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Below is a letter to the JEP from Deputy Bob Hill which was published (so I’m told) in their hard-copy but not online. As there are a growing number of people who are getting their “news” from online “un accredited” media and no longer buy a copy of the JEP, I thought I would re-produce the letter here.

What Deputy Hill’s letter appears to spell out is that vast amounts of money have been spent by our Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand, on reports (Wiltshire) that were only ever going to come to a stalemate. Who on earth authorised this money to be spent on a complete non entity? Why have the “accredited” media not bothered reporting on, or “researching” yes that is “researching” (some of our accredited media will have to look the word up) how and where this money was spent? How much more money has been spent that we haven't been told about?

When your child is deprived of a glass of milk at school because of the “economic climate” you might want to ask how Ian Le Marquand is allowed to spend in excess of ONE MILLION POUNDS (probably closer to two) on something that was only ever going to turn out as a stalemate. Even if Chief Police Officer Graham Power wasn’t retiring until July 2011 there is little or no chance of any disciplinary proceedings against the Chief Officer ever being completed.

Something tells me that Senator Ben Shenton and his Public Accounts Committee won’t be probing the Home Affairs Minister either.

Dear Sir,
"In the current debate about States budgets, Ministers have stated their determination to save public money and avoid waste. However, if recent figures released by the Minister for Home Affairs in relation to the suspension of the Chief officer of Police are anything to go by they still have a lot to learn when it comes to personnel issues.

In a reply to a written question the Minister for Home Affairs has revealed that the costs of this suspension and disciplinary enquiry, which started back in 2008, have now exceeded the one million pounds mark. Figures released in response to my question give the total costs of the disciplinary investigations being conducted by Wiltshire Police on the Ministers behalf as totalling £834,922 up to the end of May, and the cost of cover for the absence of the Chief Officer as £234,854, making a total of £1,069,776. However, that is not the end of the matter. Costs of the Civil Servants and Law Officers who have been advising the Minister are not included, and as the Chief Officer does not officially retire until 20th July 2010 there will be further costs associated with his absence up to that date. Additionally, the figures given do not include the cost of the independent enquiry into the suspension currently being conducted by Brian Napier QC which is expected to report towards the end of July. It looks like a safe bet that the final figure will be significantly greater. It might be useful therefore to contemplate what Ministers hope to achieve in exchange for this substantial sum.

In responding to Oral questions in the States the Minister for Home Affairs admitted that the matter was now approaching the "end game" and that there was not enough time remaining for any disciplinary proceedings to take place. He agreed that the whole issue is now likely to result in "stalemate." I take it that by “stalemate” the Minister acknowledges that once the Chief Officer retires he will no longer be subject to the Disciplinary Code and all disciplinary proceedings will have to be abandoned. I understand that the Chief Officer has already been told to “take outstanding leave” before he retires so it looks as if the “stalemate” has already arrived.

It would be hard to imagine any private sector organisation, or for that matter any competent government, spending this sum of money on a disciplinary investigation into someone who had already passed his retirement date when the investigation started, and who had to retire in 2010 come what may. Against this background we are all entitled to speculate about the motives of those involved. Could it be that protecting the reputation of the former politicians who ordered the suspension is regarded as more important than the prudent use of public funds? Whatever lies behind this costly and now pointless action, it does little to the credibility of the Council of Ministers repeated calls for savings. It appears to be yet another case of “do as I say and not as I do” which does little to enhance the reputation of our islands politics.

Deputy F.J. (Bob) Hill, BEM,

Submitted by VFC.


  1. What are the odds on 'Big Trev' coming up with another Ground Hog day question to wind up the Ian 'Flapper' Le Marquand?

  2. The odds on "Big Trev" coming up with another Ground Hog day question, I would say are pretty good, and not just Big Trev either.

    I have had a comment submitted by David that finds this Blogsite boring. David don't read it.

