Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Bob Hill Big Step(s) Forward.

Former Deputy Bob Hill.

Regular readers/viewers will be aware that in November 2015 former Jersey politician, Human Rights and anti Child Abuse Campaigner, Bob Hill, suffered a near fatal stroke/brain haemorrhage which we reported HERE. The stroke left Bob paralysed on his right hand side and he lost his ability to speak.

Bob spent seven months in hospital/Overdale hospital recuperating and was discharged in June last year (2016). He moved back into his house where his wife Ann had had the house modified/adapted to cater for Bob's new needs. We reported on Bob's release from hospital and return home HERE.

Since his return home Bob has been making slow but significant progress. He is still paralysed down his right hand side and struggles with his speech although there has been significant improvement with his speech.

Last week I watched Bob stand up out of his wheelchair (with his walking aid), do a 360 turn, and sit back down again. This was a huge step forward and very encouraging. Well I suppose, strictly speaking, it was a few steps in a circle but you get what I mean!

Less than a week later I watched Bob (video below) get out of his wheelchair, walk to the front door, get the mail from the letter box, and walk back to sit down. This is very significant progress and lots of steps forward!

A number of our readers/viewers have contacted us both publicly (comments on Blogs) and privately asking how Bob and family are getting on, is Bob getting better? We've even been asked if he is still alive!

After witnessing these massive steps forward today we wanted to share this significant event with our readers and well wishers.

It should be mentioned that Bob is under instruction NOT to attempt walking without a physiotherapist being present. Bob's wife Ann has had to sign a waiver taking responsibility should Bob fall while trying to walk. This explains why Ann is a lot more worried when Bob is on his feet than he is!

Those who know Bob will know that he's never been one for doing what he is told and, as the saying goes; "you can't keep a good man down!"

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Is Senator Ozouf Being Thrown Under a Bus?

Following the scandal of the Jersey Innovation Fund (JIF) and Senator Philip Ozouf's RESIGNATION. The question has to be asked "Is he (Philip Ozouf) being thrown under a bus here?"

On the 17th January 2017, in an answer to a question from Reform Jersey's Deputy Geoff Southern (video below) The Economic Development Minister, Senator Lyndon Farnham acknowledged, admitted, or even "confessed" that five out of  seven grants issued by JIF were NOT signed off by Senator Ozouf. Two of them were apparently signed off by Treasury Minister Senator Alan Maclean, three of them were signed of by Senator Farnham, and two by Senator Ozouf. The latter having fallen on his sword and resigned from his Assistant Ministerial duties.......At least for as long as there is an investigation happening into the alleged waste of millions of £'s of taxpayers money that was JIF.

So is Senator Ozouf the only person who should be shouldering all the blame here? We're not saying he does not have serious questions to answer and he must take responsibility for his actions and/or inactions but is he really the ONLY one who should?

Didn't JIF have some kind of an "Advisory Board?" What kind of advice was it giving? Was its advice acted upon or was it ignored? What about the Chief Minister himself? Doesn't ultimate responsibility lay at his door? Shouldn't he (and others) be offering his resignation or "stepping aside?"

It could be that the supposed Inquiry will answer these questions, or it could be that it won't. Who is conducting the Inquiry? Will it be another "Our Chap" Report? Is it, or why isn't it, a "public" Inquiry?

Reform Jersey's Deputy Montfort Tadier has submitted an Oral Question, (below) to the Chief Minister, tabled for this Tuesday 14th February:

Deputy Montfort Tadier.

Deputy M. Tadier of St. Brelade will ask the following question of the Chief Minister –

“Given that Senator Ozouf was not the only Minister to have signed off loans from the Jersey Innovation Fund, will the Chief Minister also be asking Senators Farnham and Maclean to 'step aside' from their Ministerial duties until the relevant investigation has fully reported back?”

It's a fair question when one considers Senator Farnham's "confession" in the video below. But it doesn't sound/look like an absolute confession. One can't help thinking he was trying to absolve himself of any real blame and appeared to be laying it more at the door of Senator Ozouf. That's the impression I got but readers/viewers might get another impression.

Could it be that if every Minister was to resign through incompetence, or malpractice, that we would no longer have a Council of Ministers?

Thursday, 2 February 2017

P.133/2016 What Happened?

Today saw the debate of P.133/2017 and a number of amendments debated in the Island's Parliament and despite trying to listen to the debate(s) I am still not altogether clear as to what actually happened? What have we ended up with? Will it be in place for the next election?

This discussion was being held in the comments section of our PREVIOUS POSTING so though it better to start a new Blog Posting on it so hear it is.

Can readers explain exactly what went on today and is our Electoral System any less confusing than what it was?

A very short post purely to find out exactly what is, or going to be, going on?