Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Adrian Lynch Operation Panama......Case Closed?

DS. Stuart Gull.

In our PREVIOUS POSTING we published a short VIDEO of the five minute drive, to the North Coast, from the last reported alleged movements of missing 20 year old Adrian Lynch. We asked a number of questions concerning the search/investigation (or lack of) concerning Adrian's disappearance.

As a result (of our previous posting) VFC was contacted by local BBC Radio and asked to give an interview where some of our questions could be recorded and put to Senior Investigating Officer DCI Lee Turner. For whatever reason SIO/DCI Turner didn't show for his live interview the following day and Detective Supt Stuart Gull took his place a few days later. (today)

In our previous posting (link above) we wrote; "What exactly are the police doing now to find Adrian? From what we can see......Very little." After DS Gull's performance on the radio this morning (video below) it appears we were right, very little appears to be happening, in the search for this young man Adrian Lynch, who has now been missing for more than seven months.

A number of questions were put to DS Gull, on radio, this morning which he either ignored or pretended to answer them like the media savvy pro that he is. He filibustered his way through the entire interview offering nothing, or very little, in the way of substance. To this end we have offered our own little bits of text/captions through parts of the interview. (Below)

One would have hoped that DS Gull might have seized this opportunity to assure the public, Adrian's parents, family and friends, that the police will not rest until this young man is found and everything possible is being done to generate leads in order to solve this case. Unfortunately this didn't happen.

Adrian's father, and friends, will be out risking their own safety (and possibly lives) again tonight in their fourth expedition searching the North Coast for Adrian. They are having to do this because the police won't. The police won't go outside their own very small search area when, we argue, they should be throwing everything at this and searching the whole island. We're not in the Australian outback, we're a tiny island of 9 miles by 5. DS Gull has said (interview below) that money/budget isn't a factor in this case, so if that's true, start searching outside the tiny search area and put boots on the ground to generate leads.......Island wide.

Former DCO Lenny Harper.

Indeed, Not only did DS Gull say that budget isn't a factor, he said that the Investigation (Operation Panama) doesn't have a budget at all. This is very revealing considering former DCO Lenny Harper has been dragged through the coals for allegedly not having a budget for Operation Rectangle. (Child Abuse Inquiry) How can it be so wrong not to have a budget in one high profile case, yet it's ok in another?

A 20 year old young boy is missing, his parents/family need answers and closure and the public need to have trust and confidence in our police force.

As things stand it looks like if your child goes missing in Jersey the police will look for him/her in a tiny area for a couple/few weeks and then give up. This is NOT acceptable in an affluent modern day "democracy."

If Operation Panama is not closed, then it's doing a very good impression of it.

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  1. Everybody should be extremely worried about the non answers from DS Gull.

    Tell your kids to get home safe because after 3 weeks you are on your own.

    Shocking, frightening and bloody abismal

    1. 'Everybody should be extremely worried about the non answers from DS Gull'.

      Why? Kids are different, this is a grown man.

  2. If you or I are pulled down the cop shop you can bet that they want straight and honest answers how come DS Gull can just bluff his way during an interview?

    Lets also have the recommendations from the NCA. We are talking about a young man hear not a cat that has gone missing in Trinity. Also, it has been 8yrs since the force was externally reviewed. 8yrs overdue.

    Where is the passion and commitment in telling us that everything is and will be done in finding Adrien. We are 45sq miles. What if Adrien was alive and being held against his will? Unlikely but not impossible. Our lot are probably more concerned about where they can hang their pictures in their swanky new offices in Green Street. Its not good enough.

    1. No offence meant and not meaning to be insensitive but... reading this sfter seven months of abysmal policing you have to conclude poor Adrian was probably killed, be it accidentally knocked over or murdered, by someone powerful. Someone the police leadership need to protect.

