Thursday, 16 October 2008


I thought I'd just do a quick post after last night's elections. Unfortunately the result was of no real shock and indeed fairly predictable. That is to say the poor and working class did not come out and vote in significant numbers to make a difference.

The media are going to have their view as to why and how "the establishment" got back in and the rest of us are going to have another. One reason could be that the majority of the electorate are in fact demoralised, they believe they can't make a difference. A demoralised majority (non voting) electorate suits our establishment for as long as they continue not to vote. Make no mistake our "ruling elite" and it's media know there is discontent and unrest with "the peasants" and it is only a matter of time before they rebel and by that I mean start voting.

Citizen Mike Vibert should get a mention as should Senator Phillip (GST28) Ozouf as they have appeared on here in the run up to the elections.

Firstly citizen Mike Vibert. I heard him on the radio today trying to put some of the blame of him losing his seat down to hecklers at hustings. What is so tragic about that statement is I truly believe he believes it, he went on to say "there will be one or two members of that crowd that will be feeling pleased with themselves today".

Firstly I did, and many others, heckle citizen Vibert at the hustings, I also heckled Senator Phillip (GST28) Ozouf, Sarah (GST28) Ferguson, Alan (GST28) Maclean and they all kept their seats. I believe the statement "there will be one or two members of that crowd that will be feeling pleased with themselves today" could have been aimed at me.

To that I would say there's a good chance everybody in that crowd will be feeling a bit pleased with themselves today but not for the reasons citizen Mike Vibert might believe. Speaking purely for myself I believe he has failed our children and failed them miserably. He ran his department with only his and his civil servants interests at heart, regardless of any impact on the children or their families.

I have only asked citizen Vibert questions that any concerned parent should deserve an answer to in order to be assured he is, sorry was, providing their children with a safe place of learning. I was only ever fobbed off and met by a wall of secrecy. I was foced to phone him, and he would hang up the phone on me, I would e-mail him and he would not reply, I'd try and engage with him at hustings and he would tell me he has made a complaint of harrassment against me to the police.

Like I said earlier, the tragic thing is Citizen Vibert is apparently oblivious as to what impact his actions have on others and still seeks to blame others for his downfall. I am not "pleased with myself" in a way that I get satisfaction out of another man's downfall. I am just pleased my children are no loger under his "care" and I can't say I am pleased they are under the "care" of Mario Lundy either but more of that at a later Blog.

Now for Senator Phillip (GST28) Ozouf. He, like citizen Vibert and others, was heckled at hustings, and has been the subject of a couple of my Blogs. The difference between the Senator and ex Senator (on a personal note) is Senator Phillip (GST28) Ozouf sought to engage with me!

He chose to do that after a hustings one night when I was sat at a table in the local bar. I was sat with a group of "anti establishment" people. Senator Phillip (GST28) Ozouf came through from the other bar for whatever reason and spotted us. He had no hesitation in coming over to "the lions den" and said something on the lines of "I see I made it on to your Blog" (my last post). He opened up a dialogue with me and was ready to discuss ANY issue with me, didn't ignore me or threaten me with an harrassment charge.

I found, and have since found, him to be very aproachable and, on a strictly personal level, easy to get along with. On a proffessional level I totally disagree with his policies, his voting, his unsustainable population and economic growth policies and his taxing of the poor and needy in order to fatten up the already fat cats.

One must give credit where it is due, as a politician he is good, let's face it he kept his bl00dy seat!! I believe he is a good enough poltician to realize these elections were a warning shot across his bow, topping the poll in his last election and coming in fifth at this one, he has had to pull out all the stops to get re-elected and has had to work like probably never before to keep his job in the states.

He has told me he will give me an interview on camera (mind you that was before the election results) so I shall seek to hold him to that. But that will be after I have attempted to get an interview with one Terence (GST28) Le Main.

On that note, thanks to the people who have e-mailed me questions you want putting to him and if anybody has any more questions please e-mail them

I won't analyse any more of the election results as the bottom line is, "the establishment" have won this battle, but the war has a long way to go!


  1. Things are beginning to reach boiling point. I see it in peoples faces when you mention the states. Ozouf is not well liked by ordinary people, neither are the others. I am getting concerned that things may well escalate beyond the establishments control. I prefer an evolution of events, I am beginning to worry that it could bypass this and become a revolution as peoples annoyance turns to great anger, we all know what happened in the colonies when King George took a step too far and taxed tea! Do we really want this in Jersey?

    Those in charge had better take notice of the majority or they will feel a big backlash which I hope occurs at the polls and not on the streets. Ozouf was lucky to get back in because if the ordinary people had of voted in large numbers he would have been out.

  2. People are going to have to built bridges,and work together.

    This was a hollow victory,when you count all the votes,that went to "Progressive candidates".

    Those votes surely can't be ignored,like the 19,000 plus that voted for GST.

    I doubt anyone wants anarchy,or for Jersey to become a really detached society.
    It is in the interests of us all to unite and work with a common purpose.

    To be a fully inclusive society.
    It has to happen,they have to listen to those that have contrasting opinions.

    The votes show,a lot of people who do not support the present make up of our Government.

    By ignoring people,it will be to the detriment of Jersey.
    Will only compound feelings of hostility,and anger.

    We need to Reform the system,to work with each other.

    All of those elected promised to do that in their campaigns,so please do not let us down,we all need it!!!