Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Open and transparent?

For those readers of this blog who live outside of Jersey and for any new readers. I hope this item might go some way to explain why our island has been qoted as "island of secrets" "culture of concealment and cover up" along with many more qotations along the same lines.

Senator Mike (GST28)Vibert is our minister for Education Sport and Culture. He is also a minister who voted For the regressive GST, he voted AGAINST exemptions on school books and school clothing. He also voted AGAINST free milk for our school children.

You might note by the e-mails below he is not in the business of putting a parents mind at ease and refuses to answer some very valid and frightening questions. The answers of which seriously do need addressing.

It is said here in Jersey we have "a very partisan media". It is believed our entire local media are extremely bias in favour of our "elected dictatorship" to the point our only local "news"paper is suspected of writing spoof letters in it's "letters to the editor" page to support our "ruling elite"

Our elected "representatives" claim they either are, or support, openness and transparency in our "elected dictatorship". So in order to give them this "openness and transparency" and to offer their electorate an "alternative media" I have taken my video camera to the hustings that are now taking place in the hope of getting an interview with sitting states members up for re-election.

I readily admit my technique of trying to obtain an interview might not be quite what it could. Hopefully I will be able to improve on that. By the same token I believe if our local media were doing a good job, people like myself wouldn't have to try and do it for them!

So below is my e-mail correspondance with Senator Mike (GST28) Vibert and my attempts to be given an interview. A couple of things need to be taken into account here. Nobody has , either the power or the willing, (to the best of my knowledge) to get any of my questions answered by him.

This man could get elected for another 6 YEAR term! One of his election slogans is "a safe pair of hands" well I'll let you, the reader(s) decide if that's an apt slogan. I prefer the slogan "a quick pair of feet"

I would also like to add I live in constant fear of the reprisals I might suffer for exposing our "ruling elite" I have edited the e-mails below, only taking out the names of the civil servants, although they have been published elswhere I am told I can be prosecuted for libel if I were to publish them. I don't want to break any laws I just want to expose the truth and bring a little accountability to those who have none.


You spoke to me at the St. Clement hustings yesterday evening about an e-mail you had sent to me. Unfortunately I have not received any such e-mail. I believe it may be being blocked by the States e-mail filtering system.
You intimated the e-mail concerned unacceptable behaviour by a former States employee. If you have any evidence of such then I suggest you contact the States of Jersey Police, as they are the correct authority to investigate any alleged unlawful conduct.

I have copied and pasted the e-mail for you below. I would very much appreciate if you could put my mind at least at a little bit of ease.
Personally I have no proof of any of the allegations. But the fact remains, either Senator Syvret, like yourself is a democratically elected senator and representative of the electorate, is a liar or fantasist, or his allegations do hold some merit. If it is the latter I have every reason to be concerned.
Here is the e-mail please don't "skate over" any of my truly frightening concerns.

The original e-mail.

After reading an article on Senator Syvrets Blogsite I have become even more horrified (if that's possible) as to the goings on in your department.
Senator Syvret claims the notorious "Pinball wizard" is none other than (an ex senior civil servant), who was employed during "your watch". If what has been published is correct this would indicate the said ex senior servant has participated in what would (or should) amount to physical, and possible, emotional abuse on minors and extra marital affairs.
Could I ask what you, or your department, are doing to look into these very serious and alarming allegations?
I have also read on various news articles on the web a current civil servant employed by E.S.C. not only worked at Haute De La Garrenne but has been interviewed by the police investigating alleged child abuse at the home.
Could you let me know if this civil servant was interviewed as a witness or a suspect? and is he/she indeed under any kind of investigation or suspicion by either yourself or the police?
As I have 2 children under the "care" of your department I hope you can appreciate my concerns.

I repeat, all allegations and any evidence to support them should be reported to the States of Jersey Police who are the only body authorised to deal with them and answer any of your queries.

I can not understand why the Minster for Education Sport and Culture can not (or will not) put a parent's mind at rest by either confirming or denying these frightening allegations?
Surely you would (or should) be in the ideal position to do this, as you are responsible for your department and it's employees. Further more I would have thought you would be very eager to put a parents mind at ease.
Also how do you deem it is my responsibility to inform the police of these allegations, surely if it's anybody's responsibility, it's your isn't it?

I do not know anything about these allegations. It is the responsibility and duty of anyone who believes they know anything that could be construed as unlawful to inform the Police of their concerns.

Although I asked you not to "skate over" any of my concerns perhaps I should have also asked you not to "completely ignore" my concerns as well.
The concerns you some how managed to "completely ignore" were the very valid and worrying ones of the current civil servant being (or not) interviewed by the police investigating the "alleged" child abuse at HDLG and other institutions within the states of Jersey "care" system.
For the avoidance of any doubt my questions are.
1) Was the current civil servant employed at HDLG?
2) If so, for what time period? and what was his/her job title?
3) Has the current civil servant been interviewed by the "historic" child abuse investigation team?
4) If so, was he/she interviewed as a witness or a suspect?
5) Are either yourself, the current civil servant, or anybody employed by E.S.C under any kind of suspicion (by the "historic" child abuse investigation team) for either participating in child abuse (physical, sexual, or emotional) or covering up for anybody who might have participated in any such heinous acts?
The current civil servant is also copied into this e-mail so I hope between the two of you, you will be able to put my mind at ease.

