Sunday, 30 November 2008

BBC Jersey.

The poll is now closed and the result is resoundingly conclusive. 74% of you would like Senator Syvret to be a guest on the talkback show to discuss the report made by the Howard League of Penal Reform. Will the local BBC give you/me what we want? somehow I doubt it very much!!

According to Senator Syvret he has written proof the editor of local BBC agreed to have him on as a guest and then went on to renege on the deal. I believe it was in order to give the elections some coverage. So how did they cover the elections (on talkback) in a fair and balanced way?

The week before last they had the two candidates from St John as guests, last week they had the three candidates from St Brelade No 1. So out of, I think it was, 63 candidates they allowed 5 of them two hours FREE airtime. How is that fair and balanced? what about the other 58 candidates? I'm sure they would have loved the opportunity of 2 FREE hours of advertising and electioneering for votes!!

Worse still somebody has come up with that idea and got it passed!! Here's the choice. option 1. Do we have a talkback programme on a subject that has seen a manager in child welfare and a minister for health and social services lose their jobs after blowing the whistle on what they desribed as, and the HLPR described as illegal and abusive treatment to our most vunerable..........children. Possibly one of the most important reports we have ever had published, a report that could possibly totally vindicate Senator Syvret and Simon Bellwood and affects the whole island's population. A subject that almost everybody will have an opinion on and would stimulate a lot of thought, discussion and more importantly offer some much needed ANSWERS.

Option 2. Do we have a talkback show where the guests might talk about issues that affect only those who live in their parish, mains drains, speed limits on certain roads, unruly kids in certain area's and the Battle of flowers float therefore alienating a vast majority of the listeners who don't live in that Parish, also might be seen as giving favour to some of the candidates by not including them all.

So somebody has gone with option 2 who is this person? under what basis did they come to this decision? How can it be described as fair and impartial? How can it be deemed as something that deserves to be in the public domain over such an important report?

Senator Syvret has come in for some criticism (on the talkback show) for it being "his watch" while all this alleged abuse was going on. He phoned the show up with the offer to appear as a guest and answer all his critics, so far this appears to have been ignored by the BBC or Bridget Broadcasting Corporation.

I have lost almost any respect I had for the BBC and I strongly believe our local BBC have "gone native" I have repeatedly e-mailed Matthew Price to ask why they won't hold a talkback show with Senator Syvret as a guest to discuss the HLPR's report, he hasn't reponded to the e-mails. This does nothing for the BBC's credibility and can only add fuel to the fire the local BBC have "gone native".

A cracking Talkback show would, in my opinion, be Simon Bellwood, Stuart Syvret on with any of the following, Jimmy (GST28) Perchard, Mike (GST28) Vibert, Joe Kennedy, Frank Walker, Ben Shenton to name but a few. This show could answer a lot of questions, clear up alot of confusion and possibly expose some politicians as liars, complicit in covering up the truth, seriously negecting our children, etc. etc.

Seventy four percent of you, 76 out of a hundred believe this show should happen and thank you for voting in the poll. In order to give the local BBC an idea of where their credibilty lies with the online population I am going to ask you to vote again on what you think of the BBC. please vote, the more votes there are, the more they will have to take heed!!! You can vote on more than one option as there are four.


  1. If you hate the BBC so much why are you on the phone-in every day saying the same old things. I actually prefer to listen to Bridget.

  2. Anonymous.

    I have never stated "I hate the BBC so much" I've no idea where you got that from.

    I have stated "I believe they have gone native" and I do not believe they are giving the licence fee payer value for money.

    Hate is a very strong word and not one that I would use lightly if at all. Perhaps you might give me some answers to the questions posed in my post?

    I would love to believe the local BBC are not partisan to our Oligarchy.But it looks as though I have little choice.

  3. Could we please have the actual numbers of voters as well as the percentage?

    There are at least 50,000 adults in Jersey. If 60 people voted and 45 said yes that's 75%. if 10,000 people voted and 7,500 said yes that's also 75%.

    The first is inconsequential. The second is substantial.

    The only way to bring pressure on people like the BBC is through actual weight of numbers.

  4. Actual numbers of voters.

    There were 76 for and 24 against, or was it 74 for and 26 against? one or the other!!

  5. Sorry, hate IS a very strong word and I used it without thinking. I just found that you were very negative about their role in reporting on certain issues. I think , to be fair, they have to be very careful about reporting on things that are still under investigation. I would hope that later on we will get unbiased reporting, or do you think that is unlikely?