Wednesday, 15 February 2012

BBC Jersey Impartial, Balanced, Honest?

Just what is BBC Jersey's role in island news gathering and imparting that news to its listeners and viewers, fairly, objectively, honestly and impartialy? Below are a set of e-mails, mostly ignored by managing director, and editor of BBC Jersey, Jon Gripton.

Readers will note that the first e-mail (below) from VFC to Mr. Gripton, sent four months ago, (which was ignored) merely asks the question is the BBC going to add balance to a prosecution case they reported on, now that they are in possession of the defence case? Readers will also note that the last e-mail asks that very same question, which too has been ignored.

Bloggers in Jersey have torn apart the "official line" concerning the Child Abuse Enquiry under the leadership of Gradwell and Warcup. Bloggers have torn apart the "official line" concerning the (possibly illegal) suspension of our most senior Police Officer Graham Power QPM. We have been the first with the breaking news, all with documented evidence, and the silence of the BBC has been deafening.

We (Bloggers) have done all we can to encourage the BBC to adhere to its charter but to very little, or no, avail. We hoped that since the JEP (Jersey's only "news"paper) and ITV's Channel Television have lost just about any credibility they might have enjoyed at one time, we hoped that Mr. Gripton would not want the BBC to been shown in the same light............

Mr. Gripton, in one of his very rare replies tells us "We remain impartial, independent, fair, balanced and honest in all aspects of our work" but continues to ignore the questions and offers no evidence of his claim.




In anticipation of a possible up-coming Blog posting and in order for me to be factually correct, and accurate, could you please clarify a couple of things for me?

Firstly, as we are all aware, Mr. Syvret furnished you with a copy of the Former Jersey Police Chief Graham Power's statement to the Wiltshire Constabulary. Could you please let me know the date this was given to you?

As the BBC extensively covered the Wiltshire Report, by reporting on the Press Conference and States Sitting given by Home Affairs Minister Senator Ian Le Marquand as well as interviewing him and considering the Wiltshire Report is/was the prosecution case against Mr. Power do you not have some kind of an obligation to report on Mr. Power's defence case? If so, could you tell me why you haven't reported any of it?

You will be well aware that there are a growing number of people who believe that the BBC are State Controlled and by not reporting Mr. Power's defence case will add weight to this theory/assumption. If you do intend on reporting on it, could you let me know why it is taking so long? One would imagine you have been handed an "exclusive" by Mr. Syvret and there is always the risk that another "news" outlet could obtain this document and lose the BBC this exclusive. That is of course unless you are confident that none of Jersey's Mainstream Media have, or are looking for, a copy of Mr. Power's statement or will not report on it even if they did have a copy?

Hope you are able to address my concerns/questions and help try and restore a little confidence and trust in the BBC.



Although my latest Blog Posting here is an exclusive I have no objections should the BBC wish to report any, or all, of it should you find anything of public interest or "news"worthy in it. There will be no need to credit VFC should the BBC choose to report it as my primary purpose it to protect children and families in, what has become a lawless island.




I am saddened and worried that you found nothing newsworthy, nor of public interest in the statement (below) released by the Former Chief of Police. Unfortunately though, Im not at all surprised.



From Jon Gripton.

I acknowledge receipt of your emails.



I would like to bring to your attention the latest Blog posting by Rico Sorda and ask if you believe (as I and others do) that the BBC have an obligation to Report on Mr. Sorda's and Former Police Chief Graham Power's findings?

Do you (BBC) see anything newsworthy or of public interest in the Blog posting?




Have any of your "journalists" even thought about contacting Rico Sorda or Graham Power concerning Mr. Sorda's latest Blog Posting?




I enclose a link to Rico Soda's latest Blog Posting. You will note that he has published the Letter from David Warcup that resulted in the (possibly illegal) suspension of Jersey's most senior police officer. The Warcup letter, in my opinion, proves that there is/was corruption at the highest level in Jersey's administration. Could I ask if the BBC believe there is a "public interest" in broadcasting/reporting this letter and if not why not?




