Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Scrutiny Call for Evidence.


On the 3rd of July 2017 The Jersey Independent Care Inquiry (IJCI) delivered its damming REPORT on the decades of Child Abuse carried out in Jersey State run "care" homes and elsewhere across the island. The Panel, as part of its report, made 8 key recommendations which can be found in the link above or the shorter version can be read HERE.

In response to that report, and recommendations, a Scrutiny Sub Panel (The Care of Children in Jersey review Panel) was formed which is tasked with monitoring the Children's Minister's progress (or not) in implementing the 8 key recommendations of the IJCI. In December 2018 the Panel presented to the States its quarterly REPORT where it had set out its findings concerning the implementation (or not) of (IJCI) recommendations 1-4.

The Panel is now looking for evidence, from institutions and members of the public, from witnesses who have experience/knowledge of recommendations 5-8. The closing date for written submissions is this coming Friday 16th August 2019. Oral evidence can be given past this date. Its Terms of Reference, and contact details can be found HERE.


Some readers might (like myself) believe that all witnesses who gave evidence to the IJCI (like myself) will be receiving a letter from the Scrutiny Panel inviting them to make a submission/give evidence to it. This is because local (Old Media) ITV/CTV, who has a long history of broadcasting Fake News, told it viewer(s) this in a report last month. As I hadn't received a letter from the Panel I contacted them explaining I had given evidence to the IJCI HERE,  HERE, and HERE and not received an invitation (as reported by ITV/CTV) to give evidence to the panel. The Scrutiny Officer (who has been extremely helpful) told me:

"I’m afraid it was incorrectly reported that the Panel were writing to all those who gave evidence to the Inquiry."

I asked the Scrutiny Officer if he would contact ITV/CTV and suggest they broadcast a correction to its "incorrect reporting" because potential witnesses might believe, because they haven't received an invitation/letter from the Panel, they are not required to give evidence. The Scrutiny Officer told me that, after making contact with it, ITV/CTV will amend anything necessary on its website but would NOT broadcast a correction as I understand it. I explained to the Scrutiny Officer the long history of ITV/CTV's Fake News and in particular when it comes to do with anything about (Child)Abuse. I sent a link backing up (with hard evidence) the long and sordid history of ITV/CTV's Fake News reporting HERE to suggest, it is more likely than not, that the "misreporting" is more of a design than a mistake. No correction was broadcast (to the best of my knowledge).

In the hope of minimising the potential damage caused (again) by ITV/CTV and to, hopefully encourage witnesses to come forward, we asked Chairman of the Panel, Deputy Rob Ward if he would agree to an interview and explain what kind of evidence the panel is looking for and from whom. The Chairman was very accommodating, agreed to an interview (below) and answered our questions as best he could.

VFC's  interest primarily with recommendation 7 (The Jersey Way):

"13.18 "Throughout the course of our work we heard the term the “Jersey Way”. While this was, on occasions, used with pride, to describe a strong culture of community and voluntary involvement, it was more often used to describe a perceived system whereby serious issues are swept under the carpet and people avoid being held to account for abuses that have been perpetrated. This was well summarised in the contribution of a Phase 3 witness who told us:

“We (also) have the impossible situation of the non-separation of powers between the judiciary and political and there is a lot of secrecy, non-transparency and a lack of openness. This brings with it the lack of trust, the fear factor that many have spoken about and contributes greatly to the Jersey Way.”

"13.19 That fear factor and lack of trust must be addressed, therefore we recommend that open consideration involving the whole community be given to how this negative perception of the “Jersey Way” can be countered on a lasting basis. While constitutional matters are out with our Terms of Reference, we are of the opinion that this matter cannot be addressed without further consideration of the recommendations made in the Clothier and Carswell Reports."(END)

"The Jersey Way" and "fear factor" are not exclusive to matters concerning Child Abuse and is the culture of those who run this Island, as in Crown Officers Bailiff/Deputy Bailiff and the Law Offices Department. People live in fear of retaliation/persecution if they speak up/out and we feel this is NOT being adequately (if at all) addressed and might prevent witnesses coming forward to give evidence to this panel's review. We have previously reported on recommendation 7 and explained (or former possibly illegally suspended Police Chief Graham Power did) the far reaching (beyond Child Abuse) consequences of it HERE.