  3. Whatever chance ILM had of becoming Chief Minister next time must be disappearing quicker than a Deputy Paul Le Claire proposition. An apt comparision actually as both men appear to do ten percent less than nowt in terms of real work. Now theres a quick but beneficial saving to be made - sack these two bozos!

  4. ILM becoming Chief Minister? It wis with a heavy heart that I say thi but "god forbid". When he was first elected I was all for him becoming the next Chief Minister.

    Alas after witnessing how he has treated our most senior Police Officer, spent fortunes on pointless reports and refused to even look at the original (illegal?) suspension invoked by Andrew Lewis, I am sorry to say, any support I had for him becoming the next Chief Minister has been beaten out of me.

  5. Indeed, I too saw this letter on the JEP website, but was amazed that it was not reproduced on-line, hence the option of a comment was denied also.

    Wouldn't be all like to know exactly what the hell is going on here. A debacle of the biggest magnitude and embarrassment, not only by ILM, but all involved from Warcup to the previous ministers, not forgetting Ogley.

    I very much resent seeing my taxes being spent in such a way, presumably with no transparent end result, and yes, your analogy with the removal of school milk is very fair.

    Hey ho - perhaps Senator Ozouf will be bringing back a few Chinese takeaways for the children being deprived of something good.

    I despair.

  6. Its just completely tragic what is going on in the States at present.

    The Chief Minister and his ministers are getting away with everything they want to get away with.

    Why? Because they can.

    As for changing the voting, why should they?

    Its that corny but relevant saying again....

    Why should the turkeys vote for Christmas?!

  7. Sorry - I did mean I saw it in the JEP, but not reproduced on line.....just in case there is any confusion (which seems to be the case with ILeM at the moment!!)

  8. As Deputy Bob Hill says, with complete helplesness.

    Another case of do as I say not as I do.

    Why? Because they can and there is nothing in place (and wont be) to stop them.

    What can we (the public) do??

  9. What can we (the public) do??

    Just keep spreading the word, send links to all your family and friends of all the "facts and evidence" published on Blogsites, put a link to them on your facebook status, lobby your States Member, ask them why (if they're not) asking questions in the States about this barbaric treatment of our most senior Police Officer. Ask Ben Shenton if his Public Accounts Committee are going to look into why so much money is able to be spent on such a pointless task. Just as importantly vote and encourage as many people as you can to vote.

    The truth will come out, we (the public) just have to keep plugging away..........and Blogging.

  10. Perhaps senator le Marquand needs to familiarise himself with Witherwack house and David Warcups past performances.
    This is the man le marquand said , if not elected as our next chief of Police, he will resign.
    Please Mr Le Marquand, do us all a favour and do just that. For the sake of our children.

  11. My guess is that Le Marquand and his puppeteers already knew about Warcup and Witherwack House.

    That is why he was brought to Jersey, or did no one work it out yet?

  12. VFC, I think we all knew two years ago that it was going to pan out this way. So no prizes for guessing the outcome.

    What is interesting, and something that the criminals in office had not bargained on, is the huge support for Graham Power and Lenny Harper!
    That must have thrown them right out into the blue yonder.

    Let us hope that Mr Power and Mr Harper are already planning to join forces after the 21st of July.

  13. Re; "That is why he was brought to Jersey, or did no one work it out yet?"

    It didn't take Sherlock Holmes to conclude the minute Gradwell and Warcup started talking about coconuts and tooth fairys in the face of hard evidence, that they were here to put a lid on the Child Abuse Scandal.

    Ian Le Marquand might believe in fairy tales, but the rest of us go with the "evidence".

  14. It's funny what DOESN'T get posted. The Salaries of Jersey Post Directors is another letter that conveniently never made it online, and Rob Shipley's diatribe against bloggers also never appeared - you can read it here

  15. And speaking of putting lids on scandals:

    In 1994 a certain abuse victim of Neville Husband went to a certain Police Station and complained about the abuse he had suffered.