      Far fetched? Look at the running down of ex-Deputy Shona Pitman mentioned again in the last post's comments. Alright, no where near as awful as what appears to have happened to poor young Adrian. But the fact is Mrs Pitman could have been killed and yet we can be sure no-one would have been prosecuted.

      Unless Adrian's family, friends, bloggers or other members of the public stumble on something the police cannot manage to hide nobody, but nobody is ever going to be prosecuted here either are they. When the hell is our grossly over paid Lieutenant-Governor, the Queen's representative allegedly, going to trigger UK intervention? This place really is disgusting and if people keep quiet then they are condoning it.


  3. You are right to point out the flaws in the content of what Gull has to say but what struck me was the tone. Nothing upbeat, nothing to inspire or stir further efforts, no evidence of any aggressive determination to get to the bottom of this mystery not matter how long it takes. Just a lot of negative rambling. He sounds like a man who just wants it all to go away so he can get on with his (cosy) normal routine.

  4. Anything can be accepted and tolerated in Jersey. Take the disappearance of Adrian Lynch. An initial outpouring of concern and good will and then what!!!!

    Its like this happens every other week.. If the police sound like they couldn't be bothered then why should anyone else be..

    Also, it's worth keeping an eye on the Guernsey case. He has been missing for over 2 weeks now. Police have found nothing, the dogs have found nothing. Now, until that man turns up, dead or alive im not going to discount that we might just have a killer on the lose in the channel islands.

    Anything is possible.

    Having one mysterious disappearance in Jersey is vary rare. Having a similar one in Guernsey at the same time raises some questions.

  5. I'm surprised no one is considering alien abduction and I'm not joking. Perhaps a higher form of life are intrigued to see why humans in the little 21st century dark age speck of Jersey put up with all of this crap from those in power? 'Phone home IG (Gorst, surely an alien?) Phone home.....

  6. On the 9th December 2015 i published the below blog posting. I stand by it even though I took a lot of flak for even suggesting that something bad might have happened. 7 months on and we are asking the same question. "Is enough being done?"

    Twenty year old Adrian Lynch went missing on the night of the 4th/5th of December. He had attended a works Christmas party at the Merton Hotel and was dropped off by Taxi at around midnight on friday the 4th December in the vicinity of Carrefour Selous in St Lawrence.

    What happened from midnight onwards is a mystery. What we know is that a young man is still missing. We are now at day Five and nothing. They have found his wallet, phone and belt. Adrian Lynch has disappeared.

    One can only imagine what family and friends are going through.

    I have noticed a growing anger over the past couple of days towards the Police operation to find him. No one can doubt that everyone who has given their time and energy in searching for Adrian have been nothing but totally committed and professional. But has it been enough? Was his disappearance given the importance that it deserved. We are now at day five heading into day six. Why no Island Wide search? Why not ask the public across the island to check out buildings, Valleys, gardens you name it bloody check it. If I went missing I would want as many eyes out there as possible looking. I fully understand the Police not wanting to do this because of the amount of organising it would take but better to find someone alive and quickly than deceased.

    The Police are starting door to door tomorrow.

    One of his friends started an online petition the other day because they thought that the Police search was going to be called off. Even if wires were crossed, and this wasn't quite right, fair play for him doing so. People want to help. People want to help for all number of reasons. Something very strange happened to Adrian Lynch once he got out of the taxi. His actions, movements, as reported in the Jersey Media, remind me of someone who has had his drink spiked. Pure speculation on my part but that's what it looks like to me. Who say's he didn't get in a car at some stage? Just a thought.

    We are a 9x5 Island.

    Everybody who lives out in the country parishes just go and have a good look around your property. He is out there waiting to be found. People who walk the North Coast be extra vigilant. People who walk through the valleys keep an eye out for something unusual.

    Just because we live in peaceful Jersey don't be afraid to think out of the box and express your thoughts. Things happen. Bad things can happen.

    These are just mine.

    Why no appeal from the Police for Adrian to come home or to make contact.?

    Adrian Lynch is out there waiting to be found.

    Please let him be found soon.