Along with Graham Power's 62,000 word statement to Wiltshire, David Warcup's letter that got Mr. Power illegally suspended, that you have buried. I would like to offer you the loan of a shovel (yours must be pretty worn out by now) as here is another document you will be able to bury in that ever growing whole.

Don't you feel any shame, or embarrassment, as a supposed "journalist" when a Blogger is, not only leaked this stuff and you, the "accredited" media are clearly not trusted with it? Do you feel any shame, embarrassment or guilt that a Blogger HAS to shoulder the worry and burden of publishing this material because you bury it? Rico Sorda has to live in the daily fear of having his door kicked in by a 10 strong politicised police force because he's doing your job.

Hang your head in shame Jon and please don't ever insult the profession of journalism by proclaiming to be a journalist, you're nothing of the sort.


14/02/2012 From Rico Sorda to Jon Gripton.

Dear Mr Gripton,

Could you please explain to me why  BBC Jersey haven't covered the David Warcup Letter or the Met Interim Report that I have published on my blog. These are probably the most infamous two documents concerning the Jersey Child Abuse Investigation and the illegal suspension of a Chief Of police. We have a breakdown of the rule of Law in Jersey. What is BBC Jersey going to do?

Is it all really about carrot cake and a bit of rugby on a Saturday afternoon? If it is then please just tell me. The safety of children in Jersey depends on the Media to break the stories that the goverment try to hide. This isn't happening. This is what I will be explaining to a Committee of Enquiry. Whay does my BBC remain silent on such grave issues? I need and require an explanaition please. It will help me understand when the Jersey Stazi kick in my front door served with a warrent from the Bailhache burger bar.

Kind Regards

Rico Sorda

14/02/2011 Jon Gripton reply's.

Dear Mr Sorda and VFC.
Thank you for the emails and the familiar insults.
As I have previously communicated, I do not provide a running commentary on our journalism.
I am aware of your blogs.
You will be aware we have reported on some aspects of your material, and will continue to do so.
We remain impartial, independent, fair, balanced and honest in all aspects of our work.
Kind regards
Jon Gripton.



How can you claim to be impartial, independent, fair, balanced and honest when you have had Graham Power's "defence case" for around four months and not reported a single word of it? You broadcast and published sections of the prosecution case, therefore in the interest of just basic fairness you have an obligation to report on the defence case.

The question is a simple one why won't/haven't you added some balance to the prosecution case that you published/broadcast?

Readers are encouraged to view the links contained in the e-mails sent to Mr. Gripton. Ask yourselves have you seen, or heard any of them, from the BBC? Then readers might want to ask themselves if they agree with Mr. Gripton when he said 
"We remain impartial, independent, fair, balanced and honest in all aspects of our work." 

Due to the death threats, threats of physical violence and threats to harm my children because of this Blog's campaign in seeking the truth behind the Jersey Child Abuse and related events, the name "VFC" in the e-mails is a replacement.


  1. Should it not be Graham Power contacting the BBC if it is his words with Wiltshire and don't you also think by putting up posts like this you will just be distancing the BBC even further?

  2. “Should it not be Graham Power contacting the BBC.”

    You completely miss the point; it’s the BBC who should be contacting Mr. Power, in the interest of fairness and balance after publishing/broadcasting on the prosecution case against him………It’s in there charter and one of the basics of “journalism” tell both sides of a story.

    “don't you also think by putting up posts like this you will just be distancing the BBC even further?”

    Further than what, further than them not reporting items of public interest and adding balance to the stuff they have reported on?

    It’s not about “distance” it’s about informing the public and basic fairness.

  3. I still think it should be Graham Power contacting them and not 3rd parties. Actually neither Power or Harper ever seem to expand on any of your blogging at the right time. Are they genuinely as interested in this as you areor are they fed up?

  4. Anyone with concerns can contact the BBC.

    It is not only Mr. Power affected with the issues surround Mr. Powers suspension at the height of the child abuse investigation.

