Monday, 8 June 2009


The Attorney General’s decision not to prosecute certain people in the (ongoing?) “historic” child abuse inquiry has proved, to say the least, controversial. I know it has angered, not only abuse survivors, but most decent folk in Jersey.

This decision was told to the local media (possibly days) before any care leavers got wind of it which was leaked to Senator Syvret who promptly notified some survivors. Who were devastated, not only that a prosecution wasn’t going ahead , but the salt in the wounds, the media knew about it first.

A statement was issued “explaining” the AG’s decision. This left the care leavers, I have spoken to, with even more questions and even less answers. The AG appears to believe a statement is all that is required. If you ask him to explain his decision on camera it is harassment!
I apologise if the AG feels he has been harassed but I have learned, as have care leavers, going through “the correct channels” gets you nowhere, people need answers, they need justice, both are in very short supply over here.


  1. Certainly does speak volumes! What an arrogant PRAT!

    And yes - there are far more questions now than answers.

    And that is harassment - lucky for him he had not been abused. A buffoon of the highest order.

  2. That is not harassment, then is asking a perfectly ligitmate question to a
    Civil Servant paid by the taxpayers.

    Well done.

  3. What a smug self serving prat the AG is.

    I agree with the previous comment, you have the best evidence you could have to show that this is not harassment. As a taxpayer you are entitled to ask the people you pay for questions about their work.

    Hey what's you problem Billy Boy?

    Citizens media, our only hope!!

  4. Thank god for a breath of fresh air.
    The voice
    please keep going if you could get a pirate radio station started it would be even better.
    We are so starved of real news.
    Jill Gracia,I would really like to meet you at some point. There are a few people that reguarly post on sites that if they pulled there resources could make a real difference.

  5. Anonymous - if you would like to make contact, either VFC or Stuart Syvret would be able to give you my e-mail address.

    There are an awful lot of people who would like to make that difference, and slowly, slowly if we work towards a common aim we may be successful. Only time will tell, but all I know is that something has to give, and we cannot sit back and allow ourselves to be in this same situation for a lot longer.

    So, get in touch by all means. Meanwhile carry on reading VFC, because this site is where you will get some PROPER journalism, and not an Establishment mouthpiece.

  6. Citizen Media + simple questions + videocam = tipping point for the democratic future of Jersey.

  7. Citizen Media - brilliant. These people will be too scared to show their faces in public and end up in a bunker. And history has shown us what happens to people hiding in bunkers. Anyone know any Russians......? :-)

  8. Keep up the good work.

    Slight shame that people could criticise you for a lack of manners. Going up to someone with a camera already on, without so much as a hello or excuse me, does seem a bit rude. That will be the impression his sympathisers will take away with them.

    If you had covered yourself from that angle then you would be less open to criticism and his failure to respond would have seemed even more feeble.

    Manners are very deeply ingrained to us, and viewers who would potentially see your point otherwise will not be able to get past that and see the wood for the trees, I'm sorry to say.

    Glad to see your work though, very valuable contribution to the local political scene.

  9. So does the AG feel intimidated by you? I would never have guessed he was such a shy, timid, sort!

    The legal definition of harassment is unwanted conduct that violates a person’s dignity or creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment.

    However, in reality harassment is difficult to define and may take many forms. It can range from violence and bullying to less obvious actions such as ignoring someone at work – a single act or comment can constitute harassment in certain circumstances.

    A key concept is that harassment is defined by the perception of the victim (ie how it feels to the recipient) rather than by the intent of the person causing offence. It cannot, therefore be excused or justified by claiming that it was unintentional or humorous – action which would be acceptable, even welcome, to one recipient may be harassing to another.

  10. Its very convenient for these sub-humans to cry harassment when they are challenged about their behaviour - disgusting lot!

    Keep up the good work VFC and take care.

  11. JUSTCE FOR VICTIMS protest march on Saturday the 4th of July 12 noon from Peoples Park to the Royal Square.

    Followed by a demonstration in the Royal Square Monday the 6th of July to coincide with the swearing in of new Bayleaf Micheal Birt.

  12. Arrogant rude swine!

    How on earth did these people get into positions of authority?