Saturday, 12 March 2011

Stuart Syvret Court Case Part 1.

Most will know by now that former Senator Stuart Syvret continues his extensive court battle this coming Monday the 14th March 2011 in the Royal Court of Jersey.

Team Voice will be reporting in depth on the Court Case and thought that we would ask the former Senator to explain, in layman terms, just what the case entails from his perspective.

Below is an extensive interview with Mr. Syvret and we hope it goes some way to explaining just what is about to take place.


  1. Excellent interview - can't wait for Part 2


  2. Hi VFC.

    You have come of age!

    That is what we need.Stuart talking to you Voice for Children Blog not the Local Media.
    O yes people it is coming.

  3. good interview Stuart. You managed to put your case across simply and clearly without wandering off on tanjents.

  4. This is brilliant well done VFC

    I was raging at the last effort by CTV and very happy that SS is burning them and the rest of the discredited MSM off.

    Well done.


  5. Clear and concise in it's simplicity, no better way to reach the public.

    Only when Jersey's judiciary are no longer permitted to practice in Jersey, will we have any chance of fair and equal justice.

    Until that day, who amongst us is safe?

  6. Good Luck Stuart ,we are all rooting for you!

  7. Top notch VFC very informative.

  8. Excellent interview Stuart
    Good luck for tomorrow , lots of people support what you are doing
    Well done Voice, looking forward to the next instalment,what a breath of fresh air ,unbiased citizen media.
    I hope you stick to your guns and not talk to the imbedded local media, treat them with the contempt they deserve.

  9. outstanding interview with stuart he came across loud and clear looking forward to part 2 and to vfc excellent work keep it up. good luck to stuart over the comming weeks give them hell. martin

  10. Can this be transmitted to cd etc to be distributed to general population that do not have access to computers

  11. A clear, concise and informative interview. Well done to VFC and Stuart.

    The very, very best of luck in your forthcoming quest Stuart. It may be a very long journey, but you will have support every step of the way.

  12. Re; "Can this be transmitted to cd etc to be distributed to general population that do not have access to computers."

    Yes it can be downloaded to your computer and then burnt to a disc, but not sure on how to do it and different computers/users have different settings.

  13. Hi VFC

    You need to put the video as a link on ALL the Jersey Facebook and Twitter sites to increase exposure.

    Blogs are great but tend to be limited to the few that follow. If you put the link to the video on Facebook and Twitter it will get many more hits and more importantly from a wider audience.

    Advertise your Blog on Social Media if you want to expland readership.

  14. To copy and burn video, download this software from the green box at the top of screen. This will allow you to download from youtube and then just burn to cd! TOO EASY :)

  15. jerseybean
    all the best for tomorrow Stuart.I am rooting for you.

  16. Great interview Stuart, well done, will be praying for you tomorrow xx

  17. One can only wish transcripts of Stuart's upcoming court sessions could be reviewed by lawyers and judges in various other countries. Even with self representation, he would probably win his case handily anywhere except Jersey.


  18. The only reason you fail is due to your JH connection, he has you conned