Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Smelling a Rat.

On Wednesday the 17 of August 2011 Deputy Trevor Pitman was interviewed live in the studio of the AWARD WINNING CTV. The subject of the interview was supposed to be about the Deputy's Scrutiny Sub Panel Review into the BDO/Alto audit Report of the expenditure during the "Historic" Child Abuse Enquiry.

However the reporting by CTV has not only infuriated survivors of the Child Abuse in Jersey, and others, but has "sickened" none other than the Chief Executive Officer of Home Affairs Mr. Steven Austin Vautier. He told the Scrutiny Panel that after watching the particular broadcast on Wednesday the 17th he was "sick to the pit of his stomach" he said that parts of what CTV reported was "Tosh" and "Dribble". This is a view shared by many people concerning, not only CTV's reporting of anything to do with the Historic Child Abuse but by the entire "accredited" media in Jersey.

The interview with Deputy Trevor Pitman below will give viewers an idea of what has been said "under oath" by witnesses at some of these hearings. Just as importantly it will give viewers an idea on what the "accredited" media HAVEN'T been reporting.

Here are a few headlines that, in any functioning Democracy with a free press, could have reported.

"Former SIO accused of leaking confidential information to journalist during live Child Abuse investigation". 

"Former Assistant Health Minister accused of leaking confidential police e-mails to journalist during live Child Abuse Investigation".

"Former Acting Chief Police Officer denies preventing BDO/Alto from interviewing Lenny Harper".

"More than half the money spent on Child Abuse Enquiry was spent during Warcup and Gradwell's watch". (who didn't have a major crime scene on their hands).

Interestingly Mr. Austin Vautier claimed that CTV offered him a "right of reply", he told CTV that he would use that right of reply when he next gave evidence to the Scrutiny Panel, and guess what? CTV, nor any of the "accredited" media turned up to that particular hearing.............Coincidence?

Is there any wonder that people smell a Rat?

Part two coming soon..............

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Going but won't be forgotten.

Senator Jimmy Perchard has declared that he won't be seeking re-election, which came as no surprise to a lot of people.

While perusing some of our older postings, we came across THIS ONE which coupled with the video below possibly goes some way to show how his position has been untenable for quite some time.

Interestingly the suicide rates have continued to rise, it doesn't seem that Jimmy spent the day, or got filmed spending a day, at the Samaritans nor has he, to the best of our knowledge, personally apologised to former Senator Stuart Syvret so were these just empty promises?

Jess Dunsdon should also be credited for the interview it was probably one of her finest moments before she got brought "under control."

The video below comes courtesy of COVER UP JERSEY who managed to upload it onto Youtube and we thank/credit him for it.

Farewell Senator Perchard.......You'll not be forgotten.............................................Potty mouth!

Friday, 19 August 2011

State Controlled Media.

In this final episode of our exclusive and in-depth interview with Jersey's Former Deputy Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police, and Senior Investigating Officer of Jersey's "Historic" Child Abuse Investigation (Operation Rectangle), Mr Lenny Harper discusses some more uncomfortable home truth's regarding Jersey's media, the "pressure" Scrutiny Panel's are under, leaks to the media and much more.

Regular readers/viewers will be aware of the ongoing Scrutiny Review concerning the BDO/Alto Report. Among many other things that have come to light is the fact that Mick Gradwell has been accused by a witness, under oath, of leaking a confidential (or parts of) Report to a "journalist" who repotedly has history of supporting convicted Child Abusers. This alleged leak would have happened while "Operation Rectangle" was still an on-going Child Abuse Investigation.

A former Assistant Health Minister has been accused, by more than one witness, of leaking a confidential police e-mail to the same "journalist" while the Investigation was still live, yet NONE of our island's media have reported this.

Senator Ian Le Marquand, Jersey's Home Affairs Minister, has told the States Assembly that after an internal police Investigation, into the leak of the confidential Report, all avenues pointed to Mick Gradwell, yet NONE of our island's media reported this.

We get three Jersey Politicians, Jimmy (potty mouth) Perchard, Ben Shenton and Sean Power, who think that Lenny Harper, or officers under his command, "might" have leaked stuff to the NOTW and the island's media are all over it, without a shred of evidence, unlike the mounting evidence against the Former Assistant Health Minister and Gradwell.

