Tuesday, 28 January 2014

State Media Philip Ozouf and "Stolen" E-mails.

After the exclusive publication of "leaked" e-mails between Treasury Minister, Philip Ozouf, and former States of Jersey Chief Executive Officer, Bill Ogley (and others) published on Rico Sorda's BLOG. State Radio run with the story and "interviewed" The Treasury Minister live on radio yesterday morning.

Senator Ozouf was allowed to make some very serious allegations and was not asked to substantiate them by the "interviewer." The Senator claimed that the published e-mails were "stolen" thus implying that Rico Sorda is a thief. The Senator claimed "where we now have stolen e-mails appearing on Blog-Sites." But, if Rico Sorda is a thief, then by implication, so is the BBC because the BBC stated "the e-mails we were given, we didn't take them from the published website." How can it be that Mr. Sorda "stole" the e-mails and the BBC didn't?

How is it that State Radio allow a member of "The Establishment Party" to make unsubstantiated allegations against a Blogger (Jersey's only independent media) yet when an opposition politician makes allegations, not only is she told that she can't make these allegations but told that she has no evidence to back them up and gets her microphone cut off?

I e-mailed Matthew Price, and Senator Ozouf yesterday, and asked them to substantiate Senator Ozouf's very serious allegation of these e-mails being "stolen" and the old "conspiracy theories on Blogs sketch."



This morning when you "interviewed" Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf regarding the "leaked" e-mails concerning the RBC/Post Office property (non) purchase. On a number of occasions the Treasury Minister said that the e-mails were "stolen." You never asked him to substantiate this very serious allegation and I would like to know why you never asked him to substantiate it?

As you mentioned, live on air, that the e-mail(s) were published on a local Blog run by Rico Sorda I was left with the impression (as other listeners must have been) that Rico Sorda might have stolen them and I would hope that you wouldn't want your listeners to have that impression?

The Treasury Minister, also on a number of occasions, said  "the conspiracy theories have started on the Blogs." Again you did not ask him to substantiate this claim which, I would argue, left listeners with the impression that there is no "fact(s) on the Blogs and only "conspiracy theories."

Could I ask that either you, or the Treasury Minister, substantiate the very serious allegation the e-mail(s) were stolen and substantiate the claim of conspiracy theories on Blogs?" (END)

As I am blacklisted by the BBC I will not be getting a reply from them but remain hopeful that the Treasury Minister will reply and substantiate his very serious allegation(s).

Readers might want to compare, and contrast, yesterday's so-called "interview" with the Treasury Minister with that of the "interview" with an apposition politician and ask is there one rule for one.........?

VFC thank, and credit TJW for these recordings.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Senator Gorst Crumbles.

Alleged Chief Minister Ian Gorst has caved in and withdrawn his vote of confidence against Planning and Environment Minister Rob Duhamel.

Those who have followed this debacle will know that Senator Gorst saw the writing on the wall and knew he was going to lose the proposition so has come out with the below excuse in order to save face.

Although he has lost face by withdrawing the proposition, as he would have, had it of been debated. He was in a lose, lose situation that ONLY he couldn't see.

It is clear to most political observers that Senator Gorst is being manipulated by those who want him out as Chief Minister to make room for the "rightful King."

"Following a constructive dialogue between Senator Ian Gorst and Deputy Rob Duhamel, the Chief Minister has decided to withdraw the proposition seeking the dismissal of the Planning and Environment Minister.
Deputy Duhamel has apologised for not disclosing information to the Chief Minister and for not clarifying the background to meeting a potential applicant without officers being present. He has confirmed that the relevant protocols will be followed strictly in future regarding meetings with existing and potential planning applicants. The Chief Minister has accepted these assurances and has expressed his regret regarding the recent escalation of events which led to the decision of the majority of the Council of Ministers to support the proposition for dismissal.
Senator Gorst and Deputy Duhamel have agreed that, while the move to Ministerial government has brought many benefits, there are some aspects of the current system that are not always conducive to good government and which are in need of improvement. Following last year's Machinery of Government Review, the Privileges and Procedures Committee is currently preparing amendments to the States of Jersey Law to create a more effective structure, which, if agreed by the States Assembly in the Spring, will clarify that the Council of Ministers should work to the principle of collective responsibility and will bring about a more effective Ministerial Code.
Until the new structure is in place, the Chief Minister and Planning and Environment Minister have committed to work together in a constructive manner within the current legal framework in order to serve the best interests of the Island.
They have agreed to work in partnership in order to:
·         review the relevant protocols so as to clarify the correct balance between privacy and disclosure in relation to planning information

·         decide what future role, if any, the Planning and Environment Minister should have in the initial determination of individual applications and whether changes are needed to the planning law

·         work with the Council of Ministers to develop an updated Ministerial Code in anticipation of the principle of collective responsibility and other machinery of government improvements being adopted by the Assembly

·         consider the interaction between the introduction of collective responsibility and the responsibilities of the Planning and Environment Minister under the planning law.
While this work is underway, the Planning and Environment Minister has confirmed that he will restrict his involvement in individual planning applications to those where it is absolutely necessary, having regard for existing procedures and the proposed amendments to the law to introduce a new planning appeals process, and that he will explain clearly to fellow Ministers if he is unable to engage in a discussion due to conflicts with his official responsibilities under the planning law.
The Chief Minister has welcomed these confirmations and has committed to seek to ensure that the Planning and Environment Minister can work in a positive and constructive manner within the Council of Ministers through better dialogue and mutual understanding between all Ministers." (END)

Now there must be a vote of confidence against Senator Gorst. Question is who in the States Chamber has the courage and integrity to bring it?

