Friday, 8 March 2013

Bob Key And "The Jersey Way."

Following the suspension of Jersey's Dean, Bob Key, we bring our readers the damming Report written for the Diocese of Winchester concerning the former.

The full Report can be downloaded from HERE. In the meantime we offer a few paragraphs that demonstrate "The Jersey Way" and a harrowing story of a (alleged) victim who looks to have been destroyed by "The Jersey Way" for daring to report abuse.

This vulnerable lady was let down by all in Jersey, including, it would appear, by the State Media. She was deported, by a Jersey court, where she was left penniless and destitute in England.

This is a truly disturbing case where the Report should be read in its entirety in order for readers to get a grasp of what this woman has been put through and how uncooperative the Dean appears to have been with this Review.......And the alleged victim.

Alleged victim "H.G."
Bob Key "R.K."

Page 9.

5 days later R.K responded from his deanofjersey work email account saying, “I have not been able to access my email for a few days so have only just found this”.This seems disingenuous as H.G. had not sent her email to that address. It implies that Dean R.K. had just discovered its contents whereas it is highly likely that he had already discussed it with other recipients, not least with Vicar

Page 17.

On the subject of requesting a church warden to relinquish his duties Dean R.K. expressed concern about how the people on Jersey would react. Later R.K. reported, “In Jersey there is a real feeling that suspending someone reverses the burden of proof in the public mind. Instead of our much cherished ‘innocent until proven guilty’, the suspended person becomes thought of (no matter what those in authority may say), as ‘Guilty until exonerated’

Page 23.

H.G. felt disbelieved and publicly humiliated. In reaction to her sense of getting no adequate response to any of the issues she raised she appealed to the higher authority of the Bishop, to Lambeth Palace, and to the media in the form of BBC Jersey, all to no effect. Following this she went on a much publicised offensive against any number of people connected to the Church.

Page 25.

Following this H.G. was arrested for breaking a harassment order, brought before the magistrate and as she had no money, was at that time of no fixed abode and appeared mentally distressed, she was remanded in custody.

Safeguarding Advisor J.F. records her concern at these extreme measures and worked at setting up care for her with the prison chaplain. She is shocked when on 11th October H.G. was bound over and summarily deported from the Island for three years and put on a plane with no-one to meet her, no planned accommodation and no money. J.F. wrote to Bishop Michael, “Whilst I don’t think this is our responsibility in that the court decision and action was not of our making, I do feel we have a basic responsibility, as we would have for anyone, to do all we can to ensure her wellbeing

Page 33.

There seems to be no spirit of willingness or inquiry in this matter. I found that some of the Island clergy had been actively discouraged by the Dean of Jersey from fully engaging with me and therefore complying with the Bishop’s request.

Page 37

However, as a result of the absence, or withholding, of records on Jersey and Dean R.K.’s resistance to co-operate with my requests, against the expressed desire of his Bishop, I have had to look more deeply into the possible reasons for this and comment upon whether there are disciplinary matters involved.

Page 37

The Church let H.G. down. Despite the difficulties of her background and disablement, and struggle with some everyday practicalities, H.G. was none-the-less in employment, pursuing hobbies, socializing and wanting to be accepted in the church community. Over the next three years H.G.’s life changed from having no history of being in trouble with the law, to having a police record and being a displaced person, homeless on the streets of the mainland.
Page 38.

Dean R.K. has not refuted H.G.’s description of their meeting. The only witness was Dean R.K.’s personal assistant who is his wife and she has refused to be interviewed for this Review.

Page 40.

Safeguarding Advisor J.F. described the annual training sessions on Safeguarding she had offered on Jersey over the past seven or eight years. She was not aware that the Dean of Jersey had attended at any time.(END)

How many more times are we going to have to read Reports like this before the people of Jersey are protected from "The Jersey Way?"

We urge our readers to read this Report in its entirety HERE.


  1. Truly,truly shocking.

    Just when we think we have heard it all out pops another unbelievable story, which yet again the MSM (BBC) felt it best to hush up.

  2. "R.K. reported, “In Jersey there is a real feeling that suspending someone reverses the burden of proof in the public mind. Instead of our much cherished ‘innocent until proven guilty’, the suspended person becomes thought of (no matter what those in authority may say), as ‘Guilty until exonerated’

    But if you're a Chief of Police, who's Force is investigating Child Abuse (illegal?) suspension is fine!

  3. Failures by the Jersey Police & Jersey Justice System results in a five year old girl BEING RAPED IN ENGLAND

  4. The manifest inadequacy of Bob Key is to be found mirrored and entrenched in every single aspect of public life and influence in Jersey.

    People like Bob Key - and others of similar plainly low calibre - just fit right in - naturally and easily - into "The Jersey Way".

    Jon Gripton of the BBC in Jersey, for example.

    This is why these weak and inadequate charters always powers so well - and naturally rise to the top in the Jersey environment.

    And - by way of contrast - good, strong, ethical people - like Graham Power and Lenny Harper - are harassed, obstructed and oppressed at every turn.

    Jersey is simply utterly decadent.

    This place is like ancient Rome.

    Corruption, stagnation, and utter lawlessness are every where you look.

    Even in the Crown function - even in the judiciary.

    How have things be permitted to get this way in Jersey?

    Because for at least the last 25 years - the Office-holders of the post of Her Majesty's Lieutenant Governor in Jersey have all - without exception - been weak, ignorant, inadequate social-climbing, self-benefiting clowns.

    They as individuals - and their staff in Jersey - have long, long been wholly "captured" by the Jersey oligarchy - and bent in a text-book example of "clientism" - to the furtherance and protection of the rampant criminality of Jersey's polity.

    Her Majesty and the Crown are going to have to do with the Office of Lieut (loot) Governor - what the Anglican church has finally done to the corrupted Office of Dean in Jersey.


  5. Perhaps as with the Barton report is this another sign that UK tolerance of the Jersey Way is wearing thin? The Dean appears to be claiming some form of special status. The COE to their credit are having none of it. He is a Dean just like any other and subject to the rules, authority and guidelines of his church. Rambling on about Jersey procedures has not helped him. He was approached by a vulnerable person pleading for help and he made no attempt to follow the correct procedures but attempted to quietly resolve the matter in his own way. And disaster followed.

    There is a whiff around this whole thing of "old boys" attempting to "sort things out" without paperwork and fuss and to get a troublesome complainant to calm down, behave, and stop making allegations against a nice respectable member of the community. Well look where that got them. Again.

  6. I have found "The Dean" to be a rather self serving, smug and somewhat arrogant, fat and greasy individual who apprears to be more interetsed in his own standing then the misfortune of others.

    So this story comes as little surprise, sadly.

    I just hope he gets the bullet fast, isn't replaced, his position in the States is recinded, prosecutions are brought quickly, and he doesn't spend the next 3 years suspended on full pay in semi-retirement.

    The Jersey Establishment are clearly rotten to the core, devoid of morals and totally self serving.


  7. I agree with VFC about suspension but I think this applies elsewhere too - 'no smoke without fire'.

    As far as I'm concerned RK brought this on himself. HG may have behaved badly but surely you don't have to be a genius to know that an autistic person subjected to this kind of behaviour is going to have a meltdown.

  8. Failing to co-operate with investigations appears to be the safety net for so many.

  9. And tell me, which magistrate would HG have been brought before? Surely not the wife of one of RK's clergy?

  10. I knew the Dean for several years and always thought him to be a turkey cock. He is your typical lower middle class flunky desperate to be accepted by the establishment and the so called great and the good. He was favoured by both Frank Walker and Michael St. John Birt et al. Personally I found him rather stupid, slimy and unduly self-important. He was, of course, an evangelical, apparently sent to Jersey to clean us up! I am an athiest so don' t read into this any narrow religious infighting. I am not in the least surprised by these revelations as to his inability to act appropriately in the face of abuse allegations. He was so totally in step with Frank Walker in trashing both Graham Power and Lenny Harper. Probably in revenge for going ahead with the church service at Gourey despite the reticence of the Police. Generally, he was not a great or even mediocre leader of our Anglican community, let alone the rest of us. Bob Key also entered into a lot of States debates, often inappropriately in my view. I sincerely hope that there will now be a move to remove the Dean, whoever he or she may be from the elected Chamber in future. I am pleased to see Bob Key exposed as he is the most unsympathetic clergyman I've ever met in recent times. He was most interested in status and social climbing. Perhaps he would have been better advised to have teen a leaf out of the book of the Marks brothers who said, "I wouldn't want to be a member of any club who'd want me to be a member." Perhaps that way he may have maintained any little bit of integrity he might have had .

