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Jimmy Savile, Jersey, BBC and suspects (Part two)

In part two of our exclusive and in-depth interview with former Senior Investigating Officer of the Jersey Child Abuse Investigation Lenny Harper we discuss, and try to fathom out, the culture of concealment surrounding paedophilia, the agenda of the discredited, and disgraced BBC along with the rest of the island's State Media and how they just fail to understand that protecting children should be at the forefront.

Carrying directly on from Part 1 of this interview the subject is on the BBC and how they set an agenda of "News." Not long after Mr. Harper's interview on BBC State Radio was aired, their Headline was that Mr. Harper was calling for an independent Police Force to investigate the Savile allegations in Jersey. Contrary to the impression given to some by the BBC Mr. Harper (as explained in part 1 of this interview) has the upmost respect for the SOJP but knows there will be political interference.

It was the BBC's Headline that set the agenda but to my way of thinking was not the biggest revelation of Mr. Harper's interview with them. He said, live on air, that there are still Child Abuse suspects working in the "care" system in Jersey, surely that was the most frightening, chilling, and "newsworthy" statement he made? I immediately phoned the BBC "News"room in an attempt to point this out but was told that this has been mentioned before and didn't need repeating (or words to that effect).

In light of the latest Savile allegations and the possible culture of concealment within the BBC I could barely believe my ears and had to explain, "Surely the priority should be to protect our children and if there are Child Abusers in our "Care" system then this should be the Headline "News?" I was told if I wasn't happy then I could submit a complaint to the BBC trust!

This is the very attitude that allowed Jimmy Savile, and no doubt countless others, to carry on abusing children. Do/say nothing when you have the ideal opportunity to expose those who are a danger to our children.

The interview (below) also demonstrates  further misinformation put out by the BBC when one could clearly hear the producer of the show frantically saying in Chris stones ear-piece that Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand, supported a Committee Of Inquiry (into the Child Abuse) when in-fact Senator Le Marquand voted AGAINST a Committee Of Inquiry.

Of course it's not just the BBC who look to be complicit in the suppression of documented evidence and misinformation, according to Mr. Harper, and a growing number of others, the entire local State Media has played its part and ignored the MASSIVE amount of documented evidence, leaked to, and published by, the local Blogs (Jersey's only independent media).

As regular viewers/readers would have come to expect this interview asks the questions that the State Media won't.....and gets the answers. The State Media attempt to set an agenda that is misleading and ducks the real issues as in this case the protection of our children.

Mr. Harper, in his trademark manner, tells it how it is as uncomfortable as that might be for the ruling elite, and the state Media, in Jersey, as well as the paedophiles and those protecting them.

The Blogs are the ONLY place in Jersey where you are going to get the evidence of the Jersey Child Abuse cover up and as Mr Harper explains, the State Media is "conspicuous by its silence." As are Messrs Gradwell and Warcup by theirs.

Part one of this interview can be viewed HERE

Mr. Harper's interview with State Radio can be heard HERE


  1. We have been told frequently that there is not enough evidence to criminally prosecute those accused by numerous victims of child abuse and who are still employed by the States of Jersey in posts giving them access to children. However, the States have never explained why they have not instigated discipline proceedings which of course have a "balance of probabilities" burden of proof. I am sure many victims of these people would agree to give evidence! Lenny Harper

  2. I have to say, I am no fan of the rag but yesterdays front page news by Ben Queree ref Savile was a very good read. Mentioning Mr Harper many times and not in a bad way, they also mentioned people accused still work for H&SS. All in all another good article by BQ. Perhaps Ian can get hold of a copy and put it up on his blog?

  3. Lenny.

    This is a point that I have raised in the past which fell on deaf ears (surprise surprise).

    It is the most obvious question to ask and NONE of our State Media are asking it.

    Another question that has been asked, and still remains unanswered, is how can a suspect who is being investigated for Child Abuse in a senior position at the Education Department NOT be suspended, as a neutral act, but the Head of the police force who is investigating the Child Abuse can be illegally suspended, as a neutral act, with complete disregard to process/procedure?

    As said in the interview, this SHOULD be about protecting the children but one only needs to look at the AFFIDAVIT of former Police Chief Graham Power QPM to discover who gets the protection in Jersey.


