Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Advocate Philip Sinel Gives his Reaction to the (infamous) Speech of William Bailhache. (Part one)

Advocate Philip Sinel

On Tuesday 8th of October 2019 the retiring Bailiff, WILIAM BAILHACHE, abused his dual position as the Head of Judiciary, and Speaker of Parliament, to launch a political and personal attack on the Chairman (Francis Oldham QC) of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry. He did this in the now infamous SPEECH and by abusing the "Communications by the presiding Officer" element of the States Sitting he could NOT (like any elected non-conflicted) be questioned on his speech/statement.

We called this speech a personal VENDETTA carried out on behalf of his brother (and former Bailiff) Philip Bailhache. Where William Bailhache used the words of Francis Oldham QC against her where she wrote of Philip Bailhache (about his equally infamous 2008 liberation Day speech) in her 2017 REPORT:


“We cannot accept that a politician and lawyer (Philip Bailhache) of his experience would inadvertently have made what he told the Inquiry was an “unfortunate juxtaposition” of words. We are sure that the way in which Jersey is perceived internationally matters greatly to him. His linking of Jersey’s reputation to the child abuse investigation was, we are satisfied, a grave political error,”


“I cannot accept that a lawyer of the Chairman’s experience would inadvertently have drafted such an unfortunate juxtaposition of words. I am sure that the way in which Jersey receives her panel’s report matters greatly to her. Her linkage of allegations of lack of fairness and transparency in decision taking, by the Bailiff to historic (sic) Child Abuse was a grave error.”

As readers would expect the William Bailhache statement/speech sent ripples (Tidal Waves) across New and Old Media and we sought the reactions of the Children's Minister Senator Sam Mezec which we published HERE. The former Senior Investigating Officer of the Jersey Police Child Abuse Investigation (Operation Rectangle) Mr. Lenny Harper, who William Bailhache (unbelievably) seemingly couldn't praise enough for his investigation. We published Mr. Harper's response(s) HERE and HERE.

We also sought the reaction from local constitutional expert, and Advocate, Philip Sinel (video below), who in his trademark fashion told it how it is (from his point of view) and he didn't hold back. He made a few interesting observations, not least, that former Bailiff, and Senator, Philip Bailhache, was pushed, and didn't jump, from the role of Bailiff. It does seem a little bizarre that he allegedly "retired" as Bailiff through "ill health" but felt well enough to run an election CAMPAIGN. Not only run an election campaign but once elected becomes External Relations Minister jetting all over the world. But he felt too ill to be the Bailiff?

Former SIO Lenny Harper

As readers would expect, The Bailiff's apparent total VINDICATION of former Senior Investigating Officer, Lenny Harper, and indeed Operation Rectangle, does not tally-up with his actions/in-actions during his time as AG (during Rectangle) and Advocate Sinel points a number of these out. Including, apparently, having the former Police Chief, Graham Power QPM unsuccessfully criminally investigated as part of the Curtis Warren "car bugging incident" which we reported on HERE, and HERE. We further Exclusively published the BARTON REPORT which was the disciplinary investigation into the cops involved in the Curtis Warren case. The cops were all exonerated but the Law Offices' Department were left with some very uncomfortable questions to answer.

Quote from Barton Report:

"I do find it odd that having asked the Hampshire Police to 
investigate the matters surrounding the Curtis Warren police operation, the
 authorities in Jersey did not co-operate fully in the way that I would have expected
 given that it was they that asked for the enquiry to be carried out. Mr. Cessford made 
this very clear and I have no reason to doubt it and that caused me some
 considerable surprise. I maintain that this lack of co-operation or, perhaps more 
accurately, lack of complete co-operation, can only have compromised the
 Hampshire enquiry and limited the full facts available to me to make a decision in this

Further discussed in part one of this interview is the burning question as to why no Jersey Law Firm has ever taken up the cause for Abuse Survivors? Advocate Sinel HAS given (pro bono) advice to survivors where he can, but as he says in the interview, this is not his legal expertise and there ARE Law firms/lawyers who do specialise in this field yet Survivors have to rely, pretty much one ONE Lawyer from the UK, Alan Collins.

