Sunday, 24 August 2008

"Journalism the Jersey way"

Todays Talkback on BBC Radio Jersey was about GST. This is a subject that has impacted on everybody's lives, wallets and purses in Jersey. A subject that could see any of those who voted in favour of it be ousted from political office at the next election.

Twenty eight of our democratically elected, so called, "representitives" defied 19-20,000 signatory's the second biggest petition ever handed to the States of Jersey. Three of these democratically elected representitives are up for election in a couple of months time. They are Senator Mike (GST28) Vibert, Senator Paul (GST28) Routier and Senator Phillip (GST28) Ozouf.

I have on many of occasion been at pains to declare I know very little about "Journalism" so rather than attempt to say, I know what I'm talking about and our "Journalists" don't, I would like to share with you my confusion and questions.

Somebody at BBC Radio Jersey came up with the idea of holding a Talkback show on the subject of GST, whos idea was it? So now we know what the show is going to be about, who's job is it to invite the guests, or panel? and how on earth did they arrive at the decision to invite David Warr and Senator Len Norman? two people of the same view regarding GST, that's hardly going to be "informative" in a "fair and balanced" way.

When Christy Tucker (I think that's her name) Was asked why Vibert, Routier or Ozouf weren't on the panel, she said it was because she hadn't phoned any of them, The subject of the show was only agreed Friday which is her day off and she deserves a lie-in once a week. Surely she, or the BBC have an obligation to ensure informed and balanced information being broadcast before "a lie-in"

If she didn't have the time to invite any of the GST28 how come she found the time to invite Senator Norman and David Warr?, that is of course if it was her decision who to invite and why invite two people with the same view?

Vibert, Ozouf and Routier (in my opinion) should have been the first ports of call, they all voted for GST, so are "pro GST" they are all up for election so I'm sure be chomping at the bit to get some free publicicty, and I'm as equally sure would like to explain to the people who did vote for them why they voted the way they did. The second port of call would have been the likes of the JDA,Time4change, or any of the elected representives who voted against GST including Senator Norman That would have given the listeners a "balanced" panel.

So as cynical as it might sound, I believe there are two scenario's, no, make that three!

1) Eiether the BBC or Christy Tucker are completeley incompedent, have no idea how to get a fair and balanced topical debate together, surely they're not naive enough to believe the callers were going to "balance" the argument out against a panel who are anti GST?

2) The BBC or Christy Tucker are protecting the GST28 and the establishment, did ask some of the GST28 to be part of the panel, who didn't have the balls to attempt to defend the indefensible, so Christy came up with the idea of saying she didn't have time, or didn't think to phone any of them.

3) I have the wrong idea of "journalism" and our local media are doing a good job, it's just different to national and international journalism.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

"Franks Watch"

I am in the process of creating an alternative media outlet via video which will (hopefully) be published on Youtube. I am currently learning where and how to download and save videos.

I intend on interviewing some of our most prominant figures, mostly politicians, but hopefully some of our most prominant "Journalists" also. I came across the video below and decided to use it as a trial run for my project.

Frank Harrison (GST 28) Walker will be remembered for many things on "his watch" and the interview below is one of them. Although the "press conference" that Senator Syvret "gate crashed" is another. I will try and find a copy of that and publish it also. In the meantime please enjoy this one, as cringe worthy and hide behind the couch worthy as it is.

I know it is an old one and everybody would have watched it already but it really does deserve to stay fresh in peoples minds and is a stark reminder of the Frank Walker prioryty's!