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Senator's Ferguson and Ozouf Exclusive.


September last year we interviewed Senator Sarah Ferguson after she had come in for some criticism for handing over "The Lime Grove Fiasco" to the Controller and Auditor General. Now that his Report has been published we have followed up the interview, with another, and ask her if she feels vindicated in her decision. For what it's worth we believe she has been vindicated.

In the interview we ask the questions that are not asked by our State Media. "Will she bring a vote of no confidence against the Treasury Minister?" Will she stand for the post of Treasury Minister should he lose a vote of no confidence?" We ask "when is it time to stop learning from the past and moving on?" When are fingers going to start being pointed at those who are responsible?" 

It is apparent that the CAG's Report does not show the Treasury Minister in a good light and in the interest of fairness and balance we asked him for his response which he gave us........And much more besides!

Some of us have recently come to the view that there could be a campaign by the Jersey Evening Post, and others, to oust the Minister from his post. That's not to say he doesn't deserve ousting, but why ONLY him?

There are other Ministers, in our opinion, that should have been ousted a long time ago. Home Affairs Minister Senator Le Marquand for his shambolic handling and actions concerning the (possibly illegal) suspension of our Former Police Chief Graham Power QPM. The millions of pounds he squandered on what has been described as "a personal vendetta" against the Former Police Chief. The total waste of time, and taxpayers money, on the disgraced and discredited Wiltshire Report. The Kangaroo Court and trial by media he was allowed to get away with by dropping any disciplinary charges against the Former Police Chief and then publishing the prosecution case against him and not the defence case! The Home Affairs Minister didn't face, in the media, the onslaught that the Treasury Minister is.

The Health Minister, Deputy Ann Pryke, has never faced the criticisms that the Treasury Minister is in the media after the avoidable and tragic deaths of patients and the Hospital being in a shambles, some eight years behind that of the NHS, the damming Verita Report(s) and so on........So why, all of a sudden, has the Treasury Minister fallen out of favour? Why should he be held to account when no other Minister is?

Could it be that there is a new "Establishment Party" after the arrival of Philip Bailhache becoming overtly political? Senator Ozouf, not that long ago was "Golden Balls," in our opinion, when it came to the JEP. What's changed? What has he done (if anything) to upset them?

In our interview with him we ask these questions. We dicuss the power, and influence of Jersey's ONLY "news"paper. We also ask if he will be resigning as Treasury Minister and despite what the JEP (online) say; 

"Senator Ozouf has said he will not comment on his position or the allegations until after next week’s States sitting" 

We can exclusively reveal that Senator Ozouf HAS, in our interview, commented on his position and told us whether he will be resigning, or not. Once more Citizens Media brings you the news BEFORE the State Media who are increasingly being left in our wake.

Viewers are asked to consider, before jumping on the "Anti Ozouf Campaign," are you only playing into the hands of the (new) Establishment Party?

Should he be held to account? Hell yes, but why ONLY him? Why aren't Senator Le Marquand or Deputy Pryke being dragged over the coals by the Jersey Evening Post and others? Something about this just doesn't smell right.

Is this really about the Lime Grove issue or is there another agenda?

What we, as Citizens Media, offer here are in-depth interviews from BOTH sides of the camp in an attempt to bring you as balanced a view as possible and leave it to you to draw your own conclusions from what our interviewees have to say. Can the same be said for the State Media????

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Live broadcast tonight.

Tonight, Thursday 24 May 2012, Rico Sorda will be live and interactive at 7pm HERE.

Come and join the discussion.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Open Letter To Home Affairs Minister Re-Post.

Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand, STILL, after FOUR MONTHS, has not acknowledged the e-mail from Former Senior Investigating Officer of the Jersey Child Abuse Investigation Lenny Harper.

We thought we would re-post it to remind readers, Ian Le Marquand, States Members and State Media that the revelations contained in Mr. Harper's e-mail STILL need addressing.

