Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Voice for Care Leavers (2)

This is the second instalment of the Press Conference held by Carrie, Dannie (Jersey Care Leavers) and Senator Stuart Syvret. Although it is only a short piece I believe it raises important issues.

The first one being a matter of “trust”. You will see in the video Dannie and Carrie, out of 53States members and an entire Judicial system only trust a very select few. The people , or person, they trust in the Judicial system is/are no longer there, namely Lenny Harper.

It was inspiring to hear there are a few States members they trust, or at least have shown them some support, but such a shame there aren’t more. I hope those that are helping behind the scenes will “come out of the closet” and give all Care Leavers some hope.

I will keep this Blog short and would like to remind viewers/readers the Jersey Care Leavers could really do with your support on Saturday the 4th of July mid-day at the Peoples Park and on Monday the 6th of July in the Royal Square for the swearing in of our new Bayleaf Michael Birt. PS. Notice at the beginning of the video the uncomfortable silence of the gathered "accredited" Press not in a hurry to ask a question. That is not a dig at the individuals who were there as they are probably aware it is pointless asking anything too "Journalistic" as it won't get past their Editors.

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  1. How very sad when these abused ladies feel they are unable to trust only a handful of people in our States, and one 'ex' policeman!

    It is all such a sad state of affairs and indicates even more that people MUST make the effort and turn out at the 2 forthcoming demonstrations.

    It is also a sad indictment, as I have said before, that our accredited media have not given an inch of column space on the thoughts and feelings of the survivors regarding the latest blow for them in not proceeding with prosecutions.Gee