Thursday, 28 November 2013

Lenny Harper on The People's Voice.

Online users can't have escaped the new Citizens Media outlet to hit the internet. The People's Voice launched only 4 days ago and is making an impact with its hard hitting, well researched, and professional journalism, something lacking in mainstream media, not only in Jersey, but globally.

The People's Voice, does what it says on the tin, and gives those who are voiceless an opportunity to tell the alternative to the mainstream media's version of "news" facts and evidence. It is a much bigger, and more professional, version of the Jersey Blogs (Jersey's only independent media) but covers much the same ground in that it provides its readers/viewers with the truth behind the lie of mainstream media.

Regular readers of this site will be aware that we pride ourselves on dealing with documented facts and evidence and leave the conspiracy theories to the local mainstream State Media. We have exposed the Jersey Child Abuse cover up with this documented facts and evidence while the State Media have peddled their conspiracy theories of tooth fairies, coconuts, disappearing cellars, collagen and baths.

The People's Voice was naturally interested in, what has become known as "the worst cover up in history" or "Jersey's dirty secrets" and made contact with those best placed to comment on Jersey's so-called "Justice" System and inner workings of those in power on the Island.

Last night a number of justice campaigners, truth seekers, and victims of Jersey's so-called "Justice" System were interviewed live on the Sonia Poulton show. To include former Senior Investigating Officer of Operation Rectangle (Jersey's Child Abuse Investigation) Lenny Harper.

As The People's Voice is still in its infancy it does not, as yet, have an archive or playback facility we have recorded last night's Sonia Poulton Show and offer below an edited (due to technical difficulties) version of last night's live interview with former Deputy Chief Police Officer and Senior Investigating Officer Lenny Harper.

Deputies Shona and Trevor Pitman were also interviewed live on the show and Deputy Trevor Pitman will be publishing his interview on his own BLOG tomorrow.

VFC credit, and thank, THE PEOPLE'S VOICE for this video recording.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Jersey Dean Who Exonerated him?

Senator Philip Bailhache has published a Press Release claiming that the Dame Heather Steel Report has exonerated the Dean of Jersey and the Jersey Clergy. Yet in the same Press Release he criticises Bishop Tim Dakin for not publishing the (unfinished) Steel Report.

This begs the question how does Philip Bailhache know the Steel Report exonerates (or otherwise) ANYBODY when it is unfinished and he's complaining it is unpublished? Nobody is supposed to have seen this Report yet Philip Bailhache claims to know what's in it?

Naturally parts of the local State Media have given Senator Bailhache the platform he was looking for in order to peddle his Press Release totally unchallenged and not least by ITV Channel Television where the Senator was interviewed on last night's 6pm "news" programme and was not asked the most obvious question(s) (surprise surprise) WHERE DOES THE STEEL REPORT SAY ANYBODY HAS BEEN "EXONERATED"/HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT SAYS IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT?

I e-mailed ITV Channel Television and asked them;

"On tonight's edition of your 6pm news programme Senator Philip Bailhache was interviewed by Mark McQuillan concerning the Dame Heather Steel Report. On a number of occasions Mr. McQuillan, and Senator Bailhache, stated that the Report had exonerated the Jersey Dean/Clergy.

Could I ask what Report Mr. McQuillan, and Senator Bailhache, were referring to? It clearly can't be the un-finished Dame Heather Report because that hasn't been published.

Is there another Report which has exonerated the Jersey Dean/Clergy? If so could you tell me where I could find a copy of it please? I'm not aware of any Report that has exonerated the Jersey Dean or Clergy."(END)

Below is Senator Bailhache's Press Release that makes no mention of the alleged Abuse Victim "HG", who he has, in a previous letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury, labelled this Abuse Victim as the Abuser, the letter can be read HERE.

Senator Sir Philip Bailhache


24 November 2013

"I am delighted that the Dean and his clergy have been exonerated by the Steel report but appalled by the Bishop of Winchester’s expressed intention to suppress its publication on what appear to be very specious grounds. The Bishop agreed with the Bailiff and the Dean that he would pass copies of the report to them, and he should honour that promise.

He asserts that he has given an undertaking not to release the report after representations from an interested person. As it is clear that the report makes no criticism of the Dean or clergy in Jersey, the only people who might be concerned about criticism in the report are those in or near the entourage of the Bishop. The unidentified interested party is either the person who made the original report which wrongly impugned the Dean, or a member of the Bishop’s staff. As Ms Korris’s report was published without its even being shown to the Dean, there can be no justification for acceding to any representation from her. As to the Bishop’s staff, it would be outrageous for the Bishop to protect them at the expense of Jersey’s reputation for safeguarding, and a full explanation of why the Dean has been exonerated. The Dean and the clergy are entitled to the publication of the complete Steel report so that their reputations can be fully restored in the eyes of the public.

The Bishop asserts that “questions remain about safeguarding best practice …”. Dame Heather Steel was charged to investigate whether there was any failure to “act in accordance with the Diocesan Safeguarding Procedure”.  We are all entitled to know her conclusions on that issue were. The Bishop should act in accordance with paragraph 10 of the Terms of Reference that he issued, and deliver a copy of the final report to the Bailiff and Dean as soon as he has received it."(END)

How does Senator Bailhache know  "it is clear that the report makes no criticism of the Dean or clergy in Jersey?" How can he be "delighted that the Dean and his clergy have been exonerated by the Steel report?" when in the same Press Release he complains "Dame Heather Steel was charged to investigate whether there was any failure to “act in accordance with the Diocesan Safeguarding Procedure”.  We are all entitled to know her conclusions on that issue were." The Senator seems to know that everybody in Jersey has been exonerated, how-come he doesn't know the conclusion the safeguarding issue?

