Monday, 12 November 2012

UnHappy Anniversary (4)

On the 12th of November 2008 Jersey's most Senior Police Officer, Graham Power QPM, was suspended from duty while (because?) his Force were investigating DECADES of institutional child abuse in State run "care" homes in Jersey.

The unprecedented  suspension was carried out, with what appears to be, complete disregard to due process and best practice and saw the end of a highly successful career spanning 42 years.

We Bloggers (Jersey's only independent media) have reported extensively on the Jersey Child Abuse cover-up and related issues exposing the facts that the State Media keep buried in this very dark chapter of Jersey's History.

Speaking of "History" it is said that it (History) is written by the victors which might explain why the State Media don't make mention of this very important date that saw the possibly illegal suspension of Jersey's most Senior Police Officer. It is already being airbrushed out of mainstream media and the Blogs remain the (trusted) source for the documented evidence.

VFC, every year since, has published a Blog Posting, bringing readers attention to, what could be one of the biggest miscarriages of justice (although there is plenty of competition) in Jersey's recent history.

We have asked, this year, for the Former Police Chief to offer us some of his thoughts on this fourth anniversary in order that the history books can be better informed and won't have to rely on the discredited and disgraced "accredited" media for the facts and evidence.

Former Chief Police Officer Graham Power QPM.

"I have been reminded that it is now the fourth anniversary of my suspension from duty and subsequent "dismissal by stealth" from my position as Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police. Much has happened since that time.   Nevertheless it is encouraging that a wide number of interested parties have continued the fight to obtain justice for the victims of the persistent abuse of vulnerable children which occurred in establishments operated by the Jersey Government. In spite of Establishment efforts to bury the issue it has remained firmly on the political agenda, largely due to the tireless work of a number of individuals committed to searching for the truth and giving the protection of vulnerable children the highest priority. These include the Jersey Citizens Media, a small number of Local Politicians, Investigative Journalists from outside the Island, and the many supporters wordwide who have nothing to gain from their endevours other than the knowledge that they are supporting a just cause. I am aware that much is happening at present and I do not want to distract anyone from their current efforts by re-opening the issues relating to my suspension in any great detail. I would however simply for the record, remind readers what has been established from a number of credible and independent sources and disclosures. Namely, that my suspension was based on falsified documents, fabricated evidence, misleading information provided to States Members and the public by Jersey Ministers, and the testimony of a number of senior individuals who have since been publically discredited.  
The events relating to Jimmy Saville and other revelations have heightened the general awareness of the issue of Historic Child Abuse, and the substantial difficulties which stand in the way of those who attempt to bring abusers to justice.They may also provide a further opportunity to return to the question of whether persons responsible for abuse or for failing to prevent that abuse, remain in positions of authority where they may still constitute a risk to children or the search for justice.  
The "shock and awe" of the suspension was intended to knock the fight out of me and lead to my quiet departure and subsequent silence. Among the many proven failings of those responsible for imposing and maintaining the suspension I think that we can now confidently add a decidedly poor judgement of character and a serious failure to anticipate the likely consequences of their actions. Not exactly the best characteristics for people who claim to be capable of running a government."(END)

We offer an extract from the former Police Chief's sworn AFFIDAVIT and ask how it is that a senior Civil Servant who is a suspect in the Child Abuse Investigation can be offered the protection of the most senior Civil Servant (who was given a £500,000 Golden Handshake) and NOT be suspended from duty, as a neutral act, yet the most senior Police Officer who's force is investigating the abuse and alleged abuser(s) IS suspended and "dismissed by stealth?

From Affidavit.

"19. The third example I have chosen relates to a Strategic Planning Workshop held at the St Pauls Centre on Friday 24th October 2008. The Workshop was attended by a number of senior public servants including myself and the Chief Executive. At the commencement of the workshop the Chief Executive asked for silence and said that he had an announcement to make. He named a senior civil servant who was present. The person named is a suspect in the abuse investigation but has not been suspended. The Chief Executive said that the suspect had his total support and that “if anyone wants to get…….(the suspect)…….they would have to get me first”. This announcement was applauded by some but not all of the persons present. I took it as a further indication of the “in crowd” closing ranks against the “threat” of the abuse enquiry. The Chief Executive later played a significant role in my suspension."(END)

Not withstanding all the shenanigans exposed in Mr. Power's submission (above) readers might be alarmed to know that the Child Abuse suspect mentioned in the affidavit is still in position today with access to children. It might be that he is innocent of any crime but as he has not (Yet) been charged with any offence we may never find out and he must be presumed innocent.

The former Senior Investigating Officer of the Child Abuse Investigation, Lenny Harper, has also told us that he knows of at least four "priority suspects" who are still employed by the States.