    All our thoughts and love go to his family and friends.

    Rico Sorda

  7. Evasive, cautious 'non' answers. I find this interview incredibly shocking, and he was unable to answer one question because he did not have the answers 'with him'!

    The longer this case continues with no conclusion, and the attitude by the Police that they need not search any further afield than the initial search area, the more bizarre their non-action appears to be.
    9 x 5 miles we are, the Police and honoraries are not inundated with work. This is someone's son and brother for goodness sake.

    Do something more constructive SoJP.

  8. If its a possible murder investigation and the killer is listening in then the Police have to be careful with what they say.

    1. Fair comment.

    2. I agree but at the same time it could be argued, that if it is/was a murder investigation, then letting the murderer know that could force him/her into making a mistake and put pressure on them. We must also remember that, although it's looking more, and, unlikely, Adrian could still be alive.

  9. Here is what Gull said about the NCA recommendations to the JEP.

    "I'm not prepared to go into detail They made in the way of 12 recommendations and it is fair to say that all were given careful consideration"

    Reminds me of the ACPO reports during Operation Rectangle.

  10. "If its a possible murder investigation and the killer is listening in then the Police have to be careful with what they say."

    Yes it is possible that Bowron's police are lying to us -but they are far more likely to do this for their own good than ours.

  11. Bailiwick Express reports that the people of Jersey seem very satisfied with their police force.


    1. I've never read the Bailiwick Express but from what I've been told, it's the kind of propaganda one would expect from it.

    2. I was being ironic, as you probably gathered. The only advantage to the Bailiwick Express online for me is that it sometimes reports stuff that JEP online ignore and also reports at greater length.

      As I am not on the island that can be an advantage sometimes.

    3. Do you know if they have challenged, or questioned the cops I've the Adrian Lynch case? In fact does anybody know if Any of the local MSM have reported that family and friends are out searching for Adrian on an almost weekly basis because the cops won't?

    4. VFC 15:08

      Don't know and can't find anything. At least on the BE online site.

  12. Jersey might be only nine miles by five, but that translates to 118.2 square kilometers or approximately 30,000 acres. So, a not insubstantial area. The island doesn't have any mountains as such it but it does have rocky coastal areas, cliffs, etc, which I'd imagine would be difficult to search. I wouldn't be as critical of the police as some in these comments, an island-wide search strikes me as a large undertaking.

    That said, there are a lot of unanswered questions that both this blogger and Rico Sorda rightly raise. The police referred to the possibility of hypothermia - what is their reasonsing here, as so far as we know Adrian was a healthy young person, and the night in question, was an unusually mild night for the time of year.

    The possibility as raised by Rico above that Adrian might have had his drink spiked is conceivable and certainly needs to be borne in mind. If someone had spiked Adrian's drink - whether with malicious intent or as a foolish prank - I'd imagine they'd be unlikely to voluntarily come forward and own up to it.

  13. Change of subject, rumour Susie Pinel establishment muppet to stand in Senatorial election!!!

    1. Please tell me I have just woken up from a bad nightmare and this is not true. This a woman without compassion or caring skills. Will not/does not interact with the public and arrogant beyond belief. I doubt she will get many votes as she is highly unpopular with the public.

    2. Really? mark my words. If a complete incompetent, useless and uncaring idiot like Pinel can get elected all of us in Jersey really do need to immigrate. Are the public really that gullible? Probably. Is Pinel really that deluded? Almost certainly.

  14. I can remember DS Gull giving much stronger, positive interviews when he led the investigations into the tragic murders of 5 young women in Ipswich, Suffolk - with the murderer being caught & given a life sentence!

  15. Changing subject.
    Local Paedo Honorary Police officer Timothy Luce given 3 years.

  16. Police in Guernsey have said, for the first time, that missing man Steven Corbet is likely to have taken his own life.

    They say all the evidence they have found supports that theory and a positive outcome is 'highly unlikely'.

