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Jimmy Savile, Haut de la Garenne and the State Media.

Back in February this year (2012) we published a BLOG highlighting a campaign run by Zibby Yates, a courageous survivor of Child Abuse, and taken up by THE GUERNSEY PRESS

Readers might be aware that the Guernsey Press is owned by the same company as Jersey's only "News"paper, the Jersey Evening Post, yet their reporting (or not) on Child Abuse, in our opinion, couldn't be any different. This suggests to us that the agenda of the editors is where the difference lies.

In the Jersey Evening Post we have seen attack, after attack, on the Former Senior Investigating Officer of the Jersey Child Abuse Investigation Mr. Lenny Harper and NO campaigning for the plight of the victims/survivors who suffered at the hands of their abusers for DECADES. This is in stark contrast to their sister paper in Guernsey.

After receiving an e-mail last night with a cutting of the Guernsey Press' latest comment we once more felt that this had to be shared with our readers (below) to highlight the difference in the reporting of both newspapers and how the Guernsey Press, once more, is doing the job its Jersey counterpart SHOULD be doing.

Beasts like Savile don't work alone.Wednesday 31st October 2012, 3:12PM GMT.

"EARLIER this year, a 7,000-plus signature petition was handed to the then-new Home minister as our Voice for Victims campaign to help those who had endured childhood sex abuse came to a successful conclusion.
Since then, there have been other local cases highlighting the scale of the problem – and now there are the daily disclosures about Jimmy Savile, which are, in every sense, off the scale and almost beyond comprehension.
Yet what the unfolding horror illustrates is how these predatory beasts operate, cultivating an acceptable exterior while creating a support network to ensure that their abuse can proliferate undetected. And it happens here.
One of Guernsey’s worst paedophiles is the formerly respected judo teacher Eugene Hughes, who, like Savile, systematically set about destroying the self-confidence of his victims, convincing them that complaint was futile and ensnaring them in the illusion of acceptability that he weaved around himself.
As is now clear following Savile’s death, this is confidence trickery on a sinister and epic scale: how could so many people and institutions be taken in for so long?
In part, it is that cultivated aura of ‘niceness’, that ‘old Jimmy might be a bit odd but he’s no pervert’ response it is designed to trigger. And in part it is due to the network of support that paedophiles build up around them and which will now be examined within the BBC and elsewhere as part of the inquiry process.
Statistically, each abuser will have a group of about 30 people around them, which makes the claims in Jersey that children from Haut de la Garenne were loaned out to rich boatowners particularly disturbing.(Emphasis added)
As we said when we launched our anti-abuse campaign, it is through increased awareness, demanding that the protection of children and help for victims be prioritised and fighting for the adoption of a zero-tolerance approach to these types of crimes that Voice for Victims aims to combat the silence which allows the sexual abuse of children to persist.
Those aims remain just as proportionate and achievable today.
And as the appalling revelations about Savile and others demonstrate, they are more urgently-needed than ever."(END)
When one compares this comment from The Guernsey Press alongside some of the reporting of the Jersey Evening Post's then it is not difficult to see where the priorities lie in the two very different newspapers/Editors.

The Jersey Evening Post appears to believe that how much Lenny Harper spent on a meal in a London restaurant takes priority over campaigning for Abuse Survivors and encouraging its readers to adopt a Zero-Tolerence concerning Child Abuse. One only needs to look HERE to get an idea of the Jersey Evening Post's "journalism" and agenda. Then take note of the words written by the Former Chief Police Officer Graham Power QPM;
"The attempts to divert this debate into discussions concerning the trivia of expense claims, is a scandal of which all involved should be thoroughly ashamed."

Jimmy Savile was invited to Haute de la Garenne and allegedly abused children while he was there. Who invited Savile, not only to the Children's home but to Jersey........So often? Who were his contacts in Jersey? How could children be abused FOR DECADES in Jersey's State run institutions before Lenny Harper and Graham Power came along? Has a powerful paedophile ring been active in Jersey for decades? Why won't ANY of the island's State Media expose the alleged Child Abuse suspects still in position of power/authority today? Why won't BBC Jersey, or ANY of the State Media, publish Graham Power's interim defence case to the Wiltshire allegations? Could decades of Child Abuse have occurred without the complicity of the island's State Media?

Isn't it time that Jersey's "journalists" started getting some of these questions answered? Should there be a "job swap" between the editors of The Guernsey Press and The Jersey Evening Post? What part, if any, has the State Media played in the concealment of paedophilia on this island?

Bloggers (Jersey's only independent media) with documented evidence have torn to shreds the official version of events concerning the decades of Child Abuse which has mostly been ignored by the State Media.........why?

Credit must go to the Guernsey Press, and its editors, for their willingness to rock the boat. Credit must be given for its Zero-Tolerence to Child Abuse and its campaigns for the Abuse Victims/Survivors. 