This e-mail from former Senior Investigating Officer of Jersey's Child Abuse Investigation, Lenny Harper to the Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand, is self explanatory and came about because of Mr. Harper's, Former Police Chief Mr Graham Power's, the Victims/Survivors of Jersey's Child Abuse atrocities and a couple of Bloggers determination to get to the truth behind the State Media's and government's spin and "official line."

We, as Bloggers, have ripped apart with documented facts and evidence all the spin and Tooth Fairy nonsense given to us by the State Media and government concerning the Child Abuse atrocities. This e-mail further adds to it..........And there is much more to come!

 from Lenny Harper
to: "" 
 voiceforchildrenvoiceforchildren ,

 ricosorda ,
 "" ,
 BenQueree ,
 "" ,
 "" ,
date: 24 January 2012 19:41
 Revelations in Met Report to IPCC

Dear Mr Le Marquand;
I am unaware if you have read the latest blog from Rico Sorda, but in that he talks about the Met Interim and final reports which you, Andrew Lewis,  and David Warcup regularly and frequently used as the reason and justification for suspending Graham Power and the savage smear campaign against myself in which you referred to me as an "incompetent maverick", and also, I presume, authorised the States of Jersey Police to tell Scotland Yard that I would be facing a discipline investigation over the Child Abuse Enquiry if I was still in the force.
Whilst I am grateful for your subsequent clarification that nothing in the decision to enter HDLG justified discipline considerations and that indeed Mick Gradwell would be the person facing serious discipline charges were he still in the force, the revelations contained in the Met report submitted to the Independent Complaints Commission (as a result of my complaint against the author of the Met reports), that in fact neither the Met Interim report nor the final report contained any critical or damning comments about myself or any other officer, raises series questions as to where you received the information that it did, and even more significantly, if it didn't come from the Met, where did it come from.
As for your own part in spreading the perception that the Met reports (interim and final) were indeed critical and damning of myself and Graham Power, I have been quoted in the blog posting as asking a number of questions concerning your role.  I reproduce the relevant excerpt below and would ask that you give me the answer to the questions in respect of your role.

My complaint was rejected not because any of the criticisms were true, but because NO SUCH CRITICISMS HAD BEEN CONTAINED WITHIN THE MET REPORT. Paragraph 5.3 of the Sweeting Met report lists the complaints that I had made, i.e.; that the report was “critical and damning of me without ever speaking to me. That it had criticised me for my handling of the financial management of the investigation, my victim support policy, the lack of a Gold Group, the finding and labelling of human remains, my use of the term ‘shackles’ and the use of the term ‘cellars.’ In reality, according to the Met report to the IPCC, “having reviewed the report written by DSU Sweeting and his team, it is clear that no such criticisms are levelled at Mr Harper.” The report goes on to say in Para. 5.4, “The report was neither critical nor damning.”

The implications of this are profound, and extremely disturbing. David Warcup did not submit the Met report to the Home Affairs Minister but instead wrote him a letter outlining what was allegedly in the report. It was critical and damning enough to launch a brutal smear campaign against me, and by extension, against the victims, and to justify the suspension of Graham Power. According to Ian Le Marquand, what Warcup told him was in the Met report gave him no option but to suspend Graham and to label me an “incompetent maverick.”

So, if there was no such criticism in either the Met interim or the final report, where did David Warcup get it from? Rico Sorda has one theory involving the consultant shown the door by Graham Power for attempting to misrepresent the facts and who was then immediately engaged by Shredder Ogley and Frank Walker. So why did Warcup and Gradwell tell the world that it came from the Sweeting report? Could the gradual unfolding of this be the real reason why Warcup scampered away from the island pleading blog harassment and why the previously media loving Gradwell retired to wedding planning never to be seen again or to give any evidence to Scrutiny or anyone else?

