Monday, 13 May 2019

Deputy Mike Higgins. (The Jersey Way)

Deputy Mike Higgins

In the week that the Jersey Independent Care Inquiry (IJCI) PANEL return to the Island to review how its RECOMMENDATIONS have, or haven't, been implemented. We thought it would be a poignant time to reflect on a speech (or two) given at the last States Sitting (Tues 30th April 2019) by Deputy Mike Higgins.

Being debated was the Draft Commissioner for children and Young people (Jersey) LAW. Basically this was putting into (dodgy) legislation the position of the Children's Commissioner. The Commissioner now has little more rights than the man on the street in having access to official documents. Although like everybody else she's not allowed to know what advice is given by the conflicted Attorney General's Office.

Deputy Higgins has been instrumental in bringing about the Jersey Child Abuse Committee of Inquiry, campaigning for Survivors/Abusees and speaking out against judicial and political corruption since he was first elected in 2008. It was Deputy Higgins who managed to copy the transcripts from the in-camera (secret) debate where the then Home Affairs Minister, and Deputy, Andrew Lewis told the States Assembly when giving one of his different "reasons" for (possibly illegally) suspending the then Chief Police Officer Graham Power QPM:

"I HAVE READ AN ALARMING REPORT FROM THE METROPOLITAN POLICE which led me to this decision in the first place."

Regular readers will know that this statement was found to be a lie by the Jersey Independent Care Inquiry. Deputy Lewis was subsequently Censured by the parliamentary watchdog the Privileges and Procedures Committee. Reported by VFC HERE. with proposition lodged HERE. The transcript, copied by Deputy Higgins, was leaked to Bloggers (not by Deputy Higgins) who had the trust/confidence of survivors/Abusees and Whistleblowers and was subsequently published HERE. It's fair to say that without the deputy's diligence this "lie" could have remained un-noticed and never have been discovered.

William Bailhache

During the States debate (Tues 30th April 2019) Deputy Higgins reminded States Members, and the viewing public, of a number of troublesome aspects concerning the cover-up of Child Abuse and alleged abusers still at large. He was able to do this due to his extensive knowledge and campaigning for Survivors over the years and attending many of the IJCI public Hearings.

In the Chair was Bailiff William Bailhache, who has some uncomfortable questions of his own to ANSWER, concerning his time as Attorney General. The Bailiff asked Deputy Higgins to clarify who (which AG) he was talking about during his speech and the Deputy was happy to oblige by reading from the Care Inquiry Report and nailing his brother Philip Bailhache.

The second part of Deputy Higgins's speech deals with (according to the Deputy) alleged abusers who have not faced justice (The Jersey Way) despite evidence given to the Jersey Independent Care Inquiry against them. He made a very compelling and correct statement during this part of his speech when he said:

"We will never put this matter behind us and get the support of the people who have been abused until we address these issues and bring these people to book."

What Deputy Higgins did with his speech was to demonstrate that the Attorney General's office could "credibly" be  accused of cover-up. He showed that there are people who still appear to be above the law or even more people need to come forward to give evidence against them. If all is accurate in Deputy Higgins's speech then he also demonstrated "The Jersey Way."

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Interview with Independent Jersey Care Inquiry Panel Member Professor Alexander (Sandy) Cameron.

Professor Sandy Cameron

As a result of continued communications with the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry Panel (IJCI) and of our  PREVIOUS POST. VFC was offered an interview with Panel Member Professor Sandy Cameron to which we gratefully accepted.

Regular readers will be aware that the relationship between the Panel and VFC has not always been as amicable as it is now, not least when were were banned from its MEDIA ROOM and  ITV/CTV,was NOT BANNED.

We are pleased to say that our relationship has come a long way since then as we are working towards the same goal(s) in that we want Survivors, and interested parties, to supply the Panel with evidence/information concerning the "care" of children in the Island since the publication of its (IJCI) REPORT and RECOMMENDATIONS Those who wish to submit evidence/speak with the Panel can do so by visiting its WEBSITE, taking part (anonymously) in its SURVEY or by e-mailing them at

The Panel, during its evidence gathering and public hearings stage did some excellent work, not least by giving a voice to the Survivors/Abusees, vindicating them and those of us who have been fighting their corner and attempting to hold the guilty to account.