In the meantime Bloggers (Jersey's only independent media) will continue to ask the questions that should be asked by the State Media in an attempt to protect the vulnerable from the "Predatory Beasts" like Savile and those closer to home! 

This post, once more should demonstrate the need for an independent, Journalist to report on the Jersey Child Abuse scandal and related issues.

Please sign and share the petition to restore the visa of US Journalist LEAH MC GRATH GOODMAN?


  1. Watching this Jimmy Savile scandal unfold is like seeing a preview of what it could be like for Jersey if everyone started asking the important questions. Every day seems to bring more evidence of hospitals, charities, Savile family members, and police and media complicity. Of course Jimmy Savile molested children in Jersey with the help of many locals. Many knew what he was getting up to and some of those were other well connected paedophiles. The administration of HDLG has never been fully investigated because HDLG was used by too many as a child brothel. Harper and Power got too close to the truth and had to be blocked from learning more. I think we all know that. So, no journalists allowed. Even Guernsey sees the corruption and they know the abuse scandal is being covered up in Jersey.

  2. Jimmy Savile denied visiting Jersey when questioned by the abuse enquiry, but then photos refreshed his memory. Even more bizarre is that his mum lived in Little Sisters of the Poor in Jersey.

    Any of us lied like that to an enquiry, we would face prosecution.


    "Edwina Currie, then a junior health minister, appointed Savile to a taskforce to manage the hospital in 1988. She told Channel 4 News in a statement: "What [Savile] did have, as I know for certain, is information which gave him a hold over staff. That could explain why they said nothing, even with their knowledge or suspicion of his misbehaviour. As a result ministers were never given the information, when we could have barred him from the place."

    The currency of corruption in use - The Savile Way = The Jersey Way

    Chief Minister Gorst - Are you reading the blogs yet?

    Be very careful choosing who is selected to sit on any COI. You don't another Savile "appointed to the taskforce" -

    Do you?

    Until you start reading outside of the MSM, you cannot claim to be informed enough to make the right decisions to protect children.

  4. I should imagine that Colin Tilbrook (Superintendent at HDLG) or his successor would have invited Savile to HDLG. I would also suspect that Jeff Le Marquand and others played a part in all this too. Certainly a number of celebs appeared at the Opera House in those days and parties of children from HDLG would go to shows and be invited back-stage after.


  5. just went to the 'Jim'll fix it' blog and wrote-

    Hi James,
    I'd be interested to learn what your opinion is in respect to Jersey's social policy and governance of child abuse victims with particular reference to the 2008-2012 era.

    Regretably I need a google account to submit a comment. If anyone with such an account can ask him for me, I'd be very pleased, thanks.

    PS- I was also going to ask him about if he plans to keep the blog name 'Jim'll fix it.' but I thought it was a bit below the belt.

  6. Jersey Police unlawfully refuse to give me INFORMATION about their illegal raid!

  7. Hi VFC.

    I was just thinking, How is Senator Bailhache going to get on or be the Chairman of the COI ? because that is the only way we will get one. One that he can Control!


  8. 1 November 2012 08:56
    Anonymous said...

    "Jimmy Savile denied visiting Jersey when questioned by the abuse enquiry, but then photos refreshed his memory"

    I don't think this is accurate. Savile denied, or claimed not to remember, going to HDLG - not Jersey as a whole.

    It is important not to spread casual untruths on blogs like these, as it only gives ammunition to those who try to turn the public against them.

  9. With Savile's mother living at the Little Sisters of the Poor in St. Johns Road it is likely he was here alot. A friend of mine said he just 'popped up' at El Tico one day and she went on (at least) 2 charity runs with him in the 1970's.

  10. Here is what Jersey has planned for a whitewash and why paedophile rings can get away with sexual exploitation of vulnerable children in institutions:

  11. The dissection of a criminal system PART 3

  12. The dissection of a criminal system PART 4

  13. The results of CAPTAIN BRIDGET SHAW'S latest Pillage & Plunder Sailing!!!

  14. Anonymous said...
    Here is what Jersey has planned for a whitewash and why paedophile rings can get away with sexual exploitation of vulnerable children in institutions:

    3 November 2012 04:30

    Tough reading, but you are spot on the money! This is exactly what is likely to happen with the COI. The secret super injunctions are the start to the whitewash process.

  15. If anyone has ever heard of or knows details about a convicted abuser by the name of Philip Polanskie (probably changed now) who was in the somerset area in the early 70s then moved to North Wales for a year or two and then on to Germany, would they please share. He had ginger hair and around 6 foot tall.

  16. Hi VFC.

    Just put the Audio from today up,
    You & your readers can Listen HERE

    Better late then never!


