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Advocate Philip Sinel: Restitution and How to Obtain It.


Advocate Philip Sinel

Advocate Philip Sinel will need no introduction to regular readers of this Blog, nor for those who have watched the Storyville documentary Dark Secrets of a Trillion Dollar Island:Garenne.

We have interviewed/Blogged about Advocate Sinel extensively over the years mainly concerning his speaking out over the Child Abuse cover-ups/corruption and (un)constitutional matters. We have reported on such topics as his submission to the CARSWELL REVIEW, the constant persecution he believes he has been a victim of from The Powers That Be where he told us in a Press Release:

"OVER THE YEARS THERE HAVE BEEN NUMEROUS ATTACKS ON MY REPUTATION AND LIVELIHOOD, ALL BROUGHT AT THE EXPENSE OF THE TAX PAYER. MY ESTIMATE OF THE COST TO THE TAX PAYER IS WELL OVER £1 MILLION." HERE. He went on to tell us, in an exclusive interview, when we asked him: "why he believes those in his profession who are, shall we say, "unhappy" with the Jersey Judicial system are not speaking out publicly?" he replies" "they do not wish to join me in the dock." "They know what's going to happen if they start poking their heads above the parapet" HERE.

Advocate Sinel has been an avid supporter of Child Abuse Survivors over here, has worked Pro-Bono for a number of them, has helped, and continues to help, (pro-bono) a number of us who are victims of "The Jersey Way." His submission to the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry can, and should, be read HERE.

Book cover

So hopefully this short introduction to Advocate Sinel will give our new/international readers an insight into who the man is. A straight talking fearless advocate for the underdog. But here's the thing. After knowing him for all these years, I don't know what he does for a living! I know he is an Advocate, who (I think) sues banks for corporations and private clients. For obvious ethical/legal/professional reasons he's never discussed a case with me so I've no idea what his job entails. That's where his recently published book "RESTITUTION AND HOW TO OBTAIN IT" comes in and the video interview below.

book back cover

When I heard that the book had now been published I thought it would be a great opportunity to find out exactly what it is he does for a living! It would also give me the chance, in a very small way, to help him plug the book in thanks for all the work he has done (and continues to do) supporting Victims/Survivors, not only of Child Abuse, but of the corrupt Jersey so-called "JUSTICE" SYSTEM."

We hope the short video interview below will be informative to readers/viewers and might encourage you to buy a copy of the book which is available on Amazon HERE.

Advocate Sinel also took part, and appeared in, the highly acclaimed, documentary "Dark Secrets of a Trillion Dollar Island:garenne" which is still available on BBC iplayer HERE. We hope, as part of our series on the documentary, he will give us an interview on that in the not too distant future.........................................................

Friday, 6 August 2021

Dark Secrets of a Trillion Dollar Island:Garenne (Lenny Harper)


Former SIO/DCO Lenny Harper

Part six of our "Dark Secrets of a "Trillion Dollar Island:Garenne" series, is former Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) and Deputy Chief Officer (DCO) Lenny Harper being interviewed by Jill and George of ONRECORD. This is a MUST WATCH interview showing Mr. Harper at his most relaxed, and watching the reactions of Jill and George as he discusses THE JERSEY SITUATION is just priceless.

One of the most difficult parts of telling people about what goes on in Jersey, how it's run, who runs it, etc is getting them to believe what you're saying. For a section of Jersey people the absolute lunacy is pretty much the norm, it's what makes Jersey "special," or they are not aware (because the media doesn't tell them) just exactly what IS/HAS gone/going on. It's not until you explain it to those who are from off-island and not familiar with THE JERSEY WAY that you see (as in the interview below) just how bonkers/corrupt and almost unbelievable it is.

Mr. Harper talks extensively about the vast amount of firearms/ammunition on the island, how he tried to bring the out of control gun ownership under some kind of control, and what/who he was up against. As mentioned in the interview below, and in Mr. Harper's own AFFIDAVIT, he is/was not just talking about the odd dodgy handgun. Listed in his Affidavit, among other weapons confiscated were an RPG7 Rocket Launcher which was later found to have only "a minor fault." A SEACAT Missile Launcher and much, much more. To include (from Mr. Harper's Affidavit):

"One man applied for a firearm and ammunition for the purpose of ‘pest control.’  The firearm in question is classified as for the purpose of hunting large game such as elk.

Another family in an outlying parish were known to have twenty high powered and semi automatic weapons in a cellar on their property.  They also had thousands of rounds of ammunition.  When visited by SOJ Police officers they were also found to have six months supply of tinned food and bottled water.  They said they were waiting for word from God.  The Connetable refused to revoke the certificate.