William Bailhache

As a result of the Panel's Hearings we learnt that former AG and current Bailiff William Bailhache has some very uncomfortable questions to ANSWER in his "reasons" for not prosecuting an alleged paedophile. We also learned that William Bailhache sent an e-mail to the then Chief Minister, Frank Walker and then States Chief Executive, Bill Ogley on the eve of the (possibly illegal) suspension of Chief Police Officer Graham Power advising them not to suspend the Chief Officer. Notably he didn't send the e-mail to (or copy in) the only man who could suspend him, the Home Affairs Minister at the time, Andrew Lewis. We also learned that William Bailhache withheld this evidence from the Napier Review.

Philip Bailhache

We also discovered, as a result of the IJCI, that former AG/Bailiff/Senator and brother of William, Philip Bailhache was accused of withholding, and asking the then Education Chief Executive, John Rodhouse, to withhold evidence from the police concerning a now convicted paedophile.

Excerpt from John Rodhouse statement to Inquiry:

"it concerned a volunteer youth worker. The then Attorney-General, Philip Bailhache, called me to tell me that a named volunteer youth worker had acted improperly with a boy. The boy's father was an (redaction) and did not want to involve the police. Philip Bailhache wanted me to investigate and take action. I protested that it was a matter for the police but Philip Bailhache said that the parents would not co-operate and that if I did not act nothing would happen. I interviewed the man who admitted the offence and with the help of the Youth Officer, the man was effectively removed from all youth work in Jersey. As far as I was concerned I was caught between the legal authority of the island in the person of the Attorney-General and what I believed to be my professional and moral duty. I have since learned that the man was some time later convicted of a similar offence and subsequently faced a further charge."

So if anybody is considering giving evidence but are not sure, you might see merit in having the historic record documented for current and future researchers. It demonstrates the the Inquiry has done good work in some areas and without witnesses coming forward this, and much more, evidence wouldn't be available. To be clear the Panel want to hear about current practices and how its recommendations have been, are, or not being implemented.


Regular readers will also be aware that VFC was invited to submit evidence to the Inquiry which we did HERE and further invited to appear as a witness which we did HERE. Despite our many differences, with the IJCI in the past, VFC has always considered the plight of Survivors/Abusees past, present and future, is the primary concern. Rooting out the corruption (either perceived or otherwise) in States Departments, Law Offices Department, Attorney General's Office and the old media (formerly known as Mainstream media). We have been striving for the Care Inquiry's RECOMMENDATION 7 before it existed and we continue to do so. Putting differences aside for the greater good has enabled VFC and the IJCI to hopefully bring more witnesses forward, to document evidence, and give a greater picture of what has been allowed, and possibly continues to be allowed to happen,  that enables children to be abused on the Island and for the abusers to be protected (more about that in an up-coming Blog)

The Panel has further invited VFC to submit evidence, and to appear at a Public Hearing, to discuss the role of the media (as mentioned in the video below) both of which we have humbly agreed to and look forward to the opportunity.

Further discussed in the video below are subjects of who can make contact with/give evidence to the Panel, how to make contact (links above), Do witnesses need to be on-island? what its purpose is of this visit. Will the hearings/meetings be transcribed for the historic record and along with documents provided to the panel, will they be uploaded to the website/given to Jersey Archive? The controversial  taking down of the website, and its alleged reasons, are also (very briefly) discussed.

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Press Release. Independent Jersey Care Inquiry returning to Jersey.

From The Independent Jersey Care Inquiry Panel (IJCI)

"On 3rd July 2017, we delivered our report into the care of children by the States of Jersey from 1945. We identified 10 failings underlying the findings that we made. These failings allowed abusive regimes and practices to persist and flourish in the care system in Jersey for many decades causing severe and enduring harm to many hundreds of children. In our report we made eight areas of recommendation which the States of Jersey accepted and committed resources to improve the safety, quality and effectiveness of the care of children in Jersey.

Since then Jersey has embarked on a major programme of improvement in its public sector structures, processes and practice and has made significant investment in services for families, children and young people. We have been invited to review the island’s progress in implementing our 2017 recommendations. We have started this work and will be back in Jersey between 13 -20 May this year. We will provide a report in the summer of 2019 giving our view on whether services for children in Jersey are safer than now than two years ago and what needs to be done in future to keep the island’s children safe.

