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Adrian Lynch. Team Voice Questions to Superintendent Stewart Gull. (Part 1)

Adrian Lynch.

Following the tragic discovery of Adrian Lynch's body Thursday 4th August in the Handois reservoir, Adrian's family, and the public, will consider Adrian being found and returned to his family as a blessing that many thought would never happen.

Adrian went missing on the 4/5th December 2015 after attending a work's party at the Merton Hotel. He remained missing for eight months until the discovery of his body on the 4th August 2016.

Adrian's funeral took place on Friday 19 August 2016 and a subsequent public memorial was held, on the same day, where, it is reported, more than three hundred islanders, family and friends, attended to pay their respects to Adrian. He is/was a very popular young man who clearly made a positive impact on many people's lives and will be sadly missed.

We, at Team Voice, and members of the public, are left with many un-answered questions and confusion. We are prepared to, and have, asked the questions (e-mail below) of the States of Jersey Police about the search and non discovery (for eight months) of Adrian in Handois Reservoir.

As is so often the case in Jersey, the official version of events don't appear to stack up under scrutiny, are contradictory, and, in places misleading.

Below is an e-mail sent from Team Voice to Superintendent Stewart Gull who appears to be "the face" of Operation Panama. It is unclear as to what has happened to the Senior Investigating Officer Lee Turner.

Detective Superintendent 
Stewart Gull.

E-mail to Detective Superintendent Stewart Gull.

"Dear Detective Superintendent.

Following the tragic discovery of the body of Adrian Lynch at the Handois Reservoir on Thursday August 4th 2016 we (Team Voice and Blog Readers) have a number of questions that would/could hopefully clear up a lot of confusion surrounding statements made by you in the local media, and possibly statements made by the local media themselves. 

For ease of reference we will number our questions in the hope you will answer them by their numerical order to avoid any more confusion?

1). You have, on a number of occasions in the local media, stated that Handois Reservoir is “incredibly deep.” Our research tells us that, at its deepest, it is 4 metres. Could you confirm our research is correct, and further, that you consider 4 metres of water to be “incredibly deep” in the context of a reservoir being searched with specialist sonar equipment and divers?

2). Experts from Humberside South Yorkshire Search and Rescue came to the Island to assist in the search of Adrian Lynch. They came with a very high tech sonar (Hammerhead Seaking) which they deployed in Handois Reservoir? 

(i) What was the maximum depth of the reservoir when they searched Handois?

(ii) How long did they spend searching Handois reservoir in total?

(iii) Did they record their Sonar Sweeps for future reference? 

(iv) Did they leave Handois reservoir categorically stating that it was clear? We ask this as Handois is a very small volume of water in which to search.

(v) Did Humberside inform you that Handois was NOT extensively searched?

(vi) Did Humberside police write a report on its search of Handois Reservoir?

(vii) If so, will it be published? If not why not?

(viii) If Humberside DIDN'T write a report, why not?

3). Due to the level of searching Handois reservoir was subjected to is it not reasonable to state that the evidence points to a high possibility that Mr Lynch might not have been in Handois Reservoir at the time of searching? This is also backed up by the pathologist report that appears on the States of Jersey Police Force.

4). If you are claiming that Mr Lynch WAS in Handois Reservoir from the night he went missing would you not agree that this is a gross failure of all agencies involved in searching this small area? 

(i) By not discovering Mr Lynch in such a small body of water a week after he went missing could/would have caused undue distress and suffering for the Lynch family? 

(ii) If Mr Lynch had been found back in December 2015 a more extensive post mortem could have been carried out and the cause of death ascertained?

(iii). Handois Reservoir was apparently a high priority search area?

(iv). Why wasn't Handois re-searched, when further searches of priority areas were carried out in July of this year?

(v) You have (on local "accredited" media) said Handois Reservoir had areas of "hostile terrain." Could you describe what you mean by "hostile terrain?"

5). Have you or will you offer an unreserved apology to the Lynch family?

(i) If not, why not?

6). You said on BBC Radio Jersey that Operation Panama had no budget. Is it usual police practice for such a large-scale investigation not to have an allocated budget?

On Friday 5th August 2016, an article written by Jack Maguire was published in the Jersey Evening Post. The article stated; 

"Handois Reservoir, which acts as a major water treatment works for the Island, is up to 30 metres deep (emphasis added) in places."