    "19. The third example I have chosen relates to a Strategic Planning Workshop held at the St Pauls Centre on Friday 24th October 2008. The Workshop was attended by a number of senior public servants including myself and the Chief Executive. At the commencement of the workshop the Chief Executive asked for silence and said that he had an announcement to make. He named a senior civil servant who was present. The person named is a suspect in the abuse investigation but has not been suspended. The Chief Executive said that the suspect had his total support and that “if anyone wants to get…….(the suspect)…….they would have to get me first”. This announcement was applauded by some but not all of the persons present. I took it as a further indication of the “in crowd” closing ranks against the “threat” of the abuse enquiry. The Chief Executive later played a significant role in my suspension."

    "The Jersey Way." And the State Media are STILL "conspicuous by their silence."

  4. Thank you for this interview. I suggest that, if you have not already done so, you should send a copy of this directly to the ITV reporters who put together the original Savile programme and also to Meirion Jones and Liz Mackean at the BBC.

    If these people ignore the evidence then the world surely has gone mad.

    I know that Graham Power has chosen to adopt a low profile since retirement. He has his own good reasons for doing this. However, in the interests of justice for the victims, is it not time for him to make contact with the media programme makers as well?

    There is now overwhelming evidence of cover-up and corruption in Jersey, let alone the alleged fact that child abusers are still in positions of authority in Jersey. It must now be time for good men to stand up or otherwise evil will continue to prevail.

    Jersey will come out of this badly whatever happens now. At least let us hope that this damage can be limited by our Chief Minister and others showing the moral backbone to take the lead and declare that a search for the truth is the only realistic way forward.

  5. The petition to restore the visa of banned US Journalist Leah McGrath goodman has received in excess of 2,000 signatures.

    This interview, alone, demonstrates we NEED some impartial and objective media reporting over here so would once more like to thank those who have signed and shared the petition and hope you will continue to do so?

    The petition can be signed HERE.

  6. Of course, when talking about masses of evidence, lets not forget the 31 separate statements of abuse in cellars at HDLG.

    31 separate, independant statements, and yet now these are officially described as "floor voids where abuse did not take place".

    Such evidence could smack some people in the face, and still be completely discounted here.

    How has Jersey got away with actions like this, what a complete disgrace

  7. Yes another State Media peddled myth exposed by Bloggers (Jersey's only independent media). The CELLARS

  8. There can be no more question that Jersey systematically covered up decades of horrific abuse through pressure on - or willing complicity of - the local media. That "people behind the scenes," are stopping the exposure of this story can't be credibly denied. The question for those within the Civil Service, Jersey's complicit media organizations, police, Crown appointees and elected officials, must now show the world what they will do next, when the game is finally up. Will they continue to lie and did their own graves? Will they continue to attack the messengers, as they have always done, or will they accept that these honest policemen, opposition politicians and message bearing bloggers are being vindicated? Because they are already being vindicated and quoted and followed by their mainstream media peers outside Jersey, every day.

  9. Thank you Voiceforchildren,rico sorda and stuart syvret for not giving up and giving these decent policeman a voice. Who gave them a chance apart from you lot. They are being more and more vindicated by every passing second and more shame on those who tried to smear them. When it starts being a crime for exposing child abuse you had better be worried.

  10. I hear the UK crown prosecution is now coming under the spotlight. What about Jersey?

  11. Ball-ache-1 - Foreign Affairs Minister, Electoral Commission Chairman, Chief Minister (really?... er...yes), Ambassador of the Constables, Saviour of Plemont and former Govenor of HDLG
    ..well who was then?...(silence)
    ..and Chief-in-waiting of the Jersey Way Damage Limitation Party.

  12. Surely they must know their coverup is unraveling by the hour. It's getting hard to keep up with the news related to this, and one can almost hear the sound of the noose tightening for some at the top of the political dung heap.

  13. If the people abused by the two individuals still employed by the States of Jersey were to resubmit their complaints to the police, how would the police react?

    In the present climate, where it is being openly acknowledged by Scotland Yard, in Parliament, and other institutions, that similar crimes were not properly considered in the past and charges should have been brought, would it not be more likely that the Jersey police would have to take those claims seriously and re-examine the original decision not to charge?

    And if the Jersey authorities failed to take those claims seriously, couldn't the victims take their complaint to a higher court in the UK?

