Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Chief Minister Le Sueur

Yesterday we saw an election for a new chief minister. It was a very predicatble outcome and possibly for most, including myself, not a very welcome one! However one must give credit where credit is due.

Chief Minister Terry (GST28) Le Sueur has been on a bit of a platform of engaging with the public, listening to the public etc. And if I am to be honest I did not believe one word of it. As my regular reader(s) will be aware I have tried to engage with a number of our politicians on camera, none of which have been very accommodating. Indeed I tried to engage with Senator Terry (GST28) Le Main on camera yesterday and I will be posting that encounter as my next Blog.

As you will see, although my journalistic skills still may leave something to be desired, Chief Minister Terry (GST28) Le sueur engaged with me, entertained me, or humoured me. He didn't run away from me and answered my questions.

So like I have said "credit where credit is due" Let's hope other establishment figures will take a leaf out of his book and start to recognise citizen's media is here, it is growing, and is influential.

Respect to you Cheif Minister It's a good start.


  1. Hi There

    At least New Chief minister Terry Le Sueur did the right thing and spoke to you, which in my opinion is a start in the right direction.

    You never know for sure so I am not personally going to prejudge what the man may or may not do, I just hope he picks Ministers with better judgment than FW did and if he feels he really has to give Senator Terry Le Main a ministerial position that he makes it Public Services where I don't think it is possible for anyone to do a worse job then has been done already!

    Below is a copy of a comment I made on the Planet jersey forum and I do hope TLS has read it!


    Congrats to TLS, but if this vote had been taken by the people of the island on a referendum TLS wouldn't have won and it would have been AB for new Chief Minister. Proved by Time for change organized Peoples vote.

    Now lets see if we can guess who the new Ministers will be?

    I just hope TLS has the common sense not to give Senator Terry Le Main a ministerial position as he is too much of a loose canon and shows total disrespect for the ministerial sytem.

    I personally could work with any of the other States Members establishment or otherwise, but TLM is such a rude obnoxious man that I just couldn't put up with his childish bully boy tactics, and the fact that he doesn't know when to apologize or shut his mouth, working with TLM who has the manners of a hog in a muddy hollow is not something I would envy any States Member including TLS.


    I thought AB's idea of having JM & PO as joint ministers for the housing department was an excellent one, as this would give good balance.

  2. Dear VFC

    Great video - really puts the local media to shame. Loved your question to Le Sewer about the views of the people not being important. Keep up the good work. Better that some of these doorstepping cowboy builders programmes.

    Looking forward to the Le Main post - guess he will be less forthcoming.

  3. H estill stinks of the establishment and any fool could judge his ilk....

  4. The peado statue from Sun Sea & Satan video is here on the map

  5. Re the statue, where exactly on the map?

    Do you know who lives there?

    Is it in the Almanac?

  6. It wouldn't be difficult to get the house name from driving past.

    The Almanac no longer shows who lives where, so hold on to any copies you may have before about 2005 (?) even though they will become increasingly out of date.

    You can still look people up on the electoral roll quite easily though :)

  7. Sorry about this but when I heard his squeaky voice this did come to mind.

    Sorry not very constructive but funny