Friday, 21 February 2014

Teresa Rodrigues, La Moye Prison, a Raft of Questions/Allegations and a Call For Information.

In continuation of what will now be a series of posts concerning the allegations made in a national newspaper by a former so-called "Drug Counsellor" from La Moye Prison in Jersey Teresa Rodrigues.

Ms Rodrigues claimed to have had a two year affair with prisoner Curtis Warren whilst she was employed at the prison and gave (possibly sold) her story to the Mail newspaper which was published HERE.

VFC, after reading the article, contacted the Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel (Parliamentary Select Committee) in order to get some answers and to ask if the Panel would be investigating these very serious allegations made by Ms Rodrigues, or would be asking the Home Affairs Minister to make a public statement?

Regular readers will be aware that the response received from the Panel Chairman was dismissive, rude, and quite frankly "staggering" which can, and should, be read HERE.

Deputy Montfort Tadier submitted an Urgent Oral Question, (Below) to the discredited, and disgraced, Minister of Home Affairs at the earliest opportunity concerning the allegations made by Ms Rodrigues in the National Newspaper. The "answers" given were completely unsatisfactory and left us with more questions than answers.......Yet again.

Deputy M. Tadier of St. Brelade will ask the following urgent oral question of the Minister for Home Affairs –

“Would the Minister advise whether a former prison employee had an inappropriate relationship with a prisoner at HMP La Moye and, if so, what assurances can he give that correct safeguards are in place so that such alleged practice may not occur in future?”

The "answer" can be listened to HERE.

In the video below Deputy Tadier discusses the information he, and others, have received concerning the alleged "practices" up at the prison and makes some startling claims which suggest that Ms Rodrigues' alleged affair with Curtis Warren is just the tip of the iceberg.

VFC has spoken with a number of credible sources who tell us Ms Rodrigues was making a good income on the side, up at the prison, by selling mobile phones and drugs to prisoners at extremely high rates for quite some time, and that just about everybody knew of Ms' Rodrigues' antics but she was "untouchable" and earned the nick-name, among some staff members as "Teflon Teresa" (nothing could stick). We have also been told that if she did have an affair with Curtis Warren, then he wasn't the only one. But more about that in up-coming posts.

It looks as though Ms Rodrigues' revelations/allegations, in the Newspaper, has opened up a whole new can of worms and as viewers/readers will discover (from the video below) she is not the only member of the prison staff to be accused of abusing her position.

It's at this point we remember the words from Scrutiny Panel Chairman Constable Steve Pallett. "At present I do not see a role for the Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel in this matter."

We acknowledge that the prison authorities, Home Affairs, and Ms Rodrigues will strenuously deny the allegations made in this Blog, and interview, which will give more reason to hold an "independent" Committee of Inquiry so we can get to the truth.

Deputy Tadier can be contacted at

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

"Scrutiny" The Steve Pallet Way.

Readers will be aware of a recent article in the MAIL ONLINE concerning a former so-called "Drugs Counsellor" at La Moye Prison, Ms.Teresa Rodrigues.

Ms. Rodrigues, in the Mail article, claimed she had a 2 year affair with a prisoner, Curtis Warren, while she was employed at the prison.

Naturally if these claims are true then they raise some very serious questions as to how this affair, with a maximum security prisoner, was able to take place and to go on for so long?

The discredited, and disgraced,Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand, still hasn't grasped how a so-called "Democracy" is supposed to work and has reverted to his dictatorial and totalitarian ways and refuses to answer any questions surrounding these extremely serious allegations. In the absence of an independent mainstream media, it looks like he/his Department won't be held to account and any questions will remain unanswered.

But that is what Scrutiny (Parliamentary Select Committee) is there for right?

Constable Steve Pallet is the Chair Person of the Scrutiny Panel who are supposed to "Scrutinise" the disgraced Home Affairs Minister and his Department. The only other Member on his Panel is another Constable Michel Le Troquer who actually voted for Geoff Southern to be Chairman. But guess who voted for Steve Pallet (besides the rest of the establishment members)? None other than the disgraced Home Affairs Minister himself!

So it will come as no surprise to learn that although Panel Member Constable Le Troquer believes questions need to be asked/answered, Steve Pallet, the Chairman, does not. "Why not" you might ask?

I suggest it is because Constable Pallet doesn't know how Scrutiny is supposed to work. But just as alarmingly the Constable won't be Scrutinising the Minister (who voted for him) seemingly because The Mail has said some horrible things about a friend of his!

Below are extracts from an e-mail exchange between the Scrutiny Panel, and VFC, which demonstrate the mess this Island is in because of no checks and balances, an unwillingness/refusal of the "Scrutiny" Chairman to "Scrutinise" the guy who voted for him because a newspaper said some horrible things about his friend and why the Chairman should resign, with immediate effect and give the position, to a non-conflicted, and capable Member.

