Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The Day Jimmy met Jill.

It was a very eventful day at the States today. We saw the election of a new Minister for Health and Social services. The candidates were Deputy Geoff Southern, Deputy Ann Pryke, Deputy Paul Le Claire, Senator Jimmy Perchard and Deputy Collin Egre.

To cut a long story short Deputy Ann Pryke got the job. The question is did she get the job because she has the experience and strength to bring some kind of order to the shambles the health service is in, or did she get the job because she does what she is told by the Council of Ministers and will be easily manipulated by Mike Pollard?

Cast your mind back to the CTV live interview with Senator Jimmy Perchard when he said he would apologise to Senator Syvret and would love to talk to Mrs. “GARCIA” about the tragedy of her son’s suicide in order to get a better understanding of suicide.

Unfortunately the good Senator delivered on neither and after resigning from his post as Health Minister a couple of weeks ago, put himself forward as a candidate today. This is after a huge public outcry for his removal after it had become apparent that he was insincere, lied to the States, used foul language in the States and it was proven, when he held the position of Assistant Health Minister he actively encouraged another States member to take his own life. Depending on whom you believe he did the same, to the same States member that fateful morning in the States.

Senator Perchards position had become untenable as Minister for Health, some argue his position as a States member became untenable also but none of this deterred him from attempting to regain his post.

Now this does not happen often but I must pay tribute to our elected “representatives”, (well, all but 10 of them) who did not support Senator Perchard in his attempt on re-election. I can’t say if they gave the electorate what they did want, however it appears they knew what, or who, the public didn’t want and voted accordingly. So credit where it is due to all but 10 of our “representatives” and let’s hope they carry on voting in line with the public’s wishes.

In Senator Perchards defence I do believe he is remorseful for uttering those words to Senator Syvret. I do believe that day has, and will, torment him for a long time. I do believe he had passion and drive and was totally committed to his role as Health Minister. Unfortunately I don’t believe he is aware of the hurt he has caused to families who have experienced mental health issues or loved ones with mental health issues or families of suicide victims.

As Senator Perchard failed to contact Mrs. Gracia, who lost her son to suicide a little over 5 years ago, she took the opportunity to make herself known to him today outside the States, before the election, and I managed to catch it on film (below). Mrs. Gracia is a very humble lady who has been to hell and back and was traumatized by Senator Perchards comments to Senator Syvret, something she finds difficult to forgive him for, but is trying, because that is her nature.

Mrs. Gracia went into the States to watch the election, praying Senator Perchard would not be successful, all the time holding up a photo of the son she lost, for all to see. She held the photo up for a couple of hours and nothing was said. Then Senator (please sir!!) Phillip Ozouf walked into the chamber looked up at the public gallery and swiftly scribbled a note and got it handed to the Balliff. The Balliff promptly instructed Mrs. Gracia to either remove the photo, or remove herself from the gallery, nice one Phillip! She put the photo away but her prayers were answered.

Anyway here is the video of “The Day Jimmy met Jill”


  1. Dear VFC

    I heard the Bayleaf (otherwise known as the Bangkok Pimp) request that Mrs Gracia remove the photograph, but I had no idea that she had been holding it up for two hours clearly causing no offence until PHILIP OZOUF walked into the States and instructed the 'Pimp' to tell her to remove it or herself.

    So who really is wearing the skirt in the States - tells it all really

  2. "I do believe he had passion and drive and was totally committed to his role as Health Minister."

    Your going native I see He only has passion when he's drunk and for the protection of the establishment. and nothing else.

    and here was I thinking you had a brain...

  3. Mrs. Gracia sounds like a wonderful, brave, dignified woman. I am so glad that God answered her prayer!


  4. Well done Jill for having the courage to confront J .Perchard.
    I admire you for standing up to these bullies that smother
    our society with there slick ,sickly cloak of decency.
    We need more people to challenge these politicians outside
    of there insular little metropolis called the states chambers.
    Why don’t more people visit the public gallery during these
    debates and watch what really goes on.

  5. Jill Gracia showed great strength and quiet dignity in her meeting with Perchard. She put her point across clearly and the discomfort on Jimmy's face and in his body language is very obvious. Bravo Jill and thankyou VFC for catching this moment

    Proud Survivor

  6. Proud Survivor, Zoompad and anyone else seeking closure and justice.

    I have now got mine in regard to this incident. Now is the time to fight one for you and those like you.

    I will be there for you, have no qualms about that.

    God Bless you

  7. Despite his protestations, Perchard is not a good man.

    He was trying to do the usual overbearing male thing with Jill Gracia, who comes across as a humble and gentle woman. Unlike Perchard who is a pig.

    I'm delighted he was trounced, I only wish I knew who the Perchard 10 were,

  8. I don't no what it is, but I just can't believe anything this so called Senator says.
    May be its because he moved his lips.
    He says he spent 1 day with Mental
    Health Doctors discussing Suicide, Just one day when people spend a life time try to under stand this illness.
    People are at rock bottom, the world is against them, can't see a way out & think there family would be better off with out them. I could go on & on.
    This man sickened me when we were told what he said & it was not the first time he had said such a thing.
    May be he should speak to the Samaritans about spending some time helping out on a weekend, just to see for himself how many people out there in the real world with problems & despair there really is.
    Then he may have a better idea about the illness & Then he mite think twice about saying such a horrible thing to another person.
    But I wont hold my breath on that one & to think he had the audacity to go for the job again.
    Well I'm not happy about him being in the States at all.
    The next Election can't come soon enough When I will be reminding people again of just what this candidate has said in the past & I'll put a bet on at honest Nev's bookies that he will mess up again before we get to the Elections.
    I hope we still have a farming industry left by then. Know wot I mean.

  9. Cringe material, he did visit Mental Health, but hardly made it past the corridors of the wards

  10. He was probably looking to admit himself!
    Heaven knows he needs some help.

  11. People, are you all perfect in this wolrd??? You never make a mistake??? Why dont you leave him alone???
    Mr Perchard has appologised for "words he used" to Mr Syrvet. This is a case beetwen those two so why do you still make a noise about it???

    Forget it and keep going forward with your own life People!!!