  11. My memory is hazy but I reckon if you search Stuart's blog for Dean+Key around the time of the HDLG enquiry, you'll find some accurate opinions of the man, regarding the service held just down the road in the church on the hill. Once again Stuart was right :)

  12. Another excellent posting VFC, where do you get your info from?

    Keep at them mate :)

  13. Key spoke in the States last Wednesday TJW did you record it?

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  15. Hi VFC.

    Put up the Audio of the whole COI Debate, so its there for anyone to listen too in the years to come. You & your reader's can listen to it HERE

    I can't get over the Dean of Jersey is as bad as a Abuser of Children & he Spock in this Debate. Un Bloody Believable.



  16. What a mess and this guy lectures the States.
    We read a handful of the honest local blogs and have noticed the lightning speed that several parts came together from different blogs on this terrible story. Scary fast compared to even a year ago.

    Your information about the full statement from the Bishop, and the report is mind blowing, and factual.
    Rather impressed with the Bishop I must say no messing about, although I am not religious but her indoors goes to church but its a catholic one.

    We still cannot under stand why anyone should get big headed and full of themselves being in the building in the Royal square. From what it says in the church bit he refused to take part in a review and his wife did the same not answering questions.

    Sounds like he has learnt some bad habits hanging about to long with the Ministers in the house of lies.
    Keep up the good work, and thanks for the unpaid time you must put.

    The webb page of the church says
    The Diocese does not tolerate abuse of any kind,

    See what happens when the high ranking plebs outside of this backwater use a fish net in this small pond. Not such a big fish now is he now that reality has visited.

  17. It was a bad week for the Man Who Would Be King Bailhache. First was the COI, with Tadier Amendment accepted by all, and now he is risking his best chance to make Dean Key his Archbishop of the Kingdom of Jersey. Stiff drinks for all at the Club.

  18. There is one critical point at which the Dean is spot-on right, and those who blog and follow here will recognise that. Page 17:

    In Jersey there is a real feeling that suspending someone reverses the burden of proof in the public mind. Instead of our much cherished ‘innocent until proven guilty’, the suspended person becomes thought of (no matter what those in authority may say), as ‘Guilty until exonerated’”

    We know this to be the case, because our best model of it is Ian Le Marquand's traducing of Graham Power after the failure of the Wiltshire report. The fact that Mr Le Marquand is a Church of England Reader is an irony too sweet for words.

    The other entirely Jersey characteristic that the report identifies is this: that if you are found wanting, you never accept responsibility, but seek to obstruct the course of justice. See Lime Grove. See the Libertybus changeover fiasco. Change the culture and it will stop happening: but the change cannot be made by picking off the leaders. It has to start here.

    @Tony: you missed out St Paul's. For info, St Mark's are very much part of New Wine locally.

    That said, we do not know whether the Diocese has used the term "vicar" generically to refer to the priest in charge. If they have, you could add St Ouen (and possibly St John) to the mix.

    However, if the Diocese were specifically talking about a Vicar, you could remove St Matthew's - they are a daughter church of St Lawrence and as such served by the Rector.

    I hope for the Diocese's sake that they didn't pick actual initials for the two main protagonists; if they did, I can see the names coming out within days.

  19. There are some fascinating legal and constitutional issues here. From the report it appears that Key did not think that he was subject to the authority or procedures of the Bishop of Winchester in the same way as a priest in the UK. I wonder if any of his establishment cronies encouraged him in this view? I recall that the Dean was "selected" after a round of dinners with the great and the good attended by him and his wife. But who had the final say?

  20. It is unlikely that the Bishop of Winchester would have acted in such a decisive way without first taking legal and other advice. I wonder if the Dean also took advice from his chums in the Jersey Establishment before refusing to cooperate with the independent enquiry into the matter? If he did take advice then it has not turned out to be good advice. What has happened is significant. A member of the Jersey Establishment and a non-elected member of the States has effectively been removed from office for failing to act on a report of abuse. We should not hope for a "domino effect" but at least a precedent has been set.


  21. Just a couple of observations that could be of interest.

    The person called EY needs to be chaperoned within the church as he was a nuisance to women. It is not just the Dean who is in the mire, as more women are now likely to speak out EY needs to be investigated as he cannot keep his hands to himself and is a disgrace.

    The church report

    E.Y.’s behaviour towards women had been a matter of concern at St for some time with comments about it coming from various sources. In a telephone call to the Safeguarding Advisor J.F. in December 2008 the Dean R.K. says that E.Y. had been spoken to about the fact he is too tactile, stands too close to women, touches too much/inappropriately.

    His manner was deemed to be inappropriate to such an extent that he was chaperoned within the church when in close proximity to women. This was an informal but explicit……

    It must be clearly stated here that Officers of the Church of whatever level of seniority are in no position to make judgements on matters outside their competencies and remit.
    - - - -
    Dean Bob Key was actually NOT supposed to carry out any investigation personal or otherwise as he was conflicted as being to close to his subjects and not competent.

    He was copying the Jersey police who investigate themselves, and Jersey politicians who hijack an electoral panel to get their own conflicted way in a mock referendum, Nepotism at its very best in Jersey. The Dean was just continuing to do it the Jersey way.

    The church report.

    The Diocesan Safeguarding Procedure states, “Above all never attempt to investigate or question further the abuse. Investigation should only be undertaken by or with the direction of the Bishop’s Advisor.”

    The House of Bishops guidance is very clear in how matters of this nature must, and must not, be dealt with.

    “Under no circumstances should anything be done that might be construed as an investigation of the allegation, as action of this nature may contaminate evidence should formal investigation by either the police or local authority be instigated.”

    It is unknown whether R.K.’s own investigation contaminated the evidence for the police.
    _ _ _ _

    A sad day for the congregation who put trust in him, a good day for honesty, transparency and integrity.

  22. Following this H.G. was arrested for breaking a harassment order, brought before the magistrate
    and as she had no money, was at that time of no fixed abode and appeared mentally distressed,
    she was remanded in custody.
    Safeguarding Advisor J.F. records her concern at these extreme measures and worked at setting up
    care for her with the prison chaplain. She is shocked when on 11th October H.G. was bound over
    and summarily deported from the Island for three years and put on a plane with no-one to meet her,
    no planned accommodation and no money.

    The above says every thing about Jerseys corrupted system the judiciary that deports an ill and penniless person from Jersey as described above shame on Jersey and the abuse deniers that still control the top tiers of Jersey government Jersey is rotten to the core Good riddance to the Dean he is certainly not a Christian !

  23. It truly is sickening that somebody who reports abuse in Jersey ends up having their lives ruined because of it.

    What was done to this poor lady, by "The Jersey Way" is shocking and an all too familiar tale. Report abuse and expect to be ruined, so, so sick and tragic.

  24. Well done Voice for Children once again you bring truth and real reporting of the facts to the people of Jersey unlike the disgraceful JEP or BBC keep up the good work

  25. Does anyone know who the judge was that deported this woman?
    After reading the lengthy report I see this is one of the key issues they want looking into, makes for very uncomfortable reading for that certain judge I would say.

  26. I am amazed that after so many reported failures to deport persistent and some times violent criminals our courts do a U turn and find it perfectly acceptable to deport a penniless, homeless troubled individual.

    I agree with other commenters that the deportation must be just a big an issue as the failure of the Dean.

    Was there some sort of conspiracy to deport to protect the local church scene? Answers must be provided and soon.

  27. Interesting from the first link, notwithstanding the Sharp Report and media stuff.

    "The service was lead by the Dean, the head of Jersey’s Anglican community. In a television interview he quoted the Bible thus:

    “And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name received me. But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea”

    I spoke this passage in a speech to the Jersy parliamnet before Christmas. I was shouted down, barraked, ordered to stop – and eventulay had my microphone cut.

    Amazing – isnt it?

    I say these words in December, as an expression of empathy for the victims of child abuse - and to speak of such things brings down damnation upon me from the States of Jersey.

    Now – a little over two months later – the Dean quotes these words – and suddenly they are the most aposite expresion of compasion for child victims.

    It’s just contemptable – isnt it?

    Shortly after the time of my speech being stopped, in corpsondence with me, the Dean was extremly equivical in his comments; he clearly didn’t support what I had said, or my right to say it.

    Why the sudden change of heart, Bob?"

  28. Trually shocking. And this case comes after the HDLG investigation. I believe this is just the tip of the iceberg. Interesting if the full inquiry has access to the police records as those will probably be in the process of being shredded as I write. Why can't jersey operate with good moral values. The three COE characters are key,Le Marquand and shaw and these are very conflicted with decisions they make to protect jerseys image. The thing is I believe in karma and they will be judged themselves when they go to meet their maker. No way back as be astounded if he was reinstated after he's failure to cooperate, performing Sherlock Holmes job and stating jersey does things differently - well he got that right.
    Maybe route back if Philip Bailache gets he's way to get jersey to go fully independent and then we would all be OK and do all our inquires and make the rules up as we go along. I know we are close to that know but break UK dependence and all problems sorted ;-)


  30. Let's keep the pressure up. Justice for the weak and the abused.

  31. Church investigation proves more effective than the efforts of TWO POLICE FORCES

  32. Charles.

    Unfortunately we don't have "Justice" in Jersey. We have "Jersey Justice" two completely different things.