    I mean, when it is five girls' words against one individual, that should count for more than one against one, shouldn't it?

  14. Rob.

    Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand has said if any "new" evidence comes to light then "Operation Rectangle" could be re-opened (or words to that affect).

    As far as I am aware he said NOTHING about re-examining previous cases and Chief Officer Mike Bowron is another of those who is conspicuous by his silence. Which one could suggest is pretty out of character for C.O. (Media Friendly) Bowron.

    Also I'm led to believe the if the AG decides not to prosecute then that's it. His decision(s) cannot be appealed nor can they be Judicially Reviewed.

    There are those who believe every case that the AG refused to prosecute should be re-examined including those employed by the States who STILL have access to children.

    Not sure if that answers you question?

  15. Surely because of Warcup & Gradwell blaitently rubbishing and destroying lots of hard evidence, (eg Human bones, cellars, lime pits and even a solid stone bath). And rubbishing destroying folders full of statement
    evidence from around the world given by at least 100 victims of Jersey child abuse. And leaking evidence to crooked journalists.

    Surely all this above makes the whole past painstacking evidence taking by Power & Harper non and void.

    Therefore, especially now that Saville has now come into the equation.

    And now that they both will soon be proven to be complete crooks

    Surely a completely new investigation will need to be started, from scratch!

  16. @anon at 19:48

    I was aware they rubbished stuff but did they actually destroy physical evidence including originals of complaints and investigation reports?

  17. Polo.

    David Warcup, who helped get his boss Graham Power QPM suspended admitted to destroying evidence if memory serves correct.

    There are also witnesses who say they gave statements to the police which, if true, have disappeared .

  18. We know that physical evidence has been destroyed, even down to the denial of existence of cellars.

    "There are also witnesses who say they gave statements to the police which (if true) have disappeared"

    This should be followed up. If true it adds considerably to the mountain of evidence that any further child abuse (or Savile & friends) investigation or re-examination on the island must be done by an OUTSIDE POLICE FORCE because Jersey's police force is POLITICALLY CONTROLLED.

    This political control manifested itself in the (illegal !!!) suspension of the last police chief who has since been vindicated.
    The States of Jersey cannot be trusted because they voted to keep this illegality +lies SECRET.

    I suspect that Bowron has been hand picked as a "yes man" career copper.

  19. Ex Deputy Police Chief Harper mentioned (amongst other outlets) the extraordinary efforts Channel Television (CTV) made to trash the child abuse enquiry. Laughably they even got an award for it.

    CTV were (and possibly still are) closely linked to the Jersey Paedophile Ring via Channel TV's first managing director (Wilfred Krichefsky / "The Fat Man")

    Senator Wilfred Krichefsky was also president of the Defence Committee; i.e. Political head of the POLICE (same as Dick Shenton?) when complaints were ignored and unfortunate victims were handed back into the "care" of their tormentors.

    A disturbing but very real possibility is that a paedophile ring is still active in jersey. It is implausible that the charade we have witnessed unfold is purely motivated by the wish to protect "Jersey's Reputation" as the cover up can only worsen the damage.
    Our finance industry relies on good governance NOT on the cover up of paedophilia.
    The motivation is clearly the protection of individuals.
    We know who some of them are - but who are the rest??
    It is very distasteful but perhaps we should offer immunity to one or two individuals if this exposes any ring and cleanse this invasive and insidious disease from our island.

    Realistically, the numbers actively involved are unlikely to be very high but by working individually or together they may well have co-opted and compromised large swathes of our Civil Service, Media, Police and government.
    No one wants to think the unthinkable, but sadly the above would fit the evidence in an insular society where even the Chief of Police can be suspended on spurious or fabricated grounds outside of recognised procedures or any sense of proportionality.

    We require openness and cleanliness.

  20. We have the States more interested in who leaked an "in-camera" debate, rather than the far more alarming fact that a Minister lied to the States or worse still, lied whilst giving evidence to the Wiltshire enquiry, which should in itself be serious enough to establish what happened.

    We have some outspoken members who are more concerned with Jersey's "image" and "reputation" than they are in establishing a strong COI.

    We have one member who thinks there was no cover up at Victoria College and the same person also thinks its okay to appoint an ex-offender as a policeman and also thinks that people who who would let a child abuser off by resigning are suitable to be a Jurat.