    This, we firmly believe, was on Mr David Warcup's watch up in the north east.

    He (the victim) said... the copper I talked to said "Go home to where you live and forget it as you can imagine what with happen to your kids should this get out."
    "great bit of victim support".

    However, the victim joined up with a few other victims and eventually (after many years) got Husband jailed for ten years.

    It would appear that everywhere Mr warcup goes he courts controversy.

  16. Bob Hill- spot on and thank you.

    Graham Power- You were so badly treated. Its embarassing to be from Jersey.

    Wendy Kinnard- will you be able to come out after all this? It would be good to learn your side of things.

  17. See topics mentioned in right hand column.

  18. * Since this article appeared in the journalists’ newspaper Press Gazette, Northumbria Police has started staffing its press office at the weekend. However, the force has also written to Nigel, refusing to reveal why the crimes he highlights are held back. Deputy Chief Constable David Warcup claims such crimes are not released for “operational reasons”

    Is that the reason the extremely serious and vicious knife attack at the weekend hasn't been reported
    and lots of other knife crimes that constantly get covered up.

    Not really the kind of thing they want discussed on the lunch time phone in.The occupation is a much safer bet.

    is another safe bet
    No wonder Chris was pushing the story of the amazing bionic cat on Jersey radio yesterday. The BBC had a full documentary of the amazing Moggies life that evening.
    Just to court a little controversy ,I would love to know Bridget's views on animal experimentation.

  20. Is it any wonder Nigel Green was so pleased to see the back of David Warcup when he left for Jersey.

    Word varification (warbox)

  21. A little bird tells me that Mr Warcup may have some information on a certain Mr Gregg, of 'Gregg's the Bakers' fame.

  22. Senator Le Gresley is asking first written question in the States on Tuesday and its to do with the cost of the suspension of Graham Power.

  23. I wish him all the luck in the world in getting anything close to a straight answer.

  24. "A straight answer"

    What the hell is one of those?

  25. Nice one Neil , just heard you on J Radio
    Keep at it mate you and Rico are doing a fine job
    And no matter how they try and bury this fiasco,it's just not going to go away

  26. Yes Chris Rayner is getting back into the habit of cutting me off again. The last three times i've been on he has cut me off.

    And you are right, the subject of the disgracefull manner that our Chief of Police has been treated, will not be going quiet any time soon.

    On the contrary, it's going to get louder!


    Page nine in JEP tonight
    Looks like Mr Warcup is not releasing the full facts of this attac, this was a knife crime so vicious the victim was slashed from his ear to under his chin.Does he not think the public have a right to know it was a knife crime

  28. Judging by the Northumbria Police article on one of the posts above, with regard to warcups past conduct, I would say we should be thankful we have been given any information at all.

  29. I don't buy the JEP so won't get to read about the knife attack.

    If they are looking for any information concerning another knife attack, of a Police Officer, stabbing his boss in the back, I could probably help!

  30. VFC

    Cast the anchor full steam ahead.

    We must keep on with the research and hard work. I look forward to working out our battle plan tomorrow. ILM and his propaganda unit the JEP are planning headlines, so are citizen media.

    We have delivered full facts and evidence no cherry picking and so it will continue


  31. "Against this background we are all entitled to speculate about the motives of those involved" Well, you got that right Benny because that is all you can do as you simply do not know what happened and, with a bit of patience (not the strong suit of the conspiracy theorists to be sure)you will eventually discover most, but probably not all, of what went on. There are some things that simply cannot be disclosed and Rico for one is aware of one of them (Donnelly)

    I simply don't see the "huge support" Ian Evans alludes to amongst anyone I know who are in general fed up to the back teeth with the whole business What is even more bizzare is the number of posters who, when their motives and relationships to "the Force" over the years are analysed still insist that Lenny and Graham are top blokes who carried out a great investigation - to the rest of us it seems more like all the overtime the Boys could eat and First class travel and dinners on the tax-payer. You pays your money......well the poor old tax payer has to the tune of £20mil!