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. Note no obvious statement yet from the Jersey Government. What if anything do they have to say about it?

  35. Thank you so much for posting the report which I have now read in full. I am incensed by the way this young woman was treated by a number of people. It reads as a tissue of lies, broken confidentiality,failure to communicate or keep records and neglect of someone to whom the church as a whole had a duty of care. The fact that H.G was deported in this callous and unfeeling way is an illustration once again of how a victim of abuse is treated like a criminal.

    In my church we often have adults, teenagers and children who are on the autistic spectrum. There are people who find their behaviour challenging at times but we have been lucky lately to have had well-informed ministers and church officials who have helped people to accept and support them in our church community. Like H.G many of them are highly intelligent and have skills such as music and ar& craft which are put to good use.

    I wonder what has happened to her now and whether she will ever get over her ordeal. I am glad Robert Keys has finally been taken to task although it has taken nearly 5 years. It is all the more shocking to think that this was going on at the very same time that the Child Abuse Scandal was revealed in Jersey. Corruption upon corruption!


  36. Intimidation, corruption, collusion, and cover up, it can only be "THE JERSEY WAY"

  37. About 2 or 3 years ago I telephoned RK after he made a subtle snarl remark on Radio Jersey over which I (an avid VFC and Jersey blog reader) disagreed with him about.
    We spoke for nearly an hour, initially on that particular point, 'whistle blowing,' and the conversation soon widened to include all the usual topics relating to Jersey's (obvious) child abuse cover up.
    Throughout those 50+ minutes, he never once, not even briefly, attempted to properly consider what I was saying. He was polite throughout and he was clearly at ease with the sound of his own voice, but his counter arguments were shallow, as was his 'lip service' compassion for victims. I remember thinking 'is this guy living in 'la-la land' like so many of the great and the good do in Jersey?' Although I wasn't particularly surprised by his lack of empathy (man of the cloth or not)- he'd clearly nailed himself to the establishment pillar back in 2007- but I was wondering if, there just might be one small glimmer of hope that he may, just somehow, be better than that? .........
    But there was no glimmer at all, just an oozing familiarity of pro-establishment speech and rhetoric that was as repetitive, pointless and ridiculous as ILM/ Just like RK, ILM was another entirely overplayed voice we endured on Radio Jersey virtually every day. God that was such as long, tiring era that droned on and on and on (without any balance), not that Radio Jersey is any better now. Look at the management. Look at what Radio Jersey ignore. Surely this vulnerable young adult had a story to run- the BBC could have helped her. Aren’t the BBC supposed to provide a public 'service'? Evidently not in Jersey where they simply adopt their usual practice of shielding their establishment ‘friend’ rather than poor, vulnerable victims.
    Back to the phone call- very surprisingly there was one thing we both agreed on ..... We agreed to disagree. And so the 'waste of a conversation' ended.

  38. How sad that such vituperation is being heaped upon a good man. If anyone bothers to read the full report, rather than picking out all the negative phrases, you will see how often the Dean tried to help this person, as did many other churches and agencies.
    This is an offensive and deeply unfair blog, and distorts the image of our island, our churches and our Dean.

  39. Here is my take on the involvement of the Archbishop Of Canterbury.

    New man, new regime. Wants to distance himself from the dark past and the Catholic Church. Looking for a chance to assert his "new" and "clean" credentials and to send out a clear message to anyone in the COE who has not yet "got it." Jersey offers him that very chance on a plate.

    Behind the scenes he will have had all sorts of Jersey legalistic and constitutional mumbo-jumbo put before him. He has decided to have none of it. The authority of the church and its determination to deal in a robust way with allegations of abuse has been asserted. A good day for the COE leadership. Not such a good day for Bob Key but whatever, the wolves were hungry anyway. Just another member of the "thrown to the wolves club." Except the silence from the great and the good of the Island is deafening.

    So what is their position on this exactly? This needs to be flushed out.

    So who will be next? time for "Honest Nev" to come out of retirement and start a book? What odds Le Marquand?

  40. I agree that The cof e is attempting to throw the dean to the wolves to make a gesture. However, parish clergy have always been a soft target. Problems arrive on their doorstep and they are expected to deal with everything perfectly. However, nothing is ever as clear cut as it seems, so in trying to be fair and caring to everyone involved, and lets not get confused as to who is the victim here, the complainant who consistently refused to make a formal complaint or meet with clergy, or accept help from a variety of agencies, or is it perhaps church staff, who put up with years of harrassment, abusive phone calls and emails, death threats, yet are still told they "could have done better"?
    maybe you should actually read the report, and see if you could have "done better"
    But then, everyone loves to knock the church- unless of course they want a baptism, wedding or funeral.A different story then isn't it, but t'was ever thus, I think Jesus did say something about turning the other cheek.

  41. To Anon at 19.51. - have you actually read the report?

  42. To be clear I HAVE read the Report in its entirety and based purely on the evidence the conclusion I have drawn is that the Dean hopelessly, and more than likely purposely failed HG.

    The previous comment demonstrates little more than the typical “Jersey Way” and that is to portray the victim as the perpetrator and vice-versa.

    HG was needlessly driven to desperate measures after coming up against “The Jersey Way” when trying to report alleged abuse. The evidence contained in the report, IMO, is absolutely damming against R.K (Bob Key) and he should be facing severe consequences for his total mishandling of HG’s case.

  43. I just hope we get a Dean who actually behaves like a Christian.

  44. Not such a good day for Bob Key!

    A man who chose to not cooperate.

  45. Not only Bob Key but the judge that extradited this woman should be held to account.

    Who was the judge ?


  46. How many people get deported from Jersey. Im finding the fact that this vulnerable lady was deported very strange. I would like to know who the Magistrate was and if there is a connection. It looks like the classic 'Jersey Way' or removing the problem.

  47. VFC said "based purely on the evidence the conclusion I have drawn is that the Dean hopelessly, and more than likely purposely failed HG."

    Totally agree with you. The two anons who seem to think a "good man" has been "thrown to the wolves" cannot have read this report properly or in its entirety. Anyone who knows anything about autism will understand why this "sometimes childlike" adult's behaviour escalated to this extent as she was not heard or believed after the treatment she received from her alleged abuser - a man who was known to be overly tactile and inappropriate around women! Like a lot of people with autism, H.G. hated being touched and it might appear from the report that this sort of thing had happened to her before. RK had a duty to listen to her and to make sure that the proper procedures were followed. Apart from referring her to the police and other agencies it appears that he did nothing!


  48. Rob De Frocked9 March 2013 at 21:57

    "I just hope we get a Dean who actually behaves like a Christian"

    What does behaving like a Christian actualy mean nowadays? Seems to me that 'behaving like a Christian' is a modern day euphemism.

    Is it too late to ask the electoral commission to add another question about the Dean? In or out?

  49. I agree that the judge who extradited H.G from Jersey should be held to account. Does Jersey have different laws about extradition from UK? Remember Theresa May saved Gary McKinnon from extradition to the US on hacking charges on the grounds it would put him at risk of suicide. Gary McKinnon was also autistic.


  50. Here is how the jersey way works. From the report she threatened to disrupt the church congregation with the visiting bishop. RK panics and worries about jersey image. Makes call to authorities and she is retained for harassment.
    To clear problem gets a trumped up charge for deportation with magistrate in the know or in same cliche.
    Will be shouted down as a conspiracy theory but that is how it works. I know this works as if you know honarary policeman at parish hall enquires you get off lightly. It is who u know. RK knowing of said deportation should hang he's head in shame. He is no Christian.


    "The Bishop of Winchester was staying with Dean R.K. and the Dean, on hearing of these messages, felt them to be of a sufficiently serious nature that they should be reported to the police. A statement was made at the deanery by the Bishop of Winchester on the 26th September 2010. On interview he said that his expectation was that this would enable the police to keep H.G. from disrupting the service that day.

    Following this H.G. was arrested for breaking a harassment order, brought before the magistrate and as she had no money, was at that time of no fixed abode and appeared mentally distressed, she was remanded in custody.

    Safeguarding Advisor J.F. records her concern at these extreme measures and worked at setting up care for her with the prison chaplain. She is shocked when on 11th October H.G. was bound over and summarily deported from the Island for three years and put on a plane with no-one to meet her, no planned accommodation and no money. J.F. wrote to Bishop Michael, “Whilst I don’t think this is our responsibility in that the court decision and action was not of our making, I do feel we have a basic responsibility, as we would have for anyone, to do all we can to ensure her wellbeing”.