Current Bailiff Tim Le Cocq

We ask Advocate Philip sinel, among much more, is it the fact that Crown Offices' SG/AG/Deputy Bailiff/Bailiff and the Law Offices Department act they way they do because they are totally unaccountable? Is "THE JERSEY SITUATION" because of The Bailhache Brothers or because of the Office of Bailiff itself? Are things going to be any different under the rein of newly BUGGINSESS TURN SYSTEM OF PROMOTION elected Bailiff Tim Le Cocq? Can the UK legislate for Jersey? Whose "interests" are the Lieutenant Governors looking after? We have previously SUGGESTED that he be called as a witness to the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry. (That never happened)

We hope that readers with an interest in "The Jersey situation" or "The Jersey Way" or local constitutional issues find this interview of interest.

Part two coming soon..........................................

Saturday, 26 October 2019

Cow and Gate-gate: Connétable John Le Bailly's “Good Authority” is revealed.

Constable John Le Bailly

Islanders (of Jersey) cannot have escaped the viral speech given, in the States Chamber, by St. Mary Constable John Le Bailly (Thursday 24th October 2018). His speech came as part of a debate concerning "Employment (Jersey) Law 2003: review of parental leave rights amendments."

We have, for the purpose of this Blog Posting, and the historic record, published the relevant part of the speech to YouTube which can be viewed HERE. The relevant part being where he said he;"had it on good authority that this current breastfeeding thing is a fad." 

Regular readers will be aware of the fine character Lord Reginald Hamilton Rawley Tooting-Jones III who has graced this Blog on a number of occasions including "Celebrating Democracy Day JERSEY STYLE, ""A Guest Posting from Lord Reginald Hamilton Rawley Tooting-Jones III JURAT ELECTION" and "Lord Reginald's New Year's Message 2017."

Well we are pleased to say he has made a very welcome return!

In this exclusive guest posting by our very good friend, Lord Reginald Hamilton Rawley Tooting-Jones III, the Chairman of the JUP (Jersey Ultra-Conservative Party) reveals who was the "good authority" behind John Le Bailly’s (now infamous) “Breastfeeding fad” comments.

Speaking exclusively to Team Voice, he said:

"We were at The Club when me, Rolly and a few others started telling John (Le Bailly) about Breastfeeding. He had never heard of it, and so we told him it was brand new... a bit of a fad if you like, and that it would never catch on. Well, poor old John believed us."

"He wasn’t sure at first and asked how small humans were normally fed, as he could not remember anything from his childhood after the incident with the female roofer, when he and her fell off the roof after a particularly technical job, and he suffered a severe concussion."

"Anyway, we said that in the past it was the norm for most babies to be suckled by wild animals, either by wolves, as in the case with Romulus and Remus, or by apes, as with Tarzan. But, for health and safety reasons, it was now considered best practice to use Cow and Gate baby products."

Lord Reg went on to say that they were chatting about this ahead of the so-called family friendly legislation (or “business hostile” legislation, as the JUP call it) that the Social Security Minister was bringing forward.

"We did not expect him to actually say it in the Assembly, although we were rolling around in fits of merriment at the lodge when we watched it on the direct interweb and The Facebooks broadcast."

Lord Reg, who has recently come back from a safari and business trip in Rhodesia, said that he was particularly pleased with the "amazing free publicity" that has now been given world-wide to Cow and Gate, in which he is a major investor.

Sunday, 20 October 2019

Exclusive: Lenny Harper Responds to William Bailhache's Political Attack on Care Inquiry. (Part Two)

Former SIO/DCO Lenny Harper

Part two of our Exclusive interview with former Senior Investigating Officer (Operation Rectangle) and Deputy Chief Police Officer, Lenny Harper, is a direct continuation of Part One as published HERE.

In part one we discussed Mr. Harper's reaction to the political speech, and apparent vendetta, carried out by retiring Bailiff William Bailhache which has received widespread criticism from across the political divide. Video of the speech can be viewed HERE and the Blog written by former Jersey politician can be viewed HERE.

In this concluding part two we discuss the making of a number of documentaries, a film and two books (that we are aware of) concerning "The Jersey Situation" and Mr. Harper's involvement/participation (or not) in there making. We also discuss the role played by the local Old Media (formerly known as MSM) during the Operation Rectangle era and subsequent events. More specifically we discuss the role played by New Media (formerly known as Social Media) and in particular the (or some) Blogs.

Regular readers will be aware that Mr. Harper released a Press Statement in June 2017 just before the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry (IJCI) published its first damming REPORT. Mr Harper's statement explained why he took the decision NOT to engage with the local Old Media but WOULD engage with the National Media and New Media where he wrote:

"It was perhaps an unfortunate “oversight” that the Inquiry Terms of Reference did not include how the Jersey mainstream media was able to manipulate public opinion to try and turn it against the survivors and those acting on their behalf.