  32. I only let that last comment through in order to show readers the desperation of some people, who are hell bent on trashing Lenny Harper and Graham Power's reputation come what may.

    Regular readers will be aware that Team Voice, as much as we can, only deal in evidence and facts. Those who wish to denegrate the HDLG investigation, do it without offering us any evidence and facts.

    Indeed, they make up their own stories. Team Voice have posted documentation, as in "Hansard" and answers from Ministers that explains Lenny Harper and his team spent 3.2 million pounds on the HDLG investigation. Gradwell and Warcup spent 3.7 million (and climbing) if memory serves me correct.

    So in total that comes to 6.9 million pounds, the majority of it spent by Warcup and Gradwell, still the commenter would have us believe it is 20 million, in the face of contrary "evidence".

    The commenter tells us how everybody he/she knows is fed up to the back teeth with the whole business. One has to take their word for that, but why did the commenter have to tell us that? Nobody is forced to read these Blogs, if this subject or Blog is not for you, why do you feel such a strong need to tell us people are fed up to the back teeth? Why not, after reading the first line or two just click off.

    However, this is also contrary to the facts. The facts being this site is getting more hits than its ever had and is growing on an almost daily basis.

    In fact it gets 20 million hits a day! (I jest obviously)

  33. Just watched George gently
    on BBC, so many similarities to the Haute de la garrene case.
    This drama was set in Northumbria in 1964
    Witherwack house springs to mind
    What have they both in common

  34. Hi VFC

    Just a little humour I had with Trevor on the JDA site, don't know if he published it but it tickled me....


    “Will the Minister advise whether the alleged author of the Metropolitan (Met) Police Interim Report is himself under investigation by the Met regarding alleged anomalies in the report’s construction and whether the author neglected to interview crucial witnesses who could have refuted allegations made by the Former Deputy Chief Officer against the former Senior Investigating Officer and the suspended Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police?”


    Well now, if the question is to be interpreted as the question I suspect that I should be skating around the edges of, it may be that I could not answer such a question without thinking it was the other answer to the question that I thought I may eventually answer!

    Would anybody like another photograph of a coconut???

    Yours faithfully

    Ian Le Marquand

  35. There has been a lot of talk in the last couple of days about our islands high figures regarding suicide.
    I came across this comment on an interesting Blog site

    J said...

    There are more allegations in the link below with regards to North Wales. If there is any truth there then these people need to be brought to justice. They could still be harming kids too. Also, concerning Jersey. Could there be a connection between the deaths of the three policemen who apparently committed suicide within 4 days of each other? As I've heard that Neil Munro was investigating the yachting community, following claims that children from Jersey care homes were being loaned out to wealthy yachtsmen. Perhaps it's something that could be looked into. The alleged cover-ups concerning care homes in Ireland, North Wales, Islington and Jersey are connected somehow, I believe.

  36. Some links for anonymous.

    Scroll half way down the page and find out all you want to know.

  37. Part One

    What about the Marians?

    At Democraticunderground, on 16 April 2008, the following was posted (Did you know Bush had the Pope's name removed from a sexual abuse ...):

    "The court papers still remain classified on the grounds of being 'a threat to UK security'.

    "The background of this case is that in 1967 an only child of a UK diplomatic service couple was kidnapped and ransomed in London.

    "While negotiations were taking place for the nine year-old's release she was raped and tortured by the kidnap gang which had been hired by a group of Polish Fascist Party-supporting priests called The Marian Fathers.

    "This Catholic order was the subject of a criminal bankruptcy petition which would have seen them extradited back to Communist-ruled Warsaw.

    "They operated a boys boarding school in Berkshire and children's orphanages outside London which had been successfully prosecuted for child sex abuse cases.

