Sunday, 29 June 2008


Are we really, as the establishment and local media would have us believe, living in a true democracy?

With only somewhere in the region of 30 per cent of the electorate voting. This is for a number of reasons. From feedback I have had and from my own expreiences from my elected "repesentatives" The vast majority of people who don't vote is because they say their elected "repesentatives" do not represent them.

Our represntatives are constantly voting in the States on one issue or the other. Never once have I, or anybody in my Parish to my knowledge, ever been contacted by either of our deputy's or our Connetable to attempt to gauge our thoughts, feelings, knowledge, experience on ONE issue that they have voted on in the States.

As far as I am aware our deputy's are in their position to be the voice of the electorate in the States. This Tuesday there is to be a vote of no confidence in our council of ministers and a vote of censure against Frank (GST 28) Walker.

None of my democratically elected "representatives" have contacted myself or anybody I know to either educate us, or ask us how we would like them to vote. If we were living in a Democracy where our elected officials wanted to represent us in the States, Why haven't any of them held an "open surgery" or any kind of a Parish meeting to discuss how we would like to be represented or how we would like them to vote for us?

I'm certain if this vote of no confidence in our council of ministers was to go to a refferendum then it would be a landslide victory for Senator Syvrets proposition. However as the electorate have no say in the matter, our "representatives" will be voting for us, against us!

The reason our "Democratically elected representatives" vote how they please with total disregard to the electorate is simple, it's because they can!! The 30 per cent who do vote are friends family and neighbours of the candidate and are predominantly establishment voters.
People way above the breadline, well to do families, people who don't have to watch every penny, people who can afford central heating and have it switched on when they are cold.

The people who don't vote are the ones that get shat on the most, the working class, the single parent family struggling to make ends meet who have to pay GST to keep the finance Industry happy. If these people were to come out and vote they wouldn't be shat on as much and would have to be listened to but whilst none of them are voting, none of them can have a voice.

A little while ago I was having e-mail correspondance with one of my deputys, Deputy Ian (GST 28) Gorst. I was publishing the e-mails on a blogsite. Deputy Ian (GST 28) Gorst became aware of this and started each e-mail with the words "confidential for addressee only" When I asked him the other night why he did this he said because I was publishing them on a blogsite and he had no way of commenting on them.

I explained it is very easy to leave a comment and I was a little concerned he didn't want our correspondance to be open to the electorate but he wouldn't answer me why.

I am going to send Deputy Ian (GST 28) Gorst a link to this page in the hope he will address my concerns by leaving a comment on here and hopefully explain to me how he believes (if he does) we are living in a Democracy. Why he voted for GST, why he voted AGAINST any exemptions and why he never appears to engage with the electorate before voting on anything.

I don't wish to appear unfair to Deputy Ian (GST 28) Gorst by singling him out as he is one of a multitude of elected officials who are voting on our behalf without consulting us or even trying to explain to us why they voted the way they did. But he is my Democratically elected official and is up for election this year so would like to offer him a bit of a platform for his campaign and offer him the opportunity of some openness and transparency, and at the same time perhaps help educate me and others in our Deomocratic prossess.

I'll leave you with this. If you don't vote, you haven't got the right to complain and get the politicians you deserve. GET REGISTERED TO VOTE!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Having my say.

Their are many of my "have your says", e-mails or letters to the JEP that they haven't published. Also a majority of their stories that I would like to "have my say" on their website doesn't give me that option.

I find they are very selective as to what subject you are aloud to "have your say" on and equally as selective to what they will publish. So I thought if they are not going to publish my "have your say" then I will. I wonder if it should be re-named "have your say as long as it tows the party line" or "shove your say" or even "shaft your say".

Anyway below is an article from Anna Plunkett Cole and below that is my "have your say" they didn't or haven't yet published.

