Sunday, 10 August 2008

"Franks Watch"

I am in the process of creating an alternative media outlet via video which will (hopefully) be published on Youtube. I am currently learning where and how to download and save videos.

I intend on interviewing some of our most prominant figures, mostly politicians, but hopefully some of our most prominant "Journalists" also. I came across the video below and decided to use it as a trial run for my project.

Frank Harrison (GST 28) Walker will be remembered for many things on "his watch" and the interview below is one of them. Although the "press conference" that Senator Syvret "gate crashed" is another. I will try and find a copy of that and publish it also. In the meantime please enjoy this one, as cringe worthy and hide behind the couch worthy as it is.

I know it is an old one and everybody would have watched it already but it really does deserve to stay fresh in peoples minds and is a stark reminder of the Frank Walker prioryty's!


  1. It was this interview, or rather the post interview comment, that generated the most comment from people I know outside the island. To a person they commented that Senator Syvret came across as the good guy. If Senator Walker had any thoughts of standing again for the States, this would have put an end to it.

  2. This is the video that first showed how much the establishment and in particular Frankie were more worried about their image than dead and abused children.
    My favourite is still Paxman making a fool of him.

  3. This was the video that encouraged me to start The State of Jersey. I agree with The Moving Finger though - the Paxman interview is saved on my iPod for future viewing. It's the only time I have ever seen Walker panic.

  4. Great... need a cameraman? :)

  5. Will you be signing Mike Vibert's nomination paper?

  6. Jerome.

    How on earth Senator Mike (GST28) Vibert has got the gaul to ask the electorate to even entertain the thought of re-electing him is simply mind boggling!!

    Even, was it Andrew Williamson or the Upex report? recommended we have a minister for children.

    That is a diplomatic way of saying our children are failed by this Goverment. We have I think 3 ministers who in one shape or form are charged with the "care" and well being of our children. Wendy (GST28) Kinnard, Ben Shenton and Senator Mike (GST28) Vibert. It tells a story when it is recommended we need ANOTHER ONE!!

    Will I be signing Mike (GST28) Viberts nomination paper? Would you?