  38. Part Two

    "A number of subsequent private prosecutions for negligence damages by pupils' parents had resulted in the Marians facing over half a million pounds in legal debts.

    "Joseph Ratzinger had personally authorised a Vatican bank loan which had financed the Marians' legal defence. The document was one of the exhibits during the rape/torture trial.

    "His fixer in this arrangement had been Prince Stanislaw Radziwill who at the time was married to Jackie Kennedy's sister Caroline Lee Bouvier, ex-wife of Michael Canfield, now known as Lee Radziwill.

    "Radziwill had financed the Marians' building of a church in their Berkshire school grounds, dedicated to the memory of his mother Ann and officially consecrated by Joseph Ratzinger in a ceremony conducted by Polish Archbishop Wyszynski.

    "Eventually the rape gang was caught and tried in a case heard in London in 1970. Eight men including foreign nationals were convicted of rape, sexual assault, grevious bodily harm and extortion.

    "Then in 1976 four of convicted were released on parole and managed to hunt down their victim after a data blunder by social services and Crown Prosecution Service officials.

    "There was a second life attempt on the 1967 attack vicitm who by then had married and changed her name. The victim remained in a coma for several months amid a police news blackout that many took as being a cover for her actual murder.

    "A number of property asset documents belonging to the young woman were stolen by the life-attempt parolees who rancasked her home and left her for dead after a vicious physical attack.

    "The property deeds were then sold on to a London mobster gang. Several cash mortgages in excess of £20 million were also raised on these, with the funds eventually being traced to transactions linked to the Vatican Bank.

  39. Some commenters seem to forget something, and that is Jersey is a magical place.

    We have coconut fairy's. A piece of evidence is "diagnosed" by an anthropologist as child skull, then it magically changes in appearence and is "identified" as coconut by two mysterious people, who nobody seems to know, or what their qualifications are, but those of us who are familiar with Mick Gradwell and David Warcups policing methods, know that the two mysterious people are in fact the Coconut Fairy's.

    We also have tooth fairy's, bath fairy's Cellar/Void fairy's and Interim Report fairy's.

    Don't mind that scientists have stated that children's teeth with that amount of root attached could not have been shed before death. Ahhh no! the 65 children's teeth magically fell out of their mouth, all in the exact same spot where they fell through a gap in the floorboards, you don't believe me? ask our Home Affairs Minister Senator Ian Le Marquand. You don't believe they were left there for the tooth fairy? Ask Mick Gradwell.

    And everybody lived happily ever after, well that is those who were not subjected to un-imaginable torture and abuse in the States of Jersey "care" system. Those who took their own lives not being able to deal with the atrocity's they were subjected to in the Jersey "care" system, it goes on and on.

  40. Part tThree
    In 1973, Archbishop Daniel Sheehan got Monsignor Robert P. Hupp to replace Monsignor Wegner as the boss of Boys Town, in Omaha. (Msgr. Robert P. Hupp, Obituary.)

    In 1978, James Kelly was a priest working in Boys Town, in Omaha. (Priest Abuse Charge)

    Reportedly he was involved in child abuse.

    Allegedly, Catholic orphanages have provided many of the children reportedly subjected to mind control and sexual abuse by the CIA.

    Cardinal Pacelli (later Pope Pius XII) signs the Concordat between Nazi Germany and the Vatican in 1933. Nazi Vice-Chancellor von Papen sits at the left, Pacelli in the middle.

    The Vatican and the CIA reportedly worked together on Operation Paperclip, which brought many Nazi scientists into the CIA.

    The Knights of Malta are a Catholic order, reportedly linked to freemasonry (Cached/Knights of Malta and 911).

