Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Public Meeting with Stuart Syvret.

Below is some video of the public meeting held by former Senator Stuart Syvret Monday night, 17th May 2010 with co-chair Dr Mark Forskitt.

After talking on the phone today with a senior editor at CTV we have been informed, they will not be broadcasting any of the meeting any time soon, because among other reasons, they found there was nothing that was “news worthy” contained in the meeting. So once more it has been left to Citizens Media to broadcast the stuff that our “accredited” media won’t.

We decided the clip to use would be that of a dissenter challenging Mr. Syvret and Mr. Syvret’s response. Respect has to go to the gentleman for speaking out against Mr.Syvret because the Town Hall was full with a huge majority being in favour of Mr.Syvret and his “message.” It must be said that Mr. Syvret spent a great deal of time at the beginning of the meeting explaining why he went to London and what he was doing over there which would have caused some of the “heckling” the questioner received.

The reason we chose this clip is because we believe it is the clip the “accredited” media would have used, had they broadcast any of the meeting. Well saying that, personally I believe they would have showed the question but not the answer, but maybe that’s me just being too sceptical!

Furthermore I would like to say that the Senior Editor at CTV agreed that there was DOUBLE the amount of 120 people at the meeting as reported in the JEP. Viewers will be able to make their own estimation of the amount of people present.

VFC would like to say we have no evidence to substantiate the claims made by Senator Syvret concerning the Crown Officers/Offices and 7 Bedford Row and they are entirely the opinion of Mr. Syvret……………and the huge majority of the crowd.

This isn’t a case of “you saw it here first” it is a case of you ONLY saw it here.
Perhaps I will publish what Stuart had to say at the meeting about the Mainstream Media next?

Submitted by VFC.


  1. Citizen Media

    It goes from strength to strength

    Why the Hell CTV went all coy on this meeting is just crazy and shows what we are up against.

    Nice one

    Bloody nice one

    Team Pizza

    Searching for the 12" deep pan


  2. A wise choice of footage V.F.C

    It shows that citizens media is not bias and not limping only on the one leg of the establishment.

    Look forward to the full tape.

  3. Nice one VFC, maybe you should try and edit the video to show less people as it's looks like a lot more than quoted 120.

    Forget the deep pan, traditional Italian pizza rules

  4. A VFC exclusive ... more fool channel tv for giving it to you on a plate ... once the word gets around you will get a huge number of hits ... great stuff.

  5. Thanks VFC for doing the job that CTV should have done. What pathetic excuses they have given for not showing any footage, or indeed any sort of reporting.

    Clearly they were unable to obtain anything that would have sensationalised or worked against Stuart, so they just felt it was not worth it.

    And people wonder why the MSM are pro-Establishment?

    This has proved it beyond any doubt.

  6. Brilliant, that shows a number of things that prove what liars the FILTHY RAG are!

    And -- If only Blinkered Bridget would bother to learn a bit more about what she witters on about!!

  7. Dear VFC

    Yet another scoop! How stupid are the MSM?

    It would be really good if you could post a few more sections of the meeting. I was there and came out buzzing, Stuart really carried the audience that night.

    He has a powerful message that should reach as many people as possible. I have a number of colleagues who were either unable to attend or were too afraid who would really appreciate being able to watch a recording of the evening.

    If only some of the sceptics could hear what he has to say and how he presents it, he would convince them that he is the only candidate worth voting for.

    Thanks again for reminding me of a truly inspiring evening.

  8. As someone sitting in the audience.I can confirm the guy asked a question which another lady had more or less asked earlier in the proceedings.
    Either he had not been listening,or hard of hearing,or maybe he just liked the sound of his own voice.
    No problem with anyone asking a question, but when question time is limited and many want to speak,it is no surprise he got a few jeers,for repeating and wasting time.
    I found it a very civilised evening.

  9. What Marion said.

    The Beano is not the Rag

  10. I suppose I should be grateful to and give thanks to CTV for assuring I had an exclusive.

  11. Nice one VFC.
    I hope you put the whole thing up if that's possible as I was unable to make it due to paranoid (employment)reasons.

  12. great stuff, VFC. I too look forward to seeing all the footage as being over by yer on the mainland I wasn't able to go. SO pleased Syvret did this.

  13. Yes you should be grateful. 2010 will be known as the last year any one underestimated the power of the internet in Jersey! Cheers!

  14. excellent can we have some more?

    footage that is, don't like cold pizza.


  15. Stuart Syvret is a disgrace - still defending the undefendable. How dare he come back here seeing as he is stealing our money. go back to the mainland - nobody wants you here.

  16. This is great, can't wait until the next instalment
    Power to citizens media
    Go Neil Go

  17. Look at the fascist syvret pretending to be a reasonable man. If he had his way we would become a police state were people would be imprisoned without trial on his say so.

