Thursday, 2 April 2009

"representation" the Dupre way

Deputy Dupre is new to the States. How she ever got voted in with her manifesto is beyond me!

Regular readers/viewers of VFC will be aware of my ongoing struggle, as a parent of 2 children in the States Education system, to find out if there is any truth in the allegations that a senior Civil Servant in the Education Department has been - or is - a suspect in the ongoing child abuse investigation.

I asked my "representative" Deputy Anne Dupre (who is also assistant education minister) to "represent" me and ask a question in the States of her Minister which would hopefully give me an answer as to whether or not the allegations were true. She told me "I can't go against my minister" although I wasn't asking her to go against him, I was merely asking her to "represent" me and help put my mind at ease. She refused to do this but said she would "have a word" with him and get back to me.

I was then forced to ask a Deputy of another Parish to ask my question which Deputy Montford Tadier did as you can see in previous posts. Needless to say Deputy Dupre didn't "get back to me" so I had to chase her up.

She first told me she is in "negotiations" with the said Civil Servant and will "get back to me", needless to say she didn't "get back to me" so I had to chase her up.

After chasing her up she told me she has written to the Attorney General on my behalf (without consulting me about what to put in the letter) and will get back to me. Needless to say she didn't "get back to me"

I have asked her what she put in the letter (on my behalf) to the AG. She has told me she has "been informed" that she can't tell me what was written in a letter on my behalf! I have "chased her up" asking who informed her and what were the reasons? and she still hasn't replied.

Let's put this into perspective I am asking whether or not a high ranking official in the Education Department is a suspect in a child abuse investigation. Deputy Anne Dupre, who according to her Manifesto is "Compassionate, Considerate and Caring won't go against her Minister? She might be the three C's but the three above don't even come close!

This woman, in my opinion, is more interested in protecting Civil Servants and the Oligarchy than "representing" any member of the public and wasted absolutely no time in "going native" as shown by her appalling voting record. And after writing this in her manifesto.

I am totally against GST on food and children's clothes. In 1973 the UK government introduced VAT, but food, children's clothes, books, newspapers and magazines were zero-rated or exempt. We normally follow the UK in a somewhat slavish way, but on this occasion, the States thought they knew best – how wrong they were! The majority of Islanders are against this tax as it affects every single person, from the young to the old. It affects the care homes, hospitals, nursing homes, nurseries etc. She votes AGAINST Deputy Labey's proposition of excluding GST from food.

I am still waiting to hear back from her as to who "informed" her that I am not allowed to see the letter she wrote to the AG on my behalf, and exactly why I am not allowed to see it. I have decided not to bother "chasing her up" with e-mails any longer as it appears fruitless. Instead I will be asking her on camera. I do not enjoy "sticking a camera" in anybody's face but after exhausting every other avenue it seems there is no other alternative.

Deputy Anne Dupre in my opinion is nothing more than an Olly Dolly and has been recruited as Lobby Fodder. I will ask her the relevant questions - on film - when I get the next opportunity until then, this is how willing she is to talk to Citizens Media and her Parishioners.


  1. No surprise here then. A classic example of the poor calibre of States Member.

    Dupre is the typical parish know nothing that gets elected and then does exactly what the Establishment wants because they have no original thoughts in their brain and trunk loads of prejudice. People vote for them believing them to be a "safe pair of hands", only to be short changed by their intellectual vacuity. When will the electorate learn? When will the electoral abstainers (the other 60%) learn that their abstention does not produce good government?

  2. She is a disgrace and I look forward to you asking the questions on film. Keep up the great work vfc

  3. Anne Dupre's behaviour will not be forgotten at the next election.

    The public are beginning to think ahead. It would be in the interests of all States members to realise that.

    The times are not changing, they have changed.

  4. I listened to the States debate on the GST issue .Was astounded at her turn around.
    If the good people of Jersey vote people in on the basis of their manifesto,which in her case was pretty dire.
    failed me,how she managed to convince the electorate after seeing her at the Hustings.
    Felt very dejected that people of that calibre are suppose to represnt us .
    we are doomed if that is the best we can do.
    Shame on her for lying to the public,and for her arrogance to think she could possibly get away with it.
    Seem to recall she was more concerned about the speeding on the coast road ,than anything fundamental.Her knowledge at the time of the Williamson report was non-exsistant.
    Perhaps she should have tried her hand on the Roads committee first,and allow someone with calibre ,and the ability to question,the chance to represent us.
    We have been short-changed once again.
    Was there a reason why shebstained on the Pinel debate today ,did I miss something ?

  5. Typical - why are these people so insincere.
    As you know and I know VFC, the words get back to you, or would like to speak to you obviously mean something completely different in then 'States Member Speak Language'.
    She and others have renaged on their words and should be ashamed.

  6. VFC

    Changing the subject a bit
    Can you find Ben Fox and ask him on camera how does he feel about getting in by one vote.

  7. Re; Ben Fox.

    I have e-mailed Ben Fox and asked him for an interview this was three days ago.He has not replied to my e-mail.

    In answer to your question, yes I will ask him how he feels about winning by one vote......among other things.

  8. You should get down to the rouge bouillon kremlin with your camera and hound them for a statement about Stuarts arrest!

  9. Dupre is no stranger to how the States operates. Her father-in-law was a Senator. She is well aware I am sure how to handle herself as an elitist. Pity - but I don't think she represents the people, just the oligarchy.