Today we are launching our website which sets out what we are doing and how we are doing it and explains how people in Jersey can contribute to this review. We want to hear from people working with children, people receiving services and members of the public in Jersey. People can ask to meet privately with us, can take part (anonymously) in a survey or sit in on our public discussions with professionals, politicians and voluntary organisations. We can be contacted by email at or by post at IJCI Panel, MB 013, Suite 1 Castlecroft Business Centre, Tom Johnston Road, Dundee DD4 8XD, UK.

We look forward to engaging again with people in Jersey and finding out what has changed and is changing to keep children in the island safe and support those for whom the state is or has been their “corporate parent”.

Frances Oldham QC, Prof Sandy Cameron, Alyson Leslie"

Monday, 1 April 2019

Deputy Montfort Tadier Suspension.

Deputy Montfort Tadier

Deputy Montfort Tadier was suspended (Fri 29th March 2009) from his duty as Assistant Minister for culture. The decision to immediately suspend the Deputy was made by Chief Minister John Le Fondre following an email exchange between a few States Members (including the Chief Minister) where there was a discussion about the prescribing of medicinal cannabis (or not) for patients with chronic pain.

Deputy Tadier, it would appear, was calling for the dismissal of a pain consultant who, it seems, has refused to prescribe the pain reliving drug despite the the Island's parliament voting overwhelmingly to allow cannabis to be prescribed. The pain consultant was copied into the e-mail. The e-mail itself (from Deputy Tadier) was a reply to an ongoing thread and was not a stand-alone e-mail calling for the pain consultants dismissal. (As some media outlets would have you believe)

So firstly this is not some surreptitious Machiavellian conspiracy to get rid of a States employee on Deputy Tadier's behalf, it was an open, honest and transparent call for the employee to go. The employee could have responded to the e-mail fighting his corner. We've not seen evidence that this has happened. 

For those who keep an eye on Jersey politics; the calling of the pain consultants dismissal/removal is nothing new. Deputy Tadier has made his position clear in a number of States debates including HERE.

The old media (formerly known as "mainstream" media) has been doing what it always does and "reported" (or not) on this story but to the best of our knowledge "questioned" nothing. That's where the "New" Media (formerly known as "Social" Media) continues to carry the slack and actually question the government line rather than just report (repeat) it.

We ask: Has the Chief Minister overplayed the severity of the incident by suggesting there could be a claim for constructive dismissal?

As far as we understand it; JACS states that constructive dismissal occurs when an employee considers it necessary to leave their job against their will because of the employers conduct.

We ask: Surely Deputy Tadier isn't the employer? The employer is the States Employment Board? Could a case of constructive dismissal really have any merit?

Since the "offending e-mail" had nothing to do with the Ministry Deputy Tadier has responsibility for (culture), nor did it relate to a member of his department, then one must assume he was acting as an independent States Member.

We ask: Is the Chief Minister over-looking these facts in order to justify the severity of his (what looks to be) over the top, (and possibly wrong) sanction? How can an independent Member of the States be bound by the Ministerial Code of Conduct?

We hope to follow up on this developing story very soon and also hope to have as many answers as questions.

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

#Panodrama - An Exposé of the Fake News BBC!

This is a must watch video/documentary of how the "elite" BBC and mainstream media conduct their business. It (the documentary) will come as no surprise to those who have been reading the local Jersey Blogs since 2007/8 during Operation Rectangle and the trashing of the names (by the MSM and Establishment) of those who have tried to protect children in Jersey.

The documentary appears to expose homophobia, racism, elitism, bias, classism, blackmail (and much more) by the BBC and its associates.

You won't have seen, or be seeing, this documentary in the mainstream media and after you have watched it you will know why.

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Royal Square Rally 16 Feb 2019.

Today a rally took place in the Royal Square, organised by anti Child Abuse Campaigner Cheyenne O'Connor asking for pedophiles to remain on the sex offenders register for life and for a minimum sentence of three years imprisonment to be imposed on those who are convicted as highlighted in our PREVIOUS POSITING

Around 150-200 people turned up to support the cause which considering the subject matter, and the culture of fear still so prevalent on the island, this must be seen as a success and full credit to Cheyenne O'Conor for organising the event and to those who turned up.

There were two speakers at the event, the first was a very brave Survivor of Abuse Emma, who spoke of the ongoing physical and emotional scars and how this is also felt by family members long after the abuse occurred.

