Sunday, 10 July 2016

Adrian Lynch. North Coast Search.

More than seven months have now past since 20 year old Adrian Lynch went missing after attending a works Christmas Party on 4 December 2015.

In our Previous Posting, in the Adrian Lynch series, we published a short VIDEO reconstructing Adrian's last reported movements according to the States of Jersey Police (SOJP). Despite the SOJP nor the mainstream media not sharing the video online it still attracted in excess of 3,700 Youtube views so thank you to all those who did share it. In that previous Blog Posting we told readers there could be theories other than the one(s) the SOJP is going with.

According to the SOJP'S timeline the last reported alleged movements of Adrian was at 2:15-2:30 am in Cooky's Farm as published HERE. Although it could be disputed that this was indeed Adrian as it was not a sighting. We start the video (below) from this location.

We're asking what if something untoward DID happen to Adrian in this vicinity? What if he was taken by car to the North Coast? How long would it take to drive to the North Coast? (Answer in video below)

Why won't the police search the North Coast? What exactly are the police doing now to find Adrian? From what we can see......Very little.

Which brings us onto the second half of the video (below). Earlier this week VFC joined a search party looking for Adrian on the North Coast. There were around half a dozen friends of the Lynch family, including his father Danny all geared up with protected clothing (due to the unforgiving terrain) with machetes/sickles and the like to make their way through the dense brambles/nettles. VFC was unable to take part in the search but did film parts of it.

The questions going through my mind were "why aren't the cops doing this?" "Why should it be left to well meaning friends/members of the public and Adrian's father to do it?" "Why can't the Honorary Police or the Territorial Army do it if the SOJP won't?"

What if one of the searchers discovered the body of Adrian? What if his own father did? Is he, or they, prepared for this? It's all well and good saying "leave it to the professionals" but the "professionals" are not searching for this young boy who is still missing.

After recent headlines in the MSM telling us that the SOJP, over the next three years, need to cut £5.1m from its budget, which reportedly would include the loss of thirty jobs including up to 13 frontline staff. Is it really the case that the SOJP can't afford to continue the search for Adrian? Is it that they can't afford to actually go out and find their own leads regarding Adrian's disappearance rather than waiting for something to land on their desk(s)?

Of course this is mostly assuming that Adrian is dead; but what if he is still alive, possibly being held against his will? Ok statistically that is unlikely but it is (one could argue) more likely than the statistics that suggest he might have died of hypothermia.

If it is the case that he is alive and waiting for the Cavalry to arrive then the sad news is, there is no Cavalry, or they can't afford to feed the horses. The SOJP MUST come out and inform the public that budget does NOT play a part in the investigation (or lack of) in finding Adrian Lynch. Every parent in Jersey must have the confidence and trust knowing that if anything remotely similar should happen to their child the SOJP has the money, resources, expertise and the willing to actively go out and find their child. I would be interested to learn if the Lynch family, or the General Public, do have that trust/confidence in the SOJP.

Back to the video below and the North Coast search.

These searches have been organised by the father of Adrian Lynch we say "these" searches because we are aware that this was the third one to take place in as many weeks. It has to be said that the dedication, and commitment, of those searching is incredible. These people know they are putting their health and safety at great risk yet they toil away for around three hours a session in the hope of bringing some closure to a family left in the most unimaginable limbo and turmoil. Should they have to be doing this? Certainly not, but who else will?

Adrian's father who has organised these searches, knows he is relying on a massive amount of good will from his friends, but how long can this good will last and what happens when it runs out, who can he, or the family, turn to then? We have demonstrated (links below) that his own Parish Constable, and Deputy, don't appear interested. Indeed NONE of the politicians look to have any interest in this sad case other than St. Helier No.3 Deputy Mike Higgins who, as far as we are aware, is the only politician to have been in contact with Adrian's father, and step mother, and the only politician to meet with them and ask questions in the States.

Seven months this young man, Adrian Lynch, has been missing, and instead of scaling back the manpower, resources and investigation shouldn't the SOJP be scaling them up? Would you expect them to if it was your child and is it simply the case that the SOJP simply can't afford to find Adrian?

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  1. What really jumps out at me in all of this is how easy it is for children who were in care and no guardian to fall off the grid. We are talking about the 50's60's 70's and 80's especially. In this modern age Adrian Lynch is in danger of being forgotten about. A picture on a bus shelter. What are the police doing in trying to find this young man.

    its shocking

    1. How right you are Rico, and people still poo-poo the idea that children could just disappear off the radar'.

      This most distressing of cases is made even more incredible when we see family members and friends doing what the SoJP and Honorary Police should be doing. Adrian did not spontaneously combust, so where oh where is he.

