Friday, 18 January 2013

Operation "Invicta", A conspiracy theory and A Promise.

Although VFC has built up a reputation for delivering hard evidenced facts that are generally covered up by the State Media we thought we would break from tradition and give our readers, what "might" be described as, a "Conspiracy Theory."

There has been many a conspiracy theory peddled, predominantly by the State Media, ever since former Deputy Chief Police officer Lenny Harper, and former Chief Police Officer Graham Power QPM blew the lid off of, what has been described as "Jersey's Dirty Secret." The Dirty Secret being the abuse of children, in State run institutions, and elsewhere, that was able to carry on for DECADES in Jersey.

Since the "lifting of the lid" we have witnessed smear campaigns against Mr. Harper and Mr. Power, misinformation and half truths peddled by State Media, and others, and conspiracy theories galore.

VFC, and other Bloggers (Jersey's only independent media) have, with documented evidence, provided its readers with the fuller picture and truth behind the "stories" told by the local Press, whether it be the Gradwell assertion that there were no cellars at HAUT DE LA GARENNE or the nonsense peddled by the State Media that the alleged Child's Skull fragment unearthed at HDLG was apparently a piece of COCONUT that contained 1.6% collagen (only found in mammals).

In short we have provided some facts behind the myths concerning the Child Abuse atrocities and left the conspiracy theories to the State Media.

In this posting we offer our readers a theory (conspiracy or otherwise) that the Jersey Establishment have been trying to nail both Lenny Harper, and Graham Power, with anything they can get to stick since the Child Abuse revelations and we concentrate this posting on how this apparent desperation to get something to stick against Graham Power QPM could involve the Curtis Warren Case, the three Police Officers who have just been cleared of any wrong doing concerning the alleged illegal bugging of a car used in the conspiracy to import drugs into Jersey, the parts played by key players such as Chief Police Officer Mike Bowron, former Acting Chief Police Officer David Warcup and others.

Regular readers will know that during the live Child Abuse Investigation Former Police Chief Graham Power was (illegally?) suspended from duty by the then Home Affairs Minister Andrew Lewis. The whole suspension was a complete shambles and the Jersey Establishment found themselves in a mess, of their own creation, and realised this suspension could not stand up to any scrutiny and they will need to find another way/reason/excuse to keep the Chief Officer suspended. Andrew Lewis retired from politics and was replaced by Senator Ian Le Marquand at Home Affairs. To cut a long story short Ian Le Marquand managed to suspend Mr. Power AGAIN and REFUSED to look at the original suspension by Andrew Lewis..........Job done?

The discredited Wiltshire Constabulary were tasked with (to coin a phrase) getting "something to stick" against Mr. Power so he could be disciplined over his actions, or in-actions during the Child Abuse Inquiry, thus justifying the suspension and discrediting Mr. Power and the Child Abuse Investigation. 
After the costly, bungled and FAILED attempt to discipline Mr. Power over the Abuse Inquiry, and yes it did fail, nobody should believe the rubbish about "running out of time" after two and a half years, and countless missed deadlines, it was strung out until Mr. Power retired because they knew that it would not stand up to any independent adjudication.
After that the Establishment STILL needed something to stick so they trawled through old cases and came up with the "Warren Inquiry" and the bugging of the car. Previously the Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand and even  Warcup himself had said, words to the effect that it was a great operation and worthy of commendations for the police. So the Establishment were in a bit of a quandary. But no worries just get the new  Chief Police Officer Mike Bowron or THE CHOSEN ONE to find a reason to change tack and set off a criminal investigation designed to nail Mr. Power for, let's say, conspiring to pervert the course of justice or perjury? Granted they might not find anything jail-worthy but at the very least surely Mr. Power could be banged up for a couple of days for "questioning." That would teach him to defy the Jersey Establishment and it could set an example to others who might be thinking of "Stepping Out Of Line."
But like so many of their half thought out and hair brained ideas it had a flaw. Mr. Power was now living in England. No trouble you might think given that it was an English force (Hampshire) who were to do the Inquiry ?
Hampshire Police are an English Force so do not have any jurisdiction to investigate alleged crimes in Jersey. That is the territory of the Jersey Police. But not to worry, once they are formally invited to investigate a Jersey matter as official "mutual aid" to the Jersey Force they become temporary Jersey Officers with the full powers and privileges of the Jersey Officer but as Jersey Officers their police powers are confined to Jersey. So if they are Hants officers they cannot investigate Mr. Power for matters occurring in Jersey and if they are temporary Jersey Officers they can investigate Mr. Power as much as they want so long as they stay in Jersey. But as soon as they step outside of the Jersey they lose that authority.  So exactly what can they do about someone in England who they want to "pull" in relation to matters in Jersey? Well not a lot as it turned out.
If you (the reader) are a little confused over all of this don't worry. It took Hampshire Police and the States of Jersey Police MONTHS to work it out! Probably when they did "finally" work it out they thought "what a bu--er."

