Thursday, 13 November 2008

Divided you stand united you'll fall?

The handling of Lenny Harper's investigation of the of the HDLG scandal has been bought into question, some might argue it has been discredited by his replacement Mr.Warcup and our oligarchy. Graham Power has been suspended from duty (as a neutral act) for, as far as I am aware, his handling of the investigation. Senator Stuart Syvret was releaved of his post as health minister for whatever reason you want to believe. Was it because he, like Mr. Harper and Mr. Power was attempting to bring some justice and closure to victims of abuse or was it because of his conduct and demoralising States employees?

All three men, to my reckoning, are taking a bit of a beating from certain parts of the media and our oligarchy. The credibility of all three men is now almost certainly questionable at least to those who have no access to the internet.

The reasons and timing of the two press conferences yesterday (Wed 13th Nov) is also very questionable. Mr Harper appears to be somewhat bemused as to why the Police called a press conference which in his words told us very little that we didn't already know, and possibly only reinforced what Mr.Harper had been telling us all along, there was not enough evidence to conduct a murder inquiry. It also appeared to me that Mr.Harper might believe there is some credibility in Senator Syvret's allegations the press conference was called to smother, what might be, for our oligarchy, a very damming report from the Howard League of Penal Reform due to be published tomorrow.

Senator Syvret was sacked, Lenny Harper retired and was not asked, to the best of my knowledge, to stay on as a consultant and Graham Power has now been suspended. All three have something in common, they were trying to bring the guilty to justice and offer some kind of closure to any victims, if indeed they could ever get any kind of complete closure. All three men are no longer in their posts and will no longer be privvy to the information, evidence or witness testimony they once were.

It looks to me that the States of Jersey have come out with an all out political and media war against these men and the States of Jersey look to be showing a united front. Individually I would summise none of these men would stand much of a chance against the entire "establishment"! But if all three got together along with their, I'm sure vast, media and influential political contacts they would then stand a better than average chance of exposing our goverment for what they really are and give the abuse survivors some hope.

If anything needs to be learnt by our last "democratic" election where the opposition got more votes than the establishment it is this. For as long as there is division those divided will perish, they will be defeated by "the establishment".

Senator Syvret, Lenny Harper and Graham Power now need to join ranks and piece together their own assault on this horrible dictatorship, go on the offensive, blow the whistle, expose the guilty. Put as much fear into our goverment as our goverment puts into us.

I can only hope, behind the scenes, the three men are uniting, working together because until that happens I reckon they are dead in the water along with any hope of the victims seeing any justice. This whole episode just reeks of that ever so familiar stench of goverment cover up. The only chance any of us have is if there is some kind of unity against this stink.
I know national and international journalists read my blog, if any of you are worth your salt, don't just look for a few soundbites and a little bit of sensationalism. All you need to do is scratch a little bit below the surface start investigating, expose our goverment expose our goverments relationship with our media. Outside Journalists looks to be about the only hope us islanders have of being liberated from this, Oligarchy, dictatorship, occupying force. Call it what you will but it certainly isn't a "democracy" .
I think the writing is on the wall, if Syvret, Power and Harper go on the backfoot individually then that is where they'll stay along with the rest of us! Unite, Gather your many supporters launch your own attack on our Oligarchy and you, along with the rest of us will stand a chance.


  1. spot on the button. Well said. How about opening a different blog so people can place their sentiments on the retirement of Walker. Just a thought, bet it would make excellent reading.

  2. I do not agree it is miles off the button. If this is the result of a Metropolitan Police independant enquiry then you have got it very wrong.

  3. My understanding is that the met has not completed its inquiry, if it has where is the link to their actual report?

    Spot the difference between the spin of Williamson and the Met's reports (those under the control of the establishment) and the quality of Upex and the Howard League - independent and uncontaminated

    Says it all about this corrupt, slimy little island.

    PS love the word verification on this on (fackin)!!