We asked Chairman Deputy Rob Ward, in regards to recommendation 7, if people have evidence of alleged political/judicial corruption, could they give this evidence to the panel/review? What assurances (if any) could he give those wishing to submit evidence that they won't become victims of "The Jersey way" and face persecution/retaliation? What "legal status" does people's written submissions have? Could the Attorney General's Office come after somebody for what they have written in their submission? The irony of that is, the Panel will no doubt be getting its advice from none other than....................The Attorney General's Office.

We thank Deputy Ward for the in-depth, exclusive, interview and hope that those who feel able, will make contact with the Panel (links provided above) and submit evidence. Not only on recommendation 7 but 5,6 and 8 also.

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Exclusive Interview with Former Deputy Trevor Pitman.

Trevor Pitman

Former Deputy Trevor Pitman will need no introduction to long-time readers/viewers of VFC or the local Blog scene. Trevor, along with his wife, former Deputy Shona Pitman, both represented St. Helier Districts 1 (Trevor) and 2 (Shona).

Both were outspoken critics of "The Jersey Way" or "THE JERSEY SITUATION" and inevitably/ironically/predictably both ended up victims of it. That story is well rehearsed and not for topic of this particular Blog Posting but will no doubt be discussed at a later date. In a nutshell both were made bankrupt in a politicised Jersey Court which automatically debars them from holding political office. Subsequently they lost their seats/jobs/house and were driven from the Island (The Jersey Way). But as discussed in the video interview below, if it turns out that half the Jersey politicians are potential criminals, (discrepancies with election expenses forms) then it is deemed by the Attorney General as "not in the public interest" to prosecute (The Jersey Way).

After being forced off the Island Trevor and Shona travelled Europe and have now settled in the UK.

During (and after) Trevor's time as a St. Helier Deputy he published his own Blog (which is still available in "My Blog-list" on the left-hand side of this Blog) Called THE BALD TRUTH which later became (also available in "My Blog-list) NOT THE STATE MEDIA.

Trevor took a (5 year) break from Blogging and, we are pleased to say, has decided to return and is launching a new Blogsite. The launch date is Wednesday 7th August 2019 and we will add it to "My Blog-list" as well as publish a link to it in the comments section of this posting.

With the launch of his new Blogsite in mind we interviewed Trevor a couple of days ago to ask, among much more, what topics will be covered? Has he been keeping an eye on "The Jersey Situation?" What does he think of the New States Assembly? Will he be reporting on the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry (IJCI) and the implementation  (or not) of its recommendations? We discussed how far forward (back) things have come (gone) since the IJCI published its REPORT and not surprisingly he was as disgusted as we are as to how far things have gone back as demonstrated by Home Affairs Minister LEN NORMAN.

We asked if "The Bald Truth Review" will be making a return? Long-time readers/viewers will remember Trevor would regularly publish a video with a round-up of current/political affairs which proved to be quite popular with his "LEEK OF THE WEEK" and "A TREAT FOR TROLLS" not forgetting his catchphrase "If you don't do politics, politics will do YOU."

William Bailhache

Further discussed in the interview below are subjects like "discrepancies" of the current Bailiff, and former Attorney General William Bailhache, concerning his "reason(s)" for not prosecuting an alleged prolific PEDOPHILE. Once more the "official line" does not stack up and has not been questioned by the Old Media (formerly known as MSM). We ask the former Deputy if he has plans of returning to Jersey politics? How the Jersey (so-called) "JUSTICE" system is used as a tool to silence political dissent(ers) and those who attempt to get "justice" for Abuse Survivors. How Survivors are palmed off with a couple of quid instead of "JUSTICE."

We are sure Trevor's new Blog will be a welcome, and popular addition, to the Blog scene and hope readers/viewers will support it/him. A big thanks for the exclusive interview and look forward to the launch of his Blog on Wednesday 7the August 2019.