Sunday, 15 January 2017

Leah McGrath Goodman. "Legacies Will Be Cemented."

Leah McGrath Goodman

In anticipation of the Jersey Child Abuse Committee of Inquiry publishing its report by the end of December 2016 U.S author and Journalist Leah McGrath Goodman returned to the Island for its publication. As regular readers will be aware the report was DELAYED but Ms. Goodman's visit was not wasted.

Readers of this Blog will be aware that Leah McGrath Goodman was banned from coming to Jersey when it became apparent she was investigating (for her upcoming book) Child Abuse, and related matters, on the Island. Jersey Immigration "flagged" her with the UK which caused her to be detained for up to 12 hours in "the basement" at Heathrow Airport when she attempted to return to Jersey. The full harrowing story can be read HERE.

Former Deputy Trevor Pitman

After (and possibly partly because of) an online petition (which achieved in excess of 3,600 signatures) set up by former St. Helier No.1 Deputy Trevor Pitman to restore Ms. Goodman's visa status and of course an "Early Day Motion" tabled by former UK MP John Hemming, Miss Goodman had her controversial ban reduced from 2 years to one year and she returned to the Island in 2013.

Since then she has continued with her crucial work researching/investigating the Jersey Child Abuse Atrocities and subsequent cover up(s) so has kept an extremely close eye on the Child Abuse Committee of Inquiry and related events.

In the interview below Ms. Goodman discusses her thoughts on the (soon to be published)? final report of the Child Abuse Inquiry and much more. She also warns: "Legacies are going to be cemented by how they choose to respond to this report."

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Advocate Philip Sinel Interview. (Part Two)

Advocate Philip Sinel.

Further to our exclusive and in-depth interview with Advocate Philip Sinel posted HERE. We bring readers part two of this interview (below) The interview is a direct continuation of part one but deals with, among much else, part(s) of the local mainstream media.

Advocate Sinel tells us that local newspaper The Jersey Evening Post (JEP) have run a number of stories about him and have denied him a right of reply, or at the least, and adequate right of reply as shown on Rico Sorda's Blog HERE. He explains that this is part of the reason he has decided to create his own Blog.

Also discussed in the interview (as in part one) are his thoughts on the Jersey Child abuse Committee of Inquiry, its up-coming report, some of the key players. He asks (of the Establishment)
"Who are they protecting? What are they protecting? Are they protecting a way of life/institutions and a way of thought that is abhorrent?

Advocate Sinel's Blog will be a very welcome addition to the online community.......... By some....... But not so welcome by others.

His new Blog can be viewed from HERE. With a publication posted today which, as one would expect, is well worth a read.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

VFC All Time Top Ten.

Further to our Top Ten most hit Blog Postings of 2016. Below are the Top Ten most hit postings of all time.

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In First Place. Stuart Syvret, The Rule of Law and THE BBC.

A belated Happy New Year to our readers/viewers and a big thank you for your support and contributions.