Saturday, 5 April 2008

Elected Officials,Ian Gorst continued

Just to bring you up to date, on my correspondance with Deputy Ian Gorst, democratically elected representitive for the electorate of St Clement.
This is a continuation of my last post.
Dear Voiceforchildren.

A debate in the Assembly is one element which helps members come to a conclusion or decision about a matter. Some issues are more clear cut then others. I undertake research and reading before debates in the States Assembly and consider both sides of an argument.

I could have said that I will listen to the debate before I make my decision, and indeed I will, however you asked me how I intended to vote and I gave you the most honest answer I could.


Ian Gorst
Dear Mr.Gorst.

After listening to both sides of the debate, could you please tell me how you voted?

Dear Voiceforchildren I did not vote for Senator Norman's amendment yesterday. As a point of interest you can access the voting record of every States Member on The States Assembly website. Regards Ian Gorst
Dear Mr Gorst.

Would it be fair to say your mind was already made up to vote against Senator Norman's ammendment before you went to the States that morning?

As you are elected by the people of St.Clements to represent us and be our voice in the states. Could you tell me how many of your parishners' (who are on the breadline) doors did you knock on? When you were doing your research, how much of it was dedicated to making sure you were speaking for your parisheners?

Senator Normans proposal was only to postpone GST for a year. Considering between 19 - 20,000 people signed a petition against GST, which I believe was the second largest petition in Jersey history to be handed to the States, and Deputy Baudains voted in favour of Senator Normans ammendment, could you tell me how you believe you were representing us with your vote?

If it is to be believed we are living in a democracy could you explain to me how our representitives are voting in the complete opposite direction to the electorate?

As you also voted for Senator Syvret to be dismissed from his post, could you please give me your reasons for this vote?

As I'm sure you are aware I have become very disheartened with this ministerial goverment and, like a majority of the island and further afield believe we are living under a dictatorship full of dodgy handshakes and secret deals.

I am the first to admit I know very little about our political system and its workings, but am learning slowly. By you answering my questions i'm hoping I can become a little more educated and informed.

I've not had a reply to this last e-mail yet, but will post it if and when I do. I hope Deputy gorst can appreciate I am now taking an interest in island politics and hopefully he will be inspired that voter apathy could be on the turn.
As in the e-mails, I have hilighted all the questions. I think they are legitimate questions from a potential voter. I'm hoping he will answer all of them to help me understand our local politics and give me an inforem choice when going to the ballot box. It will be interesting to see how many of them he does answer, or what reason he could have for not answering them all.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Elected Officials Deputy Ian Gorst

I have many, many e-mails in my possession that will help bring some transparency to some of our most prominant elected officials, only for legal reasons I can't at this moment in time elaborate any more on them.
From perusing many online blogsites and forums it appears, like myself, people are gaining a little more political awareness and would like more information on our candidates. And if our Ministerial Goverment are to be believed they would like us to believe they are transparent.
So in order to help the electorate make an informed choice when voting I thought i'd share a couple of e-mails with you, which in turn will help the Goverment with the "transparent theory"
Like I said, I have many e-mails I would love to share with you but I'll start with a couple to and from Deputy Ian Gorst. The first e-mail below was sent to Deputy Ian Gorst, Senator Mike Vibert and Deputy Gerard Baudains. They are all politicians I have had plenty of experience with and the two Deputy's are my local deputys of St Clements.
Dear Sirs.

Could you please let me know if you will be supporting Senator Len Normans amendment to delay the introduction of GST until May 2009?

I note Senator Vibert and Deputy Gorst both voted for GST and also for the dismissal of Senator Syvret. Deputy Bauidains voting record appears to be the only one in touch with the electorate so hat off to you!

For the sake of any doubt the first paragraph is a direct question, a direct answer would be appreciated.

Kind Regards
Deputy Ian Gorsts reply.
Dear voiceforchildren. I will not be supporting Senator Norman's amendment.
Regards Ian Gorst.
My reply.
Dear Mr Gorst.

Thankyou for replying to an e-mail and indeed a direct question.

While your in the mood I thought I might just try another direct question.

Senator Norman is bringing the proposal to the states to be debated and voted on tomorrow. So effectively you can't have heard both sides of the debate as it hasn't happened yet.

So with that in mind could you explain to me how you have managed to make up your mind already? Which is incidentally a vote that will not be well recieved by the electorate.

Kind Regards,
I think that was a direct question too far, he never replied and doesn't do a great deal for the "Transparent" theory!!
I'd better make a couple of things clear. Firstly the e-mails are signed voiceforchildren on here although I signed them with my real title.
Secondly I'm not sure I fully understand the implications of either having GST or not and am not clear on both sides of the argument.
What Deputy Gorst was offered here was an opportunity to explain to me why he is voting against Senator Normans proposal and for reasons only known to himself decided not to.
Anyway I've also got Senator Viberts and Deputy Baudains reply. I don't think the vote has taken place yet but I would like to make a prediction. Senator Mike Vibert has said in his e-mail that he is going to listen to both sides before making up his mind on where to put his vote. My prediction is he will vote against Senator Normans ammendment. We shall see!