One man whom we had found had built up an arsenal of weapons was first granted a certificate in 1985.  In 1992 he was convicted of Possessing a Prohibited weapon, supplying controlled drugs and other crimes.  In 1993 he tried to purchase a shotgun whilst prohibited by the law.  In 1995 intelligence was received that he was supplying controlled drugs.  In 1996 he applied for and was granted a new firearms certificate by the Connetable.  In 2006 he held the following weapons:

1 x .30 semi automatic carbine* 
2 x  7.62 semi automatic rifles*
1 x 7.62 bolt action rifle
1 x  .303 bolt action rifle
1 x  5.56 semi automatic rifle* – as used the British Army
5 x .357 Magnum handguns
2 x  9x21 self loading pistol
1 x 9x19 semi automatic carbine* - similar to that used by the Police
1 x Pump action shotgun
2 x Semi automatic shotguns*
1 x .50 revolver **; and
1 x .50 rifle **
183,000 rounds of ammunition for the above weapons"

VFC tried to make the public aware of of Mr. Harper's Affidavit, through BBC State Radio, but the BBC didn't want to add any balance to its propaganda, and kept the facts hidden from its listener(s) as we reported on HERE. Regular readers will know that the BBC has form in keeping the public ignorant and only telling ONE SIDE of a story and leaving it for Bloggers to tell the OTHER SIDE.

Of course the interview below doesn't just talk of the gun culture and how Parish Constables rule the roost when it comes to issuing gun licences and the like. Further discussed is the honorary system, corrupt cops, good cops, the notorious Attorney General's office, the child's skull that was unearthed at Haut de la Garenne. How he was proud of the Jersey Police Force, all but a few bad apples, and how he was able to start rooting out police corruption only using local officers to investigate. But then he had to deal with the corrupt Attorney General's Office and corrupt politicians!

The difficulties, obstructions, he (and his team) faced, from The Powers That be, when Operation Rectangle became public where he dared to investigate Jersey's Dirty secret(s) involving decades of covered up Child Abuse. How he was able to gain the trust and confidence of Abuse Survivors where close to 200 of them came forward in the hope that their abusers would finally be brought to justice. Again the Attorney General's Office got in the way and after Mr. Harper had retired, Graham Power was (possibly illegally) suspended, a handful of SHOW TRIALS was all we/Survivors got. Out of 121 living suspects 8 of them were charged and only 7 convicted.

Former Bailiff William Bailhache

Also discussed, briefly in the interview, was the vindication by former Bailiff, and former Attorney General, William Bailhache, of Mr. Harper and his police investigation into the decades of concealed Child Abuse. The vindication was made by Mr. Bailhache as part of his retirement SPEECH in the States. The same speech where he attacked the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry and seemingly carried out a VENDETTA on behalf of his brother, Philip Bailhache, who too was Attorney General and Bailiff. Both Bailhache Brothers have QUESTIONS to answer where it comes to their actions/inactions surrounding the investigations (or not) into non-recent Child Abuse in the island. Philip Bailhache has been an outspoken critic of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry and attempted to get its crucial work Halted. If ever there were two people hiding in plain sight it is they.

Mr. Harper also gives the excellent work carried out by Cadaver dog Eddie and blood dog Keela a mention. He RIGHTLY gives them the full credit they deserve. Both dogs were deployed at Haut de la Garenne and the State Media, and The Powers That Be, did all they could to discredit these amazing animals when both dogs alerted to blood and cadaver up at the home. Their credentials can be witnessed HERE and Eddie alerting to cadaver at Haute de la Garenne HERE. After Keela alerted to blood on the bath at Haut de la Garenne, the entire bath disappeared, under the watch of disgraced former SIO Mick (the leak) Gradwell.

This is possibly the most in-depth, frank, revealing, and relaxed interview Mr. Harper has ever given and full credit must go to George and Jill for making him feel so at ease and giving him the time/space to tell his story. We recommend readers to subscribe to their YOUTUBE CHANNEL where there are many interesting interviews and more interviews to come relating to "The Jersey Situation" and the Dark Secrets of a Trillion Dollar Island:Garenne documentary........................................

Part one of this series (VFC interview with former SIO Lenny Harper) can be viewed HERE.

Part two of this series (VFC interview with Graham Power QPM) can be viewed Here.

Part three of this series (Jill and George interview VFC) can be viewed HERE.

Part four of this series (Jill and George interview award winning author, and investigative journalist, Leah McGrath Goodman) and be viewed HERE.

Part five of of this series (Jill and George interview former (possibly illegally suspended) Chief Police Graham Power QPM) can be viewed HERE.



Monday, 26 July 2021

St. Clement Constable Bi-Election (Simon Bree)


Candidate Simon Bree.

On Wednesday 28th July 2021 a bi-election will be held for position of Constable in St. Clement. Thankfully there IS going to be an election for a change. Ten out of the eleven current Constables have not received a single vote between them so this rare opportunity of casting a vote should not be missed.

There are two candidates standing, Simon Bree, and Marcus Troy. Team Voice sent them both an email asking if they would agree to a head-to-head discussion for this Blog and only Mr. Bree has replied to that email, he agreed to a head-to-head, obviously that couldn't happen, so agreed to a one-to-one instead. (below)

Last Wednesday (22nd July 2021) there was an online Hustings meeting with the two candidates at the St. Clement Parish Hall that can be viewed HERE. I have made a complaint to the Parish Hall about the absolutely atrocious Chairing of the meeting. Unfortunately the Parish Hall is being very obstructive and refusing to answer my questions. This will make for a blog Posting of its own soon..........................

In the discussion below, Mr Bree talks about the Hustings, a dirty tricks campaign, planted questions, party politics, a Constable's right to be in the States or not, the Parish Mafia and much more.