The second speaker was former Health Minister and whistleblower Stuart Syvret. Stuart spoke of events that took place in late 2007-2008 when he spoke out about the child abuse and the hostility he faced then, and now, for doing so. How the Jersey situation now is no better, if not worse, than it was back then. He also gave us a sobering reminder that not all those who were in the "care" of the States of Jersey made it out alive and deserve as much thought and recognition as those who did. Some say those who didn't make it out alive are the lucky ones................................

Below is a short video of today's events/speeches. Possibly more (video) to follow.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Cheyenne O'Connor Rally Saturday 16th February 2019.

Cheyenne O'Connor

This coming Saturday 16th February at 10am there is a rally to be held at the Royal Square in Jersey. The rally has been organised by online pedophile hunter Cheyenne O'Connor who snares online child predators who attempt to meet (what they believe are) children. Cheyenne poses as a teenage child online and gathers evidence against pedophiles which she then hands over to the police. Her efforts have resulted in a number of convictions with some predators ending up in prison, for what she, and many others believe, a short amount of time.

Cheyenne is advocating for a minimum (three year) prison sentence of pedophiles and believes they should remain on the Sex Offenders Register for life and has created an online petition to that end. The petition has attracted more than 2,500 signatures and received a response from the relative (Home Affairs) Minister. With another 2,500 signatures it will be considered for debate in the Island's Parliament. The petition (and the Minister's response) can be viewed (and signed) HERE. She also runs her own Facebook page where she documents her online work catching pedophiles and cases she is working on. The page can be viewed HERE.

Former Health Minister/Whistleblower Stuart Syvret

VFC spoke with Cheyenne yesterday (video below) and discussed the upcoming rally this Saturday where there will be a few speakers including Survivors and former Health Minister, and whistleblower Stuart Syvret. We also discussed such topics as "The Culture of Fear" so prevalent in our Island, the message being sent out by those attacking those of us who campaign against pedophilia and trying to protect our children. Her response the the Home Affairs Minister's and Attorney General's response, Keyboard Warriors and much more.

We thank Cheyenne O'Connor for the interview and for the work she does in trying to keep our children safe. If you agree with the PETITION and want to make a difference then sign it and be at the rally this Saturday 16th February 10am Royal Square.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Stuart Syvret and VFC Discuss "The Jersey Situation."

Former Health Minister/whistle-blower Stuart Syvret

Yesterday (6th November 2018) former Health Minister/Senator and whistle-blower Stuart Syvret gave a presentation to States Members during their lunch break at the States Building. Following the presentation VFC was granted an exclusive and in-depth interview with Mr. Syvret to discuss the contents of his presentation which was primarily concerning "The Jersey Situation" not to be confused with "The Jersey Way."

Regular readers/viewers will be well aware of the infamous "Jersey Way" but the "Jersey Situation" is a different animal and one which all should become familiar with (if they aren't already). It is explained in the interview/discussion and was explained to States Members yesterday and it is believed that some Members had their eyes opened and were very receptive to the message Mr. Syvret was conveying. Will it make any difference..........Can it make any difference? This too is discussed in the interview/discussion.

We make no apologies for the length of the video. In times gone by we might have split it into two or possibly three sections but with renewed outside interest in "The Jersey Way" and indeed "The Jersey Situation" we want to make it easier for researchers (and ourselves) to be able to access this vital/crucial information and research as easy as possible. We know that those who matter will watch every second of the video, and those who don't, don't matter.

We hope those who do watch the video in its entirety will be given pause for thought and have their eyes opened as to what is still able to happen on our island because of "The Jersey Situation" and might be inspired to join the cause and speak out against it.

Again, in times gone by, we would have written, in the main Blog Posting, about the contents of the video/interview/discussion but, as mentioned in the above paragraph, those with the real interest will watch it,  not need to be told what is in it, and be able to make a reasonable conclusion based on the evidence.

We thank Mr. Syvret, not only for this interview/discussion, but for continuing to stand up for what is right despite the threats, death threats and intimidation he has received, and continues to receive, for being an anti-Child Abuse/corruption campaigner.

Friday, 21 September 2018

Donald Bailhache.

Bailiff Donald Bailhache

Before we start; it has to be stressed (while it's still semi legal) that this Blog Posting is an "opinion" from a member of the public and Social Media/mainstream media contributor. It is difficult knowing where to start with this posting/opinion. We could start with that first we had the brother as BORIS BAILHACHE and now we've got Donald Bailhache.