    This women got deported. Bound over and deported. Who was the Magistrate on 11th October 2010? How do I find out. Does this magistrate have a connection to the Church in question or does he know the warden? Something not right here. They just booted her out. Oh yes, that way of getting rid of trouble. Who was the magistrate???????


    The Attorney General would seem to be the person who gives the order to deport.

  53. "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against leaders, against authorities, against the world rulers of this darkness, against the spiritual wickedness in the heavens" (St Paul - Ephesians 6:12)

    Translated into today's language: "Our struggle is not against concrete, corrupted individuals, but against those in power in general, against their authority, against the global order and the ideological mystification that sustains it."

    The interesting factor here is the intervention by an outside authority into the affairs of the island leading to suspension of an official. There is little that can be done as the C of E in Jersey is part of the wider Church in England. The Winchester Diocese, no doubt with the approval of the Archbishop of Canterbury, is acting in order to be seen to be doing something and in part “pour encourager les autres”. This will have the Jersey Establishment quivering. It explains why the elite seek independence; so they are unaccountable. It also explains why we must maintain the British Connection.

    Perhaps, in order to complement a newly declared independence, Bailhache could found a Jersey Church. The apostate Bob, freed from suspension and the tyrants in Winchester, could be appointed as the new Pope in St Helier. Maybe that is just too schismatic?

    The Dean has rightly been described as the Chaplain to the Establishment and his recent pronouncements confirm he has gone native. It is quite sad to hear an Englishman embracing Jersey Nationalism and particularism. However, it is not an uncommon phenomena; BBC Radio Jersey has a journalist who suffers from this disease.

    An earlier apologist wrote “This is an offensive and deeply unfair blog, and distorts the image of our island, our churches and our Dean.” Expect the Establishment to close ranks.


  54. Do the two commenters defending Bob Key not have a clue about his failure to obey the defined rules of his Church? Do they not understand why it was wrong to leave EY in a Church position to molest other vulnerable women? Did he care so little about the other, previous and future victims of EY's abuse that he refused to cooperate in any investigations? Remember, this was not the first or only victim of EY's abuse. Do they think his overly politicized pro-establishment role played no part in this? Key was a tool, and he lacked the Christian compassion necessary to understand why or how to make good choices regarding abuse. He also thought Jersey residence gave him immunity from the rule of law, and exempted him from accountability from the Church.

  55. After reading the comments on this posting we were contacted by a person with a good knowledge of Jersey Law and below is what we were sent and hope it clears up any misunderstanding of “deportation”, “extradition” and “bound over to leave the island.”

    "There is a bit of a muddle developing on your blog about the alleged "deportation" of the victim “H.G.” and this is not assisted by the author of the report appearing to misunderstand this aspect.

    It is in fact a characteristic of the report that it has no time for Jersey Law and makes to attempt to understand the unique legal status of the Dean, instead preferring to take the view that the authority of the COE has primacy.

    The fact is that a Jersey Court cannot in law "deport" anyone to the UK. Jersey is, for travel purposes, within the boundaries of the UK and anyone who is entitled to enter Manchester is entitled to enter Jersey and vice-versa.

    What almost certainly happened is that the Court will have ordered that the woman be "bound over to leave the Island." This means in effect that the Court agrees not to impose a sentence provided that the person agrees to leave the Island for a set period. It appears from the report that the period was three years on this occasion. On my understanding the person cannot be forced to leave. But if they do not leave then the court must move to "Plan B" and impose a penalty.

    Most people given this choice prefer to leave rather than risk jail. However, it is doubtful if a person with mental difficulties would have understood the situation unless she was represented and then still might not have understood what was being explained to her.

    I am not aware that "binding over to leave the island" has ever been challenged for its own legality, but there again, I have known English Courts bind a person over to, for example, keep out of a town centre at night or whatever, so there appears to be a basis for a Court taking steps to separate a person from the location where trouble may occur. It is just that with Jersey being an island the consequences can be more significant."

  56. I am puzzled to know how this news was released? Presumably the "authorities" within Jersey had some prior warning but an announcement in the Winchester publication ( seem a curious way to advise the public and especially the parties most affected - not least H.G. Did she have some warning that this was about to happen and has any official contact been made recently with her...
    A Press release and/or briefing from the office of CM Gorst or the Lt Governor locally might have seemed appropriate so does anybody know how this information actually emerged...

    It would have been re-assuring also to know that somebody within Jersey had grasped the gravity of the action about to be taken and the seriousness of the Dean's omissions. An announcement alongside the job vacancies and school news in the Winchester Diocese publication (what is its status - who writes it?) is puzzling to me. Does such an abuse based matter still mean so little within our governmental system and is the office of Dean, like the chief Magistrate, yet another official beyond local restraint or control...does anybody have some clarity to offer please?

    By way of a footnote I attended the recent Scrutiny ahearing where Advocate Fogarty complained bitterly about the failures of Jersey mental health support for those in detention etc. I also attended the more recent PR "everything is wonderful" Scrutiny response from the Health Department officials led by Constable Refault which refuted her claims. I posted about this on
    The treatment of H.G. sounds like a repeat of the 19th century Prison Board case and that is one of the most significant constitutional cases in Jersey history.
    I now hear that the Archbishop of Canterbury has apologised to H.G. but is this just a retrospective act following the public announcements...? I wonder who the paryers will be for in Jersey churches today.
    Any information appreciated.

  57. Indeed quite remarkable that the most senior figure in the COE, the archbishop of Canterbury no less, has come out publicly so swiftly to apologise to the victim of abuse. One wonders if the Queen will take action once the COI finds grounds to criticise the AG for dropping so many abuse cases despite the police having more than enough evidence to charge.

  58. Thanks to the Lawyer for explaining the arcane distinction in Jersey Law between "bound over to leave the Island" and “Deportation”. Departure is voluntary because there is no coercion on the part of the Court.

    Next time I hear the Jersey racists clamouring to “deport the Poles and the Jews who are taking our jobs”, I will take it as a polite request that they voluntarily absent themselves on the next morning boat or hourly flight. No abuse there then?

  59. The BBC Jersey damage limitation / deflection squad has moved into action already.

    Early items on the Sunday morning drivel slot: A long piece on how the good Christian folk of Jersey are supporting the Hospice. Marvellous, admirable & very worthy no doubt. Timing? So soon after the Dean is suspended under the cloud of an abuse cover-up?

    Next item of editorial adjacency: An ex Jehovah's witness brought in to discuss the exposure of child abuse cover-up in USA & Australia. Again, very admirable cause & worthy of discussion. Reason? J.W's being portrayed as a minority cult (Unlike a real church such as the (not so) very reverend Bob Key's safe little Jersey flock).

    Not to mention the "Anger" being expressed by some local clergy at the interference in Jersey's way of doing things, by an outsider, ie the Bishop. (Shouldn't they be expressing the same level of "Anger" at the cover-up itself?)

    Keep going VFC, Rico, Stuart, Trevor, Montford, etc. First the vote on the COI. Next the Clergy & the JuRats. Good luck

  60. Some very serious questions that have been raised here need some answers and they are being looked at. Not least, who was the Magistrate that bound over "HG" to leave the island? Was HG represented in court, if so, who by? Was HG's lawyer familiar with autism? Did HG understand that leaving the island was an "option" rather than an "order?"

    There are many more questions, unanswered, but these are a few we are aware of that are actively being "investigated" by well meaning member(s) of the public.

  61. The former assistant magistrate and now the magistrate is the wife of a Vicar. One of the relief magistrates is or was a St Helier Church Warden.

  62. It would be interesting to find out if the magistrate ordered some background reports before sentencing?

  63. The prayers in our church today were for 'Bob, our Dean and his wife Daphne, at this difficult time' (intercessory prayers, that is). However, the Rector did a bit better and asked for prayer for everyone involved. Protecting their own, I think.

  64. "Not to mention the "Anger" being expressed by some local clergy at the interference in Jersey's way of doing things, by an outsider, ie the Bishop. (Shouldn't they be expressing the same level of "Anger" at the cover-up itself?)"

    It is only when the s**t hits the fan that you get to appreciate who your REAL friends really are.

    And so it is true of those who come out to speak in favour of the (not so very) reverend Bob Keys.

    The man has been banged to rights through an investigation from his own employers.

    The Jimmy Saville investigation, the HDLG investigation, the investigation into teachers who where grooming kids on the internet is showing us all on which side of the fence people in this island sit on.

    Keep it up. I want to know who these people are that think it is OK to support the abuse of vulnerable individuals.

    That way, I will know who to avoid, who to trust and who to warn my kids about. What clubs to let them frequent.