We encourage all St. Clement residents to come out and vote this Wednesday where voting will be open from 08:00 - 20:00 at the Parish Hall. Details can be found on website HERE.

The website of candidate Marcus Troy (according to his leaflet) can be found HERE.

The website of candidate Simon Bree can be found HERE.

Friday, 23 July 2021

Dark Secrets of a Trillion Dollar Island:Garenne (Graham Power QPM)


Former (possibly illegally suspended) Chief Police Officer 
Graham Power QPM

As part of our "Dark Secrets of a Trillion Dollar Island:Garenne" series we bring you the latest instalment from Podcasters/YouTubers Jill and George of ONRECORD who we thoroughly recommend subscribing to on YouTube.

After watching the documentary, which can still be viewed on iplayer HERE, Jill and George took a real interest in "THE JERSEY SITUATION" and have interviewed a number of those who appeared in the documentary and other campaigners, who weren't in the documentary, but campaign against "THE JERSEY WAY."

Their latest interview (below) is with former (possibly illegally suspended) Chief Police Officer Graham Power QPM. Mr. Power will need no introduction to our long time readers who will know that Team Voice has reported extensively on this huge miscarriage of justice that saw Mr. Power suspended, on what looks to be, a pack of lies.

Disgraced Former Home Affairs Minister Andrew Lewis

He was suspended by disgraced former Home Affairs Minister Andrew Lewis who told our parliament he had seen a "damming report" from the MET Police criticising the handling of the Child Abuse investigation under the leadership of Mr. Power. Team Voice (Rico Sorda) exclusively exposed this "variation of truth" from Andrew Lewis when he (Rico Sorda) was leaked, and published, the secret parliament sitting's Hansard HERE.

Andrew Lewis went on to have his pants (metaphorically) pulled down by the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry and we published the transcripts of the evidence given to the Inquiry by Mr. Lewis HERE, HERE and HERE. He later faced, and lost, a vote of CENSURE in the parliament. He was defended by the disgraced former Bailiff, and then Senator, Philip Bailhache which we reported on HERE.

The former Chief Police Officer, Mr. Power did lodge a criminal COMPLAINT against Mr. Lewis which (because, in my opinion, our judiciary is so CORRUPT) didn't see any charges brought against him. We're not even sure if there was any kind of investigation let alone charges. This is, however, something we hope to be returning to in the near future.

We hope for those not familiar with the story that the links provided will help explain some/most of what has gone on and covered up by the local Lamestream MEDIA but exposed by BLOGGERS. For those wanting to learn more please click on the labels at the bottom of this post.

The interview with Jill and George gives a fascinating insight into Mr. Power's credentials, the way Jersey "does things" and if you speak out, how "they" will come after you. 

A huge thanks to Jill and George for taking an interest in "The Jersey Situation" and we look forward to the up-coming interviews with key players from the documentary, and indeed not from the documentary.

Please take the time to subscribe to the OnRecord YouTube CHANNEL.

Part one of this series (VFC interview with former SIO Lenny Harper) can be viewed HERE.

Part two of this series (VFC interview with Graham Power QPM) can be viewed Here.

Part three of this series (Jill and George interview VFC) can be viewed HERE.

Part four of this series (Jill and George interview award winning author, and investigative journalist, Leah McGrath Goodman) and be viewed HERE.

Thursday, 8 July 2021

Life on the Rock.

Children's Commissioner Deborah McMillan.

Press Release from Children's Minister Deborah McMillan.

"I am pleased to share with you our latest research’ Our Life on the Rock.’  This tells the stories of 21 very different young islanders whose collective experiences cover everything from traditional, carefree upbringings to those clouded by poverty, racism, bullying or abuse. 

It is a multi-faceted, in-depth insight into what it is like to grow up in Jersey – childhood explored from every angle, through all kinds of people’s real and unvarnished experiences.


What we have set out to do with this project is to engage a cross section of young Islanders in a meaningful way. This means giving them the opportunity to speak and the means to be heard, even if their words paint a difficult or challenging picture. 


The study is grouped into different themes, from concrete topics like health, housing or education through to more elusive concepts such as staying safe or bullying and social media. And in line with my mandate to allow the real, unedited views of children and young people to remain at the centre of our work and research, we adopted something known as the ‘Lundy model of participation’ to guide us through this project.


We stepped back and let children and young people determine the themes, methodology and interpretation of the study, with minimal interference from the adults involved.


A first step in achieving this was to establish children’s advisory groups – thanks to Haute Vallee, Mont A Labbe, Janvrin and Beaulieu schools.  These groups were central in designing what the study should look like (everything from choosing its name through to what themes it should tackle), as well as taking part in the discussion and analysis of ‘life history interviews’ (more on those in a moment), and the secondary analysis of data from our survey of 1,700 local children and young people.


The life history interviews were conducted with 21 different children and young people, who range in age from nine to 18 years old, and who come from diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. Interviews were conducted face to face and spanned a period of several weeks, and those taking part were given a guarantee of anonymity and of special precautions to ensure that, in a small community like Jersey, they would not be identifiable.