Sunday 16 Feb 2014


I contact you in your capacity of Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel Chairman/Member and bring to your attention an article in today's Mail Online

Could I ask if either of you will be submitting an urgent question to the Home Affairs Minister this coming Tuesday, will you be asking him to make a statement and, as a Scrutiny Panel, will you be scrutinising the policy/procedures that allowed a maximum security prisoner to spend so much time alone with a (presumably vulnerable)  female member of staff let alone allegedly be involved in an illicit sexual relationship with her for 2 years?

I await your reply/answers with anticipation.

Reply From Constable Michel Le Troquer 16th Feb 2014

Thanks for the information. I’ll be speaking with the Chairman Constable Steve Pallet and I’m sure this is the start of something that will go on for some time. If true then there are a lot of explanations to be made……..and I don’t know how anyone will be able explain away such allegations.  We shall update you after we have discussed the matter. There are likely to be many other Members who too will be seeking an explanation. Thanks again for advising us.

Kind regards,

Reply from VFC 16th Feb 2014


Thank you for your reply, if no answers to my questions, as yet.

You'll forgive me for not sharing your optimism in "there are likely to be many other Members who too will be seeking an explanation" 

The Assembly (if you'll excuse my bluntness) is full of head nodding lobby-fodder who don't seem to have the ability to ask a question and I would be very surprised if anybody, other than Deputies Tadier, Higgins, and possibly Le Herissier, will ask anything.

Hopefully yourself, and Constable Pallet, will put pressure on the Home Affairs Minister to issue a Statement to the Assembly and possibly the Media concerning this grave matter?

I look forward to my questions being addressed (answered) in due course.

Reply from Scrutiny Panel Chairman and Constable Pallet. 17th Feb 2014

Further to your e-mail below,I will not be asking the Home Affairs Minister to make a statement or be submitting an urgent question to the Minister in regards to comments made in the Mail on Sunday yesterday either as a back bencher or as Chairman of the Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel.
I for one have no faith in the journalistic credibility of this newspaper especially after the printing of a story very recently  linking the local radio presenter Murray Norton to the death of charity organiser and blogger Simon Abbott.So called facts in the article were totally flawed and bear no resemblance to the truth.
In regards to these latest allegations,the Minister has stated publicly this morning  that he considers them to have no basis and did not want to give any creedance to the article by commenting on it to any great degree.Undoubtedly the Minister will carry on an informal internal investigation but I am sure he believes that this so-called affair was ,more than likely,a figment of Miss Rodrigues imagination.
There will though be an opportunity to question the Home Affairs Minister at the next Quarterly Hearing if necessary to investigate the current procedures for professional visitors to inmates at HMP  La Moye which I have little doubt is extremely stringent, as I have seen on visits I have made to the prison in the past.One of these visits was with the Scrutiny Panel in late 2012 whilst Curtis Warren was still held at La Moye.
At present there is nothing to suggest that this is anything other than a ‘sensationalised’ story from a national newspaper with little in the way of evidence to support the allegations.
At present I do not see a role for the Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel in this matter.
I thankyou for your e-mail and for alerting the Panel of this story.

Reply from VFC 17th Feb 2014


Thank you for your response and for demonstrating that you do not understand how the Scrutiny Process is supposed to work.

I have only 2 questions, before I consider a substantive reply to your e-mail.

1. Are you a friend of Murray Norton's?

2. On the strength of your e-mail will you be submitting your resignation from Scrutiny?

Reply from Scrutiny Panel Chairman and Constable Pallet. 17th Feb 2014

 Please do as you see fit.I have no intention of entering into a dialogue with you over your interpretation of the Scrutiny process.
1.Yes I do consider myself a  friend of Murray Norton’s and make no excuse for being so.Neither do I or have I hidden the fact.

Kind Regards Steve

Ps Please do not waste either your or your own time on a substantive reply to past e-mails

Reply from VFC 17 Feb 2014.


I find your tone extremely dismissive and offensive and in contravention of States Members Code of Conduct, and on that basis I intend submitting a complaint to PPC citing our e-mail exchange as evidence.

I'll take your advice on not substantively responding to your previous e-mail but instead will publish our correspondence in a Blog Posting where I will be suggesting that you are willing to turn your back on the scrutiny Process because a newspaper has given negative press to a friend of yours. Furthermore that you believe if the Minister (who you are supposed to be "scrutinising") says he is not going to answer questions then that's good enough for you.

Being a responsible Blogger (Jersey's only independent media) I would like to offer you a video interview on this subject so you are given the opportunity to explain your actions on this matter?

I intend on publishing the Blog tomorrow, containing extracts from our correspondence, but am willing to postpone for 24 hours if you would like to defend your actions in a video interview.(END)

The (rude and offensive) Constable has not replied to the last e-mail so it looks like he has declined the offer of an interview.

It should also be mentioned that Teresa Rodrigues has a very colourful and worrying past, as a counsellor, which I'll not go into just now and questions need to be asked as to "why" she "left" the prison in 2011 and how the hell she got the job in the first place?