Jersey's unelected and unaccountable Bailiff William Bailhache has reportedly used his speech (17th September 2018 at Assize D’Heritage in the Royal Court) to attack the mainstream media and Social Media. He has attacked free speech and this is yet another reason why the outdated and out of touch (with the modern digital era) position of Bailiff should be consigned to history.

If what has been reported is correct then one can only assume that the Bailiff's speech was written by Donald Trump. According to the BBC:

"Jersey's Bailiff has described irresponsible reporting in the media as a threat to the rule of law.

In a speech to lawyers at the start of the legal year, Sir William Bailhache said that unregulated social media allowed uninformed opinions to be given free rein - even if they aren't based on fact.

He said that could be damaging to the respect people have for the government and the legal process.

And he said a further danger was that mainstream media would try to keep up with social media by putting forward people's opinions as news.

He asked news organisations to keep their output free from uninformed gossip or chatter."

As we said where does one start with this? Let's start with the

first paragraph:

"A threat to the rule of law." Exactly what "rule of law" is he talking about? The rule of law that has political dissidents imprisoned or bankrupted? The rule of law that has an opposition politician's place of residence turned over by a 10 strong police unit without a search warrant? A (possibly illegal) suspension of a Chief Police Officer whose force was investigating DECADES of covered up Child Abuse? An (unaccountable) Attorney General's Office who won't prosecute powerful alleged Child Abusers, paedophiles and rapists? The list could go on, and on, but for brevity let's leave it there and perhaps readers would have other examples.

Second paragraph:

"unregulated social media allowed uninformed opinions to be given free rein - even if they aren't based on fact."

I mean what the flick??? People have opinions, "based on fact"  or otherwise, and what, they shouldn't be allowed to share them??? Words do actually fail me here because I don't think I have come across anything so ridiculous in my life.

Third paragraph:

"could be damaging to the respect people have for the government and the legal process."

Really? exactly what "respect" is he talking about? The last social survey which asked the question(s) reported (if memory serves correct and stand to be corrected) 75% of those surveyed had no confidence in the government and 50% had no confidence in our so-called "justice" system. What kind of respect does he believe the State has? He should probably read more social Media, and indeed comments (from the public who shouldn't have an opinion aired) on MSM online articles. Here is an example of Jersey's "JUSTICE" SYSTEM.

Fourth paragraph:

"mainstream media would try to keep up with social media by putting forward people's opinions as news."

I've got breaking news for the Bailiff. It is the mainstream media's job to be a voice of/for the public. It is not there to be (or shouldn't be) a mouthpiece for the government, nor unelected, unaccountable, outdated Bailiffs/Crown Officers. To quote George Orwell:
“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.” The Bailiffs and all Crown Officers should learn that in the new digital era people are able to be held to account like never before. Being held to account is an alien concept to Crown Officers and rather than attempting to legislate against free speech they should get with the times and embrace a new, open, digital world. Take onboard the criticisms and adapt accordingly rather than employing "The Jersey Way" tactic of oppression and Kangaroo (secret) Courts to silence critics. Why not work with the critics in order to win over the public's trust and confidence?

Fifth paragraph:

"He asked news organisations to keep their output free from uninformed gossip or chatter."

Who does he think he is asking the media what (not) to report? If he has a problem with the media then he should complain to the relevant authorities. We are forever being told how well regulated the MSM is and Social Media isn't! Why doesn't he make a complaint to the police quoting P.19/2016?

Of course, those of us familiar with the Leveson Inquiry are aware that the MSM is NOT regulated and P.19/2016 was a tool to silence "public opinion" and not the opinion of the great and good.

But what about the media's role in all this? The JEP has reported on the Bailiff's speech as have the Bailiwick Express, CTV and the BBC that I am aware of and yet not one journalist has challenged this unprecedented attack on free speech? How much do these "journalists" respect their profession?

The Bailiff attacked ALL media, and thus far, has not been asked to substantiate ANY of his claims or give examples. Donald Trump is regularly challenged (by journalists) when he attacks the media
(predominantly MSM) across America and world-wide. How can our media remain so silent when its profession is under such attack? This isn't just an attack on the MSM and I believe both Social Media and the MSM should be fighting in the same corner here. The fact that it's Social Media challenging this attack on free speech and the MSM, thus far, remaining silent is not a good start (or look for the MSM). Unfortunately there is still an element of the MSM that see responsible, respected, Blogs such as ours as a threat. It is time they started working with us rather than remaining silent when free speech its under attack. We have, and do, work well with some reporters in the MSM but others need to drop their prejudice for the greater good in holding power to account and being a voice for the voiceless.

