Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Stuart Syvret Blog Removed by Google.

The Blog of former Senator and Health Minister Stuart Syvret has been removed by Google following a long running campaign by the Jersey authorities to silence him (and others).

Events regarding the removal of the Blog and alternative hosting are still unfolding and I hope to have a Blog up later today explaining how the removal of the Blog came about and related matters like what this could mean for the future of Jersey Blogs.

In the meantime please watch the video below filmed shortly before Mr Syvret was last jailed and originally posted HERE.

Below that is a "snapshot" of Jersey's so-called "justice" system originally posted HERE.


  1. I hope Google sees sense, I thought they had more T. Fortitude than that. So much for Free Speech huh?

    1. Forget Google-Poodle

      Blog^2 x Streisand Effect = ...........

  2. Blogger brought in new rules over the past year including a reporting function for harassment and bullying and it says that the Syvret blog is in violation of Blogger's Terms of Service.

    As you proclaim to protect children which would include online bullying I am astonished you are making excuses for what has happened when Blogger should be congratulated for stomping this kind of thing out.

    1. You're so Extremely 'Right' Troll ? @10:27

      As a [non bigoted] anti-bullying campaigner you have signed this of course? :


      When? & If not why not?

      "If you work with children, and see one of your charges being abused or even raped, you might think you and your employer had a legal obligation to report it to the authorities. Not so. There is no legal requirement [in Jersey or UK] on anyone working with minors ........."

      Hiding behind "adult abuse" are we?
      What a man!
      And you wonder why children remain in danger.

  3. Twitter looks alive with talk of this.

    Another expensive own goal by Jersey's cover up merchants?

    Attempted erasure of the Affidavit of the Jersey Chief of Police and other documents.

    Bankrolled, no doubt, by lashings of Jersey taxpayers money?
    We look forward to questions NOT being answered in the states regarding the financing of this 6 year battle (all part of their eventual loss of the war Doh!)

    The real funny thing is that Ex. Health minister Syvret had neglected his blog for months. LOL

  4. The powers that be putting Jersey on the Google map for all the wrong reasons. RIP free speech in Jersey.

  5. I just reported your blog to Google seeing as you reckon his Blog can by replcated elsewhere which would mean contempt of court for him!

  6. Have you signed it yet?


    If not why not?

    'Hey', the house of 'worthless' shows contempt for the abused as usual.

    I'm sure VFC and others are quaking in their little boots.
    Death threats don't work so nor does telling big brother PMSL

  7. Planet Jersey Any ideas if the article linked has raised its head?

  8. Hold back on the faux outrage and indignation, surely even the most ardent SS disciple must have seen this as a certainty?
    SS was defying the court by not removing the offending articles and, as he has a conviction, with supporting documents etc, Goole wouldn't have had any other option but to comply with their own policies. On the bright side, SS hadn't posted a blog since October and all the offending articles have been debated, far and wide, for years so I'm not actually sure what's at stake here? If SS had any common sense he'd be grateful for the intervention, it stops him going back to clink and also stops him having to live up to all his hollow threats about rapists, bent lawyers, evidence of corrupt politicians etc...all still promised, but never delivered!

    1. Agreed Google is following its own policies but are unaware of Jersey’s politicised “justice” system. Something it (Google) will no doubt be made fully aware of in the coming days.

    2. Anon @13:49 sorry to plagiarise your comment but.....
      Hold back on the faux advice and righteousness, surely even the most ardent Savile disciple must have seen the certainty of alleged protection of what was it ......rapists, bent lawyers, evidence of corrupt politicians etc...all a fantasy no doubt?

      And yes, before you reminding us, Savile was never found guilty of any offence.....
      In spite of having admitted several and even occasionally being caught on film and being accused by hundreds, including his own young relatives.....


      On a linked pint -None of you "Anons" have answered the question: Have you signed this yet?


      If not why not?

      P.S. aren't those excellent and concise videos in the main posting? Would you like to materially answer any of the points or just post the same predictable drivel about Jersey Court Judgements being proof, when in fact dysfunction and hijack of the Jersey Court system is the very issue.

      OK, I admit it. That wasn't plagiarism, it was ridicule of your faux intelligence and overlooking the obvious.
      Not nice, sorry, I'm a bad person. But perhaps not as bad as you?

  9. Google have done him a favour because that Blog of his was going around in circles and he had got to the stage of being seen as a barking dog with no bite.

    1. If it was seen as a barking dog with no bite the establishment would have ignored it. Instead they have been attempting to get it closed down for 6 years; clearly the establishment don’t view it in the same context as you. It has cost hundreds of thousands of pounds, if not million, to silence him. #ExpensiveDog.

  10. The first thing to take into account here is that Syvret's blog has gone offline for breaching Google's terms of Service. It may well be the case that simply altering something he has said in one post will see the blog reinstated.