But as we know the "Scrutiny" Chairman isn't looking to "Scrutinise" any of it.

VFC acknowledges that Curtis Warren strenuously  denies the claims made by Ms. Rodrigues.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Stuart Syvret Blog Removed by Google (2)

Further to my PREVIOUS POSTING and the Guest Posting on Rico Sorda's BLOG from former Senator, and Health Minister, Stuart Syvret concerning Mr. Syvret's Blog being taken down by Google. Below is an in-depth, and exclusive, video interview with the former Senator.

We discuss, among much more, the confusion as to why Google suspended his Blog in the first place.

Google wrote to Mr. Syvret stating;

"Blogger has been notified that content in your blog: contains allegedly defamatory content that may violate the rights of others and the laws of their country and violates the terms of a court order."

But hang on a minute wasn't he taken to court for alleged Data Protection breaches? Has somebody been duping Google? Mr. Syvret seems to think so. Also discussed is the revelation that the Jersey authorities have been trying to get his Blog taken offline since 2008. Remember 2008 when the Jersey Child Abuse Inquiry (Operation Rectangle) went public and being reported on his Blog? The very same year that the then Chief Police Officer, Graham Power QPM, was dubiously suspended being reported on his Blog? Long before any action was taken against him under the Data Protection Law by four proxies. Did the four proxies, knowingly, or otherwise, give the Jersey authorities the court order it needed to get Google to take the Blog down?

While discussing the cost to the taxpayer, of the authorities attempting to silence him, (since 2008) and the political/judicial tool of bankruptcy, Mr. Syvret tells us about the timing of his court case this coming Friday and makes something of a revelation.

It's also emerged that the 32 posts, Google want removed, and indeed his entire Blog content, will be up on the internet again soon which begs the question just what exactly has the Jersey authorities achieved other than to put Jersey in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons..................AGAIN?

More Guest Postings, and interviews, of this unfolding story to follow................

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Stuart Syvret Blog Removed by Google.

The Blog of former Senator and Health Minister Stuart Syvret has been removed by Google following a long running campaign by the Jersey authorities to silence him (and others).

Events regarding the removal of the Blog and alternative hosting are still unfolding and I hope to have a Blog up later today explaining how the removal of the Blog came about and related matters like what this could mean for the future of Jersey Blogs.

In the meantime please watch the video below filmed shortly before Mr Syvret was last jailed and originally posted HERE.

Below that is a "snapshot" of Jersey's so-called "justice" system originally posted HERE.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Tom Perry On Radio 5 Live.

In January 2012 VFC published a Guest Posting from Abusee and anti Child Abuse Campaigner Tom Perry. Tom's posting was on the subject of the word "historic" being used by the media, and others, when it concerned child abuse that served/serves to diminish the crimes committed against children but not generally used for any other crime. The Blog Posting can be read HERE.

What we were unable to report back in January 2012 is that Tom was involved in a court case that recently saw his abuser, Roland Wright, from Caldicott Prep school and other abusers  found guilty of Child Abuse crimes, and in the case of Roland Wright, sentenced to 8 years imprisonment, DECADES after the crimes were committed so not quite so "historic" for Roland Wright and his family as much as it isn't for Tom Perry who tells Stephen Nolan on Radio 5 Live (below) the he (Mr. Perry) is serving a life sentence as a result of the abuse he suffered at the hands of Roland Wright.

Tom has been, and is, campaigning for "Mandatory Reporting" to become legislation in England, Wales and Scotland. In short the legislation will make it illegal to turn a blind eye to Child Abuse. A subject highlighted on VFC with a Guest Posting from Peter Saunders who is the Chief Executive Officer of Association of People Abused in Childhood or NAPAC for short. Mr. Saunders' Guest Posting can be viewed HERE.

VFC once more asks readers (if you haven't already) to sign the petition requesting this Mandatory Reporting to be made into legislation, in the hope that if the UK adopts the legislation Jersey might follow suit? The petition can be signed HERE.

Tom Perry (and countless other Abuse Victims/Survivors) has shown immense courage, and determination, in order to bring abusers/paedophiles to justice notwithstanding his contribution to the BAFTA Award Winning, Channel 4, Documentary "Chosen" and appearances on Mainstream media, to include his recent appearance on Channel 4 News, both of which can be viewed HERE.

Below is an interview with Tom on the Stephen Nolan Show from BBC Radio 5 Live broadcast the night before last which will only be available on the iplayer for a week so I thought it worth keeping hold of and publishing here in the hope that Tom can inspire others to speak out against their abusers. Victims/parents might recognise when they are being groomed, or have faith that no matter how long it takes, these animals do get brought to justice however lacking it (justice) is in Jersey at the moment.

Please sign the PETITION and follow @mandatenow on Twitter.

VFC credit BBC RADIO 5 LIVE for this recording.