Tuesday, 28 January 2014

State Media Philip Ozouf and "Stolen" E-mails.

After the exclusive publication of "leaked" e-mails between Treasury Minister, Philip Ozouf, and former States of Jersey Chief Executive Officer, Bill Ogley (and others) published on Rico Sorda's BLOG. State Radio run with the story and "interviewed" The Treasury Minister live on radio yesterday morning.

Senator Ozouf was allowed to make some very serious allegations and was not asked to substantiate them by the "interviewer." The Senator claimed that the published e-mails were "stolen" thus implying that Rico Sorda is a thief. The Senator claimed "where we now have stolen e-mails appearing on Blog-Sites." But, if Rico Sorda is a thief, then by implication, so is the BBC because the BBC stated "the e-mails we were given, we didn't take them from the published website." How can it be that Mr. Sorda "stole" the e-mails and the BBC didn't?

How is it that State Radio allow a member of "The Establishment Party" to make unsubstantiated allegations against a Blogger (Jersey's only independent media) yet when an opposition politician makes allegations, not only is she told that she can't make these allegations but told that she has no evidence to back them up and gets her microphone cut off?

I e-mailed Matthew Price, and Senator Ozouf yesterday, and asked them to substantiate Senator Ozouf's very serious allegation of these e-mails being "stolen" and the old "conspiracy theories on Blogs sketch."



This morning when you "interviewed" Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf regarding the "leaked" e-mails concerning the RBC/Post Office property (non) purchase. On a number of occasions the Treasury Minister said that the e-mails were "stolen." You never asked him to substantiate this very serious allegation and I would like to know why you never asked him to substantiate it?

As you mentioned, live on air, that the e-mail(s) were published on a local Blog run by Rico Sorda I was left with the impression (as other listeners must have been) that Rico Sorda might have stolen them and I would hope that you wouldn't want your listeners to have that impression?

The Treasury Minister, also on a number of occasions, said  "the conspiracy theories have started on the Blogs." Again you did not ask him to substantiate this claim which, I would argue, left listeners with the impression that there is no "fact(s) on the Blogs and only "conspiracy theories."

Could I ask that either you, or the Treasury Minister, substantiate the very serious allegation the e-mail(s) were stolen and substantiate the claim of conspiracy theories on Blogs?" (END)

As I am blacklisted by the BBC I will not be getting a reply from them but remain hopeful that the Treasury Minister will reply and substantiate his very serious allegation(s).

Readers might want to compare, and contrast, yesterday's so-called "interview" with the Treasury Minister with that of the "interview" with an apposition politician and ask is there one rule for one.........?

VFC thank, and credit TJW for these recordings.


  1. Nothing new then, as in Animal Farm "Some are more equal than others."
    Most people know what is going on and do not care unless it directly effects them. Time people got off their butts.

  2. People in Jersey are still, cosy but for how long ?

    There is no doubt that with this appalling Government and it's culture of employing friends to subsidise their pensions on strange boards and underwriting weird and wonderful office developments will lead to further taxes and user pays charges, obviously islanders will become poorer. That probably means you.

    The question is how much quality of life will disappear before the islanders who are low and middle earners, will say enough is enough. It will of course happen but then the cupboard will be bare and the family jewels sold if left to long. How about the 150 year leases of bits of Jersey been given away to private business behind closed doors. The sooner the better the islanders start the fight back is the answer, and the blogs are the catalyst and leading the charge.

    The fightback should start this October when the old school of tax and spend by wealthy globe trotting extravagant politicians are disposed of through the ballot box.I am not a left wing tree hugger. Just a business man who has no time for the self interest party in this Government, who lie about being transparent and then do not want emails and other revealing information put in the public domain. This happened in Germany and is happening in Russia and they have the gaul to call Jersey democratic and open.

  3. Mathew Price - simply a laughable hopeless clown.

    Breath-taking bias in classic BBC in Jersey mode; happy to let Philip Ozouf make allegations of theft - without a breath of challenge; won't let Shona Pitman state the bleeding obvious, that JEP runs smear-campaigns against anti-establishment people.

    You know, anyone but the self-blinded ego-maniacs of hick-town local broadcasting would have been embarrassed by such a shameful "performance".

    But perhaps the most laughable thing in the comparison - is that he managed to not ask Philip Ozouf - even once - the plain and obvious questions that need asking.

    Oh, you know - stuff like the vires of the government abusing its market position and power - and whether it's structurally lawful for a shareholder to combine in the same entity, statutory & administrative powers of Treasury Minster - and on how many other occasions has similar politicised intervention occurred by the States to alter or even thwart the free-market choices of private entities?

    Still - we can't be surprised at such lame non-performance by the BBC in Jersey - this is, after all, the organisation that had close connections with necrophiliac and child rapist Jimmy Savile - the same organisation that's refused to use damming & dynamite evidence from the legally suspended Police Chief Graham Power.


  4. Why don't you allow Shona Pitman to make all her allegations against people uncensored on your blog then?

    1. You appear to be missing the point. State Radio wouldn’t allow her to make any allegations and cut her mic off. Yet Philip Ozouf can go on and make very serious allegations, not only does his mic not get cut off but also he’s not even asked to substantiate them. One rule for one………………………

    2. There's a big difference between making allegations about a named individual on air and making a general statement that something is stolen without naming anyone.