    Why did it happen.

    Who was responsible.

    Costs involved.

    etc etc etc.

  5. “I still think it should be Graham Power contacting them and not 3rd parties.”

    You still don’t get it. It’s not about Lenny Harper/Graham Power, it’s about “journalism” or lack of it. It’s about the obligation of the BBC to report the “news” to report subjects of public interest and to report them fairly and impartially. If the BBC report on a prosecution case, they have a duty to report on the defense case don’t they?

  6. Okay well that's up to them then. If they can't be bothered to contact Graham Power then you cannot force them and it's a waste of time getting het up about it.

  7. Well I’m glad we agree that the BBC are not fulfilling their obligation to fairness and balance.

  8. The Denver Gals have written a number of emails to BBC UK over the past two years, complaining about Jersey bias/lack of coverage, and to provide news tips with links to your blogs. We have copied some of these emails to BBC journalists and news departments directly. We always receive an auto-reply within about 24 hours promising a timely response to our concerns, but that response never comes...

    Denver Gals

  9. VFC, well done. Mr Gipton doesn't make a move because he is trapped. His reputation is ruined. He has nothing to say. It's up to his employers now.

  10. "Hang your head in shame Jon and please don't ever insult the profession of journalism by proclaiming to be a journalist, you're nothing of the sort."

    Is this an example of the "familiar insults"?

    The Beano is not the Rag

  11. Denver Gals.

    A number of us, in the past, have tried going down the complaints route of the BBC. We quickly became aware that it was nothing more than a box ticking exercise and total waste of time. All we have left in Jersey, due to the lack of an independent media is our Blogs. Thank you for your support.

    The Beano is not the rag.

    “Is this an example of the "familiar insults"?”

    What it is, is an excuse to divert away from the very legitimate questions being asked of him/the BBC…………IMO.

  12. We learned early on that emailing BBC UK with complaints was a complete waste of time, but we thought copying those emails to various other BBC journalists and news departments might get the word out. But, no. We have also tried using only news department email addresses to provide news "tips", assisted by a journalist here in Denver, bypassing any complaints procedure, but we received nothing in response.

    Denver Gals

  13. The scary thing here is that the survivors of abuse always said that they went to the authorities including the local media and they did nothing. This is still going on. No one has learnt anything these past 4 years.

    They even illegally suspended a police chief and no one does anything, apart that is, from a couple of decent politicians.

    Like I said in my posting

    In Jersey

    The Ending is just the beginning Repeating

    This Island is Toxic to its very core


  14. One more thing we should add: In the US, it quite standard for news consumers to rely on blogs as well as msm for info.

    Blogs can be dreadful or they can be responsibly well sourced, as with any other media outlet. Many more readers are now obtaining most or all their news online, combining use of msm websites with independent online sources like yours. Independent journos like yourselves compete head on for awards, and today there are a good number of very well respected investigative journalists who work exclusively online without affiliation with any msm.

    It is probably more accurate to refer to online topical news sites like yours as "independent media," because they are becoming mainstream in public perception.

    Would one difference perhaps be the level of respect and credit afforded to your independent sites by the Jersey msm and the public? We believe you should be treated with far more courtesy by Mr. Gripton and the political establishment, and be given credit for your higher journalistic standards.

    The Denver Gals

  15. @Denver Girls

    I think that you have proven to yourselves how tightly packed they come when looking after themselves.
    And here is another example:


    The Beano is not the Rag

  16. I think I might cross the street to plant one our man at the BBC!

    Pucker up - it's tongues Jon, just like the man did to me when I was 12 years old.

    You get the rest later.

    Bill X

  17. There’s been a comment submitted by “Bill.” I’m not sure if I’m reading it right, but it could sound like a threat of physical violence. Could Bill just make it clear that this is NOT the case before publication?

  18. How can a kiss be a statement of violence? It is what happened to me when I was 12 as I stated in my post. At the time that happened to me it was child abuse - only I did no realise it!