So in the end a nice Assistant Chief Constable from Hampshire might have written Mr. Power a nice letter asking him if he would be an awfully decent chap and volunteer to be interviewed as a criminal suspect in relation to "Operation Invicta." (if it exists) Mr. Power might have written him an awfully decent reply saying "thanks but not thanks." 
That left them with the option of applying to London for authority to pull Mr. Power in England but given that such a formal application might require something as boring as actual "evidence" then that proved to be a bit of a sticky point.  
After a while Mr. Power "might" have received a letter from Hampshire Police telling him he had no case to answer, or to coin a phrase "couldn't get anything to stick"............................AGAIN!
So what to do now? They trump up disciplinary allegations against officers who worked with Mr. Power (during his tenure as Chief Officer) and might have been careless enough to confess that they did not think that he was the devil incarnate the Establishment want him to be and that Mr. Power might even have sometimes knew what he was doing as a 42 year Police Veteran decorated by the Queen. We offer the theory that the hope was that the three Police Officers would confess and say that they only did what they did (bugging the Curtis Warren Gang Members car) because the evil Mr. Power told them to and that they were too scared to do otherwise. That might provide enough material, or evidence for Mr. Power to be denounced and discredited or would/could get "something to stick!"
Some of the accused retired but three remained and by some means or another they acquired the nerve and determination to fight it out. In spite of all "offers" and other pressures, such as a trumped up suspension of Minty for not attending a meeting. They held out and when it came to that thing which the Jersey establishment fears, a truly independent hearing, all disciplinary allegations were thrown out for the trash that they were.
As the title of this posting states we offer this information in the form of a conspiracy theory. Readers are entitled to make up their own minds as to whether there is any truth in it, or not. Similarly readers might think that we have people on the INSIDE.

Of course one way of helping to prove this all IS a conspiracy theory is for the Hampshire, Investigation, Judgement/Report to be made public. What could the Establishment have to fear? Everybody's innocent aren't they? Everything is above board isn't it? There's nobody left to "blame" is there? God forbid that the Law Offices might have been less than blameless!

It is sometimes said that all conspiracy theories should be strangled at birth and we agree. Well with this one the Jersey Establishment has an opportunity to do just that. We PROMISE that if the judgement in the disciplinary case is published in full and if it shows that, notwithstanding the outcome, the disciplinary Inquiry and hearing were fully justified on solid evidential and professional grounds, then we will publically RETRACT our conspirary theory and APOLOGISE for any offence caused. So come on Senator Ian Le Marquand, Minister for Home Affairs, here is an open public offer. Your big chance to get one back at the Bloggers. Just publish the document and prove us wrong. And we promise to grovel..................


  1. I have just found the photo with names that was posted on NAYPAC, the list of names of people who were regular visitors of Elmtree House.

    One of the names on the list is Peter Campbell. Another is Peter Bottomley. I know his wife Virginia Bottomley was involved in the Staffordshire Pindown childrens home abuse cover up.

  2. The disciplinary judgement HAS to be made public because if they have nothing to hide they have nothing to fear. If there is any truth in your conspiracy theory it is astonishing the lengths Senator Le Marquand has gone to in order to nail Graham Power with something ANYTHING but has failed miserably every time.