Ironically the MSM look to have committed the offence William Bailhache has accused them of. They have reported his words/opinion, and thus far, not provided, or asked for, any evidence to back up his wide-sweeping allegations (opinion). Perhaps he, and parts of the MSM, think it's ok for unelected, unaccountable members of the State, to have published any opinion they want and not back it up with evidence and it's just the plebs who can't have their opinions published/broadcast?

I have asked BBC Radio Jersey to invite the Bailiff onto its "hot seat" programme in order to back up his claims and be held to account like mere (elected/accountable) mortals do. I have also expressed that I would relish the opportunity to sit alongside the Bailiff on the programme representing Social Media and hold him to account myself. I've been told by the BBC it would put that invitation to the Bailiff so I will keep readers posted as to whether that happens......................................................or not..............................

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Chief Minister John Le Fondre Interview (Part 2 or 2).

Chief Minister John Le Fondre

Part two of our exclusive interview with the Chief Minister is a direct continuation of part one. In part two we ask such questions as "who is the opposition in the States now that the opposition has been recruited by the Establishment?" Was this a genuine move on the Chief Minister's behalf to finally have a more inclusive government or was it a cynical move in order to silence the opposition? Is Reform Jersey (Jersey's only political party) now the Establishment? Who, in the States Chamber, with any political experience, and who are not members of the Establishment Party, is left to scrutinise what the government is doing?

Regular readers will be aware from our INTERVIEW with Children's and Housing Minister, Senator Sam Mezec, that he (Senator Mezec) agreed to adopt the terminology suggested by The National Association of People Abused in Childhood (NAPAC) when referring to child abuse to use the term "non recent" rather than the derogatory and offensive term "historic." We are pleased to report that the Chief Minister has also agreed to adopt this terminology from NAPAC media GUIDELINES. We hope that others will follow suit and in particular the mainstream media who even refer to present day Child Abuse as "historic." This BLOG POSTING explains, from the perspective of Survivor/Abusee Tom Perry the word "historic" is used and who uses it.

We go on to ask the Chief Minister what can we expect from his government that is different from any other government we have had? Can there be any much needed change or is it just the same old with different faces? Only time will tell.

We would like to thank the Chief Minister for his support of Citizen's Media and in particular for the positive feedback of (and during) our interview/Blog. He believes we are a force for good in holding power and the mainstream media to account.

Part one of our interview can be viewed HERE.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Cheif Minster John Le Fondre Interview (Part 1 of 2).

Chief Minister John Le Fondre

Since Chief Minister, Senator John Le Fondre, was elected earlier this year, VFC has been trying to secure an interview with him. Because of logistics it was not able to happen until a couple of days ago. (Tues 11 Set 2018). This is the first in-depth video interview he has given since his election.

The Chief Minister had generously put aside 45 minutes (of his very busy schedule) for our interview. Unfortunately because the States meeting, on Tuesday, ran over time in the morning, his schedule was a little put out but was still able to afford us 20 minutes for the (two part) interview and for that we are grateful.

As the interview was conducted during the States meeting lunch break it was not known at this stage that the current Bailiff WILLIAM BAILHACHE was to announce his retirement. However as we are committed to seeing the recommendations of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry (IJCI) implemented, we did quiz him about RECOMMENDATION 7 which deals with "The Jersey Way" and the position of Bailiff.

Former Police Chief Graham Power QPM

We also asked the Chief Minister, among much more, if he was going to right some of the wrongs of the past concerning the (possibly illegal) suspension of the former Police Chief Graham Power QPM. His response wasn't as positive as we would have liked but we believe/hope he is as good as his word and will look into it and then do the right thing.

We thank the Chief Minister for his support of Citizens Media and of our Blog (more in part two of interview).

 Part 1 (of 2)

Monday, 10 September 2018

Senator Sam Mezec Childrens' Minister (part 2 of 2)

Senator Sam Mezec

Following the fall-out of the latest DAMMING REPORT into Jersey's children's Services, the 8 commitment pledge to children (below) and the subsequent PRESS CONFERENCES.VFC was granted an interview with Jersey's first appointed Childrens' Minister, Senator Sam Mezec, where we published part 1 of the interview HERE.