    What chance is there that anyone will be made an example of, other than those from the ranks of trying to expose the corrupt goings' on.

  21. "We require openness and cleanliness" AND ultimately confidence in the future protection of ALL our children.

    The Victoria College experience as (outlined in the suppressed Sharp Report) highlights how no section of our society can afford to be complacent.
    (supposedly no cover up LOL)

    Most individuals work where they work for the right reasons. A few don't, and remember we usually only see the tip of the iceberg.
    Openness and honesty ultimately increases safety.

  22. "We require openness and cleanliness" AND ultimately confidence in the future protection of ALL our children.

    The Victoria College experience as (outlined in the suppressed Sharp Report) highlights how no section of our society can afford to be complacent.
    (supposedly no cover up LOL)

    Most individuals work where they work for the right reasons. A few don't, and remember we usually only see the tip of the iceberg.
    Openness and honesty ultimately increases safety.

  23. Anonymous 15.14
    Excellent comment
    Spot on,I could not agree more.

  24. Cover-Up-Jersey has posted the timely Guardian Media article about how the Savile/BBC/Child Abuse stories are still running on the front pages of the nationals. they are also running in the Washington Post, NY Times, CNN and in the same international media the original HDLG story was so prominently featured on every continent.

    That means the audience is solidly there. The topic, from online forums to blogs to Parliament, from Scotland Yard to the child abuse and multiple care leaver and child abuse organizations around the globe, will keep this front and center. When an exceptionally large audience exists for specific news topics, they remain sensational, and will until most feel it has been resolved.

    I would suspect that many parents in the UK are now very concerned that child abuse allegations are regularly covered up when they involve high level perpetrators. Mistrust of their own local system could be a serious issue feeding the level of interest.
    Then, unlike political stories, where the audience tires easily, and has less patience for an analysis of facts, this story allegedly involves famous people and high profile suspects in authority, most of whom are yet unnamed. I think we can presume there is little loss of public interest in celebrity scandals. Consider too, in ordinary times, the media has a hard enough time avoiding focusing on itself, which this scandal also does, with much media navel gazing now an irresistible parallel topic. This story clearly has what news editors call "legs," as it just keeps on running.

    As it stands now, there should be no doubt the authorities in Jersey and elsewhere, who have been complicit, or worse, in child abuse, will be covering their tracks as best they can, but they can no longer control who decides to examine them. The evidence may have been deliberately destroyed, but that story will speak rather strongly to the seamy cover-up, just as banning an established and successful international journalist tells a story too powerful to remain ignored, in light of the Jersey-Savile connection.

    This is a time to think strategically about those emails sent to BBC Jersey or to their head offices, because any complaints of BBC covering up child abuse are likely to be examined. It is a time for Jersey abuse victims in Jersey to contact Scotland Yard and the national media, especially those who have allegations against Savile. It is a time for those who want justice in Jersey to keep their eyes on the broader world stage so it will focus back on Jersey.

    It may not be clear exactly where this national investigation is going, vis a vis Jersey, but the guilty can't yet predict that either, and bloggers have placed so much squarely in the hands of anyone wanting to examine evidence of a world class cover-up.

    I can see many reasons to believe there will be desperate efforts now to cover up remaining abuse evidence in Jersey, but it is hard to believe the exposure of facts and outside will not prevail by overwhelming the oligarchy. If, in examining the ring of paedophiles, all roads seem to lead to Jersey, there will be multiple lines of inquiry and multiple sources asked to opine - expert sources including Graham Power, Lenny Harper, and Stuart. There are not enough Matt Tapps in the world to mastermind the counter evidence the guilty need now.

  25. Should the Jersey victims of Savile should report it to the Met and then to Bowron's boys, and not tell either of the report to the other department then compare and contrast?

  26. Its odd that in Jersey a COI has taken so long and TOR have yet to be agreed. It smells of a cover up, but why? maybe there is a pedo ring in Jersey!!! Whereas, the BBC:-

    "An inquiry is to begin into the culture and practices at the BBC in the era of alleged sexual abuse by Jimmy Savile.

    Former appeal court judge Dame Janet Smith will also consider whether the BBC child protection and whistle-blowing policies are fit for purpose."

    Note, they do not talk about "image" or "reputations", nor do they talk about "closure for abuse victims". The point of the inquiry is to establish why the abuse was allowed to happen, who knew, what was done etc...