      The lack of closure for his parents must be beyond belief. Is he being held? The more time that passes makes this a not un-credible possibility.

      Shocking indeed Rico.

    2. There is no evidence to support conspiracy theories involving foul play.
      The most likely explanation is that Adrian was disorientated and died of hypothermia and that his body then spontaneously combusted.

      Policing and the law are safe in our hands.
      The children of this island are as safe as they always were.


    3. Nonsense. He was obviously abducted by Dark Elves. They were probably in cahoots with the Tooth Fairy fron HDLG.

  2. What can be more important to the police than the fact that they have a young man missing in very strange circumstances.. Watching the video of Adrians father and friends searching makes one feel angry that this is what it has come to. Why haven't they been out with the dogs. This is surely what the police should be doing.

    Is there a possible connection with the missing man in Guernsey? Anything is possible.

    1. I have spoken with a few people today who have asked the same question Rico. Could there be a connection between the Guernsey disappearance and Adrian's disappearance? The words "serial killer" are starting to be used and the police from either island don't appear to have publicly acknowledged that there are (at least) two people disappeared off the face of the earth and that people might start wondering if there indeed IS a serial killer on the loose.

      It would be a responsible thing for the States of Jersey/Guernsey police to assure the public that this ISN'T the case......if it isn't. If they remain as tightlipped as they have been then this could encourage conspiracy theories.

  3. Bowron Must Go!10 July 2016 at 14:47

    Well done to all of those who took part in the search and to Team Voice and Rico Sorda for almost between the two blogs keeping this story alive. Jill is right to highlight how darkly sick it is that police and others can mock the possibility of children going missing without trace in an island this size. All you need is evil, twisted people and an Establishment, judicial system and police happy to pervert the course of justice and there you go - Jimmy's your uncle (or was it Ted?). As for no evidence of such things all we need to do is examine the recent past, and we don't even need aN Haut de la Garenne example to demonstrate. Many of your readers will remember a story you featured about one of our few honest former politicians being bounced over a car on a pedestrian crossing a couple of years ago. There were three witnesses as I recall confirming it was the driver's fault and not that of the unfortunate victim. What happened then? The police decide, no doubt with the collusion of the Attorney General, that there was 'not enough evidence to prosecute! Easy-peasey Jersey Way. Poor Adrian could easily have been disappeared over a cliff into unforgiving waters, tidal currents and 'not enough evidence' to do anything about it. I hope and pray this isn't true but with so little effort on the part of Bowron's cops to follow basic police procedure you have to think the worst. This is a corrupt island being ruined for the ordinary people. Best wishes to Adrian's family and friends in such difficult times. And deep respect to you and all of those doing their best to clean Jersey up.

  4. Shame there doesn't seem to be any questions in the States about this for the coming week? What happened did poor Deputy Higgins just have no questions left? A one man opposition holding the Council of ministers to account while everyone else just goes through the motions.

  5. Id Lenny Harper had run such an amateurish and lousy investigation the Ben Shentons, Sean Powers and State Medias of Jersey would be going ape shite with demands for his head.

  6. I think it is appalling the family and friends have to organise their own searches because the police have given up on Adrian or won't spend any more money on the case. My heart goes out to Adrian his family and friends and the entire population of Jersey if this is how the police force "investigate" missing children in 2016.

    1. So relatives and friends of victims have to organise their own searches in Jersey now? Some of us already know that victims of accidents/illness already have to pay for their own bandages under how 'Health' service. And yet under 0/10 we let huge non-local companies pay zero tax! WTF is going on in this island and why do most people just moan to themselves and take it? Mark my words unless we can get a few of the true politicians of the past back in 2018 the next election will return the same old shysters who got us into this mess.

  7. Apologies if what I write below has already been discussed or disproven, but I thought I would add some thoughts to help the search.

    Firstly, it seems odd to me that the taxi driver dropping off Adrian would leave him in a place which was clearly not where he wanted to be dropped off. I'm assuming that this taxi driver was questioned by police and has answered for himself. You have to place a lot of responsibility with the taxi driver, given that Adrian was in such as state that he spent the following 2 hours or so walking around in a drunken circle, and was so drunk that he was incapable of giving appropriate directions to his house. If he was in such a state, then why did the taxi driver leave him like that on the side of the road and then just leave? And why haven't Adrian's family expressed any anger at this irresponsible act? This to me does not add up. Either Adrian was coherent enough about where he lived, or he was in such a state that we could not adequately explain, in which case I don't think the taxi driver would of just left him in a lane, with little lighting, and just left without seeing if he was ok.

