Monday, 21 September 2015

The Propaganda Hour.

After the latest so-called "Hot Seat" programme broadcast on State Radio, Friday just gone, Team Voice were appalled at the inadequate questioning (again) of Jersey's Chief Minister Ian Gorst.

Every month the Chief Minister is invited on to the show supposedly to be challenged on his policies, actions, and in-actions, but the reality is, there is no challenge, and the programme is little more than a Party Political Broadcast for The Establishment Party, or according to the leader of Jersey's only political party REFORM JERSEY  Deputy SAM MEZEC A "propaganda Hour."

The Chief Minister is NOT joined on the show by any politician with alternative views or policies, he holds court, and listeners could be led to believe there are no alternatives to his policies including the Medium Term Financial Plan and the austerity measures being implemented by the government. How is this a balanced view for State Radio listeners? In the interest of fairness and balance the Chief Minister should be joined on the show by somebody/ANYBODY with an alternative view or a researched/challenging compare/host. Unfortunately the BBC looks to have adopted a policy where there can be no robust political debate and politicians/people with differing views cannot be live on-air together.

If the leader of the incumbent ruling party is afforded an hour-long show every month then the same should be offered to the only official opposition party but the BBC is resisting this.

VFC spoke with Deputy Sam Mezec (video below) about the continued BBC bias, the inadequacy of the "Hot Seat" (propaganda Hour) show and much more.

Team Voice has offered to fill the void left by the (un-challenging) State Media and offered to host an online live and interactive head-to-head debate with the Chief Minister and opposition party leader Deputy Sam Mezec. Deputy Mezec has agreed to the offer and we will be e-mailing the Chief Minister to invite him on "the show."

Details of the Chief Minister's response, and hopefully the show, will follow shortly.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Statement from Francis Oldham QC.

The Chair of the IJCI Frances Oldham QC has made a statement on the progress of the Inquiry. Mrs Oldham was speaking at the close of Phase 1 of the hearings during which evidence was heard from former residents of Jersey's care system, those who worked in child care services and those accused of abuse.  

00:05 "I explained at the start of this inquiry that the intention was to hear the evidence in three phases, each of which would aim to cover specific terms of reference.
00:14 “In Phase 1 we heard evidence from those who gave accounts of physical, sexual and emotional abuse. We heard from those who worked in, or were in contact with, child care services - there will be some more evidence to hear on that. We also heard in Phase 1 from those accused of abuse.
00:32 “In October the Inquiry will begin hearings in relation to Phase 2. At that stage we will look at the decisions taken in relation to the timing of the police investigation and subsequent decisions to prosecute alleged abusers. Did those responsible for deciding which cases to prosecute take a professional approach? Was that process free from political or other interference at any level?
01:12 “Phase 3 is the final phase of the Inquiry. We will examine whether the child care system since the war was adequate. What went wrong? Has the system changed for the better and what is the way forward? As part of that process the Panel will invite views and recommendations from the community at large about the future of Jersey's children - details will shortly be published on the website.
01:40 “Let us have your views on what needs to change. What are the barriers to change in Jersey? What could you or your agency contribute to that process? We want to ensure that Jersey has a high quality and cohesive care system for its children and your contribution will assist us."
02:01 END