It also raises huge questions about t Ian Le Marquand. Was he duped by Warcup into believing that the criticism was indeed contained within the Metropolitan Police Report? If so, why did he not ask some hard questions? Or, was he fully aware that the whole thing was a charade and a pack of lies intended to discredit the whole child abuse enquiry and so marginalise (once again) the victims of cruel abuse in Jersey’s government run homes?

As you can see, in the final paragraph of the excerpt, (immediately preceding this paragraph,) I pose three questions about yourself.  Put simply, Mr Warcup did not send the Met report to the HA Minister.  He summarised it in a letter.  Were you indeed duped, or did you know the whole story about the so called critical Met interim report was a charade and a pack of lies?

I would appreciate answers to the questions above.

Lenny Harper. (END)

Readers will note that Jersey's State Media are copied into this e-mail. Mr. Harper has not received as much as an acknowledgement of it from the Home Affairs Minister Senator Ian Le Marquand, let alone had his questions answered.  Questions are - will the State Media even report on this huge turn of events? Will they seek to get the answers from Ian Le Marquand that not only the victims/Survivors of Jersey's Child Abuse deserve but so do Mr. Harper, Mr. Power QPM, all the good officers that worked on the Child Abuse Enquiry under Mr. Power and Harper but the tax paying public who have paid for the smear campaign, witch-hunts and vendetta's against these people?

FOUR MONTHS LATER it turns out the answer to all the questions in the paragraph above is a resounding "NO."

Friday, 18 May 2012

Recorded Live Broadcast with Bob Hill.

Below is the recorded live and interactive interview with former Deputy Bob Hill from last night's Blog TV Broadcast.

Mr. Hill discussed the golden handshake given to former Chief Executive Bill Ogley that exceeded £500,000 and that how the testimony given by former Chief Minister Frank Walker to the Public Accounts Committee (who are investigating this shambles) was not supported with evidence.

We were told that an animal wouldn't be treated the way that the Former Jersey Police Chief, Graham Power QPM, was treated by Jersey government/administration including the dubious roles played by Walker, Ogley and others.

More revelations come to light during this live broadcast that we will be Blogging about in the coming weeks. The revelations were enough to spark outrage from our viewers, so much so, that they were calling for a (peaceful) protest which is something being seriously considered. We are currently verifying these revelations and will keep readers notified of the progress we make.

The audio, for the first four minutes of the recording, is a little sketchy but then sorts itself out.

BOB HILL PART 1- Broadcast your self LIVE

Former Deputy Bob Hill 2- Broadcast your self LIVE

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Bob Hill Blog TV Guest.

Former Deputy Bob Hill is to be the live and interactive guest on tonight's Blog TV which will be broadcast from 7pm and will be up to an hour in duration.

Mr. Hill, as a States Member, was responsible for exposing some very uncomfortable home truths concerning the illegal suspension of the Former Police Chief Graham Power QPM, campaigned vigorously to hold those that were guilty of wrong-doing to account. He blew wholes in the "official line" held by the likes of Mick Gradwell, David Warcup and others concerning misinformation they, and the State Media, were peddling in order to put the Child Abuse Investigation to bed. "Talking of putting to bed" here is just one example of the Former Deputy's crucial pieces of work in that AREA.

Tonight, among many other topics, Mr. Hill will be asked about what he now knows of the GoldenHandshake received by Former Chief Executive to the States Bill Ogley, had Mr. Ogley (secretly) previously been disciplined by the then Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur?

We will be asking Mr. Hill if he believes his searching for (and exposing) the truth concerning the Child Abuse atrocities, and related events, cost him his seat in the last elections. Being a thirty year veteran of the Metropolitan Police Force and the recipient of a British Empire Medal for his services to policing he will be asked what his thoughts are on the supposed up-coming "INDEPENDENT" Police Authority that has just been agreed in the States.

The recent settlement of the Hospital Consultant, John Day, which cost the Tax Payer in the region of £3M. Could/should this cost, and tragedy, have been avoided, who is responsible and who is accountable? Was Mr. Day hung out to dry as a scapegoat to protect those with the real responsibility (the untouchables)?