For all of these reasons and more, I have decided before knowing what is contained in the report, and no matter what is, that I will not be speaking to the mainstream media in Jersey. Should the public journalists that I have mentioned above wish to speak to me I will of course agree to do so. I will also be happy to speak to United Kingdom media sources." The Press Statement can be read in full HERE.


We (VFC) were one of these "Public Journalists" mentioned and subsequently interviewed Mr. Harper HERE. The Blogs have been, for years, marginalised by the local Old Media, pedophiles and "The Jersey Way" protectors. We have been called "conspiracy theorists" and trouble makers trying to trash Jersey's reputation. Of course it is not the Bloggers who have reported that 65 children's teeth (some with root still attached and could not have been shed naturally) were left (according to Mick Gradwell) for the Tooth Fairy up at Haute de la Garenne or (according to Ian Le Marquand) they all fell out of children's mouths in the exact same place and fell through a gap in a floorboard. We published the official document(s) of the multiple child remains unearthed at HAUT DE LA GARENNE. When Mick Gradwell, and the Old Media, reported that the cellars didn't exist at Haut de la Garenne we, along with former Deputy BOB HILL reported, with video evidence, the truth in that the cellars DID EXIST. Indeed we have torn to pieces the "official line" given by the Establishment and the Old Media not least in this single BLOG POSTING.

It should also be noted that had it not been for the Blogs, and in particular, Rico Sorda, we might never have found out about the apparent lies told, in the States Assembly, by the then Home affairs Minister, Andrew Lewis during the  (possibly illegal) suspension of former Police Chief Graham Power. Team Voice (notably NOT the Old Media) were leaked the transcripts of the (not so) secret States Debate and published by Rico HERE. Not to mention it was the Blogs, or more significantly Rico Sorda, who first exposed Mick Gradwell for LEAKING confidential police information (while Operation Rectangle was still a live investigation) to a "journalist" with a history of supporting convicted pedophiles.

It is for these reasons we have gained the trust of Survivors and Whistleblowers and indeed our Blogs are used as an essential research archive for National journalists/filmmakers/authors and those with an interest in the historic record of "THE JERSEY SITUATION."

Mr. Harper, and former Police GRAHAM POWER QPM, along with the former Chief Minister IAN GORST acknowledge the work done by this Blog. As does the current Chief Minister JOHN LE FONDRE and the Jersey Independent CARE INQUIRY. Our track record is proven and acknowledged by those, at the forefront of Operation Rectangle, and by those at its fall-out.

Advocate Philip Sinel

In the video below, as well as his support for the Blogs, Mr. Harper discusses his fond (or otherwise) memories of his time in Jersey. How the "power system is handed down from one crony to another and in some cases one brother to another." This is a term referred to as "bugginses turn system of promotion" by Advocate Philip Sinel in his submission to the CARSWELL REVIEW.

We have been granted an interview with Advocate Sinel to get his reaction to William Bailhache's apparent VENDETTA carried out against the IJCI (and by implication the Survivors) for his brother, and former Bailiff, ("bugginses turn system of promotion") Philip Bailhache. We hope to do the interview some time this week.

In the meantime we thank Mr. Harper, not only for the interview and his support of the Blogs, but after being in retirement for around eleven years still not giving up on the Survivors, and the truth, by speaking up/out whenever asked by a reputable/credible media.

Saturday, 12 October 2019

Exclusive: Lenny Harper Responds to William Bailhache's Political Attack on Care Inquiry. (Part one)

Former SIO/DCO Lenny Harper

Further to our PREVIOUS POST where we demonstrated how the outgoing Bailiff, William Bailhache, looked to have carried out a vendetta against the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry for his brother, former Bailiff Philip Bailhache. The alleged vendetta was carried out as part of a speech given by Bailhache where he abused his dual position in the States Assembly. Video of the speech can be viewed HERE. During that same speech the out-going Bailiff totally, and unequivocally, vindicated the former Senior Investigating Officer of Jersey's biggest ever Child Abuse Investigation Mr. Lenny Harper.

Long-time readers will know that William Bailhache was the Attorney General during the Police's Child Abuse Investigation (Operation Rectangle) and refused to bring many cases to court. Indeed, in June 2009 he published a PRESS STATEMENT with his so-called "reasons" for NOT doing so. Long-time readers will also know that not all of those "reasons" stood up to just the slightest scrutiny.

From his Press Statement above:

"In another case, the complainant described sustaining 300 to 400 cigarette burn marks and a branding which required a skin graft, but there is no physical sign of any injury................."

