Saturday, 26 March 2011

Graham Power QPM Interview Part 3 (of 3)

In the final interview (of this series) with Former Jersey Chief Police Officer, Graham Power QPM, Mr. Power discusses the role of Home Affairs Minister and what he believes it should be. He also discusses the role of Jersey’s Media - that is the “discredited” media and Bloggers.

Although it’s not a view that Mr. Power necessarily shares, it is the opinion of Team Voice, that Jersey’s mainstream (“discredited”) media ARE lapdogs to our establishment and are creating a very distorted historical record of the Child Abuse, the Child Abuse Investigation and the subsequent “dubious” suspension of Mr. Power himself.

We are proud of the part we are able to play in bringing some balance to the reporting of our mainstream media and are able to provide the public, and the history books, with these in-depth interviews with the key figures in this dark period of Jersey’s history. Although we still maintain that we shouldn’t have to be doing it but are left with no choice due to the lack of any meaningful "journalism" in Jersey.

That said we are unable to bring you any in-depth interviews with the Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand, as he won’t even acknowledge receipt of our e-mails let alone answer any questions in them………and so history shall record.

Part one of this interview with Mr. Power can be viewed HERE and part 2 can be viewed HERE.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Graham Power QPM Interview Part 2 (of 3)

In part 2 of our series of exclusive and in-depth interviews with Jersey’s Former Chief of Police, Graham Power QPM, (Part one can be viewed HERE) the subject is brought back to where this all started. It all started with the Former Chief Officer and his Deputy Chief Officer, Lenny Harper, investigating and exposing decades of Child Abuse in Jersey’s State run institutions.

Decades of Child Abuse that might never had been exposed if it wasn’t for “Operation Rectangle”. Decades of Child Abuse victims/survivors remaining silent until a high profile media campaign won the trust of many survivors and victims.

This is all about Jersey’s dirty secret(s) that some people in authority would have wanted kept a secret. The very people employed by our government to nurture and “care” for them abused children in Jersey’s institutions. It’s about Child Abuse.

The quality of the Child Abuse Investigation (Operation Rectangle) according to Mr. Power, and others, is nothing more than “a sideshow.”

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Graham Power QPM Interview Part 1 (of 3)

After the very short sound-bite the Former Chief of Police, Graham Power QPM, was afforded recently by BBC Radio Jersey, Team Voice wanted the opportunity to build on it and thankfully Mr. Power agreed.

Mr. Power agreed to have a video recorded interview over the Internet with us, which is the first time Team Voice has attempted such a venture. Being the first of it’s kind for us there are a couple of minor glitches with audio and visual reflections, which we will learn by for future recordings.

The interview below, as the title suggests, is the first part of an in-depth interview with Mr. Power where he talks on subjects as the Wiltshire Report, HMIC Reports, ACPO Reports, the media, the Home Affairs Minister(s) to name but a few.

We hope that the series of interviews will add just a little bit of balance to the “story” the Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand, is running with. 

Monday, 14 March 2011

Stuart Syvret Court Case Part 2

Today was the start of Mr. Syvret's Court Case which saw a sinister turn of events. The Former Senator is in real fear of his life and the lives of his close friends.

Mr. Syvret, in this second interview below, part one being HERE tells us why the Court Case was adjourned after only forty minutes and will re-convene tomorrow.

The former Senator disclosed (off camera) in frightening detail, the macabre and sinister threats that had been received. Details of which will inevitably form part of this complex legal battle.

We must remind viewers that this is an on-going Court Case so discretion is advised if/when submitting comments.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Stuart Syvret Court Case Part 1.

Most will know by now that former Senator Stuart Syvret continues his extensive court battle this coming Monday the 14th March 2011 in the Royal Court of Jersey.

Team Voice will be reporting in depth on the Court Case and thought that we would ask the former Senator to explain, in layman terms, just what the case entails from his perspective.

Below is an extensive interview with Mr. Syvret and we hope it goes some way to explaining just what is about to take place.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

"Corruption" or “Government as Usual?”

Former Chief Police Officer Graham Power QPM has released his most damming statement yet against our government.

Readers who have been following the shambles and out-right injustices the former Police Chief has been subjected to at the hands of our - out of control - government will not be shocked or surprised at this latest turn of events.

It appears that Mr. Graham Power QPM has received word that the Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand, will be releasing the full redacted version (if that makes sense) of the Wiltshire Report some time tomorrow. In response Mr. Power QPM has issued a Press Release, re-produced (un-redacted) below.

The Wiltshire Report, as regular readers will know, is nothing more than unfounded and unproven allegations against Mr. Power. The same allegations that the Chief Minister, Terry Le Sueur has conceded in the States that Mr. Power is innocent of!

So why start dragging this Wiltshire Report up again? It's finished, over with. It's a million quids worth of tax payers money that Ian Le Marquand has been able to squander on something that is looking more and more like a "personal vendetta" by the day.