    So to all those that think BK has been done wrong by, please put your hands up and say "I". I'll put your name in my book of who to avoid at all costs.

  65. I note that someone on here left a comment saying that the dean was a good man. I am afraid that he has fooled you like many others and also me when he first arrived here on the island. As someone that knows him personally I can definitely say that he is a man that likes things to go his way. If he does get things his way he is the biggest bully around and can turn very nasty. His wife is also a nasty piece of work. They both were more interested in the deans status rather than helping others. I hope now that people will see him for what he really is one of the most unchristian people I have ever met and most certainly not a good man.

  66. Good luck HG and well done for showing great courage in your persistance. You will definitely be helping others and hopefully making sure that this never happens again.
    I was a regular member of the town church, but it has changed so much now and has sadly become a centre for social climbing so I would rather pray at home.
    Unfortunately the days od Tom Goss and Basil O'Farrell have long gone. It used to be such a central and caring place to be.
    They surprisingly wonder why pews remain empty. RK take note - real Christians are nice people and you should take care of them all- even noon Christians too. You are there to support everyone who comes to you!

  67. Angus Fairhurst10 March 2013 at 17:18

    BBC Jersey.

    Represents a pale shadow of the corporations originally stated values.

    Air heads, cocktail party brown noses, sychophantic broadcasters and plain old lame arsed journalists providing a service to their boss, not the public.

    A question to Gripton. Can you move these people on? Or are you stuck in the middle of the job from hell?

    We, the listening public, know the answer.

    Get your coat.

  68. Have we forgotten about Home Affairs & The Jersey Police....Just a MINEFIELD OF NONSENSE

  69. A couple/few other puzzles that hopefully somebody could shed some light on?

    having a seat in the States, does this mean the Dean can gain legal advice from the AG? Furthermore, he (Dean) must have been getting legal advice from somewhere, if so, who pays for it, the taxpayer, himself, the church?

    With his religious hat on (not States) surely he would be getting his legal advice from the CofE appointed lawyers, which would, presumably, be the same lawyers as those looking to suspend him?

  70. Interesting comment about whether the Dean can legally be suspended here:

  71. If the church are looking for an interim replacement I think Matthew Price fits the bill perfectly.

  72. Meanwhile, the WARDEN is still hugging the congregation.
    Bob Keys was hung out for the media (controlled media we must remember) to feast on while other things can go on!
    Take a look at how many people have been brought in and what they have been allowed to do freely since the "historic abuse" inquiry.
    All the while, our money is being taken more and more by various taxes etc and we are given crumbs (free prescriptions and the like) Not very free, are they?!
    Spending has been allowed to go on out of control (or out of the people's control) and more and more people are being put out of work and put on "income support"!!!!
    Can anyone tell me if it it true that the hospital are asking people personal questions about their bank accounts..?!

    OH please! This has to STOP!!!

    Get more people reading the Internet and less of the one and only paper that is allowed.

    Has immigration en masse been allowed to create a fog?

  73. Have BBC provided a link to the earlier radio story given in relation or as a response to the claims made by H G?

    That being, She contacted BBC Jersey to no avail.

  74. Was tweeted THIS link by BBC State Radio yesterday.

    Quoted from the link;

    "A BBC Spokesperson said: "The BBC takes allegations of this nature very seriously. We reported on this story in 2009 and sourced a statement from the Diocese of Winchester at the time, who stated that the relevant authorities were notified."(END)

    Exactly what the BBC "reported on this story in 2009" is not known.

  75. Bob the social caring Dean can be seen and heard pontificating on the role of the good citizen on two recent postings (linked on this blog).The
    23 January offering shows him being interviewed on Holocaust Memoral Day until wife Daphhne dragged him away from the camera (without so much as an excuse me)to meet much more important people....on 17 January he was rededicating Pierre Le Sueur's Green Street memorial with some more fine sentiments (he appears at the end of the 8 minutes posting).
    Strange how changed circumstances can reveal words' otherwise hidden meaning...


  76. A BBC Spokesperson said: "The BBC takes allegations of this nature very seriously. We reported on this story in 2009 and sourced a statement from the Diocese of Winchester at the time, who stated that the relevant authorities were notified."

    Perhaps a freedom of information request for the sourced 2009 statement from the Diocese of Winchest broadcasted by BBC Jersey will be available? Also a freedom of information request to BBC Jersey for transcript or audio link

  77. Rico, on Twitter, has asked BBC State Radio for more info on what they reported in 2009. Not sure if he's had a response yet.

  78. There was again refusal from Dean R.K., as he claimed that Bishop Michael and he had decided against it. He also claimed that the same position was held by all clergy on the Island with whom he had discussed the request. Evidence collected in the course of this Review suggests that there was not unanimity of opposition to it being conducted or resistance to meeting for interview.

    Were all clergy unanimous or not? Why is it relevant? The Dean is surely capable of making a decision based on a given situation rather than seeking support to hinder.

  79. Well done to anon, comment at 11th March 10.29, some people are finally waking up to government tyranny :)

  80. JEP page 4 11th March 2013

    a small section of the article.

    Meanwhile, in an email sent the to the JEP, Terri Bond, the wife of the rector of St Brelade, the Rev Mark Bond, has raised concerns about the report and the subsequent reactions of the Bishop and Archbishop.

    She questioned how the review could have been fair, given that the woman had not met the reviewer and that her evidence was taken from 'selected emails'.

    Mrs Bond added: 'Are these ''apologies'' a PR move by both Bishop and Archbishop, and is our Dean being ''thrown to the wolves'' in order for these two new(ish)church appointees to demonstrate to the media that they are firmly ''against abuse'' (aren't we all?).'

    She continued: 'What possible reassurance can there be for any of us at the sharp end of church life - priests, their families, vergers, church staff and church workers - wh deal with difficult situatons on the hoof?

    'We do not have the luxury of hindsight, so relied upon by the review author, and most of us have, at times, feared for our own safety; been slandered; libelled and insulted.

    'But we persevere in trying to treat those who come to us with their problems with kindness and sympathy. We are not perfect, and sometimes get it wrong, but one hopes that those in authority, the media and the general public might offer a little more understanding and a little less judgement.'


    Why is Mrs Bond speaking in the collective ''we are not perfect etc etc''

    This is specific to the Dean and how he, himself handled a complaint and cooperated with allegations of a wardens behaviour.

  81. Had a laugh at this one......If the church are looking for an interim replacement I think Matthew Price fits the bill perfectly.

    yes, me2, brilliant :-)

  82. From an earlier LINK

    Well that seems simple, but all is not what it seems. Apparently the Chapter of clergy in Jersey are not at all pleased with these developments and Bishop Tim Dakin of Winchester and Bishop Peter Hancock of Basingstoke are flying into the Channel Island for an emergency meeting on Monday morning to discuss the issue. The apparent conflict arises out of the fact that the Dean of Jersey holds a commission from the Bishop of Winchester to act on his behalf in the Island, but for everything else (his license etc) he holds a patent from her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. In order for the Dean to be suspended either the ecclesiastical courts in Jersey (which operate independently from the courts on the mainland, including those in the mainland portion of the Diocese of Winchester) need to suspend him or the Queen needs to withdraw her patent. On top of this, the House of Bishop’s guidelines on the protection of children and vulnerable adults have no statutory force on the island of Jersey, so there is severe doubt that even if the Dean violated them he was in any sense bound to obey them. The bottom line is that there appears to be no legal way that the Bishop of Winchester can remove permission to officiate from the Dean of Jersey in his own right, but there is concern that on the island that Bishop Tim Dakin has been seen to be assuming that he has done as much.

    Furthermore, sources on the island intimate that although the Attorney General of Jersey has been contacted by the Bishop of Winchester in this matter, the Proctor’s Office (the Proctor is the Jersey equivalent of the Diocesan Registrar) has received no communication from the Diocese of Winchester on the subject of the Dean’s “suspension”. There was apparently an emergency Jersey government meeting on this matter on Friday (the Dean of Jersey sits by right in the States of Jersey) as the right to appoint the Dean (who has legislative rights alongside his other Senators) is in the Monarch’s gift and not that of the Bishop. For the Bishop to “suspend” the Dean is actually seen as a grave constitutional crisis and strikes to the heart of not just ecclesiastical but also secular polity in this Crown Dependency.

  83. In Laymans terms would that mean BK believes his role as Judge in the Ecclesiastical Court” Exempts his cooperation in safeguarding practice?

  84. The CofE is not a democracy: its a heirachical concern. APPOINTMENT is from above. Those that appoibt can remove. THE DEAN was suspended for not obeying authority. Forget the Jersey legal mumbo jumbo. The Dean has been listening too much to PB and has been led astray into the belief that the there is something called the Jersey Church. Just like the island in general it is subject to the authority of the British Government, albeit through the prism of certain constitutional conventions that respect a degree of autonomy.