With our thanks to the wonderful team at the Centre for Children’s Rights, Queens University Belfast – Prof Laura Lundy, Dr Mary-Louise Corr, Dr Amy Hanna, Dr Katrina Lloyd and Dr Michelle Templeton.


When I first set up my office, the vision for our collective future was written by children, who expressed the following hope: 'Jersey is a place where the rights of children are realised and respected, and their voices shape their lives.'

Life on the Rock is part of our ongoing work to try to make that a reality.


Regards Deborah


Deborah McMillan

Commissioner for Children and Young People Jersey"

Friday, 2 July 2021

Dark Secrets of a Trillion Dollar Island:Garenne. Leah McGrath Goodman.

Leah McGrath Goodman

Following the broadcast of the documentary DARK SECRETS OF A TRILLION DOLLAR ISLAND:GARENNE and in continuation of our series of interviews with those involved in the film, part four of our series is of an interview with award winning author and investigative journalist Leah McGrath Goodman. Leah was interviewed by YouTubers/Podcasters ONRECORD as was VFC HERE and HERE. We are told that OnRecord will be interviewing further key participants involved with the documentary and/or those who have been fighting for the truth to be told. We highly recommend subscribing to OnRecord's YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

Long time/regular readers of VFC will be aware of Leah's struggles, as a journalist, to report on the Jersey Child Abuse cover up and related events, or to coin a phrase, "THE JERSEY SITUATION." This includes her being being (possibly the only western journalist in a so-called "western democracy") BANNED from entering the UK and Jersey after she told Jersey immigration officials that she was investigating (as a journalist) the Child Abuse atrocities at Haute de la Garenne.

Former Deputy Trevor Pitman.

Her banning caused outrage and condemnation for those who support free speech and freedom of the press and former Deputy TREVOR PITMAN launched an online PETITION to restore Leah's visa so she could return to the UK/Jersey and continue her vital work in holding power to account since all our local "journalists" (yeah I know) had no appetite for seeking the truth. The petition helped put pressure on the Jersey/UK authorities to do the right thing and allow her to carry on her work on the Island. Leah was eventually allowed back on the Island after her two year ban was reduced to one year which we reported on HERE. We exclusively interviewed Leah some six days later HERE.

Readers/viewers would do well to click on some of the links in this post (and indeed watch the video interview below) to get an idea of the horrific ordeal Leah McGrath Goodman was put through because she answered a question honestly. She merely told the authorities she was investigating Child Abuse on the Island.

We hope this posting (including its links) gives some background to the story of Leah's experiences, as told in the interview. We also hope that those living in the Jersey bubble might try looking at "The Jersey Situation" from the perspective of an independent international journalist. What is aloud to go on, and unreported, over here just isn't normal/democratic/ethical or even legal.

Part one of this series (interview with former Senior Investigating Officer Lenny Harper) can be viewed HERE.

Part two (interview with former, possibly illegally suspended, Chief Police Officer, Graham Power QPM) can be viewed HERE.

Part three (interview with VFC) can be viewed HERE.

Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Children's Commissioner, Deborah McMillan, Open Letter to Chief Minister John Le Fondre.


Children's Commissioner Deborah McMillan

Dear Chief Minister                                                                                          

12 May 2021

Ref: Minister for Children and Education

I am writing with regard to the role of Minister for Children and Education and seeking reassurance of a commitment to appoint a ‘full time’ Minister as soon as possible following the announcement of temporary arrangements.

On 24th January I received a call from Charlie Parker who said that you had asked him to speak to me regarding your plan to split the Ministerial roles for Housing and Children and to form a combined role for Children and Education.  I provided my advice and followed this up with a letter. My advice was to form a new Ministerial role with responsibility for all aspects of children’s lives that mirrors the new Children, Young People, Education and Skills Department.  In effect, a children’s rights minister with a cross-cutting role to reflect the breadth of children’s rights. This would mean that the Minister would be able to focus on joining up legislation, policy and practice development that seeks to ensure children’s needs are understood and met, and the best interests of children are paramount. I offered to work with the appointee to provide training and guidance on children’s rights as part of any induction, as well as an ongoing close working relationship with the Minister.

Former(?) Education/Children's Minister Jeremy Macon

On 9th February Deputy Maçon was elected Minister for Children and Education, and on 1st March he appointed two Assistant Ministers: Deputy Pointon for CAMHS; and Deputy Wickenden to assist with the education portfolio.

On 24th March it was announced that, as Chief Minister, you had removed Deputy Maçon from these duties and that you would hold the portfolio for Children and Education until further notice. Deputy Wickenden took on additional responsibilities at that time.

I know that you have valued having dedicated Ministers for the roles of Education and Children, and I valued having a close working relationship with the previous post holders, which gave me the opportunity to spend time with them to provide guidance and advice.  However, since January 2021 I have had little engagement with either Deputy Maçon or Wickenden. My first meeting with Deputy Wickenden was on 22nd April (at my insistence) to discuss an urgent issue at Victoria College.

Deputy Scott Wickenden

We agreed to hold regular catchup meetings so that I could go through key children’s rights issues with him; however, Deputy Wickenden failed to turn up to the first of those meetings, with no apology or explanation given. 