  3. Experience has shown us that there is every chance, if the judgement is not made public by Ian Le Marquand, then it will be leaked.

    Experienced has also shown us that it will get leaked to a Blogger because the State Media is not trusted.

    Will it be this Blog, or Ian Le Marquand, who is left with egg on their face?

  4. Very clever VFC.

    This is also highlights why Gradwell can not be brought to account for his leaking of info to David Rose.

  5. Messrs Gradwell and Warcup have many questions left to ANSWER

    Why have neither of them been scrutinised as have Mr. Harper and Power by the Home Affairs Minister or the State Media?.........Tick Tock............

  6. Bob Hill is calling for the disciplinary judgement to be made public on his blog also. Will the Power's that be do the right thing? Sorry can't do links but if somebody else can Bob's blog is worth a read.

  7. Bob Hill's Blog is well worth a read and here's the LINK

    The subject of what "the public interest" means to some and what it means to the general public is discussed and makes for interesting reading.

    Will Ian Le Marquand rule that the disciplinary judgement is not in the public interest and refuse to publish it? Will it get leaked to a Blogger?

  8. Brilliant work happy new year to you all good luck for 2013

  9. This tells me that you pesky bloggers are about to drop a bomb. Oh how I love reading these posts...

  10. "The decision by the Attorney General to personally lay complaint of misconduct against the officers is deprecated by the officers who feel deeply betrayed and anguished by the manner in which they have since been treated, and which has had a very serious effect on their health, career and families."

    The AG. Jersey Media can't touch William Bailhache. He is protected just like his brother.

  11. Taken from Bob Hill's BLOG

    "My Blogs along with the many Comments received have highlighted a number of anomalies and posed even more questions which have arisen because of contradictory statements made by a number of the leading players. For example in the States on Tuesday the Attorney General made it abundantly clear that he did not level any complaint nor participated in the police discipline case. He is entitled to make that claim and to be believed. However in the Press release from the Advocate who successfully represented the 3 officers, one will see that he claims that it was the Attorney General who personally made the complaint of misconduct against the officers.

    In fairness to both gentlemen we know that Curtis Warren and Co were arrested way back in 2007 when a different AG was in post, so was he responsible? It is certainly “in the public interest” to know where the truth lies."(END)

    We know that William Bailhache was AG in 2007, yet no questions asked in the Media.

  12. A great post, and a fascinating theory. I am sure that you know a lot more than you are letting on though....

    Did the actual bugging happen on Mr. Power's watch, and what did he know about it?

    All the very best to you.

  13. I’m sure if Mr. Power knew anything about it then Hants Police would have “got something to stick.”

    The more pertinent question might be; what did the Law Officers know about it? No doubt more will become clear as the days/weeks progress!

  14. So in effect we have an example of ILM's infamous "Corporate Sole". i.e. three policemen who did the bidding of an AG now being investigated by an AG.

    I have heard that this whole incident has been a mess made by the establishment but didn't realise just how much.

    The Beano is not the Rag

  15. “I have heard that this whole incident has been a mess made by the establishment but didn't realise just how much.”

    Just like the (illegal?) suspension of the Former Police Chief. One suspects the Establishment had no idea that he wouldn’t go quietly which could prove to be their downfall.

  16. What a can of worms this theory could lead to if proved correct.

    Re-visiting previous convictions decisions involving the police and the AG

  17. From Channel online TV.

    Disgraced Jersey judge Ian Christmas has resigned. A technicality meant he couldn't be sacked.

    In July he was convicted for his part in a multi-million pound fraud and sent to prison for 15 months.

    Whilst he was on trial he continued to draw an annual income of £100,000 a year - although this was stopped when he was convicted.

    He's appealling against his conviction and trial next week.

    I thought Ian Christmas was still getting paid after his conviction.

  18. Stuart Syvret is usually straight in with a comment.

    Because he hasnt on this occasion promises....

    That the truth speaks for itself!?

  19. VFC, you say, "Just like the (illegal?) suspension of the Former Police Chief. One suspects the Establishment had no idea that he wouldn’t go quietly which could prove to be their downfall."