But then we have (From the transcripts of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry) testimony from: "a medical report prepared by a Jason Payne-James."

"On examination of his back there were numerous pale mature scars generally less than ... in size down to about [so much] in size. They extended across [an area of the back], they were in no fixed pattern and of no particular shape. They represent areas of skin that have sustained damage of an extent enough to result in residual scars. Causes could include cigarette burns, insect bites, chickenpox (although other lesions were not noted elsewhere) ..."

These transcripts, and further demonstration that William Bailhache's "reasons" for not prosecuting this particular alleged prolific pedophile can, and should be read HERE.

Why do we bring this up? Because although William Bailhache in his political speech attacking the Care Inquiry (and by implication the Survivors) he also unequivocally VINDICATED Lenny Harper and Operation Rectangle. We asked Mr. Harper if he accepted this vindication (video below) and he told us "actions" speak louder than words." It's all very well the Bailiff saying what a great job Mr. Harper did (10 years later) but what has the "actions" of the Bailiff been? We reported back in 2011 that the Survivors/public were offered a mere handful of SHOW TRIALS while those connected people remained, and remain to this day, protected (The Jersey Way).

Old Media

Of course the fact that Mr. Harper, and Operation Rectangle, were totally, and unequivocally, vindicated by William Bailhache has NOT (to the best of our knowledge) been broadcast/published by any of the local Old Media (formerly known as MSM). Jersey's Old Media has gone out of its way to portray Mr. Harper as the bad guy and it has only ever been the Bloggers, through the years, who have tried adding balance to the Old Media's propaganda and given a voice to those who have been victims of the Old Media. This has included Survivors, Mr. Harper, Graham Power QPM and many others. The Old Media are in a dilemma now because after doing everything it has to discredit Lenny Harper and his Team involved with Operation Rectangle, now the out-going Bailiff (and former AG) Praises/vindicates Mr. Harper and his investigation. It would be difficult for the Old Media to report this because of its trashing of Mr. Harper and his investigation all through the years without looking inadequate (at best) or complicit (at worse).

As far as we are aware we are the only media to report the Bailiff's vindication of Mr. Harper and we ARE the only media to ask him for his reaction. Again regular readers will know that the Old Media ran lots of stories about Mr. Haper, and how much he spent on a Prawn Cocktail, yet NONE of them had the decency, or professional journalistic courtesy to either ask him his side of the story, or offer him any kind of right of reply.

The way the local Old Media went about its business concerning its reporting of Mr. Harper, and related issues, was exposed in what has been described as "The most defining Report of its Era." That report was published by former Deputy TREVOR PITMAN'S Scrutiny Sub Panel and can be read (the short version) HERE and in its entirety HERE.

We are thankful for Mr. Harper's continued support (he retired more than 11 years ago) for the Survivors and for the truth to be told. We are grateful for the interview in order to keep the historic records accurate also.

Part two of this interview will be looking a little deeper into the roles played by Old and New Media over the years concerning Operation Rectangle, the Care Inquiry, and much more.

Mr. Harper (in the interview) basically sums up the irony of William Bailhache's political speech in one quote:

"For someone  who was trying to deny the existence of "The Jersey Way" he made a very good job of actually proving its alive, well and kicking."

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

William Bailhache carries out a Vendetta for his Brother?

Bailiff William Bailhache

Yesterday (Tues 8th October 2019) in a (not so) unprecedented POLITICAL speech by the outgoing Bailiff, William Bailhache, he  attacked the report of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry. He used the "Communications by the Presiding Officer and other announcements" tool to make this attack  knowing he wouldn't, or couldn't, be questioned on his statement like an elected member would. This was a total abuse of his office/position and further demonstrates the need for a separation of powers. The speech can, and should be listened to HERE.

A number (4 out of 49) politicians either objected to contents of the speech or asked that he would take questions on it to which he refused. The four principled politicians were Deputy Mike Higgins, Deputy Montfort Tadier, Constable Simon Crowcroft and Children's Minister senator Sam Mezec.

It is the opinion of VFC that the Bailiff's speech was a vendetta against the IJCI Chair, Francis Oldham QC, for calling his brother (former Bailiff Philip Bailhache) out in her 2017 report. Regular readers will be aware that in 2008 the then Bailiff Philip Bailhache gave the infamous (political) Liberation Day speech which included the words:

"All child abuse, wherever it happens, is scandalous, but it is the unjustified and remorseless denigration of Jersey and her people that is the real scandal"
He tried to tell the IJCI that his terminology was "an “unfortunate juxtaposition” of words." That people might interpret what he was saying was that the real criminals were the journalists challenging Jersey and her people and that is not what he meant.