I appreciate that both Deputies hold wide portfolios and have a number of competing pressures, but I am concerned that the temporary arrangements that you have put in place have now resulted in a lack of ministerial oversight with regard to children and all aspects of their lives. I strongly recommend that you appoint a permanent role as a matter of urgency. The draft Children and Young people Mental Health Strategy, the Jersey Children’s Social Care Services Plan, and the Children’s Plan all set out a compelling vision and require committed, strong political leadership, particularly as we move into a recovery phase following the pandemic.

I would be pleased to discuss this further with you.

Yours sincerely

Deborah McMillan

Children’s Commissioner for Jersey (END)

Monday, 10 May 2021

Dark Secrets of a Trillion Dollar Island:Garenne (VFC)


In continuation of our Dark Secrets of a Trillion Dollar Island:Garenne series where we are interviewing participants of the documentary which can be viewed on BBC iplayer HERE. VFC was interviewed by Jill and George from ONRECORD after they had viewed the documentary and were appalled and astounded at what has, and is still able to, go on in Jersey.

As a result of the documentary being broadcast VFC has been contacted by a great number of people, and not least by Survivors, who have shared their story with us and some for the very first time. A huge thank you to those who made contact and were able to show the trust in VFC by sharing some horrific experiences they endured as a child and continue to endure as adults.

We have also been contacted by a number of YouTubers/Podcasters and asked for interviews to which we have agreed to a couple and will look to publish on this Blog at a later date. We have also been contacted by a number of people across the UK (as a direct result of the documentary) offering us, not only practical support, but also financial support to help carry on our vital work doing what the MSM (Old Media) should have done in the first place and should be doing now. We have politely declined any financial support but have made some very supportive and influential allies that we are keen to work with in the future. So watch this space.......................................

The interview (below) has been published in two parts and covers almost everything people need to know how the how cover-up was able (and still able) to happen.

A big thank you to George and Jill for inviting VFC for an interview and for taking an interest in the ongoing "Jersey Situation."

Part one of this series (interview with former Senior Investigating Officer Lenny Harper) can be viewed HERE.

Part two (interview with former, possibly illegally suspended, Chief Police Officer, Graham Power QPM) can be viewed HERE.

Friday, 19 March 2021

Graham Power QPM. Dark Secrets of a Trillion Dollar Island:Garenne.

Former Chief Police Officer Graham Power QPM

Further to our PREVIOUS POSTING where we interviewed former Senior Investigating Officer of the Jersey Child Abuse Investigation (Operation Rectangle) Lenny Harper. And in continuation of our series of interviews with those who participated in the BBC4 Rogan Productions documentary "Dark Secrets of a Trillion Dollar Island:Garenne" which can be viewed on iplayer HERE.

We were granted an exclusive interview with the former Chief Police Officer Graham Power QPM to ask him about his thoughts on the documentary and related matters. Regular/long time readers will be aware that we at Team Voice have interviewed Mr. Power on a number of occasions following his (possibly illegal) suspension in 2008. We have covered the story of this huge miscarriage of "justice" for much more than a decade and we continue to do so....................

What is quite often overlooked is that, in the early days 2008/9/10/11 former Jersey politician, and 30-year MET Police veteran Bob Hill was the politician keeping Mr. Power's (possibly illegal) suspension on the political agenda. It should also be said that St Helier Constable Simon Crowcroft played a huge part ALSO.

Many people played a big part in keeping Mr. Power's (possibly illegal) suspension on the political agenda and indeed continue to. The problem with attempting to name them all is that one might forget somebody and create a resentment which is why we won't try and list them all here.

Former Deputy Bob Hill

Former Deputy Hill DOES deserve special mention because his pursuit of the truth and justice for Mr. Power and Survivors of Abuse almost certainly cost him his career and contributed to his near fatal stroke. Back in 2015 Bob, and his family, were delivered a severe blow when he was struck down by a stroke which we reported HERE. We followed some of Bob's progress HERE and HERE. We were pleased that the documentary (Dark Secrets of a Trillion Dollar Island:Garenne) used the footage, supplied to it by VFC, of Bob up at Haute de la Garenne showing Gradwell and Warcup to be "less than authentic" when they tried to tell us that the cellars at Haute de la Garenne didn't exist. The film footage of Bob was taken from HERE.

Mr. Power, in the interview below, gives Bob a mention and we thought it was high time we did. Readers can view Bob's Blog HERE.

Mr. Power, just as in the case of Mr. Harper in our PREVIOUS POSTING, first, and foremost, pays tribute to the Survivors of unimaginable abuse that was covered up by the Jersey Establishment for decades. He points out how the State Media got people talking about how much Mr. Harper spent on a prawn cocktail in a London Restaurant and other such mundane diversionary twaddle. It (State Media) took the focus away from the decades of suffering, and covered up Child Abuse, that Lenny Harper (and the Operation Rectangle Team), under the leadership of Graham Power, was trying to investigate. How did that happen and just as importantly "why" did it happen? How and why did the State Media turn a story of a police investigation into decades of covered up Child Abuse into a story of the lead investigator asking for a second helping in a restaurant?