Tonight promises to be a packed show and can be viewed HERE from 7pm.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Scrutiny, Tasers and Blog TV.

St Saviour Deputy Jeremy Macon is the confirmed guest for tomorrow night's live and interactive Blog TV broadcast. Deputy Macon is the Chairman of Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel who are currently looking into the idea of our Police Service being issued with Taser Guns.

The Scrutiny Panel has received, we are told, in excess of 400 written submissions from the public on this subject and we hope to get some early indications as to how the public view the idea of the Police Force being issued with these weapons.

We will also be discussing the role of Scrutiny, its effectiveness, its successes and failures and plenty more.

The live and interactive broadcast will start at 7pm (BST) tomorrow Thursday 10th May and will be up to an hour in duration. If you have any questions/observations/comments you would like to make then come and join the discussion HERE.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

BBC, Guns, Constables and Lenny Harper.

Just recently BBC Jersey and the rest of Jersey's State Media have been on a campaign, it would appear, to ensure the police force get their wish and are issued with Taser Guns. They also appear to be air-brushing former Deputy Chief Police Officer Lenny Harper out of the History Books in the process.

If memory serves correct it all started with the discredited, and disgraced, Jersey Evening Post (Jersey's only "news"paper) publishing statistics of gun ownership in Jersey. The equally discredited and disgraced BBC were quick to jump on the band-wagon and the scaremongering began. (or "Operation let's get the cops their taser guns").

The BBC started their propaganda scaremongering by making a big noise about the police fire-arms unit being called to an incident where somebody had been stabbed. The fire-arms unit, it has been reported, included officers armed with semi automatic rifles among other weapons.

The Roger Bara Breakfast Show was telling its listeners all about this stabbing and it wasn't long before people were phoning in talking about "knife culture" and what a number of us believe to be racist remarks from callers insinuating it (the knife culture) came from European Immigrants.

Regular readers will know that I am regularly prevented from taking part in the BBC's shows but did send in this e-mail (below) to the Roger Bara Show which was ignored.


It is unfortunate that the news reporting of yesterday's incident appears to have created a bit of hysteria about knives and knife culture. To the best of my knowledge the police have not reported what weapon was used yesterday. They have said somebody was stabbed and any number of items can be used in stabbings. Including screwdrivers, pens and pencils and the like. Considering the alleged victim was released from hospital, within an hour or two, one would suggest he was not stabbed with a knife, or if it was, he was stabbed very gently with a very small knife. You might want to make it clear to your listeners that the police have not said a knife was used?"(END).

Of course, it turned out that the guy was stabbed with a "screwdriver", not only that, despite the anti-european remarks from callers to the show, the perpetrator is allegedly from Liverpool. Not only that, but the police turned up armed to the teeth with semi automatic rifles and the like, for somebody armed with a screwdriver! Yet Roger, rather than read out the e-mail, was happy for his listeners to believe a knife had been used.

Then we had Matthew Price interviewing the Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand, about the amount of guns on the island. Senator Le Marquand was defending the gun culture, and was also defending the Parish Constables. Matthew also interviewed gun enthusiast Derek Bernard who too was defending the gun culture and the Parish Constables. Both guests were telling us how responsible the Parish Constables are and this went un-challenged (what's new?) as there was no guest with an opposing view and Matthew Price appeared woefully ill researched.

The fact is Lenny Harper had brought up the subject ,of what appears to be an unhealthy cache of weapons, held by people on the island, which calls into question the logic, competence and judgment of the Parish Constables.

Lenny Harper was castigated by a number of politicians for attempting to get the gun culture under better control, yet Matthew didn't mention this on his show, so I sent in the e-mail below to help add some balance to, what was a very bias show, which had only interviewed two people, both (as mentioned earlier) defending the gun culture and Constables.