  4. Excuse me for being petty...but the Met havent completed any "enquiry"-however the ACPO did conduct three reports on Harpers handling of the Police investigation and all three were uncritical of his work!.

    I agree with VFC - the Establishment will always come out on top unless those who oppose them can unite and organise a measured and objective campaign to bring justice to the victims of child abuse in Jersey.

    As for Walker and the "gotham city police"?....makes you really proud eh?

  5. You are so right, VFC; anyone with an open mind should start smelling a rat here. Let's not forget a fourth person: Simon Bellwood was also sidelined for 'whistle blowing'. The only good thing about all this is that also people who could not believe any cover-up was going on now gradually start to worry that "where there is smoke, there is fire". I know quite a few who are now starting to feel VERY uncomfortable about it all and start to put question marks behind what godfather Walker and his 'family' are saying. Like we have probably all been told as children : Don't lie, the truth will come out. The blindfolds WILL come off !

  6. I would imagine that Wendy Kinnard, who is cited often by Lenny Harper for her help & support, also has a story to tell.

    She does appear to have a concience so who knows?


  7. Whoever looked into the work, they were not that impressed with coconut skulls and bed spring restraints. Anybody still defending Harper and the amount of money wasted on this must be bonkers.

  8. I have been e-mailed the comment below and with the author's permission I have edited it in order to take out anything that might be percieved as libelous or defamatory.

    Perhaps you could try dragging your friend syvret away from his mirror and try to get him to list some more useful links on his site - since it is so well read.

    He lists only P.J. and the dead AHITS on his locals - plus Simon Bellwood somewhere else - which is about as interesting as my dead cat.

    Why not your site and a whole range of other local sites?

    And his list of national sites is about as original as a 1970 student's political starter kit - the world has moved on and since his site is so obsessed with HDLG almost exclusively, most of them are totally irrelevant.

    Why doesn't he put up UN and HR links and links to UK Gov departments - like the Dept of Justice, and MP Austin Mitchell and why not his friend Esther too?

    Or is he just afraid to open up the debate to a wider public that might express views that he disagrees with - or that might remove the focus from him.

    The continuing obsession too with UK National Papers is counterproductive since they are only in it for the money and will write anything to sell a few more copies. Why promote them in preference to genuinely independent and informed links that can add to knowledge and understanding - not just add to the confusion.

    If people really want a "Network" of alternative views then it is up to people like you and syvret to initiate it. There is no point trying to get the established media in Jersey or elsewhere to do the job for you.

  9. I agree with every word!

    One thought to consider, it is not only high profile individuals like Simon Bellwood, Senator Syvret, Lenny Harper and now Graham Power who have faced being sacked/early retirement/forced redundancy/suspension etc!!!!

    There are many many individuals CURRENTLY employed by the States of Jersey who are watching all these events unfold but are frozen with fear not knowing what to do nor who to turn to as they too are being or have been trampled by the establishment and are facing one of these untimely endings if they dont 'shut up' and 'put up'! I AM ONE OF THEM!!

    Your employer shouldnt 'force'you to submit to and agree to practices that you believe are wrong and damaging to you as an individual, other people and the organisation.

    It is for these reasons that I do not believe the States of Jersey is a caring employer as if you raise a complaint, stand up to them or your face doesnt fit then you are very likely to end up with a one way ticket out of there.

    Cover-ups, oppression, bullying, believe me it is rife within States departments. The current issues in the media serve to highlight what are actually systemic failings within the whole organisation. They protect their own and it is very very demoralising to be embroiled within it.

    The States of Jersey are letting so many people down, both current and ex-employees AND the Jersey public. All I can hope for is that Bellwood, Syvret, Harper and Power DO join forces, gather their supporters, and take on the establishment as Jersey deserves better!!

    JT alias Jersey Truth

  10. I agree with every word.

    You really ought to consider sharing your problems with someone like Stuart Syvret confidentially, or any other like minded person. They can advise you, get you the help you need. Please do that, making yourself ill will not solve your problem, this is what will happen if you do not seek help.