    That aside, has it been established from the people he was with how drunk he actually was? To spend 2 hours walking around in circles suggests that he was in an horrendous state. Surely the people he was with should be held accountable for getting him into this state, and surely they should be out searching? Again apologies, if this is already the case. And why is it that the family haven't again come forward to condone the binge drinking culture on this island? Why is it considered acceptable that Adrian was in that state in the first place?

    I think there are 4 major possibilities as below as to what happened:

    Firstly, we know there are potentially 3 goals that Adrian had in mind once he was dropped off. The first obviously being to walk home. Saying this, I don't think it was ever released to the public whereabouts he actually lived, maybe to maintain the privacy of the family. Correct me if i'm wrong. This information would of been useful to members of the public when conducting their own searches so that we know what the goal was, and the mostly likely route he would of taken. All I know is that it was some way north of where he was dropped off at. But it must of been a very long way given that he was caught on cc tv where he was much further up the road. If this is the case, do we know if that was in the direction of his house? If so, that is a very long way. And the taxi driver must come back in to the question here.

    Secondly, we know that he most likely went back for the phone and wallet. Given this information, i'm assuming that the area around the phone has been searched and re-searched extensively? I would assume that the farm in question with the shortcut running through was had every inch covered, as it seems like he generally circles that area over and over from the police report findings.

    Thirdly, we can also assume that he may have tried to get back to town, or to a friends house. If this is the case, has the area to the south and between the drop of place and town been extensively searched? I would of thought it much more logical to search the roads and fields/properties adjacent to the roads between the drop of point and town, rather than all the fields in a big circle around where he was last seen. It is unlikely that we would of strayed off or far from the roads, so it would seem a better use of search time to go further, but stick closer to the roads. Also do we know were his best friends live? It could be that he may of tried to walk to theirs if they were close by, or between his house and town.

    Fourthly, but very distantly, we could assume foul play. Somewhat controversially, do we know if the burnt building was ever extensively searched? I'm assuming it was. It is a minor coincidence that those events should follow directly after this one. I'm sure the police did everything they could to rule out this possibility though.

    1. I'm sure you mean well but expecting the parents who have lost their child in suspicious circumstances to think of preaching about binge drinking is a little tuff isn't it? They would have, and still will have a lot more on their mind than preaching about binge drinking.

  8. Until we get rid of the most corrupt police force in Europe possible the world top that up with the the worlds most corrupt states and civil servants then nothing but nothing will change just look what they have done to our best politicians.they have been locked up run over and what did the people do fuck all that's what.i know the shit that goes on this island and I'm ashamed to call my self a jersey man.i know when it all goes against you very few people and so called friends will stand once a wise man said the government you deserve.

    1. A bit of a rant. But every word bang on the money.

      PS. You forgot to mention Bailiffs who allow dishonest Vic College teachers who help cover up abuse to sit as lay judges in our court.

      What a place we live in.

  9. Specialist police dogs and their handlers will begin scouring Guernsey's west coast today in the search for missing Steven Corbet.

    Two victim recovery dogs have been brought over from the UK.

    Today marks two weeks since 58-year-old Steven disappeared.

    He was last seen getting off a bus at Pleinmont, near the Imperial Hotel.

    Police say the chances of finding him alive are now "remote".

    Our officers carried out an extensive search of the Pleinmont area for ten days following Steven’s disappearance, but found no trace of him.

    As a result we must reluctantly acknowledge that the chances of finding him alive and well are remote.

    Dog walkers are being asked to avoid the area until further notice, to allow the search to take place without interruption.

    Anyone with information is asked to contact Guernsey Police on 01481 719

  10. And nothing changes because most are so gutless. Just consider. The Establishment is now so arrogant and convinced of being wholly unaccountable that they are even openly proposing the highest earners pay reduced rates for new health charges! Our States is 99% full of cowards and spivs.

  11. Dixon of Dock Green11 July 2016 at 13:04

    People are too hard on Police Chief Mike Bowron. He must have personally searched King and Queen Streets in St Helier for Adrian at least a thousand times.

    1. Very true. If poor Adrian had gone missing in a sandwich bar in St. Helier No Shit Sherlock Holmes Bowron would have found him for sure.

    2. Definitely if it had been someone called Adrianna?

  12. The only thing that matters is that Adrian Lynch is missing and must be found. The Police need to get off their backsides and go find him.

    1. Good point Rico. There's lots of theories of what could have happened to this poor young man but the bottom line is he's still missing and because the police won't look only five minutes up the road for him his family and friends have to. This is appalling and something that should not be expected of a grieving and distraught family. The cops should get off their backsides solve this case and bring closure to the family.