  27. Re the comment at 08.38 today.

    It is clear that the powers that be have run out of excuses. I'm pretty sure that if it hadn't been for the Savile issue the Jersey authorities would have continued to stonewall. I equally have no doubt that, whatever the reason, certain powerful individuals will continue to try to block any meaningful inquiry.

    The Chief Minister is now between a rock and a very hard place - but Chief Ministers should expect that.

    I don't know the outcome the recent Verita briefing but I suppose that it will have provided further impetus for the Chief Minister to make the only decision that can reasonably be made - i.e. a full, no-holds-barred inquiry.

    Yes, there will be fall-out. But for goodness' sake let the world see that we, as a community, will not any longer stand for anything less than the truth. We, and especially the victims of abuse over the decades, deserve no less.

  28. "An inquiry is to begin into the culture and practices at the BBC in the era of alleged sexual abuse by Jimmy Savile."

    Notice the enquiry is LIMITED to the Jimmy Savile era? Who is to say the BBC's culture is no different today? The BBC has been supplied with more than enough evidence to expose the sham that was the illegal suspension of the former Police Chief who's force was investigating the decades of Child Abuse.

    They have been supplied with the former Police Chief's interim defence case on the prosecution case they reported on but they won't report a word of it.

    Is the BBC's culture any different TODAY?


  30. I have discovered that alan partridge contains many many hidden messages about sex abuse and sex rings at the bbc and in government.

    I noticed 6 months ago and although convinced it still sounded crazy. Now though its making sense and I have started a blog about it, would appreciate anyones input as I would love to discuss ideas and theories I have with someone

  31. ive discovered that coogans comedy work alan partridge has many many hidden messages and clues about the current scandal. ive started a blog about it

  32. Hi VFC!

    I thought it might add value to your blog by posting the latest revelations, courtesy of an article in today's online edition of the Daily Express. It concerns a ten year old victim who was sexually abused in a toilet in Haut de la Garenne.

    Published on Wednesday October 31, 2012 by Giles Sheldrick of the Daily Express.

    "I was only ten (10) when Jimmy Savile assaulted me in a toilet", says man.

    A man, who is only identified as "John" was ten years of age when Jimmy Savile pounced at Haut de la Garenne. One of Savile's youngest victims last night spoke of how the disgraced star sexually assaulted him in the toilet of at Haut de la Garenne children's home in Jersey.

    John was one of scores of vulnerable children living at the notorious Haut de la Garenne home in Jersey. He was aged just 10, and then suffering learning difficulties when the prolific paedophile attacked him. John was abandoned by his mother after he was born and forced to live at the home on the island's east coast. He told how Savile regularly came to the home - at the centre of a three-year child abuse investigation - and targeted him during a visit in the late Seventies.

    John, who is now married, broke down as he told how Savile "simply appeared" at the home unannounced on a summer's day and approached him. He said Savile followed him as he left his friends, swept up behind him and ushered him into a toilet. Within a matter of seconds he had subjected him to a shocking sexual assault. John said the attack had a devastating effect on his life. He sobbed as he said: "I was frightened and alone but didn't say a word. The whole ordeal lasted a matter of seconds. He didn't say a single word to me."

    "He was a big superstar at the time, I remember he had so many rings on his fingers and his jewellery would jangle as he walked. He also had a big cigar in his mouth. The children were always pleased to see him but I will never be able to forget what he did to me - it has ruined my life. It made me feel dirty and disgusting and I have to live with this horrible nightmare every day."

    Although it remains a mystery why Savile visited Haut de la Garenne and what his business on Jersey was, John says his unplanned arrivals were greeted like a visit from Father Christmas by children who knew very little of the outside world, let alone stars of TV. John lived with his secret until 2008 when his allegation of sexual assault was investigated by States of Jersey Police as part of their probe into Haut de la Garenne.

    Savile's name cropped up but despite other allegations made against him, the case was dropped. Allegedly, there was not enough evidence to press charges but the Daily Express understands police have interviewed two women about the incident and a number of witnesses claim Savile abused as many as seven other children at Haut de la Garenne children's home, Jersey.

    John's case is one of more than 300 being examined by Scotland Yard.


    Keep up the brilliant work. There are people around the world supporting your efforts!

    Neil, Canada