    So I am just providing Jon with an insight of that of that moment. Something for him to imagine and .............shiver.

    He can reflect on the post and how it make him feel.

    Touch sensitive posting on VFC!

    Then - he can reflect on whether the silence of the BBC serves the wider population of Jersey, as it should? Is the BBC's reluctance to report Graham Power's statement serving the island well, or just those who prefer to sidestep the unpleasant facts of child abuse?

    Ironically by not reporting on Graham Power's reply and thereby probably complying with wishes of those that run the island, the 'paedophiles welcome' sign has been hung over the island, and the same notice included in each advertisement placed by the tourist office.

    It is all very foolish - unknowingly they are advertising Jersey to those who have an unhealthy interest in the young.

    Does this answer you request?


  19. Bill.

    I clearly had read your comment wrong and thank you for the clarification. It reminds us that this is all about the DECADES of Child Abuse that was able to, and possibly still able to, continue on this, very sick and twisted, island.

  20. An administration which knows about child abuse but fails to deal with it openly and effectively empowers remaining perpetrators, and attracts others - the "welcome sign" as Bill puts it.

    South East Asia is the model to which Jersey is aspiring. Mr Gadd might arrive at any moment to confer his approval of the place.

    Meanwhile the States, police, and media will all remain silent to avoid Jersey ‘being shafted internationally,' completely oblivious to the fact that they are shafting Jersey with spectacular aplomb.

    Jersey has further attractions to perpetrators, the principal one being that there is no mandatory requirement to report allegations of child abuse or discovered child abuse to the authorities. So wherever children are being looked after by ‘responsible adults’ in 'loco parentis,' the abused child has no right to have either allegations or actual abuse reported to police or social services.

    A new strap-line for the Tourist office:


    turning a blind eye to almost everything

  21. An extract from the CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE: A STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK FOR JERSEY says: “..............reports to the Police concerning child protection issues rose by 159% in 2008. This was consolidated by a further 2.4% increase in 2009 when the Police dealt with 421 such referrals.”

    It is estimated that the average career perpetrator abuses 180+ children in a lifetime. (Police)

    1 in 6 children are sexually abused before 16yrs (Lucy Faithfull Foundation) which of course does not include physical or emotional abuse.

    Only 10% of child abuse crimes are reported to the Police (Lancet report Nov 2008)

    A review of the Lancet report is in the Guardian. The audio piece will be eye opening for some.

    Is Jon getting it yet?

  22. ''I do not provide a running commentary on our journalism

    Why would that be? Is it because journalism requires knowledge.

    Jon will be aware the public do not have the knowledge as BBC choose not to report both sides of an argument for balance.

    An example would be the Wiltshire report. The BBC have provided, a piece only beneficial to the States of Jersey.

    For Jon to provide comments on journalism he would need to share his knowledge on Mr. Powers defence report he was given.

    Comments on this blog do not prove BBC Jersey is impartial balanced or honest Jon has a right of reply and reply he did.

  23. 'Familiar insults'! Well from where I am sitting nothing insulting has been said, and if the truth hurts, so be it Mr Gripton.

    Rico may have been a tad amusing, but does Mr Gripton not realise the frustration of local people, and in particular bloggers, who do such an excellent job, which the (accredited) media fail to do.

    Have you considered sending this posting and its comments direct to the BBC VFC?

    The arrogance of this man in not responding in a full and timely fashion is well - not professional to put it mildly. As payers of a licence fee we, the public have a right to know why we are paying for a service that is not fit for purpose. I would rather put my money in the hands of the bloggers.

  24. A Mass Boycotte of the television license fee would soon se shock waves across the bbc trust board that the jersey branch could not keep silent on any more.

    if its not fit for perpose then withhold funding it.

    I've never understood this poll tax imposed on us by a foerign govenment that we cannot vote for?

    Can somebody explain?