This short piece from the sworn affidavit of former DCO Lenny Harper should demonstrate that what ILM had to say about guns being from collectors and there being robust checks and balances from the constables is complete poppy-cock.

"One man applied for a firearm and ammunition for the purpose of ‘pest control.’  The firearm in question is classified as for the purpose of hunting large game such as elk.
Another family in an outlying parish were known to have twenty 
high powered and semi automatic weapons in a cellar on their property.  They also had thousands of rounds of ammunition.  When visited by SOJ Police officers they were also found to have six months supply of tinned food and bottled water.  They said they were waiting for word from God.  The Connetable refused to revoke the certificate.
One man whom we had found had built up an arsenal of weapons was first granted a certificate in 1985.  In 1992 he was convicted of Possessing a Prohibited weapon, supplying controlled drugs and other crimes.  In 1993 he tried to purchase a shotgun whilst prohibited by the law.  In 1995 intelligence was received that he was supplying controlled drugs.  In 1996 he applied for and was granted a new firearms certificate by the Connetable.  In 2006 he held the following weapons:

1 x .30 semi automatic carbine* 
2 x  7.62 semi automatic rifles*
1 x 7.62 bolt action rifle
1 x  .303 bolt action rifle
1 x  5.56 semi automatic rifle* – as used the British Army
5 x .357 Magnum handguns
2 x  9x21 self loading pistol
1 x 9x19 semi automatic carbine* - similar to that used by the Police
1 x Pump action shotgun
2 x Semi automatic shotguns*
1 x .50 revolver **; and
1 x .50 rifle **

183,000 rounds of ammunition for the above weapons"(END)

Again this e-mail was ignored, not read out, it totally contradicted what Ian Le Marquand was saying. What right thinking, responsible Constable, is going to allow somebody to own a gun, for "pest control", when the gun is capable of, and used for, killing an Elk? A question that Matthew Price didn't want to ask his listeners. An alleged Drug Dealer granted a firearms licence, by a "responsible" Constable, that includes semi automatic shot-guns and rifles? A family armed to the teeth who said "they were waiting for the word from God?" Yet Matthew Price mentioned not a single word of it.

An e-mail exchange followed between myself and Editor of BBC Jersey Jon Gripton. He was asked why such a bias show was allowed to be aired and why my e-mail (that added balance) was not read out. He refused to answer the question(s) and has refused me permission to publish his e-mails.

Could it be that the truth is Lenny Harper has been totally vindicated on the stance he took with Jersey's gun culture but the State Media can't allow him to be seen as the good guy because he, (along with his team), was the one who exposed Jersey's Child Abuse Atrocities? Could it be the island's State Media are all "on message" to make sure the cops get their Taser guns? Why do the BBC keep their listeners so ignorant of the facts and evidence?

Readers are encouraged to read the sworn affidavit of Former DCO Harper which contains more revelations and statistics concerning guns. It contains much more besides that you won't be learning about from the State Media and can be read HERE

Readers are also encouraged to ask why BBC State Radio are happy to keep so much information from the public......including the submission to the Wiltshire Constabulary of Former Police Chief GRAHAM POWER QPM

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Blog TV (2)

In this next instalment of recorded live broadcasts from our Blog TV channel Rico Sorda discusses many issues concerning Jersey.

Subjects like, who really holds all the power in Jersey, the Judicial System, Jurats, Politicians, the State Media, Child Abuse and much more. Including that none of us should have to be Blogging, or live broadcasting, it's because of the failings, or complicity, of our State Media that we have no other choice.

We will be broadcasting live and interactive on Thursday 3rd May at 7pm where you can come and take part HERE.

We are pleased to report that our latest broadcast (below) attracted in excess of 400 viewers with many taking part in the debate. We hope to have a guest this coming Thursday and are awaiting confirmation so we will keep readers/viewers updated in the comment section.

Sunday Discussion- Broadcast your self LIVE