    When push comes to shove it is dangerous to defy authority. One does so at ones peril. I see a constitutional crisis arising, primarily because PB has been encouraging thoughts of independence.

    This could be tied up with the Civil War that is being fought out within the CofE. Jersey was on the side of the old order on the issue of women Bishops. The vote was close. The Progressives may be using their authority from the commanding heights to eliminate the problematic and disloyal.

  85. The Winchester Diocese could do very well in discovering who the magistrate was that got H.G. to leave the island.

  86. Prism is a good word to describe it - or pyramid or hierarchy or square but the Church want the good.

    The Dean was hung out to dry to create a big headlining story to distract the attention away from the darker side of things that are going on!!

    Money, power, control.

  87. VFC wrote: "the House of Bishop’s guidelines on the protection of children and vulnerable adults have no statutory force on the island of Jersey, so there is severe doubt that even if the Dean violated them he was in any sense bound to obey them."

    Says it all really! In all churches in UK as far as I know anyone who comes in contact with children (choir, Sunday School, youth groups etc.) has to have an enhanced CRB. Some churches have now extended this to include vulnerable adults. So in Jersey churches I take it that hugging, grooming and abuse of children and vulnerable adults is quite acceptable. On the one hand Jersey is part of the Diocese of Winchester and on the other hand the Jersey Way as usual holds sway. Couldn't make it up!


  88. Lorna.

    I never wrote that, it was taken from the above LINK

    I agree with what you say, in that "The Jersey Way" trumps everything they just make it all up as they go along.

    "The Jersey Way" has destroyed "H.G'S" life, and possibly many others' for having the audacity to report alleged abuse. (IMO)

  89. Sorry - meant you quoted from a link.

    I agree the "Jersey Way" has destroyed so many lives either because people reported "alleged" abuse or because they were too scared to report it because of intimidation from "alleged" abusers or because they thought they wouldn't be believed.

    Many people I knew who were in "care" in Jersey have had ruined lives and tragically some like Michael O'Connell have taken their own lives. Others have learned to fight and stand up for justice. I believe to quote Nietzsche: "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"


  90. For those interested Peter Ould has posted an update.

  91. For what it is worth I am 90% sure that what the Bishop has done IS illegal in Jersey. But this is a matter in which jurisdictional authorities overlap and the involvement of the Archbishop of Canterbury adds weight to the action of the Archbishop, which might be perfectly legal in England. This is a constitutional clash all right and if Jersey fails to slam the door in its face then what might be next through the door? A precedent has been set. No wonder the jersey old guard is in a flap.

  92. I agree with the above comment that what the Bishop has done is illegal in Jersey.

    He has suspended somebody who looks to have (at best) mishandled an allegation of abuse. Suspected abusers and those who cover up for them do not get suspended in Jersey. It's those who investigate them that get suspended.............Graham Power QPM.

    There does appear to be a huge constitutional issue being played out here and the silence of the Chief Minister and the Law(less) Offices' is deafening once more.

    Why hasn't the Chief Minister, or Attorney General's Office, issued any kind of a statement. No pressure from the State Media to do so either no doubt.

  93. VFC

    Dont know if this is relevant, but Graham Power was suspended Nov.2008Also HGs complaint to the police was knocked back due to lack of evidence Nov. 2008.

    Who was interim Police Chief at the time?

  94. It would be against the "Club Rules" of the Establishment on either side of the water to drag (sorry wrong word) bring the Queen into this but if she was brought into it then as always she would take advice. In this case one of her main sources of advice would be none other than His Excellency the Lt Governor for Jersey. Tough call though about time he earned his money.

  95. VFC, one of your readers says the following: -

    "Meanwhile, in an email sent the to the JEP, Terri Bond, the wife of the rector of St Brelade, the Rev Mark Bond, has raised concerns about the report and the subsequent reactions of the Bishop and Archbishop."

    I don't suppose The Rag article says whether Terri Bond declared her husband's and hers very, very good cosy friendship with Frank Walker - the former Chief Minister instrumental in the political cover-up of the child-abuse scandal?


  96. "Who was interim Police Chief at the time?"

    The discredited, and disgraced, David Warcup was ACPO. Although not sure if there is any relevance.

    "In this case one of her main sources of advice would be none other than His Excellency the Lt Governor for Jersey. Tough call though about time he earned his money."

    Indeed it is high time the LT Governor came out of hiding. Perhaps as well as, or instead of, the Attorney General issuing a statement perhaps the LT Governor should be issuing one?

  97. It was the office of the Lt Governor that announced Bob Key's appointment as Dean in 2005 so the announcement of his "suspension" should preseumably have come from the same place.
    The Lt Governor was merely passing on the information that "the Crown by means of letters patent had made the appointment" and "the Queen on the recommendation of the Lord Chancellor had approved his appointment." Key was duly sworn in before the Jersey Royal Court.

    How he might be removed from this office would seem simple enough - the train presumably has a reverse gear - but there is clearly some constitutional bone of contention sticking in somebody's throat.
    When Key pushed his revised C of E canons (Jersey version) through the States in 2011 he emphasised the need "to maintain the status quo in the Island etc" and to "maintain the Island's unique parish system....and how all these things are preserved in the new canons...there is no point at which England can snap its fingers and make Jersey come to is really important to preserve Jersey's way of life at every point including the way it runs its church."
    Of course Key has taken every opportunity to support the status quo (whatever that is) whether to defend the finance industry against John Christensen et al, or that opening supoermarkets on sundays is a bit of English we can do without or his sucking up to Lord Carswell with his support for the Crown Officers.
    That an official of the "Church of England" might be able to express such a dislike of English institutions is just a part of the usual contradictory relationship that shows itself in so many ways -such as the local management of the "British" Broadcasting Corporation who seem to think that Parade Road is an enclave totally removed from any restraint or discipline from London.
    But shall the next Dean be Jersey born - like Dean Le Breton (father of Lily Langtry the "Royal mistress") - who was expelled from 19th century Jersey for his sexual wanderings...the local "way of life" has to be maintained after all.

  98. Jersey is not an island; it is a series of relationships with other places.

  99. Deputy Bob Hill had included the Dean in his initial TOR proposition that led to the setting up of the "Lord Carswell" examination of the Crown Officers.
    The office of Dean was removed from the remit of course - but how things might have been different if only he was left in the TOR and HG had been allowed to recite her experiences before Lord Carswell.
    Just a coincidence?

  100. Strange how the pieces of a jigsaw eventually come together even when we have no complete picture to guide our efforts...
    The Health Department has visibly been in great haste at recent Scrutiny hearings to put together a "Vulnerable Adults" unit comparable with its existing "Vulnerable Childrens" unit. All of a sudden this department has also realised that it lacks the necessary legislation to deal with some people with special problems such as mental health issues. Advocate Fogarty's evidence and the subsequent Health "everything is wonderful" Department's submissions have referred to such things. But during the Inquest on Ronnie Allan (who killed himself with a nail gun whilst in the protective care of the Health Service) it was revealed that there was no such concept as "capacity" under Jersey law so that the detention of some vulnerable people could well be illegal.
    Perhaps our government - not least the AG and CO - are more concernced at the potential repercussions of detaining lots of people illegally over many years than they they care whether a "suspension" is precisely legal or not. After all, an Ogley bag can soon be put together to reward a fallen brother on retirement.

  101. Who was the judge that remanded HG in custardy, then extradited her to England?

    Can anyone answer that important question yet?

  102. Not yet but hopefully very soon. Im sure The Diocese of Winchester will be wanting to know the identity of the magistrate as he/she could be a crucial player in all this.

  103. This is a shocking state of affairs. It is a tragic example of how somebody who was vulnerable and should have been taken care of by the church community actually was ostracised by the inability of one man to take the appropriate action to the point that she herself ended up in custody.
    It is also sad to see that she went to the BBC, but to no avail.
    Well done for reporting this in manageable chunks.

    I have done a related post which your readers can see HERE

  104. Well done Deputy Tadier for being the first States Member to take a clear moral stand, just as you did when, as an ordinary citizen, you organised the 8th March 2008 Time for Change demonstration in the Royal Square against child abuse at Haut de la Garenne. That event may have been forgotton by some, but it was a genuine expression of civic revulsion. It was a statement by those present repudiating the acts of the government of their Island, whom they held responsible.

    In a sense, the affair of the Dean is a re-run of the Haut de la Garenne events. That why we should pay it special attention. The HDLG events were a long time ago and over an extended period. The water has been muddied to such an extent that we still have not got a clear picture of what happened and why. Government and media have sought to protect the reputation of the Jersey state and its political leadership.