Below is part two (a direct continuation of part 1) of this exclusive and in-depth interview where we discuss, among much more, "The Jersey Way" and how is it possible that six Health and Social Services employees were apparently suspended from duty as a result of evidence given to the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry. They were allegedly investigated and subsequently all six found to have no case to answer and returned to work? All six completely innocent and returned to work? Is this "The Jersey Way" in action?

We also discuss the word "historic" when used in the context of Child Abuse. Regular readers might recall back in January 2012 we published a Guest Posting from Survivor/Abusee TOM PERRY. Tom explained to us why the term "historic" is only ever used (predominantly by MSM) in the context of Child Abuse.

To quote Tom (from the Guest Posting above):

"Would Mrs Doreen Lawrence consider her son Stephen’s murder nineteen years ago ‘historic?’ For her, just like me and other abusees who have not had the benefit of having their cases heard in court, it is all too current. Yet the media do not use the ‘historic’ word to describe Stephen’s murder. Why not? Take a few other serious crimes such as aggravated burglary, grievous bodily harm, drug smuggling, or assault, and all are free of the dismissive adjective ‘historic.’ I have also never seen the crime of rape described as historic. So what is it about child abuse? 

For authorities, care homes, schools, young offenders institutes that knowingly and unknowingly employed pederasts to work with children and then concealed discovered crimes, the use of the adjective ‘historic’ helps dismiss, discount, and consign to history a scandal they wish no one had noticed and which the employer does not wish to address. The same authorities delight in this self-harming description being consistently applied to crime they wish would vanish, but which remain all too current for all Jersey’s abusees.

Its child abuse."

The MSM in Jersey still continue to use this offensive (to Survivors) word "historic" as do many others who want to minimise the offence and those who don't understand how harmful it can be to Survivors. We are (very) pleased to announce that the Childrens' Minister has agreed to consign that word to "history" and when referring to Child Abuse in the past context he has agreed to use the term "non recent" and will be instructing his staff to do likewise.

The term "non recent" is suggested by The National Association for People Abused in Childhood (NAPAC) as part of its MEDIA GUIDELINES. 

We hope that if the Minister, and the so-called, "Child Care experts" on the island use the term "non recent" it could be more difficult for the MSM to continue its offending. This would be a huge step forward and we thank the Minister for his commitment on this.

Also discussed is the pledge to children:

  1. We will listen directly to children and young people and involve them in how we design, deliver and review our services
  2. We will provide integrated support for families that need extra help caring for their children
  3. We will provide all children in our care with access to a safe, loving, secure home environment
  4. We will expand, join up and target our early help offer to ensure that children and young people get the support they need when they need it, to prevent risk and issues from escalating
  5. We will recruit and retain a child-centred, stable, highly professional workforce
  6. We will make it easier for data and insight across organisations to be shared so that, when assessing how best to meet their needs, we look at children’s and young people’s lives as a whole
  7. We will ensure that sufficient funding is available to be effective and that any regulatory and legislative changes needed will be progressed swiftly
  8. We will set and publish clear standards and we will be held publicly to account for achieving them.

Is it worth the paper it is written on or is it a determined commitment by the Minister to bring people onboard and show the children of today that they do have worth? 

All StatesMembers and key workers are being asked to sign this pledge and we are told we will be kept updated online (Twitter and States website) as to who has or hasn't signed it.

Part 1 of our interview can be viewed HERE.

Saturday, 8 September 2018

Senator Sam Mezec Childrens' Minister (part 1 of 2)

Senator Sam Mezec

Following the publication of yet another damming REPORT into Jersey's Children's Services, which was commissioned by the Jersey Care Commission (JCC), and conducted by Ofsted. A Press Conference was held by the JCC, and the States of Jersey separately on the same day and reported by VFC HERE.  Following this Press Conference we requested and were granted an exclusive and in-depth interview with the island's first ever Children's Minister Senator Sam Mezec.

We were curious as to why he believes he is the best person for the job? With so many people supposedly being responsible for our children now, who does the buck stop with? How is he going to attract Social workers to our island? He tells us, among much more, that the "discriminatory housing rules" need to be looked at/changed in order to face this challenge.