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Submission To Ministry of Justice Select Committee (Part 1).

On the 8th of July 2013 I made a submission to the Ministry of Justice Select Committee as did others to include Deputy Mike Higgins which was published HERE and former Deputy Trevor Pitman which was published HERE. The then Deputy Pitman's submission would only get to see the light of day on his own Blog as with mine it was not accepted by the Select Committee or published on its website.

The three submissions, taken together, provide ample evidence of a BREAKDOWN IN THE RULE OF LAW and good governance in the Crown Dependency of Jersey yet the UK government continue to fail in its obligation to intervene.

The UK Justice Select Committee's Report has now been published (minus a number of submissions and redacted submissions) which can be viewed HERE. Needless to say everything is pretty rosy in Jersey according to the Report.

Here is my submission.

To Ministry of Justice Select Committee on Crown Dependencies developments since 2010.

Following the Committee’s recent visit to Jersey I am motivated to make this submission being very disappointed that the Committee Members have not met with the general public and the Committee chose to meet with government officials almost exclusively.

There is a great deal of discontent on the island that the Committee will only be aware of by meeting with members of the public, especially since there is so little public awareness of the Committee’s task or Terms of Reference.

Most importantly my strongly held view is that there should be MORE intervention and supervision of Jersey Government and administration by outside bodies such as the Privy Council. This especially applies to the administration of justice, the legal system and the lack of impartial tribunals in Jersey.

There are many specific individual cases such as, what many see as the “illegal” suspension of the former Chief Police Officer, Graham Power QPM who’s force was investigating the Haut de la Garenne Child Abuse atrocities. Mr. Power’s suspension has, by the evidence been shown as a political coup in order to discredit him and his Deputy Chief Officer, Lenny Harper, to cover up the atrocities of paedophilia/Child Abuse that were able to go un challenged for decades on this island.

Subsequent to the alleged illegal suspension of Mr. Power, former Health Minister and Senator Stuart Syvret, (opposition politician) has been persecuted over the years for trying to address child protection failures of the State. His injustice, and persecution, continues to this day. This includes “secret” court cases.

Currently Deputies Trevor and Shona Pitman (opposition politicians) face financial ruin as a result of a court case in which the alleged conflicts of a Jurat were not revealed. The same Jurat’s deficiencies were referred to in “The Sharp Report” on Sex abuse at Victoria College where he sought to protect the dignity of a paedophile and refused to look at evidence against the said paedophile, a senior teacher at the college, where the Jurat was also employed.

I have cited, only three instances here to indicate that injustice occurs at senior levels in Jersey’s administration, but I must stress that there are many more instances at all levels in Jersey society where justice is denied. The reasons are many, and include, conflict of interest by those in authority, especially the Crown Officers, obscurity of the laws, lack of adequate legal and political representation.

The Jersey government has embarked on a programme to achieve greater independence from the UK government and UK institutions. This might suit the narrow interest of a few but will definitely NOT be in the interest of the majority of Jersey residents.

Over the centuries islanders have taken their grievances to such bodies as the Privy Council and this facility must be preserved and enhanced. The reliance on the Jersey institutions has proved to be inadequate.

In my view substantial reforms are needed so that the Jersey public have an easier, and more direct access to bodies, such as the Privy Council, and that much clearer guidelines be established to set the parameters for UK supervision and oversight. The Select Committee might not be the body, but there should be established an outside agency more willing to review individual cases that are often termed as “internal matters”

Regarding more general reforms the UK Government should accept, more readily, its responsibility for the good governance of the Crown Dependencies. In Jersey, reforms such as, separation of the Bailiff’s powers, more clearly defined appointment and supervision of all Crown Officers, modernisation of the legal system, abolition of Jurats, removing the monopoly of Jersey lawyers, creation of an adequate Legal Aid system, greater accessibility to independent tribunals and the establishment of a truly democratic States Assembly are all urgently needed. Such reforms seem to be beyond the ability, or outside the current constitutional limits of the prevailing Jersey administration. They will ONLY be achieved following outside intervention.

It is my, strongly held view that the UK is failing in its obligation to ensure good governance and the rule of law in Jersey. Indeed I would go as far as to say the UK is turning a blind eye to, what looks to be political and judicial corruption. The UK has shown it has the power to intervene as it has in Sark and the Turks and Caicos Islands.


In Part Two I will publish the subsequent e-mail exchange between myself and the Select Committee Clerk who didn't even acknowledge receipt of my submission for FIVE MONTHS which made it impossible for the submission to be accepted.

Deputy Mike Higgins' SUBMISSION.

Former Deputy Trevor Pitman's SUBMISSION.

The Uk government stepped into the Turks and Caicos for far less.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Stuart Syvret Released From Prison Exclusive (2)

Former Jersey politician/Health Minister and Senator Stuart Syvret has today been released from prison...........Again.

Team Voice recorded, and published, an exclusive interview with Mr. Syvret before he went to prison where he explains the "reasoning" of his imprisonment as he, and others, see it. The interviewe can be viewed from HERE.

His latest release comes a little over two years since his previous incarceration where we exclusively interviewed him HERE and he (rightly) predicted he would be imprisoned again..........And again.

We managed to grab a few words with Mr. Syvret today at the prison gates, on his release, at a very blustery La Moye. Apologies for the poor sound quality in this short video. We have also exclusively interviewed him (in a more weather forgiving environment) which should be published in the next couple of days.

He thanks everybody for their support online/cards/letters/texts etc. and hopes to publish a Blog soon to convey that thanks himself.