    The Knights appear to link top fascists and top Catholics

    Reportedly, the following have been members of the Knights of Malta or have been awarded high honours by the Knights of Malta:

    David Rockefeller, Reinhard Gehlen (Nazi), Heinrich Himmler, Franz von Papen (Hitler enabler)Fritz Thyssen (Hitler’s financier), George W. Bush, George Tenet (CIA chief at the time of 9 11)Henry Kissinger, Michael Chertoff, Rupert Murdoch, Tony Blair, Precott Bush, Licio Gelli, J. Edgar Hoover, Joseph Kennedy, Ronald E. Reagan, Giscard d’Estaing, Allen Dulles, Oliver North, George H.W Bush and William Three

  41. Yes the shocking abuse of children does go on and on.
    Surely some investigative Journalist out there can start knitting all these terrible cases together.
    There is a distinct pattern in all these cover ups that are going on.
    The main one being the reluctance of Attorney General's to prosecute.

  42. Invetigative journalists? If there are any, you'll not find them in Jersey. Our BBC outpost runs with cats getting bionic legs as "Headline" "news" I jest you not!

  43. Never mind Ian if David doesn't get the top job,he wont be short of a bob or two.

    Anger over pay-out for top cop David Warcup

    Sep 21 2008 Sunday Sun

    A POLICE chief has come under fire after it was revealed he retired with a £300,000 lump sum . . . and walked straight into another top job.

    David Warcup was deputy chief constable of Northumbria Police before he retired earlier this year at the age of 50.

    He has since taken over as deputy chief constable in Jersey, where his role includes heading a high-profile investigation into alleged abuse at a children’s home.

    Mr Warcup is in line to become the island’s chief constable in just over a year.

    But it has been revealed that he has received a lump sum of around £300,000 from Northumbria Police.

    Mr Warcup is also receiving £60,000 a year from his old force as part of his retirement package. The pension — which lasts for the rest of his life — represents half of the £120,000-a-year he received from Northumbria.

    It is being paid on top of the £100,000-a-year he receives from the States of Jersey Police.

    Due to the fact that the island is a tax-haven, he only pays 20 per cent on his Jersey police salary.

    In the year before he retired, Mr Warcup also received an undisclosed share of a £47,000 bonus split between Northumbria’s five chief officers.

    Mr Warcup has done nothing wrong and both Northumbria and Jersey police have defended the deal.

    But Mark Wallace of the Taxpayers’ Alliance said: “While nothing illegal has gone on, this case highlights the divide between people who enjoy high-end public sector pensions and the taxpayers who fund them.

    “For most of us, it’s impossible to imagine retiring at 50 with a £300,000 lump sum plus £60,000 a year.

    “Mr Warcup’s front-line officers were told there wasn’t enough money for them to get a small pay rise, so it’s shocking that senior officers are picking up such massive early retirement deals.”

    Mr Warcup said: “All officers who contribute to the police pension fund are entitled to receive the benefits once they retire after reaching 30 years’ service or longer.

    “The terms of my final payment and pension are a private matter between myself and the Northumbria Police Authority, so I won’t be confirming any figures.

    “It was perfectly in order for me to retire and accept another post elsewhere.”

    A Northumbria Police spokeswoman said: “David Warcup retired from Northumbria Police in July this year after 32 years’ service, during which time he was a fully paid-up member of the police pension fund.

    “This is a final salary fund and, like all other members, he can choose to take up to two-and- a-half times his final salary as a lump sum, with the rest being paid as an annual pension.

    “In common with many police officers who retire on a full pension, Mr Warcup was offered another job, this time as deputy chief officer for the States of Jersey Police. His salary, on which he pays local tax, is a matter of public record.”

  44. Why should the likes of Deputy Kevin Lewis rock the boat.

    It seems he along with many other weak or establishment, or weak and establishment politicians know and believe the truth about the cellars the teeth the skull etc. and the truth about Warcup.

    But they have got to think of their future, only 15 months left of work....

    Why burn their bridges?!

  45. Anonymous says:

    "Surely some investigative Journalist out there can start knitting all these terrible cases together.
    There is a distinct pattern in all these cover ups that are going on.
    The main one being the reluctance of Attorney General's to prosecute."