    The affair of the Dean is very recent. In fact is was happening at the very time that the child abuse at HLG was quickly being relegated to some distant past and hence the use of the term “historic child abuse” This turn of phrase, de rigeur, for media and government alike, is designed to imply nothing like that could be happening today. But it was and is continuing.

    The same process, the Jersey Way, was in operation in the treatment of the woman HG. It is the indifference of those that exercise power in this island. It is evidence, if evidence were needed, that there must be a thorough root and branch purge, otherwise it will be repeated again and again. It is open to the people of Jersey to make that change. Their failure to do so will be treated as an act of omission; an abrogation of responsibility.

  105. I also find it disturbing that the Church of England appears to be closing ranks rather than condemning the non-actions of the Dean which led to the very sad situation this young lady found herself in.

    It seems it did not take RK too long to get embroiled in The Jersey Way.

  106. I rather think I need to correct my above comment.

    What I meant was that the Jersey COE are closing ranks NOT the COE generally who have taken the appropriate action.

  107. The way that certain people have covered up and covered for others in 'power' in actual fact makes them the lowest form.

    Have they tried to arrange themselves now since 2008 so that they think they are untouchable?

    And are they constantly using their secret oaths and courts to make up their own rules?

  108. @GeeGee

    Over the last few years the Dean has imposed his Evangelical cronies on many of the Churches in the island, often without any regard to or sympathy with the traditions and style of worship of those parishes. His place-men (and I do mean men, he can't cope with women) are up in arms. Many of the rest of us will be very glad to see the back of him. You'll understand, I hope, why I'm posting this anonymously. A Jersey Churchman.

  109. The fact of the matter is that with the JEP/Jersey media, RK will get off with a slap on the wrist. You can see where all the backing is coming from in Jersey. Close ranks and make UK look the interfering force and make it look like an attack on the jersey organisation other than the dean. Lawyers muddying the waters with mumbo jumbo on jersey law/system so to spread doubt on authority of bishop.

    The real issue here is that a vulnerable person called out for help due to abuse and did not receive it. There have been apologies from the high authority in the UK but none from the dean which speaks volumes and I doubt he will ever deliver one. He showed he's true colours by failing to cooperate in enquiry, did not show any remorse for the person according to the author of the report and encouraged he's peers to not help in the investigation. The letter in the JEP was jersey media at its best in swaying the unknowing public in the deans favour. They would have done a far better service to provide sections of the report and a link for readers to make up their own minds of what has happened here. The JEP are a joke of a paper.

  110. The timing of this came out exactly when questions were being asked of the cover ups at HDLG.

    The JEP and others were thrown this story to sensationalise the news to distract.

    My guess is the Dean was the fall guy - all eyes on the church.

    Meanwhile, the person who deported this woman is seemingly unquestionable and the warden is still going about his business!!

    And the poor woman who was deported, I hope is now getting the help she was asking for.

  111. It would seem that the only reason the Jersey police didnot have enough evidence to charge EV was because RK didnot record the evidence he should have recorded from HG.

  112. I note the JEPs full page "NEWS FOCUS" this evening is full of detail except for one, guesss which one?

    Yes you're right, they forgot to mention that our courts deemed it appropriate to bind this lady over to leave the island, how jolly convenient.

  113. Hi VFC,

    Now that the snow has departed I took my investigative skills to the library for some research on the this very informative posting.

    I can now tell you that the Magistrate who Bound this lady over is Acting Magistrate, Richard Falle. I do not know how she was represented in court, or if her lawyer put up a good defence, but she was bound over to leave the island for 3 years after she admitted harassing a person between 1st June and the 25th September 2010.

    I hope this is of help to you and your readers.

    I do not know if Richard Falle is connected with any church etc etc but this just doesn't look right.

    Wil investigate more.


  114. Good one Rico :)

    So, it was Uber crook Richard Falle, the guy who cheated the tax payer out of £10,000,000 and stiched up CYRIL by committing fraud on the court!

  115. Good work Rico. Do you know if "H.G." had ANY kind of representation or did she defend herself?

  116. Im not sure if she was represented in the magistrate court but If she wasn't I would want answers. This just doesn't look right.

    How do you get rid of someone you believe to be a nuisance?How do you get rid of someone who just won't shut up and go away?

    In South America they use the gun

    In Jersey they use their courts.


  117. Not sure if Richard Falle is a member of a church, but he did promise to jail anyone who does not stand up for prayers in court.


  118. Channelonline whats on
    Law Made Simple: God and the law


    Location: Institute of Law, 1 Seale Street, St Helier, Jersey, Jersey

    Contact: Lori-Ann Foley


    Speaker: Advocate Richard Falle. The Law Made Simple series of talks cover a range of legal topics that affect people in their everyday lives. The speakers are leading figures in their field, who will explain the basic aspects of laws and legal practices of interest to the man in the street. The talks take place during the lunch-hour, starting at 1.05 pm and finishing at 1.50 pm. Admission is free, tea and coffee will be provided, so bring your lunch and take advantage of the chance to learn a bit more about how the law in Jersey works. This series sponsored by Davies & Ingram.

  119. Rico - another trip to the Library may prove fruitful as it is rumoured that both Richard Falle and Bob Key are Freemasons.

    This could explain a lot. However the last time I went the info was not too up to date, but it should still be possible to find out from previous year books.

  120. a statement which was sent to the Church Times in response to a query. It is regarding the action of the Bishop of Winchester in withdrawing the commission of the Dean of Jersey.

    We are saddened to learn that a vulnerable woman who came to Jersey suffered while living here and we very much regret that she was adversely affected by events during her time here. This is a matter that should be resolved by the Church, and we understand there will now be an investigation into the findings of the independent review. Jersey officials will be meeting the Bishop of Winchester when he visits the Island and providing whatever cooperation is needed.

    We note the Bishop’s affirmation that his action in removing the Dean of Jersey's commission is a neutral measure which implies no judgement and is necessary while matters are investigated, in accordance with best practice.

    We welcome the commitment of the Diocese of Winchester to enhancing safeguarding procedures and policies. Jersey’s recently formed Vulnerable Adults Protection Committee, announced in October 2012, will help to safeguard vulnerable adults in our community.

    Islanders will know that the Dean is held in high regard by Jersey’s faith community and is highly respected for his dedicated work and contribution to Island life since he came here in 2005.

    Senator Ian Gorst
    Chief Minister of Jersey

  121. 'Held in high regard by Jersey's faith community'?! Not by me, he isn't!

  122. Senator Gorst says:

    We are saddened to learn that a vulnerable woman who came to Jersey suffered while living here and we very much regret that she was adversely affected by events during her time here. This is a matter that should be resolved by the Church

    Actually no Chief Minister, it should be you and the local justice department. Not the external Church Of England to investigate this very local/Jersey Way episode.

  123. There have been a number of useful contributions to the blog which have helped our understanding of what is apparently a constitutional and legal conflict around just who is responsible for the Church of England in Jersey and who holds its Clergy to account. For what it is worth I believe that the ratepayers of St Helier have some legal responsibility towards maintaining one of the Churches. I do not know the position in other parishes. Someone may be able to help with this. However, I am also fairly certain that the salaries and pensions of the Jersey Clergy are met by the Church of England and not the Jersey Taxpayer. If that is the case then that might be a clue as to the probable outcome of this apparent conflict. The words "piper" and "tune" come to mind.

  124. To Anonymous at 20.26 yes, that's right, Clergy costs in all otherparishes are met by the C of E - I don't know about St Helier.

  125. It makes you wonder if the Chief Minister, The Bishop of Winchester, or even the suspended Dean, have cared to enquire on this vulnerable woman's, present well being?!

  126. Surely the Dean of Jersey can't be a Freemason. That must be a huge conflict to his beliefs if so and impossible to reconcile with Christianity.

  127. Anonymous wrote "Surely the Dean of Jersey can't be a Freemason. That must be a huge conflict to his beliefs if so and impossible to reconcile with Christianity."

    There are Freemasons in every walk of life and I have known of a few high-ranking clergymen who were Freemasons though as a Christian myself I cannot see how they can reconcile this with their beliefs.


  128. My husband had been a regular worshiper at the Town Church for many years, when, in 2006, he became very ill with Bipolar Affective Disorder, and as a result was hospitalised out at Orchard House for 3 months. To my husband's dismay, in all that time,the Dean never went near my husband who desperately felt he needed a visit from a caring Rector. It wasn't that the Dean and his wife didn't know, but sadly the Dean was NOT a caring Rector and couldn't be bothered to visit him, Neither my husbnd nor I can either forget or forgive this, with the result that neither of us still go to the Town Church.

