Monday, 21 June 2010

A by-election Winner.

After a very disappointing by-election, for many reasons, not least having to watch the progressives destroy themselves thus hitting home the enormity of the task for achieving any kind of an opposition government, there was a little ray of light.

The ray of light came in the form of candidate Peter Remon Whorrall (below). In Peter I saw a genuine very courageous man who called a spade a spade, he told us how it is as he saw it and wore his heart on his sleeve, although so did others.

Peter injected, sometimes intentionally and sometimes not, some much needed humour into what was a very painful experience for any progressive supporter having to witness such an ugly spectacle of in-fighting, bullying, smears, and all sorts of detrimental tactics employed by progressives against progressives. Fortunately Peter, to the best of my knowledge, did not involve himself in any of it, as others didn’t either.

Here we had a man who receives income support who struggles to make ends meet and as well as other election expenses had to pay for a taxi to most of the hustings meetings which I am sure would have been a huge financial burden for him……and what for?

He was never going to win the election, and well he knew it, but that never stopped him trying. He at least tried to make a difference and was willing to put the very little money he does have where his mouth is. Naturally he’ll not be everybody’s cup of tea but he won me over if not my vote.

Regular readers/viewers have asked me to publish the video of the speech/poem Peter read out at Stuart Syvret’s Public Meeting at the Town Hall held on Monday 17th of May 2010. You remember the one? It was the one that was filmed by Channel Television but couldn’t be broadcast, according to Eric Blakely, because of “OFCOM Rules” Stuart Syvret, supposedly being a declared candidate, although that never stopped them broadcasting Francis Le Gresley, a declared candidate, the very next night. Some might say, and I might be inclined to agree, that the local “accredited” media were the real winners of the by-election.

I am publishing this video out of affection for Peter not ridicule, he is an exceptional Jersey character who I have come to admire for his eccentricity, courage and values.

Keep it up Peter, you’re a winner in my book.

Submitted by VFC.


  1. The by-election result is only disappointing if you did not support the winner and as I did vote for the winner then I was more than pleased with this result. Stuart Syvret has had his day and Geoff Southern stuck the final nails into the coffin for him together with the help of Ted Vibert and thats that.

    Really because the winner had no part of these media smear slanging matches then perhaps even his non voters may now agree that the result was about right?

  2. Strange how somebody is "already" pleased with Francis Le Gresley winning considering he hasn't even sat in the big house yet, let alone vote, bring propositions, ammendments and the likes of.

    I hope I will be pleased that Francis won too, but it is far too early, in my opinion, to start thinking the right man won. He deserves a chance so will hold judgement on his performance until he has performed.

  3. I hope Francis Le Gresley does make us proud in the end but I swear I will never vote for the JDA again after this and I live in St Helier Number 2 and I will tell my neighbours to do the same if they stand again. Out of all the candidates they played the worst back stabbing underhand smear campaign against another contender that I have ever witnessed in any previous election and I have been voting for nearly 24 years. Geoff Southern and Ted Vibert even made the credited media look pussyfoot, it was just aweful. His rag letters were just terrible and if he has been made presedent of the JDA then I hope he is proud of himself I really do.

  4. I disagree, I thought the JDA played a fair contest and Stuart can only blame himself as he was never that tactful with them from the start.

  5. Firstly, I can only but agree wholeheartedly with VFC regarding Peter Remon-Whorrall. A feisty, honest, ordinary working man. He didn't have too much to say, but what he did say said an awful lot.

    A star!

    Secondly, again in agreement with VFC, no-one can pass judgement on FLeG, either good or bad. He is untried, untested and entering the Big House at a very difficult time. He has yet to prove himself and just because he is a 'nice' man, does not mean he will be a good politician.

    I hope he does work with the interests of the working/middle class foremost, but.......we will see.

  6. I agree with anon No.3.

    The JDA acted disgracefully and have done nothing but damage to the progressives. They are beyond doubt Stuart Syvret's worst enemies and even Emile said on yesterday's Talk Back that the JDA hates Stuart. What they did was terrible.

  7. What utter bosh! I live in St. Helier No 2 and I will most definitely vote for Deputy Shona Pitman for as long as she wished to stand. She has been an outstanding representative for us and has helped me personally and a number of people that I know. I will never again vote for Stuart Syvret however even if he comes back next year having been ordained as a minister of the church and sporting a halo. He never should have caused this election and should have kept on doing his job. He didn't and he paid the price.Good ridence. For the record I am not a member of the jda either, I just recognise hard work.

  8. I wish I'd known Peter had to rely on taxis to get him to most of the hustings. I have a car and a little time on my hands most evenings and would have been pleased to help him in this way. The benefit to him would have far out weighed any inconvenience to me.

  9. I would like to echo the comments made in support of Deputy Shona Pitman and indeed would like to include Deputy Trevor "Big Trev" Pitman.