    2. The question is still out there why Adrian would have been hanging about the thistle grove estate? According to the video it looked like he was around the side of the Regal building. Why? Was he looking for something? Was he taken there or maybe meeting someone?

  13. You are assuming that the cops even care. Looking at the leadership these past few years since Power and Harper went I doubt they do. Just a job at best.

  14. Why haven't houses in the area been searched?

  15. I do hope, in my heart of hearts, that the SOJP have some techno wizard in a back room somewhere, triangulating all the mobile phone movements in that region for that night. Almost everyone carries a mobile phone nowadays. Surely there can only have been a couple of hundred movements that night in the area? Have they all been traced and questioned?

    One of the questions that must come out of this is how taxi drivers deal with the vulnerable. For sure, they are not social workers. And I wouldn't want to deal with most of the drunken idiots at the taxi rank every weekend. Surely though, someone must learn something from this? Taxi drivers hold a privileged licence. Surely such a licence should be accompanied by guidelines or a policy on how to handle the vulnerable (possibly late at night, possibly drunk)? I accept there is no magic solution, but wouldn't it be good id there could be a positive change for the future?

  16. Senator Cameron resigns: With the Ministers and in-house follower at an all time low. This surely would be the time for Ex Senator Syvret to win the by-election?

  17. Will Stuart Syvret be standing in the Senatorial bi-election to replace Zoe Cameron?

    1. Sadly I don't think Stuart has it in him to try for a Senator's seat again. The state media have probably damaged his reputation too much as well by portraying him so unfairly so often. Maybe Rico should stand?

  18. Not for me thanks. Would rather cover myself in turd and sit in the midday sun.

  19. How come Adrian's disappearance hasn't been on crime watch? When the Newell's disappeared the police put it on crime watch. I think the police could be doing a lot more than they are. Why is this I wonder?

    1. I Believe the official police line is (and stand to be corrected) that there is no evidence of a crime being committed. (Yeah I know!) Crimewatch only showcase crimes so doesn't fit the criteria for the show.

    2. when the Newell's disappeared there was similarly no body

      Why would this young man be less of a priority?

    3. Good question, although I'm not very familiar with the Newall case. Perhaps the States of Jersey Police (who are readers of this Blog) might want to answer that one?

    4. With the Newalls they found traces of blood and clear attempts to clean up, therefore signs of crime in their house.

  20. 4:17 pm, Mon 11 Jul 2016
    Specialist dogs find no trace of Steven Corbet
    Two specialist dogs have begun searching the Pleinmont headland as part of the search for missing Steven Corbet.

    The dogs, known as victim recovery dogs, are able to search areas of land where the terrain makes it impossible for an officer to reach.

    No trace of the 58-year-old was found but the animals will continue their search tomorrow morning.

    The dogs and their handlers are based with Kent Police and the Met Police respectively - but are used throughout Britain.

    Guernsey Police have asked dog walkers to avoid the area between Portelet Kiosk and the Fairy Ring, until further notic

  21. We urge islanders not to read this offensive website:
    "Since the 1960's psychiatric patients and 'political radicals' have been secretly and illegally deported from Jersey. The recent case of HG who was deported to the UK and dumped without any means of support, is only one of many cases.

    Nobody talks about this issue; perhaps few know about it. Victims have never come forward to demand an investigation or ask for compensation. Why ? because few have survived the damage to their life, their confidence or their self-esteem.

    Today's resignation letter from Senator Zoe Cameron, confirms that nothing has changed , those people who rule this island do not tolerate people who ask awkward questions and refuse to follow the 'Jersey Way'."

    THANK YOU FOR NOT READING THAT, you will feel all the better for it.

    Anyways you would have to be raving mad to be a political radicals in jersey or to campaign against our untouchable legal an d political system. Therefor a Jersey radical is a psychiatric patient!

    Ask Syvret. No grip on reality. Ever.


  22. Would Chief Minister Ian Gorse please explain to low and middle earners how the Bailiffs large wage packet has increase from £204,911 to £339,000 in only five years ?

    As chairman of the States employment board Senator Gorst appears far to generous in giving away the tax payers hard earned money while scrapping in more from low income and middle earners.


    Bailiff £199,911 - £204,911


    The Accounts show that the Bailiff, Sir Michael Birt's, remuneration package was between £330,000 and £339,000.
    States accounts 2015 page 67 – 68.

    The senior states public sector employees, especially the Judiciary wages are a scandal while they cut the jobs of gardeners and front line staff.

    1. Sir Michael Bentley-Dun13 July 2016 at 17:36

      If we stripped this unelected judge of his non-ECHR compliant role interfering in the States we could cut his salary in half. That would save half a dozen cleaners and gardeners jobs.