Jack Maguire has told Team Voice that he was quoting you when he wrote Handois was "30 metres deep in places." Interestingly he did NOT use quotation marks when allegedly quoting you on this sentence but did on other alleged quotes from you in his article.

7). Did you tell Jack Maguire that Handois Reservoir is "30 metres deep in places?"

(i) If so, why did you tell him that? As we know, at its deepest, Handois is only 4 metres deep.

When challenged by Team Voice regarding your alleged quote (30 metres deep) and the actual depth (4 metres) Mr. Maguire told us it must have been "a slip of the tongue" on your behalf and that you must have meant "30 feet."

(ii) Did you have a "slip of the tongue" and mean to say; "30 feet?"

(iii) If so, would you agree that 30 feet is more than twice the depth of Handois at its deepest and is misleading to the public?

Mr. Maguire has refused to correct this misleading information in his published JEP article telling Team Voice; "it will just confuse matters."

(iv) Did you read the article, and if so, have you asked Mr. Maguire to correct the misleading information? If not why not?

(v) Now that you are aware of the misleading article, will you be asking him to publish a correction, if not why not?

8). You have consistently repeated that the search for Adrian was "thorough and extensive." With hindsight do you believe Handois should have been drained and that; "thorough and extensive" could be perceived as misleading considering it wasn't drained?

(i) Why wasn't it drained?

(ii) How much would it have cost to drain the reservoir in comparison with the £14,000 paid to Humberside Police?

9). The pathologist has reportedly said that the remains of Adrian were consistent with a body that had been immersed in water for "several months." Exactly how many is "several?"

(i) Could Adrian's body have been in the reservoir for less than eight months?

10). Adrian was reportedly in possession of his house keys the night he went missing. Were they recovered with his body?

11) Can you categorically state there was no third party involvement in Adrian's disappearance and untimely death?

We strongly hope that you will answer the questions posed in this e-mail in order to prevent speculation and misreporting of the facts (as in the JEP)?

You will no doubt be aware, through social media, and comments left on "accredited" media sites that there is a fair amount of speculation and little trust/confidence in the way Operation Panama was handled. It is hoped you will answer our questions as full, frankly and honestly, as you can in an effort to curtail speculation/misreporting, and possibly most importantly restore some faith in the island's police force.

We will, in the interest of openness, and transparency, be publishing this e-mail on one of our Blogsites. Please be advised that your answers/reply will be considered for publication also.

We thank you for your time and look forward to you helping us keeping the record straight in this truly tragic turn of events.

N.McMurray/Rico Sorda."(END)

Team Voice DO have many other questions to put to the States of Jersey Police/DS Gull concerning Operation Panama and they will be published, or e-mailed to DS Gull, depending on what response we receive from these questions.

RIP Adrian Lynch.

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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Jersey By Election 2016 (2) St. Clement Husting.

In part two of our by election series we offer video recordings of the candidates opening speeches (and in one case "closing" speech) at last nights hustings at St. Clement Parish Hall.

In part one of this series we conducted a poll where readers could vote for their preferred candidate. We started the poll before nomination night and before all candidates had declared so not all candidates were included in the poll. We have now started another poll (on the left hand side of the page) with all candidates included so why not give your preferred candidate a vote? Including Kim Jong-Un or none of the above?

The previous poll received in excess of 300 votes, the results of which can be seen below.

Candidates hustings speeches St Clement Parish Hall.

Sarah Ferguson.

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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Body Found.

Below is a Press statement issued by the States of Jersey police this morning.

States Of Jersey Police PRESS RELEASE Thursday, 04 August 2016

"At 10:40 today police received a call from a worker at Handois Reservoir, St Lawrence who reported finding the remains of a body partly submerged in the water.

Given the proximity to the last known location of missing Islander Adrian Lynch, Adrian’s family have been updated as to the find but any formal identification is likely to take some time.

Police officers and Crime Scene Investigation are currently at the reservoir and we would request that persons do not attend at that location in order to enable the police to carry out their investigations.

We understand the public interest that this incident will create, but we would ask that islanders respect this request and the family’s privacy at this time.

Further information will be provided as it becomes available."(END)

Our thoughts are with the Lynch family and friends.

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