Francis Oldham QC wrote in her 2017 report:

“We cannot accept that a politician and lawyer (Philip Bailhache) of his experience would inadvertently have made what he told the Inquiry was an “unfortunate juxtaposition” of words. We are sure that the way in which Jersey is perceived internationally matters greatly to him. His linking of Jersey’s reputation to the child abuse investigation was, we are satisfied, a grave political error,”

Then when you compare, and contrast, what William Bailhache said in his anti democratic political speech in the States Chamber yesterday one can see that it is almost identical to what Francis Oldham QC wrote about his brother in her 2017 report:

“I cannot accept that a lawyer of the Chairman’s experience would inadvertently have drafted such an unfortunate juxtaposition of words. I am sure that the way in which Jersey receives her panel’s report matters greatly to her. Her linkage of allegations of lack of fairness and transparency in decision taking, by the Bailiff to historic (sic) Child Abuse was a grave error.”

This, on the face of it, looks like a spiteful, petty, vendetta and an attack on Francis Oldham QC and does William Bailhache no favours at all. Abusing his position to make the speech in the first place also does him, and the office of Bailiff, no favours either and adds more weight to the argument that the dual role of the Bailiff should be abolished.

Readers/viewers really ought to watch the spectacle that was his SPEECH and his refusal to take any questions from States Members. Even those who support the dual role of the Bailiff must have difficulty in defending this. Indeed according to Children's Minister, Senator Sam Mezec, (below) some supporters do concede it is indefensible.

Senator Mezec drafted his own speech, in answer to the Bailiff's speech, but was refused permission to present it in the States by..........................The Bailiff! This just makes even more off a mockery of our so-called "democracy" where an unelected, unaccountable, Member of the parliament can make a political speech, refuse to answer any questions on it and then, not only has the power to, but prevents a democratically elected, and accountable Member of the States making a speech.

We asked the Children's Minister for an interview to discuss yesterday's shenanigans in the States which he agreed to for which we are grateful. What is clear in the interview is that the Bailiff has caused further damage, not only to the office of Bailiff/dual role, but to the reputation of the island as a whole and potentially damaged any hard earned trust the government might have been gaining from Survivors of abuse while attempting to implement the IJCI recommendations.

Among much more the Children's Minister tells us (interview below) that if this wasn't the Bailiff's last States Sitting before he retires then Senator Mezec, rather that drafting his own statement, he would have been drafting a vote of no confidence.

Stay tuned for the next part of this series where we have an exclusive interview with former Deputy Chief Officer, and Senior Investigating Officer, of the Police Investigation (Operation Rectangle) into the decades of Child Abuse Mr. Lenny Harper. Who himself was unequivocally VINDICATED by the Bailiff. We get Mr. Harper's reaction to this and much more.............

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Independent Jersey Care Inquiry Two Year Review. (Part 2)

IJCI Panel

On the 25th September 2019 we published PART ONE of our series concerning the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry's (IJCI) second damming REPORT into the "care" of children in Jersey. In our previous posting we said:

"In the coming weeks we intend on publishing excerpts of the Report which we think will be of interest to our readers/viewers."


"In part two of this series we will publish the interview with Chief Minister, Senator John Le Fondre, and Children's Minister, Senator Sam Mezec."

Below is that interview, and among other topics, we discuss the two paragraphs, from the IJCI second report and they are:

Attorney General Robert McRae

18  "There are two aspects of the new Children’s Commissioner legislation which cause us concern. First, it is essential that the Commissioner should have access to all documentation she requires in pursuit of any inquiry. Amendments to the legislation allowed legal advice given by the Law Officers Department to be withheld from the Commissioner, albeit with a provision that the Attorney General could make such advice available if he believed it to be in the public interest, having first applied a public interest test. Whilst we fully understand the importance of the convention that legal advice is not disclosed, we consider that, in setting the arrangement as it now stands, there is a real likelihood of suspicion being generated that critical matters are being covered up and that the “Jersey Way” is being perpetuated. We will come back to the “Jersey Way” later, but suffice to say, arrangements which could be seen to perpetuate this undermining belief should be avoided. To that end, we recommend that the presumption by the Law Officers Department should be framed to indicate that relevant legal advice will be made available to the Commissioner and withheld only where a public interest test is met for non-disclosure. This would symbolise a willingness to be open and transparent in most circumstances, since we believe that there should be few circumstances where it would not be appropriate to let the Commissioner have sight of legal advice, given the very direct impact such advice can have on the long-term outcome for a child." 