  25. "I've never understood this poll tax imposed on us by a foerign govenment that we cannot vote for? Can somebody explain?"

    YES!!! Easily, but will you listen???


  26. FYI I met a BBC lawyer at a party in the UK in 2009 and I mentioned BBC Jersey bias reporting. The response was "I am aware of it but it's not my section."
    Last year I completed the BBC Trust questionairre, highlighting BBC Jersey bias. I have a copy of this.
    I also wrote a complaint to BBC Complaints but as I was not satisfied with the reply, I'm following this up.
    More recently I sent my 'suggestion' to the BBC authorities.

    A Jersey Resident.

  27. "if its not fit for perpose then withhold funding it."

    And the problem is with that is that they would pick out vulnerable people to prosecute and persecute. This is what my solicitor Richard Wise was fighting, he was getting women who had been jailed for non payment of TV licences and crimes like that, out of prison. He was fighing against the deliberate criminalisation of people who had been institutionally abused. He's dead now, and the way he died according to the media just does not tally with what I knew about him personally - he was my solicitor, I saw him shortly before he died, and he SUDDENLY went very very ill, before that he was fit as a fiddle, bounding up stairs two at a time, he did when he took me to his Stoke On Trent office, bounding up them like a stag, and me in tow, and his complexion was clear, he did not look ill at all! I cannot and wont believe that man was suffering a long term fatal illness.

  28. I have to pay the TV licence. If I do not, I know that I would be prosecuted. I know from experience that there are people who would love to pin something, anything, on me, any excuse to deliberatly criminalise me.

    I didn't want to fill in the Census either. I was terrified of filling in that form, because I don't trust Lockheed Martin's integrity, especially after finding out that Eagle Associates (who invited the American paedophile psychologist Richard Gardner to the UK to give talks on child protection) were a part of them, so I did not want to put intimate details of my life on that form. I was forced to, I was one of the first of the Census abstainers to have visits from what some of us called the "Census Gestappo", two big scary looking men on my doorstep. and repeated visits from big men. I ended up having to fill that in, threatened by court action.

    That is why I ended up with two police officers on my doorstep a year ago without even having checked to see if there was any evidence at all for the crime I was maliciously and falsely accused of committing. Yet when I went to the police with actual evidence - which I showed to the police - of hate crime, nothing can be done.

    I feel like an outlaw - yet I carefully strive to keep all the laws! I feel like I have something akin to the mark of Cain on me. I'm sure other people know exactly what I am talking about. I feel like a tightrope walker - that if I so much as put one toe out of position, I will be pounced upon.

    So I dare not not pay the BBC Mafia television licence. I feel like a frightened rabbit, screaming. I hope the people who do this to us feel a hundred times the terror that they make us feel.

  29. When are all the disgruntled Jersey blog people going to meet in the pub and start forming an anti-BBC Jersey group?

  30. When is Mr Jon Gripton going to wake up to the extensive and entranced culture of corruption amongst BBC Jersey staffers?

    Not saying he's a part of it. Admittedly, the majority of it already in place and ingrained before his arrival in Jersey, but bloody hell, if he isn't aware of it, or can't see it, he must be the only person.

    It's so bloody widespread the whole island know it.

  31. Some years ago, a CIs travel company owned and run by people in the Bailiwick of Guernsey was exposed in the travel trade for arranging "child sex" trips to Thailand.
    We contacted BBC Jersey and Guernsey with the information and some further research but both declined to take the matter up. They explained that since the child sex was taking place in Thailand it was not of local concern but if it had been a Thai company bringing sex tourists to the CIs then they would be prepared to act!

  32. Look, we may agree with you,that the heads of various local media are incompetent,but does that mean we are entitled to resort to name calling. Its nothing better than playground taunting,adds nothing to the issue and annoys the hell out of me. As much as I agree with your blogging issues,I feel a time coming when this tiresome insulting will drive me away.
    ex JHB

  33. The only thing that Jon feels is Fear of his masters. You are no man Jon you are a mouse.