Francis OldhamQC

Further discussed in the interview is the fact that neither Mr. Power, nor anybody else (who wasn't involved in it) knows why he was (possibly illegally) suspended. Fourteen years later and we are all none-the-wiser. We do know that Judge Oldham QC, Chair of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry (IJCI), found that Andrew Lewis, who (possibly illegally) suspended Mr. Power, lied to both the States Assembly (the Island's parliament) AND the IJCI with his "reasons" for the (possibly illegal) suspension.

The irony is (discussed in the interview) that Mr. Power was ready to retire from the police force. He was well past his retirement date and had they have asked him to resign then he would have walked away. They chose the route to suspend him or "SCAPEGOAT" him which clearly was not the wisest of moves - or to quote Mr. Power from the interview: "it was a damn stupid decision." he further goes on to remind us: "This is not just a legal, political, academic point. While they were showing no political interest, people were suffering life changing harm. It's about real blood, real pain and real suffering that they allowed to happen"

Plenty more is discussed in the interview which we hope will open the eyes, or educate viewers, of what has been allowed to happen and what is allowed to continue to happen in this island that I was once proud to call my home. 

Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Lenny Harper. Dark Secrets of a Trillion Dollar Island: Garenne

Former Senior Investigating Police Officer Lenny Harper

Last night (Mon 15th March 2020) saw the broadcast of the long awaited (four years in the making) documentary "Dark Secrets of a Trillion Dollar Island:Garenne. It was broadcast on BBC4 and can be viewed on iplayer  HERE. For those having problems getting on iplayer it can be viewed on YouTube HERE.

The documentary told the story (as best as it could in ninety minutes) of the Child Abuse scandal/cover-up (and much more) that put Jersey on the world stage for all the wrong reasons back in 2008 onwards.

This documentary sought to sift through all the myths and complexities surrounding the abuse, the cover-ups, and tell the story from both sides of the fence. The film (in the opinion of Team Voice) was (rightly) Victim/Survivor focused and, with thanks to people like Survivor/Campaigner and Former Chair of the Jersey Care Leavers Association, Carrie Modral. Survivor Marina Cremin, many other Survivors including the late, and great, sorely missed Dannie Jarmin who appeared in the documentary. The bravery of ALL Survivors shone through in this film which is a tribute to its makers and the Survivors.

We, over the next few weeks, will be interviewing some of the film's participants and indeed we have been granted an interview with its director/producer Camilla Hall early in April.

Today we interviewed/talked with former Senior Investigating Officer of the Jersey Child Abuse police investigation (Operation Rectangle) Lenny Harper (video below). Both, he and I, being participants in the film discussed our opinions of it. We both agree that it is impossible to tell the "The Jersey story" in ninety minutes but this documentary did as good a job as could be done while attempting to be fair to all those involved.

Hopefully the interview/discussion will help viewers understand some of the "stories" given by some of the participants from the perspective of the Senior Investigating Police Officer and long time Anti Child Abuse/Anti Cover-Up campaigner.

Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Dark Secrets of a Trillion Dollar Island: Garenne

"Dark Secrets of a Trillion Dollar Island: Garenne tells the extraordinary story of the child abuse scandal that erupted on the idyllic island of Jersey in 2007. For a long time, the victims’ voices had remained unheard, but when widespread allegations of sexual abuse resurfaced in the late 2000s, Jersey’s then health minister Stuart Syvret spoke out about the scale of this historic child abuse and the damage done to the victims.

Syvret’s words sparked a moment of reckoning for the small community, whose leaders were determined to protect the island’s reputation, home to a trillion dollars in offshore investment. This discreet offshore tax haven found itself in the middle of a major police investigation as the world’s media descended on the island, creating a media circus. In the midst of all this, the community became divided, with one group fearful that the scandal would drive investors away, and another demanding justice for the victims.

As bitterness and enmity drag on and the press desert Jersey, two unlikely bloggers decide to reignite the smouldering, unresolved issues. Teaming up with former police officers, survivors and supporters, they fight for the voices of the survivors to be heard, digging up past evidence and recording first-hand testimonials. In the process, they force the island to confront its past."

Monday 15th March 2021 10pm

Saturday, 13 February 2021

Chief Minister Appoints Jeremy Exotic as New Education Minister. (Satire)

Jeremy Exotic

Chief Minister, John Le Fondue has used new powers that were given to him in the dying days of CEO Charlie Anorak's  tenure to appoint a Minister from outside the island.

He has also rebranded what was CYPES (Children, Young People, Education and Skills Policy) to ELFS, Education, Large Felines and Students.

Up until January, it was necessary for anyone holding a Ministerial position to be an elected member of the Jersey Parliament (States Assembly) first, however, the new rules mean that the Chief Minister may, with the agreement of the Chief Executive, appoint someone from the outside if he sees fit without seeking permission of the Assembly.

The new powers are similar to those used by Presidents in France or the USA, where Ministers do not need to already hold political office.

Jeremy Exotic, who will be known to many readers as The Tiger King, from the Netflix series of the same name, was chosen by Chief Minister Le Fondue after a chance encounter with the TV star at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington in 2017.

Speaking exclusively to Team Voice, Senator Le Fondue said, ‘I am a big fan of the show and have always respected Jez for his libertarian politics and measured delivery. So, I was very pleased to be introduced to him at an NRA fringe-event at President Trump’s annual prayer breakfast, when I was in Washington.’