Child Abuse suspects still in positions of authority and Police Chief's being dismissed by stealth is not a healthy state of affairs in light of the Savile allegations where he was not brought to justice when the opportunity was there due to people being too scared to speak out. Will we have to wait until abusers are dead before they are exposed? How has Jersey's culture changed since all this abuse was exposed? Who are the ones protected in Jersey, the victims/survivors or the abusers?

We encourage readers to view the links below of the previous three "Unhappy Anniversary's." They are filled with links that together expose, with documented evidence, the ghastly Jersey Administration and culture that STILL exists today.



  2. I think this might be one of your most powerful postings yet. It serves as a concise introduction to the Jersey "situation" as it is called here. Many more eyes are on Jersey now and this is the ideal starting point to link for outsiders who are still new to the story.


  3. " suspension was based on falsified documents, fabricated evidence, misleading information provided to States Members and the public by Jersey Ministers, and the testimony of a number of senior individuals who have since been publically discredited."

    Ouch! BBC Jersey, where are you?

  4. A worthy post.

    I have tried to give a brief outsider's perspective on the Jersey scene in this blogpost.

  5. Polo.

    Have had a quick read and will read it all later. It looks like you have done a very good job and would encourage readers to click on your link.


    Where is BBC Jersey? As usual keeping very QUIET.


    There are indeed many more eyes on Jersey our UK readership alone has quadrupled!

  6. Polo: Well done on a very good posting.


    4 long years.

    This sham of a suspension has been fully exposed just like Mick Gardwell leaking to journalist Daid Rose. They thought it would all go away. The suspension of Graham power goes to the heart of the toxicity that lives and sucks in Jersey.


  7. A timely reminder indeed, nice one you guys.

  8. Sorry I can't do the hyperlink but your blog and Polo's have been quoted on Liberal England Blog. Great shout out for you both, with very wide ranging readership!

  9. Just posted this comment on the Liberal England blog.

    The Jersey Evening Post (there is no other paper) is no longer owned and controlled from Jersey but the Editor and senior journalists from the period when it was are still there so the attitudes linger on.

    Back then, when Frank Walker became Chief Minister, it was as if Murdoch had become Prime Minister!

    I don't know of any direct influence on reporting and coverage that may have happened because of the confluence of media and State, but it wouldn't have been much needed anyway - the way the establishment line gets plugged is that just about every Island resident who makes it to a position of power influence or riches metaphorically "takes the Queen's shilling" to fit in and becomes part of the army that is too eager to look the other way when unpleasantness is revealed.

    Further, they are far too keen to nitpick testimony from whistle blowers for microscopic errors in "procedure" so they can turn a blind eye to stuff. Thus you will often hear people discount dissenting testimony because the whistleblower did not raise their concerns in "the right way" which they usually consider a letter to the "appropriate authorities" or similar. Of course, they, in their cosy and blinkered belief that all is for the best in the best of all possible worlds (Jersey) seemingly are unaware of the problem with that, which is that the incumbents of the appropriate authorities have that same squash, ignore and slur attitude to any flies that might turn up in the ointment.

    The corruption in Jersey is not "brown envelope" corruption. It is more insidious than that. It is that those in power, and the many more who mix in their circles, seem to be totally convinced that things here are about as good as it could get, so anybody who rocks the boat must be automatically a threat. If the authorities' ways of handling the threat is carried out in sometimes dubious ways, they look the other way and turn a blind eye to it because it is "probably for the best."

    They believe everything is great here and the authorities, and those who hold positions of power in those authorities, must be "rather good chaps" so they expect that any whistle blowers must be either mad, liars, troublemakers or primarily looking for financial compensation

    In a tight closed environment like Jersey, where few speak up publicly, many of the general public also seem to take a strange smug delight in sometimes expressing private support for whistleblowers whilst simultaneously congratulating their own "street smartness" on not saying or supporting any dissent out loud because of their self-perceived beliefs that pursuing such a course of openness would go badly for them or their situation. They seem to take a masochistic delight in being "smart" enough to "know" that they will get discriminated against in future, so they say nothing - this mentality, of course, allows them to feel as if they still have morality but justifies their doing or saying nothing to "rock the boat."

  10. Hi VFC

    Passing on the challenge:


    cc. Rico, Stuart

  11. Hi VFC,

    My appeal against conviction and sentence for 2X contempt of court will be on 29th Nov 2012 @10AM in the royal court.

    I have been informed,several times,by the likes of the Deputy Bailiff, AGs Office and Julian Clyde-Smith, that there is the possibility of an increase in sentence should my appeal be dismissed.

    Is this a large hint as to what the outcome might be?

    Conversely none of the esteemed persons refered to above has mentioned that should I win I would be eligible for damages.

    I can assure your readers that my appeal will be interesting and challenging for the respondent!

    Gotta go, bundles to prepare.