I have given you my reply previously. I consider this correspondence closed and will not be replying to any more e-mails on the subject


  1. If printing email is liaable, does that mean Adrian Walsh's publication of "Time 4 Change" private email is questionable?

  2. Glad you like the latest post.

    I have had no time for Vibert since the Fort Regent pool closure.

    Whoever replaces him,I hope they put children's welfare first. Blindly following the establishment line and toadying to the Chief Minister must be non starters.

  3. What a diabolacle state of affairs if you dont get the answers from vibert or lundy then it begs the question what are they hiding?

    I'm glad my childen aren't under their CARE. Keep on at them these people need exposing.

  4. found your link on MF
    how long have you been going

    keep going for people like vibert they are scum who deserve all they get

    they abuse us in different ways but it is still abuse

  5. I am still trying to get some kind of an explanation/confirmation/denial and answers from Senator Mike (GST28) Vibert.

    I have sent him more e-mails which he has not answered. So I phoned him and he told me he has not recieved any e-mails from me and that they are being blocked by the states as spam.

    He refused to deal with any of my concerns and hung up the phone on me.

    I approached him last night at the hustings to ask him why he will not re-assure me I have nothing to worry about or confirm or deny any of the very serious allegations made about himself and his employees.

    He told me he "doesn't know" if the current civil servant has been interviewed by the police who are investigating the "historic" child abuse.

    He went on to tell me that he would report me to the police for "harrassment" if I were to carry on "harrassing" him.

    I don't believe I am harrassing him, I believe I am a parent who needs re-assuring his children are not in danger from his department.

    The fact it could be termed as "harassment" is down to the fact he will not do, or say, anything that might put my mind at ease despite me telling him I am "frantic with worry".

    This is a serious question. Does anybody know where else I might get the answers from if not the Minister for Education?

    Here is my last unanswered e-mail to Senator Mike (GST28) Vibert and the current civil servant.

    Mr.Vibert/(the current civil servant.

    I have copied and pasted "just some" absolutely harrowing, and truly frightening, allegations made by Senator Stuart Syvret on his "Blogspot"
    (the current civil servant) you have been copied in to the e-mail correspondence between myself and Senator (GST28) Vibert and have not only denied me any kind of reassurance but have denied me any kind of reply, why is this?

    Senator Mike (GST28) Vibert you have refused to address any of my very legitimate concerns as a parent of two children entrusted into your "care".

    This is just not acceptable I, as a parent of two children in your "care" have the right to a full and frank explanation into the allegations made by Senator Syvret.

    If what Senator Syvret has alleged is true I would ask for the immediate suspension of (the current civil servant) from his position until the police investigation has reached it's conclusion. I would also like to suggest that Senator Mike (GST28) Vibert step down as Minster for Education Sport and Culture should ANY of Senator Syvrets allegations be true.

    I really must emphasise the gravity of these allegations. If they are true it would appear that senior civil servants are able to abuse our children, have extra marital affairs with department employees and give them preferential treatment in job promotions all while the minister appears to either cover up for them or turn a blind eye.

    I implore you to give ALL my concerns and Senator Syvrets allegations the attention they deserve in order to convince me you are providing my children with "a safe place of learning".
    Simply stating "you have had my reply" will just not suffice I am frantic with worry and fear for the safety of my children under your "care".

    You Must address this and help put an end to my worries.
    Here is a "fraction" of what I copied and pasted from Senator Syvrets Blogsite. Surely after reading it you can appreciate my worries!!

    “(The recently retired civil servant) and (the current civil servant) are – for the type of violence described above – both suspects within the core-group of abusers being investigated by the States of Jersey Police“.

    “I stated earlier that (the recently retired civil servant) and (the current civil servant) are both key suspects in the historic child abuse investigation – this for the appalling violence they inflicted on children“.

    “The Police regard the allegations as well-evidenced and credible – and to that end, recently issued a Disclosure Notice to (the current civil servant’s) employers – the States – that he is under serious investigation for violent child abuse“.

    “On the 22nd September, I drew this fact to the attention of Bill Ogley – the ultimate head of the civil service – and to Senator Mike Vibert – the Minister for Education”

    “What kind of Education Minister keeps in post – will not even suspend – a (highly ranked civil servant) of the Education department – who is under investigation for child abuse“?

  6. Vibert is a tool of the first order.
    Total waste of space.


  7. read how the Education department f***** up the kids husting at Hautlieu.
    The idiot Vibert obviously did not check if it was publicised.klzneyc

  8. Vibert apparantly said at the St Brelades hustings that he was accesable. If this is a denonstraition of his accessability i'm not suprised he'll not be getting re elected THANK GOD.

  9. He seems rather camera shy for a politician!