerd.
    If we all did that, they would have to look into it.

  19. With hindsight and probably not to late Ian le Marquands statement (below) should be quoted to all the media,if only to show them that its not only the media who get it wrong.
    "The Deputy of St. Mary offers a statement made, apparently, by former Deputy Chief Officer, who he named in fact today as Mr. Harper, as being a reason to doubt that. Well, in my view, the opinion of that particular gentleman is hardly a credible source of information. This is the person who took colleagues on expensive outings to London, with expensive meals, which were totally unjustified in any way whatsoever. This particular officer, in my view, caused enormous problems in this Island, not just in this context, but in the context of the police force generally, and he is, in my opinion, an incompetent maverick and not in the least a credible person to be believed by this Assembly or anywhere else


  20. Now it seems to me is the time to approach ITA regarding the CTV award winning programme, but this time armed with the scrutiny report.

  21. The Scrutiny Sub Panel's Review does appear to vindicate LENNY HARPER

  22. It should also be said that CTV is subject of a complaint to OFCOM concerning their "Award Winning" Report, with more complaints on the way.

  23. You may wish to post this in an earlier thread, but as I want to ensure this is not overlooked, I have posted on this thread.

    Knowing you are in contact with Stuart, and in case he/you have not read the following article from the Daily Mail of Thursday, November 10, 2011, I hereby post a copy:-

    NEW SUPREME COURT JUDGE SLAMS HUMAN RIGHT RULES By Steve Doughty Social Affairs Correspondent

    THE newest Supreme judge has accused the European Court of Human Rights of riding roughshod over democracy.

    Jonathan Sumption QC said Strasbourg had tried to set out 'a template for most aspects of human life' - but warned that the 'consensus necessary to support it at this level of detail does not exist'.

    In a speech to fellow lawyers, he claimed that the problem with human rights was not the general principle, but rather the fact that the ECHR has produced 'a very large number of derivative sub-principles and rules'.

    He continued; 'Many of these go well beyond what is required.'

    Mr Sumption also argued that it was wrong for the court to treat Britain, a democratic country with high constitutional standards, in the same way as Romania, Russia or Turkey.

    He went on to warn that British judges should avoid making political decisions in what they consider to be the public interest - or they will face public calls for an elected judiciary.

    Mr Sumption, appointed to the Supreme Court in May, is currently representing oligarch Roman Abramovich in his protracted court battle against former friend Boris Berezovsky. He will be sworn in once the case concludes.


    Trust Jersey to use an appeal judge in Stuart's case who appears to be on the left-side of the ECHR aims!

  24. CTV Poll

    Gorst 57%
    Bailhache 38%

    I bet once again the Politicians won't listen to the Public. Looks like Simon has aligned himself with the one the public doesn't want

  25. The voting public does want Mr. Bailhache, over 17,000 people voted for him…………..The State Media made sure they did!

  26. Jonathan Sumption QC is saying that the ECHR should treat Britain differently to other EU countries - based on the fallacy that in Britain we have high constitutional safeguards against arbitrary interference from the state (and its agencies) - i'm sorry to be blunt but what a load of bulsh*te.
    What planet is his most 'honourable' justice on?

  27. 17000 people voted for him because he networked the established families to bring out all their cousins, aunts and so on to vote.
    On top of this there are some very stupid people in Jersey who fall for the MSM line.

  28. I would never claim 'Human Rights'
    as they can be taken from us for National and Econimic security reasons (article 8(2)ECHR)

    who, exactly, gets to say what national and econimic security is?
    what is the test?

    we are all born with inalienable rights which cannot be lawfully taken from us, the worst we can do is to waive them.

    our inalienable rights are far broader than weasel worded lawyer written garbage.

    Sumption is using a loss leader, keeping people focus and distracted from our true rights.

    learn how to claim your inalienable rights and keep yourself protected.


  29. VFC have you heard any details of a protest being organised outside of the ceremony if Bailhache gets elected as Chief Minister?

  30. Yes, something had been mentioned a few days back but heard nothing since. Are you able to enlighten us?

  31. "we are all born with inalienable rights which cannot be lawfully taken from us, the worst we can do is to waive them."

    Actually, we have the Coronation Oath, the Monarchy is subject to God, and the Bible clearly says that judges are to be upright and not crooked or biased in any way. The Queen took that oath and it is solemn and binding.

    If there are crooked judges and lawyers persecuting people then we can appeal to the Crown. I have done so, I wrote to the Queen about the secret family courts and Stuart and everything, and have published my letter online, plus the response I recieved. I don't suppose the Queen ever saw my letter though, and if she didnt and someone else replied without showing her, on such an important subject then that is another offence, that is treason.


  33. Thank you Deputy Pitman for the great work you and your panel have done. I'ts a great shame that not more comments speak of this bravery. When you raise your head in Jersey you will be shot down like any other. The people who read and comment on the Jersey Blogs should not get side tracked. The future generation of children depend on you.

  34. That’s correct, Deputy Pitman has shown immense bravery, along with Deputy Wimberley and Le Herissier, for taking this Review on in the first place. In this video interview I believe I did predict Deputy Pitman’s future unless more people start to speak out against the power base of this island and that’s the Law Offices and the State Media (not necessarily in that order).

    Stuart Syvret, Lenny Harper, Simon Bellwood, John Day, Karen Huchet, Ian Black and many more. Unless people start speaking out it’s only a matter of time before Deputy Pitman joins that list.

  35. Forgot to mention Former Chief Police Officer Graham Power QPM in that list. It is the third anniversary of his (illegal?) Suspension today and hope to have a Blog up later today in that respect.