From there, the friendship between the two men blossomed; ‘We have stayed in contact regularly ever since, and when it was apparent that there was going to be a vacancy for the position, I contacted Jez straight away to see if he would be interested. I cleared it with Charlie Anorak first, of course.’

Senator Chrissy Baskin

However, some have criticised the new appointment. Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel Chair, Senator Chrissy Baskin said the job should really have gone to a local politician; that the Chief Minister had disregarded the Assembly and the Scrutiny process; and that the whole thing stank to high heaven.

Defending the move, Senator Le Fondue said, ‘I wanted someone I could trust, but I also firmly believe in a merit based system. You choose the best man for the job irrespective of where he is from - period. Jez has a great deal of political experience  - he ran for President of the USA for God’s sake and received 962 votes in Colorado alone. That’s more than most constables and many deputies! Granted he's no ABRAHAM GORST but still....... Along side that, he has a lot of transferable skills that will stand him in good stead. Anyone who can handle those big cats will be able to manage even the most militant teachers when we come after their terms and conditions, next year, to pay for COVID. Who better than a celebrity lion (tiger) tamer to do the job? As soon as the teachers realise he has been on TV, they will forget their industrial action and be queuing up for selfies with him. Everyone’s a winner.’

Mr. Exotic will take up his new post in March and will be housed in a special wing of Government House, with sufficient space for 5 of his favourite big cats.

Constable Carol Rennard-Le Sueur

Speaking about the new comer to her parish, Constable Carol Rennard-Le Sueur said that Jez was very welcome in St Saviour. ‘I too am a big fan of the show. I love animals and I love Jez. I have already invited him to one of our Country Line Dance evenings at the Parish Hall as soon as this bloody COVID fiasco has come to an end, my love. He is going to make a wonderful Minister, and we are delighted to have him so near.’

'That doesn't men that I am a fan of all his work. Although he has a beautiful singing voice in the video at the bottom of this post, his ditty about the lovely Carol Baskin (below) isn't quite so appreciated!"

Disclaimer: This is a satirical post poking fun at our elected representatives, in a light-hearted way........................................ While it is still legal!!

If you have not watched "The Tiger King" on Netflix then you are really missing out. (And probably won't understand this post.)

Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Tribute to the late Chris Wakeham. (Guest Posting from former Deputy Shona Pitman)

Chris Wakeham

"In 2005, I was first introduced to Chris (Laura Clarissa) Wakeham (née Hollings), with the view to be endorsed by her for my nomination for election as a St Helier No 2 Deputy, with the Jersey Democratic Alliance (JDA).

In a tiny State's (Council) flat in Caesarea Court, stood this tall, statuesque woman, in her early eighties, waiting for me with tea and biscuits already prepared.  We sat down and talked, and it didn't take long before her rebelliousness, defiance, intelligence and attunement to what really mattered in life – humanity and social justice, beamed through.  Knowing little at the time of this woman's huge part in Jersey's modern local socio-political history, I still felt awe struck and great respect as I listened.

Chris came to Jersey in 1946 in her early twenties, as a qualified and experienced Nursery Nurse, from Aberystwyth in southern Wales.  She had already spent a number of years there, caring for orphans in a large country residence that had been converted for this purpose during the war.

After the war and four years of Nazi Occupation, Jersey found itself short of many essentials.  As numerous children had lost their fathers, and some had lost both parents, there was obviously a great need for Nursery Nurses.  Whilst caring for children in the country house in Wales, Chris and her friend had seen an advert for qualified Nursery Nurses, placed by the Jersey authorities.  

Little did she know at the time of course, that before very long she would find herself fighting for the rights of islanders against social injustice and the then still rampant impacts of poverty, something which would often involve confronting Politicians and Parish Officials. This would all eventually lead to her standing for election. Chris Wakeham would accordingly become a local household name and be well known within political circles for generations.                                                                                                             

Chris told me how she believed people learnt best by actually 'doing'; and so it was that, whilst she and her friend worked their profession in Jersey, she gained a deep insight into the family lives of these children and the very poor living standards that had  been placed upon them.  With this, grew a passion as fiery as her auburn hair, to fight to eradicate these inequities.

Early on in her undertakings, Chris would regularly find herself faced with Parish bureaucrats whilst standing in welfare lines with prospective applicants.  Very rarely it seemed in those days, would such individuals be pleased to see her. She would tell me how she was once actually told by one of these male officials that: 'we are the educated one's here, so we know best as to how to deal with these people'.

In truth, the Parish Officials regularly treated welfare seekers with disrespect and disdain, even whilst Chris joined them in defiance. But she never wavered in support of these families, individuals and children: what they needed were simple basics - she knew.

Chris soon became politically active in a wider sense, involving herself with the Communist Party and she also became a member of the Jersey Democratic Movement (JDM), the forerunner of the JDA, founded by (former Senator) Ted Vibert in 2005.  Though some may immediately associate Communism with the ideology of insidious malign corruption, the only social/political groupings at that time fighting (together) against social injustice for the ordinary classes, were the Communist Party and the JDM.