    Investigative Journalists?
    Knitting together?

    Hee Hee, most humorous.

    Attorney General's protect those who they are told to protect, and that is the Governments that they are paid by. And surely, it doesn't take much working out why?

    It is common knowledge that every Government in the world has many paedophiles within its members. They are virtually all linked by this one phenomenon.

    One of the biggest recruiting grounds for paedophiles, is the national health service and its students. They are encouraged to turn a blind eye to suffering from day one.

    This organisation is riddled with paedophiles and perverts because they can get away with it and are protected by Government. Any journalist uncovering such crimes will effectively be warned off or murdered by Governments.

  46. The local Journalists are not going to side with Syvret and Co.

    Its more that their jobs are worth.

  47. The local Journalists are not going to side with Syvret and Co.

    Its more that their jobs are worth.

    Will they change allegiance
    once the RAG RAPIST is exposed?

  48. That would probably depend on who it is?

  49. So who is it, give us a clue

  50. Look at the bigger picture.
    The Rag Rapist, who its common knowledge a lot of us and a lot of JEP staff know who he is.
    But you have got to remember if Stuart could not get the evidence from the much bigger issues revealed/exposed/admitted, why bother naming the RAG RAPIST at this stage.
    The rag are clinging on for dear life and are safe for a while longer!

  51. I would like to point out that I have never seen any evidence or documentation that proves their is any such thing/person as "The Rag Rapist". Until there is such evidence or documentation this story remains nothing more than un-substantiated rumour and gossip. Should any real evidence come forward, you can rest assured that Team Voice will be the first to publish it. I mean let's be realistic, it's not as if any of our "accredited" media will be in a hurry to.

    Back on thread, I wonder if Senator Ben Shenton and his public Accounts Committee are going to look into how the Home Affairs Minister Senator Ian Le Marquand is able to waste possibly millions of pounds of tax payers money, on what I believe to be "noble cause corruption?"

  52. I agree it would serve no purpose at this present time to name the Rag Rapist.
    We will get justice for the victims, I personally havnt been abused in any way or any of my family that i know of. But i will fight for the rest of my life to get justice for the abused. We have to band together otherwise this will affect the next generation and the next.

  53. If Ben Shenton can agree with the rag that the piece of childs skull suddenly turns into a coconut he will have no problem going along with the spin story ready to hit the rag on July 20th.

    He will probably say that the money was well spent.

    Dont trust a Shenton (even if they seem nice)!

  54. Wasn't it one of the Shentons that sent Anthony Faramous to a concentration camp during the occupation.

  55. The Establishment will have achieved their aim, if only a couple of million pounds is spent on rubbishing the local child abuse investigation.

    Better than millions upon millons of pounds on claims from victims of local child abuse.

    But will their plan go through to completion?

  56. I've had a comment submitted about a regular female caller to the phone-in, or more to the point, her ex-boss. Sorry, I daren't publish it as I can't substantiate the claims.

    The commenter suggested it would be a good topic for Chris to start the phone in show with.

    Team Voice plan on publishing a Blog on "accredited" Jersey journalists and Chris Rayner, is to be our first subject, we are researching for this Blog which we will publish as soon as we can.

    We are presently trying to find out what journalistic qualifications he has but neither he, nor BBC Jersey, will tell us, so it might take a little longer to publish than we anticipated.

  57. aks nick brown mp abuse the greggs the baker issue

  58. It seemed a bit odd at the time but Chris the dj Rayner went out of his way recently, to say on air that he had a degree in Politics!

  59. Is this blog and some of its purile posts about people like Ben Shenton going to be taking over from where the vile blog left off now?

  60. Northumbria police warned about threats made by killer on the run and did nothing. this is par for the course for northumbria police as nigel green freelance reporter has said. Warcups the northumbria police are a black mark on all police

  61. well warcup ur justice is coming hear in the north east of england even pals of yours are flaping