    Welcome to Jersey, the North Korea of the Channel Islands ruled by the great fascist dictator Kim Il...I mean Stuart Syvret. All who don't agree will be ridiculed and flogged in the Royal Square by order of his greatness, the infallible Brother Number 1, Saint Stuart.

  18. Anonymous - would you care to give some substance to the claim that Stuart Syvret has 'stolen our money'.

    I am not aware of him stealing any of mine and nor have I heard any other accusations.

    I am puzzled?

  19. Who are these ridiculous people who seem so worked up about Stuart accepting his modest paycheck during exile?

    These same angry commenters would have been the most relieved to see Stuart NOT doing all that political investigative and blog publishing work whilst in London. A lazier, less committed Stuart would not have such obsessively hostile detractors.

    Misleading comments about his so-called abandonment of his own constituents are simply coming from those same liars who fervently wish Stuart would NEVER represent the true interests of those citizens who are abuse survivors, whistleblowers and wrongfully accused police officials.

    It is the hard work Stuart always does on behalf of the honest and innocent and mistreated, especially what he continued to do for these constituents daily in London, which compells real Oligarchy fear and hatred of him. Could it be any more obvious?

    Theft of tax payer money? These Stuart haters actually have no credibility at all. Just look to those hiding away on their luxury craft whilst ignoring those who need democratic representation most. Look to the money wasted on unhedged projects and - most of all - untold legal fees spent by the States to uphold the indefensible corruption. Such institutionalized corruption of democratic principles has cost Jersey an unknown but probably vast fortune. Does this inspire any trolligarchy call to action?

    Much false outrage is being repeated over and over because the trolligarchy can find nothing factual to add to this important conversation. They lost the reality based argument long ago.


  20. I too would love to see the whole broadcast of the meeting because I was at home ill and would have loved to have been there.

    Ahimsa (Excellent work VFC!)

  21. Ha ha ha,
    Jill, let us dissect the misguided, mindless, rantings of Ollies like this.

    Q1/ "Look at the fascist syvret pretending to be a reasonable man."

    A1/ "fascist" Hmmm, that is a term coined from right wing authoritarian Italian's in the first half of the last century?....N/A

    Q2/ "If he had his way we would become a police state were people would be imprisoned without trial on his say so."

    A2/ His way is for this to stop! as it is already going on, and has been for some time?....N/A

    Q3/ "Welcome to Jersey, the North Korea of the Channel Islands ruled by the great fascist dictator Kim Il...I mean Stuart Syvret."

    A3/ Jersey??? ruled by the western equivalant of Kim Jong-Il, Michael C St.J Birt QC!....N/A

    Q4/ "All who don't agree will be ridiculed and flogged in the Royal Square by order of his greatness."

    A4/ Sent to jail actually! and that would be the same Michael Birt!!! N/A

    Q5/ "The infallible Brother Number 1, Saint Stuart."

    A5/ Again, that would be the Westminster puppet, and fall guy, Michael Birt. Accompanied by his side-kick, the servile W.Bailhaiche. And by the way, they will never be cannonized!....N/A

    Just for your educational needs, N/A means, Not Applicable!!!

  22. It's abundantly clear from this video that the great majority of the 14 rows of 18 seats (252) were full, plus there were others standing at the back. Makes it a little hard to see how the JEP reckoned there were only 120 people there.

    Clear evidence that someone is telling porky pies, not to mention trying to deceive the public, presumably for political purposes

  23. Two rules for truthseekers: (1) Always follow the money. (2) Always look to the motive. The establishment must be in real fear.

  24. VFC

    What do you think of all those non establishment muppets standing against Stuart and risking splitting the vote?

    I'm very disappointed in Geoff Southern particularly as he said he wanted Stuart to stand and wouldn't stand against him and has now changed his mind!!!

    Also Nick Le Cornu - he hasn't a cats chance in hell

    Suzette Haze one of Alan Breckon's protege's - what is she up to?

    We won't see any seismic changes in the Jersey governance with any of these.

  25. What do I think of the progressives standing against Stuart?

    I think it is a sad reflection of Jersey personality politics at its best. Suzette Haze and Nick Le cornu, in my opinion, will be using this by-election to raise their profile for the 2011 elections, unfortunately they appear to be happy to see a fellow progressive (Stuart Syvret) lose his seat for their own personal gain and allow an "establishment" candidate to get the seat.

    Geoff Southern running, I will be straight with you, has completely bamboozled me. I have e-mailed Geoff and asked him for an interview or a "guest posting" and await his reply.

    As a politician I respect geoff and his work ethic is possibly second to none. To my way of thinking, by him standing he can only damage his and the JDA's reputation. I intend on publishing a Blog on his candidacy in the next couple of days, the title I have in mind at the moment is "Political Suicide".

  26. Nice one Geoff, good old slice of Jersey backstabbing!!!

    When will these fools learn?