Watch out! Election campaigners about
June 21, 2008 – 10:00 am
THE trick this week would be to attempt a comment page which managed not to mention Harcourt, the Council of Ministers and the Waterfront.
I suppose separately would be all right but after two weeks of having a go it might be time to have a week off. This does rather leave the question of what to talk about instead, since these topics seem to be the ones occupying most minds.
Commonly heard sentences this week have included the inevitable ‘you couldn’t make it up’, and there has been an unusual amount of head-shaking and tutting aimed in the direction of the States.
The trouble is that at the moment it could probably be a subject for discussion every week. But would there really be anything new to say or would it just be a further attempt to validate an argument with which you may or may not agree?
And anyway, I get the very strong impression that simple answers which satisfy all the dissenting voices are not going to be found quickly so it won’t do any harm to take a week off and regroup the opinions. You never know, in the coming week the groups invited to the Waterfront party might dig another pit for themselves to fall into.
All that said, however, it would be remiss not to address just one of the comments made by the Chief Minister in his defence this week. His point was that much of the criticism was political opportunism gone mad in an election year.
To a certain extent, it may be true that some of those criticising the Council of Ministers are squaring up for polling day but it is equally true that these concerns would have reared their heads anyway and that the comments and concerns that the situation have provoked in the public at large are indicative of a wider feeling of discontent with the Island’s leadership.
Which leads us on to the question of electioneering itself – because over the coming couple of months it is going to become increasingly important for Joe Public to be able to tell the difference between what the politicians smiling genially at them are saying and what they are really capable of and likely to achieve.
Perhaps this year, given all that has happened so far, it is time for both voters and candidates to act a bit more intelligently. Senator Walker may talk of some of those criticisms levelled at him and the council as being electioneering but perhaps the voters need to be given a little more credit for being able to spot polling day bluster for themselves. They have to be able to ask the questions and, most importantly, to separate the rubbish from the reality in the answer given.
However, being able to do so will mean some effort on the part of the voting public in arming themselves with information. It also means taking a step back from, what for some, is a traditional way of voting in Jersey. This way runs along the ‘well, he is a decent sort of chap and he’s kind to his mother’ lines.
That may well be, but can he (or she) control a major States department? Does he have any experience in managing a budget? Will he have what it takes to give a Scrutiny panel the teeth it needs to gain the respect of those who have to take on board its findings?
Do you know what their opinions really are on the subjects which matter to you in their coming term of office and do you know what you expect from your government?
In a way, the final two are probably the most important questions because it is easy to lay all the blame at the doors of the politicians but – deviation from their paths aside – they have agreed to serve the Island by carrying out the desires of their constituents. If you were unclear about what you wanted or voted for someone without actually checking their motivations first, how can you be surprised or miffed when their view appears to contradict your own? In other words, only an informed electorate gets an informed government – all of which sounds terribly pompous but is possibly the only way to make sure subsequent political whinging is justified.
Well, it’s either that or we kidnap Christopher Biggins when he arrives here to be Mr Battle. He’s nice and jolly and seems to make everyone smile. Biggins would have parties and laugh a lot.Let’s have him, it’ll be fun.

My un published "have your say"

Having an "informed public" is almost laughable coming from our only local newspaper.
In my opinion the reason the public are so ill informed about our political state and members is because of all the propaganda the JEP spills out every day. More importantly what it doesn't spill out.
It is no secret the JEP is an establishment paper, in fact I believe it is now world wide knowledge. For the Jersey electorate to be "informed" our local media have an obligation to "inform" us in a balanced and un bias manner.
So you start doing your bit, that means publishing the stuff you and the establishment want kept under wraps. Start practicing some real "journalism" hell why not try finding an "investigative journalist". The question surely has to be asked "why did none of our JOURNALISTS know nothing about the Harcourt law suits"? or maybe they did but just kept it under wraps.
The JEP has zero credibility with it's readers. You start printing the truth about our politicians and we'll start getting more "informed"
It is not only the fault of the electorate but most of it lies with you sorry bunch as to why Jersey is in the mess that it's in.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008


While browsing the local blogscene I came across an entry on "the moveing finger" a link to which is on this page. It has a list of shame, naming the guilty party attempting to deprive our children of free milk at their school's.

I will re produce that list at the end of this entry.While reading the list I was not at all suprised to come across the name of SENATOR MIKE (GST 28) VIBERT Minister for Eduducation Sport and Culture. I have, and am still, having dealings with this man who would claim to put our childrens welfare as his top priority well I would beg to differ. Anyhow, as I have commented on another site, here is a man who's arrogance knows no bounds!

From my dealings with him and by looking at his voting record he is completeley divorced from the children and voting public of this island.I'll not ellaborate on my dealings with him out of sheer fear of what he is, and will do, to my family next.

I'm sure I can say a little something about his voting record without having this blogsite closed down or breaking any laws.

This man after voting FOR GST, AGAINST any exemptions including childrens clothing, now votes AGAINST our children having free milk at their schools. He is up for election this year and obviously feels he will hang on to his seat, as reflected in his latest disgraceful vote against our children.

In what other "democratic" society could the minister for Education get away with voting against GST exemptions on school childrens clothing and against free milk for school children?which I believe will cost somewhere in the region of a hundred and ninety thousand pounds.

Didn't he just give the puddle duck people half a million pounds for a couple of wheel barrows that can swim on a good day and if people feel brave enough jump on the back of them to hopefully get somewhere near the Elizabeth Castle without getting stranded? "half a million"? no problem!! free milk for children and a vital means of calcium for less than half that price? "sorry no can do"

You get the polticians you deserve, if you believe this man has your child's best interests at the forefront of his political agenda then vote for him.If you believe (like me) he is only interested in looking after him and his, regardless of the kids, you must vote him out. Either way YOU MUST VOTE!!