Former (possibly illegally suspended) Chief of Police Graham Power QPM

21 "Whilst we would hope that it never becomes necessary to remove a Children’s Commissioner from post, it is nonetheless vital that robust arrangements are in place should the need arise. This is important for the protection of the office but also for the protection of the Commissioner, so that she can undertake her duties without fear of repercussions. The current provision in legislation for ending the appointment of a commissioner is for the Chief Minister and the President of the Chairmen’s Committee to bring forward a proposal to that effect, which would be presented to a sitting of the States Assembly held in-camera. Whilst the Commissioner would have a right to make written representations to the Assembly, we consider it essential that she should be entitled to make representations in person during the in-camera session. We accept that on matters of this nature, regard must be given to protecting the privacy of the Commissioner, hence the need for proceedings to take place in a private session. We consider the Commissioner should also have the right to waive that facility in favour of an open public consideration. Our concern here is to ensure that circumstances, similar to those which pertained at the time of the removal from office of the former Chief Officer of Police, are not replicated. Jersey must demonstrate that it will deal with such a matter in ways which will evidence fairness and as much transparency as possible. We therefore recommend that in reviewing the law, consideration be given to achieving the objective of fully demonstrable fairness in any proceedings to remove a Children’s Commissioner from office."

Readers/viewers will note from the above two paragraphs that "The Jersey Way" remains prevalent which is mentioned further in the report and we will look to explore in more detail as part of this series. 

Regular readers/viewers will also know that following the (possibly illegal) suspension of the former Police Chief, the then Home Affairs Minister, Ian Le Marquand, possibly broke the law by publishing a redacted version of the prosecution case made against the former Chief Police Officer. Indeed he went on a media roadshow with it and conducted his own KANGAROO COURT with it. Graham Power subsequently wrote his interim DEFENCE CASE to the Wiltshire Constabulary's prosecution case which Ian Le Marquand refused to publish. It was then leaked to The BBC, who along with the rest of the Old Media, had been broadcasting/publishing parts of the prosecution case, but despite being leaked the defence case decided to BURY IT. It was subsequently leaked to the rest of the Island's Old Media who too decided to bury it. The prosecution case is published on the States of Jersey website and STILL the defence case is only published on THIS BLOG. To this day NONE of the local Old Media (to the best of our knowledge) have reported a single word of it. Equally as unjust the defence case does NOT sit alongside the prosecution case on the States website.

During the interview with the Chief Minister/Children's Minister (below) I reminded the Chief Minister that the last time WE SPOKE  (over a year ago) he said he would "look in to it" (the injustice of having the prosecution case on the State website and not the defence case) and would "get back to me." He hadn't/hasn't got back to me. He has once more assured me that he "will look into it."

As mentioned in the video interview; are we just rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic? The way Jersey is constructed, and particularly the many hats worn by the (conflicted) Attorney General's Office, is the biggest problem? No matter what avenues one goes down they all seem to lead to the door of the AG. This too is discussed in the video interview. We/regular readers will know that not all  (if any) AG's have been as acquainted with the truth as one would HOPE. 

The fact that the AG's Office seek to withhold legal advice from the Children's commissioner is 
(or could be seen as) The Jersey Way. Similarly the secretive way the Children's Commissioner can be gotten rid of is (or can be seen as) The Jersey Way. Readers/viewers, after watching the interview, will have to make up their mind as to whether assurances/answers given by the Chief Minister, and Children's Minister, are enough to keep today's/tomorrow's children, and whistleblowers, safe?

As we did, in PART ONE of this series, we asked the Chief Minister and Children's Minister if all the positive parts of the damming REPORT were overshadowed by a (distraught) lady making (at the IJCI presentation) "a number of allegations against Children's Services/Social Workers and the "care" of children, by the State, in General. Claiming continued cover-ups, being stonewalled and her child(ren), along with herself being failed by a system that's trying to protect itself."

Deputy Mike Higgins

We are aware that due to the intervention of Deputy Mike Higgins that the lady's case is (finally) being looked at. This is a case that we might return to on the Blog but things do look to be going in a more positive direction than what they were.

On a slightly more positive note we (VFC/Bloggers/New Media) are pleased for the recognition, and SUPPORT, of the IJCI and we are also pleased to have that same support (mentioned in video interview) from the Chief Minister and Children's Minister who we thank for this interview.