This is part one, of a two part interview/Blog, where we hope the reader/viewer will gain a better understanding of the Minister's role and we thank the Minister for engaging with Citizens Media and answering some of the toughest questions he has been asked by any media.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Jersey Care Commission/Ofsted Report.

The Jersey Care Commission (JCC) was set up in the wake of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry (IJCI) but quite what its remit is is a little of a mystery as yet. There is little information online and as it is still relatively young, it does not, as yet, have its own website. JCC invited Ofsted to inspect Jersey's Child Care system, which it has done, and produced another damming report. The report isn't online yet so we will publish a link when it becomes available.

This morning JCC held a Press conference presenting the report and to answer questions from the media and the public. VFC went down on the off-chance they may be allowed entry and film the Conference. We are pleased to say we were made to feel extremely welcome and the Commission members were very accommodating, appeared enthusiastic, open and transparent about their work. This in itself could hopefully be part of the cultural change so badly needed in Jersey where those who question authority have been marginalised and pushed to the sidelines. Bloggers and Social Media publishers are now being recognised as legitimate commentators? The JCC is independent of the States and pretty much of Jersey so may be it is just them who are so accommodating at Press Conferences? We did film the entire Press Conference and will look to publish the video to Youtube.

When more information, and the report, become available we shall publish it.

In the meantime below is a short video of VFC asking a few questions of the Commission's Chairman.

Directly after the JCC there was a Press Conference held by, among others, Children's Minister Senator Sam Mezec, and Chief Minister Senator John Le Fondre. They want all States Members to sign a pledge to children which consists of 8 commitments.

The Pledge to Jersey’s Children and Young People has eight specific commitments:

  1. We will listen directly to children and young people and involve them in how we design, deliver and review our services
  2. We will provide integrated support for families that need extra help caring for their children
  3. We will provide all children in our care with access to a safe, loving, secure home environment
  4. We will expand, join up and target our early help offer to ensure that children and young people get the support they need when they need it, to prevent risk and issues from escalating
  5. We will recruit and retain a child-centred, stable, highly professional workforce
  6. We will make it easier for data and insight across organisations to be shared so that, when assessing how best to meet their needs, we look at children’s and young people’s lives as a whole
  7. We will ensure that sufficient funding is available to be effective and that any regulatory and legislative changes needed will be progressed swiftly
  8. We will set and publish clear standards and we will be held publicly to account for achieving them.

VFC was also welcomed to film and ask questions at this conference, again, we filmed the entire Conference and will look to publish the full version on Youtube.

Below is a video of questions asked by VFC.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Interview with Reform Jersey's Senator-Elect Sam Mezec.

Senator-Elect Sam Mezec

Now that the dust has somewhat settled around the recent Jersey elections. VFC asked Senator-Elect Sam Mezec for his first, exclusive, in-depth, video recorded interview and kindly he agreed.

We wanted to ask Sam about his/Reform Jersey's campaign and how the negative,organised and funded smear campaign against his party had affected him and the party. What was the truth behind the nomination papers which saw two of Reform Jersey's Candidates being taken to court? What role did the "accredited" media play and what role did Social Media play during the election campaign and subsequently? Were the court cases accurately reported by the "accredited" media? The court cases deserve a Blog Posting of their very own and something we might return to.........If the MSM won't.

According to Senator-Elect Mezec at one stage the Solicitor General changed the whole case against them/their candidate overnight. Now where/when have we seen this happen before? Perhaps former Health Minister and whistleblower Stuart Syvret might have an idea? It sounds like the whole court business was a complete shambles but that's not how I recall the MSM reporting it. Indeed "shambles" is how it's described by Sam and something that could/should have been sorted out with a phone-call rather than the expense and intimidation of candidates.

We asked the question(s) that hasn't/haven't been asked by the MSM. Including; "is it really conceivable to believe that out of somewhere in the region of ninety six candidates only two (who just happen to be Reform Jersey candidates) of them made a mistake on the nomination papers? Did any other (establishment) candidate make any mistakes and get the phone-call from the parish to sort it out rather than a court summons?" I mean what are the chances/odds of that happening?

Further discussed in the interview below are subjects such as the Independent Election Observers who were overseeing our election process, fake news, MSM campaign against the threat (to the MSM) of Social Media, BBC bias and much more.............