  129. 'Since the founding of Freemasonry, many Bishops of the Church of England have been Freemasons, such as Archbishop Geoffrey Fisher. In the past, few members of the Church of England would have seen any incongruity in concurrently adhering to Anglican Christianity and practicing Freemasonry. In recent decades, however, reservations about Freemasonry have increased within Anglicanism, perhaps due to the increasing prominence of the evangelical wing of the church. The current Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, appears to harbour some reservations about Masonic ritual, whilst being anxious to avoid causing offence to Freemasons inside and outside the Church of England. In 2003 he felt it necessary to apologise to British Freemasons after he said that their beliefs were incompatible with Christianity and that he had barred the appointment of Freemasons to senior posts in his diocese when he was Bishop of Monmouth'

    Indeed Lorna there is no cut and dried directive within the CoE about the clergy and freemasonry.

    It would seem from comments on this thread that the present (suspended) Dean is not altogether popular. My long-standing thoughts of him are the fact that until 2 days before his suspension was announced he has not spoken out either in the States or in public about the child abuse issues. As a man of the cloth I would have expected him to show more compassion, a virtue he seems not to have in any circumstance.

    I am not a churchgoer, but would expect that those who are would expect far more from the man who is the head of the Church of England in Jersey. He does not seem to support the values that as a Christian he should.

  130. So the issue is becoming a constitutional question as predicted. Shades of the Prison Board Case. Who has authority to sack the Dean? Ignored all this will the abuse suffered by the woman HG and the role of the Dean therein. Ignored also is the role of the Magistrates’ Court in deporting a woman with serious mental health issues having been crushed by the JerseyWay.

    See how the agenda is being redirected. It should be familiar to those that followed the cover up after HDLG. The Public, devoted as they are to their island, are having that patriotism manipulated to the interest of the elite.

    The issue is being made constitutional by the Jersey government deliberately. If they loose on this one it will jeopardise the well laid plan for Jersey becoming independent. That is why it is an important issue. They may not have expected to be drawn to battle on this ground, but they have sought to fight.

    Will Bob Key sit in the States tomorrow pretending to be the Dean? The States may have to expel Mr Key as he has no status should he appear. Would he be such a Cock? To do so would be an act of war in defiance of the Bishop of Winchester whose subordinate he is. Which is the higher authority that of the Church or the Jersey State driven by its phoney Nationalism?

  131. Some very good points and a well recognised formula.

    As mentioned before, here we have a woman who has alleged abuse and followed the correct channels, in Jersey, to report that alleged abuse and hold those responsible to account.

    She was active in the church, had good employment, voluntary roles and no police record. She ended up penniless, homeless and deported from the island with a police record.

    Who, in the media, or elsewhere, is talking about the victim or the alleged abuse? Who is supporting her or her rights/wellbeing?

    The well recognised formula used by the media is once more diverted from Abuse or victim, just as it was with the Haut de la Garenne abuse. The media wanted everybody to talk about how much Lenny Harper spent on a prawn cocktail in a London Restaurant or air flights, coconuts (containing 1.6% only found in mammals) and such like. Diverting attention away from DECADES of abuse that was able to carry on over here.

    Now we have the media talking about constitutional issues and the rights of Bob Key and the like. As the previous commenter has said, what about the alleged victim in all of this? Is her alleged abuser still in a position to harm others? Was the alleged victim represented in court when she was bound over to leave the island? Has relief magistrate Falle been asked to comment on ANY of this?

    Shouldn't we, as a society, be looking to safeguard the alleged victim's rights before discussing those who allegedly failed her?

  132. What is the problem here ?. The issue is "abuse". The Dean has been suspended on a neutral act whilst a full investigation can commence. The Full investigation will either condemn or exonerate him. Why are the church consulting lawyers?. Is there something much larger at issue like the jersey church are untouchable or a cover-up is in operation to prevent further information being disclosed.
    I am amazed at the position of the church leaders in the island, they should be showing some remorse for the abused victim and not closing ranks. I hope the lawyers fees are coming from their own pockets and not through the congregation.
    The message they are sending out is if you are abused do not come to the church as we will sweep everything under the carpet and further abuse you by way of criminal record.
    The fact is we are talking about "abuse" and not constitutional crap that has deflected the whole issue.
    RK needs to state he's position as fully innocent or had made mistakes with the abuse victim.
    I would give him some respect if he in some way justified he's position with errors and showed full symphony for the victim. But I very much doubt we will get anything and now lawyers advising. This will drag on for weeks and die once the next big story comes on the scene.
    RK, it is not too late to become a true Christian and accept your failings with an apology to the abuse victim.

  133. Perhaps only comment in support of our immaculate Dean were permitted by the JEP
    & Who is paying for all this legal advice which does not come cheap ?????

    My comment was NOT published & they then closed comments section.


    Hats off to the C of E for making a brave stand in this difficult area.

    My understanding from the church report is that it was the Dean's obstruction of the enquiry that made his suspension doubly justified and hence unavoidable.

    Lessons learned, I doubt it.


    It is a relief that in another sad re-run of the HDLG saga the lawyers are going to be OK

    Fess up like a man RK

  134. I have been troubled by this story since it broke, moreso now that the Jersey clergy are 'consulting' lawyers. This begs the question why?

    At no stage in all this has there been any sort of remorse shown towards the alleged victim by these very churchmen and women. Again - why?

    I am very uncomfortable with all this, and does this show that, as with the Establishment, they also wish to be a law unto themselves. Enough to drive hordes away from their church doors methinks.

    No small surprise that it makes people think (perhaps wrongly) that there is more to this than meets the eye.

  135. A very informative, and interesting update on this story has been published by Peter Ould and can be read HERE

  136. Thanks for the update from Peter Ould - I didn't realise the position was so complicated. I have lost respect for the church top brass over this - not a word of compassion for the victim. The only person I have seen do this apart from Bishop Tim is Gary Burgess from Channel TV!

    1. Yes, credit to Gary Burgess for helping to keep some focus on the alleged victim. Knowing "The Jersey Way" it is only a matter of time before the Dean is portrayed as the victim and HG is portrayed as the perpetrator.

  137. Looks like they have agreed a way forward from the article below

    This follows Bishop Tim’s visit to Jersey over the weekend, where he held productive discussions with island authorities on the steps he would be taking and together they agreed a way forward.

  138. When are we going to be told which Jersey anglican chuch was involved in this case not to mention the name of the "hands-on" churhwarden? We can rule out Trinity, St Saviours and presumambly St Helier. That leaves a lot of churches to choose from. Do not the public have a right to be told or is this part of a big cover up. I am praying for the anglican church in Jesey.

  139. If the dean had been open with Bishop Tim, it would not have been necessary to suspend him and we would not have all his Anglica cronies running around obtaining legal advice with a view to protecting him. There are too many unanswered questions, such as the name of the magistrate, the name of the church where the victim allegedly suffered the abuse and the name of the chuchwarden involved. I fear a big cover-up. Unless we can have 100% transparency, the church of England,s reputation in Jersey will be damaged for a long time. Good work by the Bp of Winchester and good luck to the Bp of Chelmsford with the investigation. I do not like the the Dean personally, but lets see some proper justice

  140. The people who do this abuse to others - they don't care do they about the heartbreak they inflict? They don't understand how it is to be a decent human being - not in any way at all. There are no means that they won't use and no levels they won't stoop to. However back in the late 1970s when I was a very little girl I remember being told there was no hope - and now some of my abusers are facing justice. Justice? Do I get my childhood back? I remember the cold, the dark and the fear in Haut de la Garenne in the cellars being locked up for "defying them" - and I remember them laughing saying that they would get away with everything - well at least they've been knocked back somewhat. I will not let them destroy me - and as long as I have breath in my body I will not be bad like them. Well done all the good people here fighting back - and maintaining your humanity - and thank you.

  141. Both the victim (HG) and I both have one thing in common. We both have suffered from mental illnesses and we have both in different whys suffered from the Dean's lack of caring. When I was hospitalised for 3 months with a severe breakdown, I was a member of the Town Church and the Dean never visited me once in all that time. Whoever it was who claimed that the Dean is compassionate needs to buy a new dictionary and recheck the meaning of the word. It would be wonderful if not miraculous (anything is possible with God's help) if the Dean and all his other Anglican friends were to focus on the woes of the real victim who seems to have disappeared into a black hole. We will just wait and see.

  142. In July 2008 HG made her complaint against EY.

    Then in December 2008 the Dean R.K. says that E.Y. had been spoken to about the fact he is too tactile, stands too close to women, touches too much/inappropriately. His manner was deemed to be inappropriate to such an extent that he was chaperoned within the church when in close proximity to women. This was an informal but explicit policy of the parish and at interview the Dean of Jersey acknowledged that it was known to him.

    Knowing of the complaint by HG in July and further incidents the policy was to chaperone EK? Unbelievable.