It was via her involvement with the Communist Party, where Chris would meet the young Norman Le Brocq - the only Communist Politician ever to be elected to the States of Jersey (Parliament) and well-known for his decades in office as  one with a strong social conscience; and another truly formidable female campaigner for social justice, Stella Perkins.

At that time, politicians were not paid, so the Party would collect from each of it's members a small contribution to make up a wage for Norman, who even then would need to keep up additional work as a skilled stonemason.  But being involved with these political groupings came a price – public ignorance and contempt fuelled by political propaganda and a bitter resentment on the part of the island's long-entrenched right-wing establishment.

I remember Chris once recalling a night, when she and Communist Party members were putting up posters around St Helier (Jersey's capital) advertising political meetings.  They were spotted and subsequently chased by a gang of men, hurling abuse and threats at them because they were communists. They were ultimately pursued all the way to a house in Hue Street, rented by Chris and her partner.

Assuming they would be helped by a Police Officer patrolling his beat nearby, the Officer however shouted to the pursuers: 'good for you lads, I would be there with you if I wasn't in uniform'!  Locked in there house, suddenly bricks came flying through windows, also without a word from the Policeman.  Fortunately no-one was hurt.

On another occasion, Chris described how when the JDM held open air meetings, people would often drive past in their cars and throw missiles made of wood, tomatoes and other rotten foodstuffs at the speaker. It was thus decided at Chris' suggestion, that she should get up and speak because she thought that as a woman, some people might think differently and actually listen to what was being said.

Things did improve it seems, but Chris did not allow any missile to get in her way; and later she became Chairperson of the JDM and stood for election in the 1970s.  Sadly for Jersey, she was not elected. However, unsuccessful in her attempt against the mighty force of the political male establishment and propagandist backers or not, there is triumph to be talked about when it comes to Chris Wakeham and the positive impact of her long life on Jersey.

Grands Vaux Youth Centre (the largest on the island) and the Women’s Refuge – were both co-founded by Chris; and she also founded the now famous Centre Point Trust (a children's nursery/charity, which was the first of it's kind in establishing professional standards when working with children). Seeing  to date, thousands of islanders accessing these facilities.

And there were the people she so riled by her refusal to be intimidated. The landlord's whom were charging their tenants high rents for poor, often appalling accommodation; by organising the very first rent strike in Jersey.  The petty officials and bureaucrats likewise, who would need to learn to think again before assuming that their decisions were gospel.

Further, in her mid-80's, so Chris once told me, she had even had Jersey's first Chief Minister by the tie for daring to say 'hello' to her.  I cannot remember the exact reason given for this, but I have no doubt that it was the steel-conviction of her principles that took him off his feet, and stumbling off a step!

It was only at the age of 31, that I really learnt of Chris Wakeham, Norman Le Brocq, Stella Perkins and a number of others and their importance to the island, because I was becoming directly involved in 'front-line' left-wing politics.

I feel a little ashamed of this looking back. Yet at the same time, the reality is that I was given no chance to learn about these brave and very important people, and such movements, at school nor in any other institution in Jersey.  For as time moves further away from the lives of these influential figures and events that positively shaped the social and political fabric of Jersey, what will remain in our collective memory?

What will remain are the memorial statues and names, in the streets of St Helier and throughout the island of historical figures of huge wealth, high power and position.  Many of these can only be seen as wholly unworthy of such memorials if one is prepared to examine true history. And what can they really mean to the ordinary passer-by, someone who may well be one of the thousands of islanders who have benefited from Chris Wakeham's work?

The good that left-wing political figures such as Chris bring to a society, is often painted over by right-wing disinformation, turning it into something dark or erased completely.  Yes, there will be those members of the great and good who have earnt their name engraved in stone, but Chris Wakeham warrants this mark in Jersey history too.  The very people Chris fought so long and hard to help achieve a better life are testament to that.

As to me, if I were to immortalise Chris in stone, I would say this:

Many women whom are recorded in history for their great contribution to society, are remembered too often only for their compassion.  They are more than this. Compassion and principle fired up Chris Wakeham's courage, defiance, intellect, unconformity and a deep connection with the human spirit, to fight for what was right and good.  Without these attributes, one could not make the historical changes  to Jersey's social psyche of why we, a community, should be looking after those in need i.e.  the public provisions for young people, children and vulnerable women, that she played a major part in establishing; and all the lives she helped improve, with the endless cases of individuals and families she took upon herself to support and fight for throughout her time in Jersey.

To add another and important facet to Chris's character, in the word's of one of her greatest heroes whom was born of her generation, no less than Che Guevara.  In commenting on women fighters, he says:

'In the tough life of the fighter, a woman is a comrade who brings the qualities peculiar to her sex but with the ability to work just as hard as a man.  She can fight, she is weaker but no less resistant than he is'.

This was Chris Wakeham.

I will always admire her as much as she admired Che Guevara, and feel so very fortunate indeed that I knew her personally.

Many of our Political figures are notoriously known for forgetting the gravity that arises from caring for children, young people, the sick, elderly people and those who find themselves in exceptionally hard times.  Chris Wakeham never did.  Even in her nineties after a bout of bad health, she would fervently tell my husband and I, laying in her bed with a raised fist, that she wanted to be up and fighting.  She never forgot.

Remember her.  Chris Wakeham – 1923-2021."