  17. Bravo for the excellent comments you managed to squeeze in before being rudely cut off by BBCJersey.


  18. You sounded eloquent and composed. ILM and Gripton sounded scared. Price liked the sound of his own voice as usual. Shame he cut you off.

    Well done VFC.


  19. Elle/H4J

    Thank you for you support and Matthew Price is nothing, if not predictable, and it was a given that he would cut me off.

    The problem being that I am researched so present a threat to their staged managed damage limitation exercise they were on this morning.

    Readers, who were listening to the show might have heard Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand, saying that he replies to polite e-mails which is another of the Senator's myths.

    Former Senior Investigating Officer, Lenny Harper, has been waiting for an acknowledgement to an e-mail sent to the Senator back in January THIS YEAR

    Mr. Harper has sent a number of reminders to Senator Le Marquand but still not as much as an acknowledgement.

    Here is the latest that Mr. Harper has sent Senator Le Marquand after the radio show this morning.

    "Dear Mr Le Marquand, On Radio Jersey this morning you assured listeners that you answered all polite e mails. You have obviously not received my last few as they were extremely polite and yet have not even been acknowledged. These e mails asked you politely about your comments in respect of what was contained in the Met review of my Abuse investigation. Although you couldn't remember on air this morning I can assure you that you did say the report contained "damning and critical" comments about myself and Graham Power. Indeed these alleged comments formed the basis of your suspension of Graham Power. What was not made clear this morning was that you never actually saw the Met document but were relying on what Mr Warcup claimed it said in his letter. As a result of what you said I formally complained to the Met. I have a copy of their report into that complaint and it clearly rejects what you said. The Met say that their review did NOT criticise Graham Power or myself. In those circumstances I do not think it unreasonable to ask if you were duped by Mr Warcups letter or if you knew what he was saying was wrong. I have copied this to the bbc as it is the only Jersey media I have on my phone. I will circulate it to the others later although that is probably a waste of time as they have carefully ignored the previous e mails. Lenny Harper." (END)

    It looks remarkably like Senator Le Marquand has been a little economical with the truth when it comes to replying to e-mails (or not).

    Readers will have to make up their own minds as to the credibility/honesty of Senator Le Marquand.

  20. The recording of this morning's State Radio damage limitation exercise with BLOGGERS

  21. Hi VFC.

    Got up the Audio from today. You & your readers can Listen HERE


  22. Bloggers acquited themselves well this morning.

    Cutting you off was a tribute to the power of your content.

    Well done.

  23. Polo.

    Thanks for your support, the fact I was cut off by Matthew Price and Jon Gripton didn't answer my question says it all really.

    Bloggers can hold their head high can the State Media do the same?

  24. As quoted from Lenny Harper's email, "As a result of what you said I formally complained to the Met. I have a copy of their report into that complaint and it clearly rejects what you said. The Met say that their review did NOT criticise Graham Power or myself. In those circumstances I do not think it unreasonable to ask if you were duped by Mr Warcups letter or if you knew what he was saying was wrong."

    Because that just needed highlighting again!

  25. Just heard John Humphrys on Radio 4 tearing his boss apart mercilessly – yes, he had George Entwistle, the BBC Director-General, on live and made him look like a complete idiot. He was entirely justified in doing so and I believe that Entwistle’s days are numbered.
    I gives me no satisfaction to see someone humiliated like this but JH did what all good journalists should do – he sought the truth from someone is a position of great trust and authority.
    Oh for someone with JH’s integrity (and ability) on the BBC Jersey staff! Instead we have to put up with Matthew Price attempting to stifle bloggers and critical contributors and “sucking up” to the Home Affairs Minister who, yesterday, was in a position where a half decent journalist could have driven a coach and horses through his feeble performance.
    The BBC has done great work for many decades in line with its Charter. We, the public, pay for the BBC from our licence fee and we demand open, honest, fair and balanced reporting. The top BBC management has, through a few crass and weak decisions, virtually brought the BBC itself to its knees.
    The public of Jersey cannot rely on the JEP or CTV to undertake proper investigative journalism. But we can, and should, expect the BBC to fulfil this function – otherwise, let’s just shut the BBC in Jersey down altogether and let the purely commercial interests of the JEP and CTV get on with it. The BBC currently adds no value whatsoever!

  26. Have just listened to a section of the John Humphry's interview with George Entwhistle I believe was on radio 4.

    Matthew Price might want to listen to it and reflect on his abysmal attempt at interviewing his boss yesterday on State Radio that can be listened to HERE

    It would be helpful if a reader could supply a hyperlink to the BBC Radio 4 Humphry's/Entwhistle interview?

  27. Hi VFC.

    Just put up Audio of the John Humphries interviewing His Boss George Entwistle & you can comepair that interview with the one our Matthew Price did with his Boss Jon Gripton.

    You & your readers can Listen HERE