How can it possibly be that the Home Affairs Minister, during a States debate as good as, accuses Mick Gradwell of leaking confidential reports to a "journalist" which is aired live on BBC Radio Jersey, and BBC Jersey mention nothing about it, two CTV Reporters claim "they didn't hear it" and the JEP totally ignore it? It's just not conceivable.

Isn't it time we had a Parliamentary Select Committee (Scrutiny Panel), the same as the UK, that are able to scrutinise the local "accredited" media?

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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Lenny Harper tells us"Bring It On"

In part four of this exclusive, in-depth and revealing, interview with former Senior Investigating Officer of Jersey's Historical Child Abuse Investigation, Mr. Lenny Harper he tells us to "go with the evidence."

Regular viewers/readers will be aware that three politicians (who are up for election this year) Senator Jimmy Perchard, Senator Ben Shenton and Deputy Sean Power are asking Jersey's Attorney General to investigate the possibility of leaks to the NOTW during the Historical Child Abuse Enquiry. Mr. Harper, and a growing number of others, see this as a cynical attempt by these three politicians to attack Mr Harper, his investigation and the Abuse Victims/survivors. Furthermore Mr. Harper claims they are doing this "without a shred of evidence."

In this interview we are told that there is "ample evidence" to suggest that Senator Jimmy Perchard leaked a confidential police e-mail to a "journalist" while the Child Abuse Investigation was live. This evidence, claims Mr. Harper, is in the form of a tape recorded telephone call between the "journalist" and former Police Chief Mr. Graham Power QPM.

It must be said, as Mr. Harper states in the interview, that Senator Perchard denies this allegation and we have no reason to doubt either person's version. Although Mr. Harper states there is the evidence in way of a tape recording, there is always the possibility, if it did exist, that David Warcup could have destroyed it.

There is also evidence to show that Mick Gradwell leaked a confidential document to, possibly a number of "journalists." A witness, giving evidence to the ongoing Scrutiny Review told the Panel that Mr. Gradwell confessed to him, over the phone, that he did leak a document. Indeed our Home Affairs Minister has told us that an "investigation" pointed to Mr. Gradwell being the most likely culprit of the leak. Mr. Gradwell has been asked to give evidence to the on-going Scrutiny Review and to the best of our knowledge has so far not done so.

Mr. Harper, in this interview, also gives us the strongest indication yet that he believes a child, or children could have been murdered up at Haute de la Garenne, telling us that the possibility cannot be ruled out. The "lurid" stories that were printed in the NOTW, although have not been proven, by the same token, they've not been disproven either.

We are not aware of any evidence to suggest that Deputy Sean Power or Senator Ben Shenton have leaked any documents, as suggested by Mr. Harper in this video, to journalists but are aware of other dubious activities by them concerning e-mails and tape recorded telephone calls.

Will these three politicians be so keen, as Mr. Harper appears to be, to have "a Root and Branch" investigation into leaks to the media?

"Bring it on".................

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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Leaks to the JEP.

Part three of this exclusive and in-depth interview with Jersey's Former  Deputy Chief Officer (DCO) of the States of Jersey police - raises the questions - who in the force has been feeding Jersey's only "news"paper with information that they shouldn't have been? Have the JEP ever paid Police Officers for any of this information?

The former DCO and Senior Investigating Officer of Jersey's "Historical" Child Abuse Investigation, along with others, believes these questions ought to be answered......or at least asked/investigated.

Mr. Harper claims that the three politicians, Senator's Jimmy (Potty Mouth) Perchard, Ben Shenton and Deputy Sean Power who are  calling for an investigation into the relationship of Senior Officers and the NOTW journalists are "deliberately trying to smear a hard working team of detectives on the Historical Abuse Enquiry."

He goes on to tell us "it was plainly obvious that somebody within the organisation (SOJP) did have an improper relationship with the Jersey Evening Post." Who is this person? Is it only one person? Are they still in the Police Force? Have they received financial gain for their alleged "improper relationship" with the JEP?

Again, more questions than answers, hopefully if/when this Committee of Enquiry gets off the ground, the TOR's will include investigating Jersey's "accredited" media........There are a lot of questions that will need answering.

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