    They are two extremely hard working deputies whether you agree with their politics or not they don't just turn up to States sittings to press the button they've been told to press.

  10. I was at the St Lawrence hustings and was appalled by the behaviour of one of the members of the public that interrupted Mr Remone Worels five minute introduction. She shouted two minutes into his intro, from the very back of the Parish Hall "Well what are you going to do for us Mr Worell what are your policies" I cant remember the rest exactly but it went along the lines of ,"your just wasting our time". I think it was at this point my husband said ,"Well why don't you go home then. Which she did but not before addressing the chairman (Connetable)
    "I will see you later Deirdre"
    Personal friend?
    Now call me suspicious but i smell a set up.
    Wasnt there some banter about a competition as to which connetable
    - parish held the best hustings and lets face it Deirdre even brought out the tea and biscuits served by the slags of ST Lawrence
    The only person missing was Iris Le Feuvre, i really am surprised she missed the hustings as she takes such an active role in every aspect of the community

  11. Peter was great the night he spoke at Stuart Syvrets public meeting
    A man i wont forget in a hurry.

  12. Voiceforchildren

    Very well said about the hard work of the Pitmans. I am an ex-Senator Syvret supporter and very disappointed about Deputy Southern standing as he did. But to try and blame the likes of the Pitmans for Stuart's defeat and make abusive comments as a handful, and even Stuart him self has done, is not right at all. We need all the good politicians we can get now, so well said and I hope your readers all listen to your wisdom.Let us also give Senator Les Gresley a chance before attacking him wholesale.

  13. I agree Peter is a star, at time s he made a great deal of sense and on other occasions he was truly hilarious and the majority laughed with him and not at him.

    Some of the issues raised by Peter, such as affordable dentistry are issues that may fortunate people of this island don't even have to consider they have their regular check ups without budgeting or at the slightest twinge of a toothache are on the phone to the dentist..........I dont begrudge them this good fortune but many such peole are far removed from the life that Peter leads.

    He may be poor in monetary terms but he is rich is spirit .........

  14. Is the consensus that if Southern had not stood those 1000 plus votes would have gone to Syvret?

    I really dont get what this hate campaign was supposed to be all about.

    Surley Southern and Syvret gave equal amounts of critism, are we to expect would be politicians to be ever so polite or what?

    As SS has commented on numerous occasions politics is not for the faint hearted.

    Stuart gave up his seat, he caused the election on a matter of principle, clearly he had misjudged his popularity but I think the SoJ will be a much greyer place without him, there really is no one who can replace him and I truly hope that when he has had time to consider his options that he stands again failing that I hope he will contribute to public life in other ways but I guess his options are pretty limited...........after all he has condemned practically everyone

  15. Where is Ted Viberts Lost five years before going to OZ
    somehow he just does not want to answer this on his blog, although being asked twice

    Mr Vibert a former journalist and professional footballer

    Also known down under as the Pokie King and gangster
    ask your friends in Ozz about this guy
    Why did he come back to Jersey after all these years
    Read the Sydney herrald just google his name
    And yes , there is still five years out of his CV that is not accounted for
    Ted we are watching you

  16. I hope Stuart does continue to take an active role in public life. I hear there may be a job going at the Citizens' Advice Bureau...

    Word verification = oziled :-)

  17. If you'd vote for the Pitmans because of who they are - their ability, and record of achievement - but not the JDA for the sake of it - that just goes to show how people vote for the politicians and not the party - so the idea of political parties in Jersey is dead in the water!

  18. You only support Trevor Pitman because he asks boring questions about the suspension of Graham Power all the time. Apart from that he is as rubbish just like the rest of them.

    He must of had a say in Geoff standing because he would of told us otherwise by now.

  19. Can VFC compile a list of what the JDA has done for people to date since inception in 2005 apart from back stab Stuart?

  20. Dear VFC

    A poster says 'give Le Gresley a chance' Ok today, first day in the States for the new Senator, very first vote he makes in the States - who does the Greyman support?

    The progressive opposition?

    Well eh no.... he votes Right down the Establishment line with Le Sewer, Ozpuff, McMean, etc.

    Well no surprise there then.

    Told you so!

  21. Hi VHC.
    Just Publish the First of a few Audio recordings of todays Question time.

    Could you do me a Link.


  22. Bit like the post from VFC I support the Pitmans precisely because of what really matters - their abilities, their work ethic, their being in the States for the right reasons, by which I mean a commitment to do their best for what might be called ordinary working people.

    I would never support them or anyone else just because they were in a party or group to which I felt some kindred spirit with. Seems to me that that is the Establishment Way.

    This is also why I find this ridiculous scatter gun attacking of good people like them just because some are - understandably to a good degree - angry with Geoff Southern wholly ludicrous.