    3. Quite right. Matthew Price had named Rico Sorda as mentioned in my e-mail to him and Senator Ozouf (main posting) which neither of them have acknowledged

      “As you mentioned, live on air, that the e-mail(s) were published on a local Blog run by Rico Sorda I was left with the impression (as other listeners must have been) that Rico Sorda might have stolen them and I would hope that you wouldn't want your listeners to have that impression?”

    4. Speaking of stolen e-mails one must not forget the actions of disgraced former Housing Minister DEPUTY SEAN POWER.

  5. Great letter to Radio Jersey. I wait to see their reply with interest.

    The skill of the interviewer is to ask the questions the listeners want to hear the answers to, and also to listen to the answers, process them live, and follow up, so that assumptions can be teased out, and claims tested, so that the listener ends up better-informed than when they started.

    This does not seem to happen

  6. I spotted a typo there; my comment should say..."the illegally suspended Police Chief Graham Power."

    And the suspension was illegal - plainly.

    An action by Jersey's out-of-control, unaccountable - and frankly dangerous - public authorities, expressly designed to deprive the great majority of ordinary, powerless people of their right to effective, objective policing - and in particular, policing protection from illegality by those working in the public authorities.

    Where is the BBC in Jersey - in the face of this evidenced, illegal coup against the objective rule of law?

    Still in Jimmy-Savile-mode - burying the true facts - not least beneath an avalanche of omission and silence.

    And whilst I'm writing, if Shona & Trevor Pitman would like to do a guest-posting on my blog - I'm very happy to make them that offer here & now.


  7. Impartial independent fair balanced an honest as long as it's the bloggers you are attacking and not the Jersey Evening Propaganda.

  8. What plans were in place as of 2009 for RBC to move to the waterfront merited the urgency mentioned?

    1. I know very little of the ins and outs concerning the move/purchase etc. The point of this Blog Posting was to further demonstrate the bias, and amateurism of the island's State Media.

    2. Then mission accomplished, again.


  9. If pinched e-mails are appearing on the citizens media blogs then this makes you a criminal enterprise.

    1. Anybody/Blog who speaks out against the government is considered a criminal enterprise in Jersey. “Leaked” e-mails or not.

  10. Hi VFC,

    Well done for yet another well argued and well evidenced blog.

    You and others commented on difficulties you were having with your comments being stuck with the moderators on the first of LMG's Newsweek articles.


    Most of my comments had been published immediately or quite quickly, especially the early ones.
    Several other of my comments had also been stuck with the moderators.

    Within the last few hours three of my "stuck" comments have now been published.

    One which you will perhaps particularly appreciate (debunking David Rose & Daily Mail) had been stuck for a full 7 days !


    Disappointing it took so long for Newsweek to check out before publishing but it is likely that they are being ultra cautions if sizable chunks of Jersey taxpayer's money is being misdirected to lawyers to threaten Newsweek to try to stop the truth getting out.

    Shall keep watching. Newsweek's initial disbelief has perhaps turned to "you couldn't make it up - But it checks out"

    Still waiting on a couple of items but mindful just to defend the position not to steal LMG's well deserved thunder.

  11. Where does ozouf accuse rico of stealing emails!!!!!!!!

  12. With all due respect, do you think the BBC cares less about your constant e-mailing of them?
    Something tells me I doubt it and it will be marked as spam.

    1. “With all due respect” I rarely e-mail the BBC knowing that I am blacklisted and only do so to add more evidence to demonstrate why I should not have to pay the license fee and to further demonstrate how it silences dissenting voices.

      “With all due respect” do you not find it alarming that the BBC can be so overtly bias and/or amateur?

  13. Leaked documents are nothing new. Do not let this age old occurrence of whistle blowers become the issue. This plays into the hands of those playing that hand.

  14. Hi VFC,

    I have been asked on more than one occasion if I have stolen some emails. The answer is an emphatic No.

    I was leaked the emails by a source. I will say no more than that.

    I believe BBC Jersey are moving in the right direction. This is a slow progress but it is progress. The Matthew Price show is the political show. The Shona Pitman Interview was nothing sort of a disaster and i'm sure that Matthew price might admit that that was not his greatest moment. I have been interested in what happens next. I thought that Matthew Price was good with the Chief Minister during 'Duhamelgate' gate some weeks back. The questions are getting asked. The questions were also asked in the above interview with Senator Ozouf. I agree the 'Stolen' issue should have been pulled up. Like I say I have been asked if I did, which is quite ridiculous really, when all the Jersey Media have them. It looks like I was included in the leaked mailing list.

    I want BBC Jersey to keep getting better. Matthew price, love him or loath him, has certainly upped his game since the SP interview. I want MP to keep doing this, not for me, but for the people of Jersey. For me, this is all about the people of jersey. Times are changing. Father Time is descending on Jersey faster than anyone can imagine. Th old guard are getting older and their hiding places getting smaller.