This Press Release, in my opinion, was a (not so) carefully orchestrated piece of spin to artificially restore the reputation of the Dean/Clergy and Jersey. Published with the full knowledge that the State Media will not question/challenge him or it......As seen on ITV Cannel Television last night.

If the Dean has been "exonerated" then why did he APOLOGISE and why wasn't that question asked of Philip Bailhache on State Media last night?

Yet possibly one of the most "laughable?" sentence's in the Press Release has got to be this: "As to the Bishop’s staff, it would be outrageous for the Bishop to protect them at the expense of Jersey’s reputation for safeguarding" JERSEY'S REPUTATION FOR SAFEGUARDING? IS HE FOR REAL? Yet he wasn't questioned on this either.

If only we had a mainstream media who realised that it's a journalist's job to challenge/scrutinise power rather than be a part of it. If only we had a mainstream media who spoke up for those who had no power/voice then ITV Channel Television might have had "HG" sat on their couch last night and not Philip Bailhache. If only we had a mainstream media who scared authority rather than could be relied upon to scare the powerless and voiceless....................If only.

Monday, 18 November 2013

BBC State Radio Reaches New Low.

Deputy Shona Pitman, tells us, she was assured by Managing Editor of BBC Jersey Jon Gripton that she would be afforded a right of reply in response to an interview given by disgraced former Housing Minister Deputy Sean Power on State Radio last week. Deputy Pitman turned up to the studio this morning but what transpired was truly beyond belief even for the standard of the discredited, and disgraced BBC.

It appeared that every time Deputy Pitman attempted to answer a question her microphone was cut off in a blatant display of double standards and media suppression the BBC is so notorious for.

Below is one of the lowest levels local State Radio has reached and a politician who won't be bullied into playing along with the agenda of the BBC. Below that is an in-depth interview with Deputy shona Pitman (un-edited with no microphone being cut off) discussing this morning's "event" some documented evidence and the vital role of Bloggers (Jersey's only independent media) in offering politicians, members of the public and just about anybody who challenges the local judiciary/Establishment and their media a voice.

VFC credit TJW for the State Radio recording.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Unhappy Anniversary 5

Today marks the 5th anniversary of the illegal suspension of former Chief Police Officer Graham Power QPM. Regular readers will be aware that the former Police Chief was suspended under very dubious circumstances while (because?) his force were investigating allegations of decades long child abuse in the Island of Jersey.

Mr. Power QPM was suspended on the strength of a letter written by, possibly the most conflicted person there was, David Warcup. Warcup, stood to gain financially and a fast tracked promotion with the early removal of Mr. Power. The "Warcup Letter" was leaked to Blogger (Jersey's only independent media) Rico Sorda where he, exclusively, published it HERE.

Bloggers (Jersey's only independent media) have (almost exclusively) published the facts surrounding the unprecedented illegal suspension, and related matters, in stark contrast to the party line, spin and propaganda, published/broadcast by the local State Media which has been little more than "Allegations Without Substance."

Although it must be said that there is as much NOT been published by the State Media as there has been propaganda and spin. Readers will be aware that the BBC were furnished with Mr. Power's 94 page, 62,000 word, interim defence case to the allegations put to him by the discredited, and disgraced Wiltshire Constabulary. The BBC, along with the rest of the island's State Media, reported extensively on the prosecution case against Mr. Power but when furnished with his interim defence case it was BURIED.

Team Voice has, and continues to, publish a reminder, every year, of possibly one of the biggest miscarriages of "justice" this island has ever seen, (although there is plenty of COMPETITION) in this illegal suspension, of a Chief Police Officer, decorated by the Queen, who's career which spanned 42 years came to an abrupt end when (because?) his force was investigating, not only decades of child abuse in State Run "Care" Institutions but some other "very uncomfortable" allegations concerning some very powerful people on the island.

This year is no different and we remind our readers that the Police Force under the leadership of Graham Power QPM, with Deputy Chief Officer, and Senior Investigating Officer Lenny Harper were investigating allegations that are almost incomprehensible. Allegations of children being brutalised, tortured, raped, abused and possibly even murdered. For a "Summary Report" on the excavation of children's home, Haute de la Garenne and a chilling inventory of the juvenile remains unearthed please read the "official Police Report" published exclusively by Bloggers (Jersey's only independent media) Here.

For those with a deep interest of the "facts" surrounding Mr. Power's suspension and how the official line concerning the child abuse cover up has been TORN APART please look at the previous years "Unhappy Anniversaries."

Unhappy Anniversary 1

Unhappy Anniversary 2

Unhappy Anniversary 3

Unhappy Anniversary 4

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Contempt of (Unlawful?) Court.

In our continuing series concerning the court case(s) of former Health Minister, and Senator, Stuart Syvret we bring our readers/viewers another exclusive.

Some will know that stuart Syvret is due in court tomorrow, 4th November 2013 to answer charges of (as far as we're aware) "Contempt of court." Those who have been following this story will be aware that this all stems from a superinjunction, or Data Protection case held in a secret court.

There is much speculation surrounding the question of whether he is going to turn up to this latest Hearing, and journalists from the State Media have been asking him, and others, for information/interviews in order to get the(ir) story out there.

Citizens Media (Jersey's only independent media) once more has the exclusive on this story, and in this exclusive interview Mr. Syvret tells us why the State Media doesn't. He also tells us whether he will be turning up to the (unlawful?) Court Hearing tomorrow morning...........And much more.

For recent previous postings on this subject please look HEREHEREHERE and HERE.