Yet again Mr. Power has been denied any notice of this release of the Wiltshire Report, just as he was denied notice, or knowledge of, the first time Senator Le Marquand come out with it.

Furthermore, since Mr. Power has not been consulted, then his agreement to the 62,000 word defence to Wiltshire being published could not have been sought.

Surely Ian Le Marquand has not been allowed to get that "out of control" that he is able to release the Wiltshire Report AGAIN without a single word of Mr. Power's defence being published AGAIN!!?


This media release has been issued following information which I have received indirectly from friends in Jersey. I have been told that the Minister for Home Affairs, Senator Ian Le Marquand intends to issue a copy of what is known as the “Wiltshire Report” concerning the abandoned disciplinary investigation into my role in relation to the Historic Abuse Enquiry. I have been told nothing about this release by the Minister or any section of the Jersey Government.  In common with the established practice of Ministers in this matter I have been offered no information on what is to be alleged, no representation or any opportunity to respond to what might be said. 

I am given to understand that the Minister may attempt to falsely claim that the document he is to release is some form of “independent report” which contains “findings” in respect of my role in the enquiry. None of this is true. The document which I am told is to be released is the “prosecution case” in respect of the disciplinary investigation which produced no disciplinary charges, no disciplinary hearing and was abandoned by the Minister after he had spent over one million pounds of public funds in pursuit of unfounded allegations regarding my role in the attempt to bring justice to the victims of the systematic child abuse conducted by Jersey Government institutions over previous decades. In 2009 I provided the Minister with a comprehensive written response to everything alleged in the Wiltshire report, prior to his abandonment of all disciplinary proceedings. Subsequent to the abandonment of disciplinary proceedings a number of key witnesses in the Wiltshire enquiry have been publically discredited in the Napier report and other revelations. 

The Chief Minister has subsequently confirmed in the States that I am to be regarded as innocent of everything which was alleged against me.  

Having lost his disciplinary case against me the Minister is now using Ministerial Office and public funds to pursue a personal vendetta. 

In some jurisdictions this would be called “Corruption.”   In Jersey it appears to be “Government as Usual.”

Graham Power.  QPM.
North Yorkshire.
Thursday 10th March 2011. (End)

Why hasn't/doesn't Ian Le Marquand spend as much time and money attempting to bring some justice to the victims of Abuse, as he does on doing everything he can to discredit the very people who tried to do just that?

Monday, 7 March 2011

The P19 Amd Amd 21

Further to our P19 Eleven we have some of the same faces.

These are our "representatives" who voted against Deputy Tadier's Amendment to Deputy Hill's Amendment to P19/2011. Deputy Tadier's Amendment simply asks "Was a consistent and impartial approach taken when deciding on which cases to prosecute; and was the process free from political influence or interference at any level?”.

Deputy Tadier's Amendment and Report can be read HERE Senator Le Gresley's Proposition, along with Deputy Hill's Amendment can be read HERE.

Senator Terry Le Sueur.

Senator Phillip Ozouf.

Deputy Anne Pryke.

Connetable John Refault.

Senator Alan Maclean.

Senator Ian Le Marquand.

Deputy James Reed.

Deputy Ian Gorst.

Deputy Angela Jeune.

Deputy Eddie Noel.

Connetable Michael Jackson.

Connetable John Gallichan.

Connetable Silvanus Yates.

Deputy Anne Dupre.

Senator Sarah Ferguson.

Deputy Ben Fox.

Deputy Kevin Lewis.

Connetable Deidre Mezbourian.

Deputy John Le Fondre.

Senator Freddie Cohen.

Senator Ben Shenton.

Remember the wording "Was a consistent and impartial approach taken when deciding on which cases to prosecute; and was the process free from political influence or interference at any level?”.

Why would these 21 politicians want to vote against that? Surely they understand that "justice" has to be "seen" to be done..........Don't they? If the island's population don't have confidence in the judicial system then that is a huge problem. 

Thankfully the Amendment was successful, with 27 voting in favour of it. But doesn't this give the Council of Ministers and Law Office(r)s a bit of a dilemma?

If the Law Office(r)s are going to be under investigation/review by the Committee of Inquiry then won't that make them (the Law Office(r)s) conflicted in giving any advice, legal or otherwise, to the Council of Ministers concerning anything to do with the Committee of Inquiry?

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The P19 Eleven.

Here are the 11 politicians who voted against P19/2011

 Sen Phillip Ozouf
Sen Ian Le Marquand
 Deputy Ian Gorst
 Sen Terry Le Sueur
 Con Dan Murphy
 Dep Ann Pryke
 Dep Eddie Noel
 Sen Alan Maclean
 Deputy Angela Jeune
 Deputy Rob Duhamel
Con John Refault
Did they vote how you wanted them to?