    I have changed my approach in 2014

    Jersey needs change. You can almost feel that change is coming sometime in the not to distant future.


  15. Sen Ozouf has a blog (http://www.ozouf.je/blog/), latest posting 17th January. So does that not make him a blogger too? Therefore does the general indictment of the claim of conspiracy theories on blogs not also include him?

    1. A reasonable question doctor, but I think you will find that blogs are like journalists. Either 'Acredited' by the Establishment, or not.

      The unsubstantiated slight only applies to 'unacredited' blogs.

      As said by the first commenter :
      as in Animal Farm "Some are more equal than others."

  16. I see Anonymous Jersey's most outspoken critic is everywhere once again. Why are so many people in Jersey so scared of being named? If you refused to take Anonymous comments you Jersey bloggers would have virtually no comments at all. In any case they have no validity. Imagine somebody being charged with murder on the basis of 10 witnesses that cannot be identified. It would be a joke wouldn't it..

    1. Hi Dearjon,
      "Why are so many people in Jersey so scared of being named?"

      You have to ask?
      They will hunt you down like wolves.

      The bureaucrats and shysters, the "parish mafia" -and if that was not enough, the barely disguised fascist trolls:


      BTW, So sorry about your family's misfortunes
      Fight the good fight.

    2. Dearjon,

      I too am very sorry about your family's tragedy. Despite Norton leaving BBC Jersey under a cloud, to find him back on hosting the recent BBC Christmas Auction was very poor taste indeed.

      I agree with the comment above. In short, it's 'fear' and 'The Jersey Way' that keep our names off our comments. Critising Jersey is not acceptable. It's a prominent yet 'unwritten' policy persused at any length by the establishment and enhanced by the 'acreditted media'. Disent in Jersey is always crushed- irrespective of cost (Syvret super-injunction case).
      Criticism will not be tolerated. There is no platform for it (no party politics in Jersey) and many dissenters are portrayed as mentally ill. Critics are publically slaughtered including those who don't even live here- Leah McGrath Goodman, John Christensen, Richard Murphy, John Hemming etc. Jersey must address big issues if it wants to be regarded a 'real' big nation.

  17. Leaked documents!!! LETS HAVE MORE PLEASE.

  18. Save our Ronez Point!31 January 2014 at 09:59

    The karters are trying to steal Ronez Point again - see JEP p13 23-1-14.

    Not all that long ago there was public protest about the kart club trying to seize public land for their own use, extinguishing a much loved and widely used main road with the best views on the north coast. After a meeting in St. John's parish hall, it appeared that the club had got the message and withdrawn their takeover attempt.

    All of a sudden out of nowhere we now read in the JEP of an attempted fait accompli, a headline "Karters on track for a home of their own" - as the Royal Court is set to decide the matter on 25th February! This is being railroaded through by Asst Treasury Minister Eddie Noel, supported by Senator Sarah Fergusson who asked a question about this in the States. If it wasn't for her question and the JEP report, the public wouldn't even know about this attempt to steal our land! St. John Constable Phil Rondel seems quite happy to allow this if his parishioners agree, but it appears that the rest of us islanders cannot have any say in the matter! The road will be officially extuinguished and we will lose the right to enjoy the magnificent views from the fine vantage point, unless the people act now to save Ronez Point before it's too late!

    Will somebody PLEASE protect our public land from these selfish landgrabbers?

  19. Call me 'conspiracy obsessive ' but could you not see how a certain group of communication professionals might sit down in a 'skinny latte' misted room and discuss how to use the blogs to 'our benefit'.
    Having seen how those outside the room had used the 'anonymous' letter approach to discredit by inference the Pitmans, they took the decision to feed in a story that they 'held possession of' in that a robust and credible defence to the 'tasty worm on the hook' leaked email was ready for use once the gullible had pulled the line tight.The reality has been that no-one has really gone over the top with the story and so it was up to the main player to stamp his foot and claim foul, a little louder than he might have wanted to.
    So keep it up, be suspicious and 'professionally circumspect', and that will deny the 'skinny lattes' access to your territory.

    1. And so it begins ! Ian 'falling on my own sword'Gorst promotes Senator Ozouf to Assistant Chief Minister on an equal footing to Foreign Minister Bailhache.The ground is set for a simple choice between the two candidates for Chief Minister if you are right thinking of course , you would of course have to be congenitally stupid to think there might be any alternatives! Altogether now Baa! Baa!

  20. 'Do not let this age old occurrence of whistle blowers become the issue.'
    Any chance we can start calling so called 'whistleblowers' truth tellers?

  21. JEP Friday 7th February. Former editor Rob Shipley has started writing one of those regular column pieces (think Helier Clement, Peter Body, Paula Thelwell, etc)

    His first column is a light-hearted look at being 65 and keeping fit by going for coastal walks. Nevertheless, out of nowhere, and completely incongruously, he mentions "a skull fragment that turned out to be a bit of coconut".

    We never did get an explanation for the collagen and the questionable off-island handling of that exhibit, did we?

  22. No we didn't but the JEP have never let THE FACTS get in the way of a "Tooth Fairy" story. And it wonders why it's going down the pan?