Senator Frank Walker

Senator Terry Le Sueur

Senator MikeVibert

Senator Terry Le Main

Connétable Geoffrey Fisher

Deputy Sarah Ferguson

Deputy Guy de Faye

Deputy Alan Maclean

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Wish you were here?

Hang on!! One of the dodgiest deals we are involved with becoming public knowledge. Some very uncomfortable questions coming my way in the states and almost the whole of Jersey screaming for my removal from office. I make that Pimm's o'clock don't you?

So there were questions to the Cheif Minister today in the states. I'm not sure on all the questions that were being asked involving the very suspicious goings on with Harcourt. I would imagine them to be something along the lines of. "How did you or the entire council of ministers not know crucial information regarding Harcourt and court cases, information that is easily accessed through google"?

"Did you mislead the states of Jersey or did you lie to them"?

"Are you a share holder in Harcourt, or are any of your minsters"?

"Are you going to do the right thing and resign"?

If either yourself, your ministers and your civil servants knew nothing about the Harcourt fiasco WHY NOT?

So what does our esteemed chief minister do? he goes on holiday to the Bahamas!! you really couldn't make any of this up!!

Don't the States get SIXweeks HOLIDAY in the summer? What on earth possessed him to go on holiday now? and leave Terry le Sewer to try and defend the indefensible.

Even (from what I've heard as I refuse to buy it) the JEP are publishing articles and letters that aren't too favourable towards their lord and master.

Surely the time has now come where the people of Jersey must be listened to? surely there should not only be a vote of no confidence against Walker but indeed the entire council of ministers?

It is becoming more and more apparent they do not represent the Jersey public, none of them are accountable for anything and they are just raping and stripping our island of all it's beauty to line their own pockets.

Do the right thing Walker and step down. As for the rest of us, I repeat "we get the politicians we deserve"!! If you want more of the same don't bother voting. If you want change, democracy, transparency and accountability in our goverment vote this lot out. Jersey people have to get their head around, it only takes an x on a ballot paper to bring change.

Thursday, 5 June 2008


Whilst browsing the JEP website, as I refuse to donate any of the very little money I have to what I believe to be the goverments mouthpiece, I was not suprised at what I read.

The headlines were as follows.

£330m waterfront plan approved...."Have your say"? yes.

Two more teeth found at Haute de la Garrenne...."Have your say"? NO.

Double decker buses....."Have your say"? yes.

It's time for action says Durrell....."Have your say"? yes.

Balliff under fire over abuse victims speech......"Have you say"? NO.

Scrutiny to look at job situation....."Have your say"? yes.

Tram plan hits the buffers......"Have your say"? yes

Waterfront masterplan approved....."have your say"? yes.

For those of you who don't read the online version of the propaganda machine, the "have your say" icon allows you to comment on the story. If the story doesn't have the Icon you are not allowed to give your comment or views (that is if "allowed" is the correct terminology).

I have sent e-mails to Rob Shipley and Chris Brights Secretary asking for a very brief decription of the word"Journalism" In fact the last e-mail I sent them, I asked them to publish.
Alas none of them answered the e-mail and it hasn't appeared to have been published.

I am hoping, shortly, to reproduce that e-mail on here alomg with others that will tell a story about the JEP and certain "special relationships". Mind you I suppose it's not exactly a worlwide scoop of breaking news, however the e-mails will make interesting reading.

Anyway back to the headlines and the "have your say" sketch. I was going to go on about how the JEP appear to be absolutely shameless in their defiance against allowing it's readers to voice their opinions but I'm sure most of us are aware now the JEP do not see it as their duty to allow the general public to voice their opinion, it appears they see it as their duty to change or swing our opinions.

So I thought what would be better was to offer anybody the opportunity to "have your say" on here.

The JEP, our only newspaper is, in my view, denying it's readers the opportunity to be heard. Why are you allowed to comment on a double decker bus or a tram?, and denied the opportunity to voice your opinions on probably the biggest "news stories" to hit this Island probably since Paisnel?

Unfortunately I have been forced to enable the "moderation gadget" or whatever it's called because somebody left a message suggesting Deputy Sean Power spends an excessive amount of time "on the hand punp". On that note, if you have any support for the JEP and their "Journalism" I would thank you to give it to them. They will almost definitely publish it I won't!

I am giving people the chance to voice the concerns the JEP deny them to voice. Or indeed help me and explain what "Jounalism" is as nobody at the JEP will tell me. I concede I could have this all wrong and there is a perfectly good reason why the JEP will not allow it's readers to have a say, so would be interested in hearing it.