  11. 'It has cost hundreds of thousands of pounds, if not million, to silence him. #ExpensiveDog.'

    That is one way of looking at it. The other is that he has cost the taxpayer all that money to protect the innocent from his accusations, accusations which have lead nowhere other than him losing his job, his accommodation, support of most of the electorate and, given the reasons stated in the past for his inability to attend court cases, his mental health.

    What a disaster for everybody

    1. Or it might have been money better spent by investigating/prosecuting the guilty who have been named on his Blog.

    2. So you are saying they are guilty on the strength of his blog?

    3. No, I am saying the money spent attempting to silence him would/could have been better spent investigating his allegations.

    4. So jersey should spend millions investigating claims made against people who have never been convicted of a crime just because a blog says they should ?

    5. There is no Jimmy Saville of Cyril Smith living over here.

    6. The point being made is that there were many allegations made, in particular, about Jimmy Savile, which were either ignored or covered up. He turned out to be possibly one of the most prolific paedophiles ever known. He was never charged with any offence, are you saying he is innocent? How do you know we don’t have a Savile, or Smith, living over here and how would you ever find out if the politicised “justice” system is getting Blogs closed down?

      It is your type of attitude that allows these paedophiles to carry on…………IMO.

  12. You're having a giraffe VFC
    You are doing fine except for the bit "to silence him"

    Surely you mean "to TRY TO silence him"

    Google may yet see sense, and if not there are plenty of platforms free of google ownership.

    Complacent Jersey, a rude awakening awaits @RealWorld


    Keep it coming Troll Boy

    1. VFC, Whey you are this heavily trolled you know you are hitting the spot @JerseyPaedophiles.

      Ask an accredited global journalist:

      Keep it coming VFC !

    2. Well that didn't take long did it. any hint of an opposing view immediately brings out the accusations of Troll or Paedo supporter.
      These angry posters think they are protecting the integrity of the site but, in reality, they just invite ridicule by their inability to engage in serious exchanges and they deflect from the real topic with this predictable drivel.
      How do expect to promote your cause to a wider audience or change opinion by resorting to this nonsense?
      I doubt VFC needs your support if it comes with strings attached and a chip on each shoulder.

    3. Hi Anon @,

      Perhaps I can explain how my position holds together, by taking your comment apart.

      IMO the integrity of this site is protected by VFC who does the right thing by publishing (up to a pint) ridiculous or troll comments.

      We (and probably VFC) thank you for commenting because it gives the opportunity to destroy regularly pedalled fallacies as demonstrated above.

      An "opposing view" does not need t be viewed as a troll comment, especially if it includes relevant and critically considered content. If it is endless and predictable repetition of establishment B.S. which has already been debunked then it is IMO reasonable to consider the likelihood of trolling or low intellect.

      If an "opposing view" contains relevant and factual information and is not just misdirection and spin then it deserves serious consideration and if necessary re-evaluation of one's own view of the situation.

      Now baring in mind the above, if a commenter is showing significant troll like attributes and launching attacks on an anti-child-abuse campaigner without effectively countering what that campaigner has been saying, then that attacker is indeed IMO a QUASI-CHILD ABUSE SUPPORTER.

      .....If you DO have effective counter arguments then let's hear them. Until then "Evil is as Evil does" applies.

      So what is the "real topic" ?
      Perhaps VFC could confirm, but IMO it is the temporary silencing of an an effective anti-child-abuse campaigner.

      "predictable drivel" ?
      What drivel have I spoken?
      If it was so predictable surely someone with your self image would have been able to counter it before I even posted. Then it would be me who looked the fool.

      "resorting to this nonsense" ?
      What have i said which is "nonsense" or [still] does not make "sense" to you?
      I'm happy to help with polite and reasonable requests :-)

      Yes, I may have "a chip on each shoulder" These are:
      ....On the other: If children are abused then the ABUSERS SHOULD BE PROPERLY INVESTIGATED & PUNISHED
      I'm sorry if either of these upsets you.

      "strings attached" .....what are you on, you made that assertion s please enlighten us ......no?

      I hope that this helps explain in a way that you can understand
      I look forward to your (non?)answers.

  13. If google want they will end up taking you all down at this rate.

    1. And then the bloggers may think to unite under their own domain name on their own hosted space.

  14. The Jersey 'powers that be' are obviously masters of the cover up.
    This ongoing "!smoke and mirrors" show, proves that this all has been put in place to protect child abusers, and is a gross injustice of incredibly enormous proportions.
    Will it take a ten years to discover the truth ?, when most of the abusers will be dead, just like when Jimmy Saville' crimes were "suddenly" re discovered after his death.

  15. All the more reason not to trust Google, the world's biggest privacy invader. Take note, any of you using Android mobile phones. They know everything you do with it!

  16. Just editing an in-depth exclusive video interview with Stuart which I hope to publish later today. Managed to get a very unexpected scoop during the interview.


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