    Both these strategies went terribly wrong for the Establishment. Even if you don't "underestimate their stupidity," as Stuart would say, it is obvious that all involved believed his suspension would be unnecessary, that he would go quietly, either for a secret golden handshake, or from fear of retaliation. How they underestimated Graham Power's integrity! I suppose that is because they do not understand the meaning of the word.

  20. Thank you for taking the initiative to assisting in the task to overhaul the Crooked, Corrupt [i.e. an Impairment of Integrity] Conspiratorial [i.e. where two or more persons agree to commit a criminal offence or civil wrong] elements that link to Masonry in JERSEY and to Masonry in LONDON - the unspeakable aspect to which the senior members of the Legislature, the Executive & the Judiciary of JERSEY have sworn a PRIVATE OATH that overrides the PUBLIC OATH of every person in any position of seniority who acts in the administration of the public service of Jersey and/or Great Britain; [i.e. England, Wales, & Scotland], the United Kingdom of Great Britain and northern Ireland; and the British Isles [that is the UK + the 3 Crown Dependencies of i) Jersey; ii) Guernsey & iii) the Isle of Man].

    The issue that no one dares speak about in Jersey is the corrupt PRIVATE Oath of Freemasonry. Why?

    Is this due to Ignorance?;
    Is this due to Membership?;
    Is this due to Laziness in not being prepared to undertake the necessary amount of research?
    Is it due to Fear?
    What is THE REASON?

    In every matter of Law the following considerations need to be weighed with great care:
    - FACTS
    - LAW
    - PROSECUTION [IS HE INDEPENDENT?][Linkage from the Jersey Crown Officers to 7BR, Gray's Inn Square, London - the Chambers that are notorious for ALL being linked to being "ON THE SQUARE" (i.e. Freemasons)]
    - JUDGE [IS HE INDEPENDENT?][There is NO Independence of the Judiciary in Jersey - there can Never be any Independence of the Judiciary in Jersey as they are notorious for ALL being linked to being "ON THE SQUARE" (i.e. Freemasons)]
    - CONFLICTS OF INTEREST [between PRIVATE INTEREST [If a Freemason, HE MUST go to the aid of any Mason who asserts HE is IN DISTRESS - like the late Jimmy SaVILE (Never any possibility of a prosecution for him)(+ 2 Knighthoods from the Pope who is a Freemason & from the Queen who is the Grand Patroness of Freemasonry)(her husband is also a Mason)(the Duke of Kent is the Grand Master of Masonry)]& PUBLIC DUTY to act "in the Interests of Justice"]
    - MASONIC LINKAGE [that ensures there is NO semblance of JUSTICE]



  21. I spent an interested evening discussing corrupt Jersey Law Offices and what passes for justice in Jersey. I was stumped when it came to........"how come Ian Christmas is in jail then?"

    So I came back home and did some research, and guess what I found on Ex Senator Syvret blog in that infamous posting about nurse m? (Please see below). Now the super injunction and its timing makes perfect sense. Please read that post again.

    I republish here below:

    "The purpose of the meeting will be to receive an oral brief from Mr. Faudemer who will be able to answer questions which you and others may have, followed by a general discussion to determine the way forward.

    The meeting has been arranged for Thursday 20th May at 2.15 p.m. in the Conference Room at Police Headquarters and I look forward to seeing you.

    Yours sincerely,

    R. H. Le Breton
    Chief Officer

    c.c. Legal Adviser – MR IAN CHRISTMAS, Deputy Viscount – Mr. P. De Gruchy, Chief Executive Health Service – Mr. G Jennings, Deputy Chief Officer – Mr. R. Jones, Superintendent – T. Garrett, Director of Finance – Mr. M. Szpera.


    Submitted by: Detective Inspector B. Faudemer.

    Date: 8th May, 1999.

    Subject: Investigation of NURSE M.


    This report has been compiled into three separate areas, namely:

    1.Evidence which gives rise to concern, relating to the activities of NURSE M.

    2. The recommended for phase 1 of any investigation. "

    3. The suggested manpower requirements for conducting such an investigation.