    The 58-year-old went missing on 27th June and was last seen getting off the number 94 bus at Pleinmont around midday.

    While we cannot confirm with absolute certainty, everything that we have established during the investigation supports a hypothesis that Steven sought to take his own life.

    The investigation was deemed critical and specialist officers searched the Pleinmont headland.

    Victim recovery dogs were also brought across from the UK, but no trace of him has been found.

    Officers also worked on enquiries to find out Steven's last known movements and his state of mind.

    The investigation remains open.

  17. Interesting that the UK review made some 'small recommendations' that he doesn't have to hand. I was in a situation 18 years ago in Guernsey when my dissatisfaction with a police investigation led me to make official complaints and resulted in a UK review. At its conclusion I spoke to the UK officers who conducted the review and they told me that they preferred to be constructive with their report rather than critical but that there were undoubtedly numerous procedural failings. Seems to me that things don't change much, which ever island you live on.

  18. You could slice the Island across its length and search all the top half. The outlying parishes, valleys the North Coast. Adrian has got to be somewhere. Its scary to think how easy it is to make someone disappear over here and possibly get away with it.

    Until the missing man in Guernsey is discovered I wouldn't be ruling anything out.

  19. Wake up and smell the murder. Not very obvious is it!!!!

  20. Off Topic but Breaking News.

    The documentation for Day 146 of the Inquiry, which was put up and then taken down last month, has now re-appeared on the Inquiry site.

    It has the same number of pages as before (524) but the file is 10MB larger (28MB versus 18MB).

    This could simply be due to a different level of compression in the documents, though why that should be is a mystery. There can always be innocent explanations for apparently strange happenings, but when you see so many of them occurring in such a professional and expensive body you have to wonder is it a case of high stakes or a staggering level of incompetence.

    Needless to say, there has not been a word on the site or the facebook page explaining any of these strange happenings. Very strange from such a body which so depends on the trust of the public.

    Anyway, I haven't the time just now to check this out in detail but there are links below to the two versions.

    Original doc posted & then taken down.

    Current doc posted.

    1. Unless I have missed it, Counsel to Inquiry's closing submission has STILL not been published on its website. As far as I recall this submission should have been included as part of day 146 also.

    2. Counsel is down in the timetable for Days 148 & 149 due any day, hopefully.

  21. If Lenny Harper or his officers had behaved like the comedians in Bowron's force in the reported conversation about the little Victoria College scumbags moving their dying mate (the debate about what the darlings should be charged with) he and they would be pilloried. Please somebody bring a vote of no confidence in Bowron. The Adrian Lynch and Vic College cases show our police are now a joke. If they pursue you depends upon who you are.

  22. anonymous above that is so true

    1. Chin up. All bad things will pass eventually.

  23. Since Bowron came along after Graham Power was shafted to try and trash what had been exposed at HDLG the Jersey police have got worse and worse. People have said they are now the most corrupt force in Europe. A pretty big claim with contenders like Italy around. What makes it all worse is undoubtedly having the most corrupt prosecution service and Royal Court in the world.

  24. Bilbo Baggins of Underhill Mount Bingham24 July 2016 at 13:41

    I apologize that this is off topic but can I comment about the forthcoming by-election?

    We don't seem to have many candidates yet do we.

    Former Senator Sarah Ferguson who I quite like (her own person - well done) but won't vote for due to her allegedly assisting that invisible, silent non-entity Terry MacDonald to try and discredit Lenny Harper. So definitely not for me.

    Failed St Helier No 3 Deputy candidate, gay rights campaigner (well done), Peoples Park opportunist and Establishment wannabe, and chum of the spectacularly useless Deputy Scott Wickenden. So again definitely not for me.

    Former DJ, cabaret 'singer', star of the Channel 4 spoof documentary 'Whatever happened to Stevie Ocean' and Jersey Rights Association (well done) Stevie Ocean. Most definitely not for me.

    And the rumour of Susie 'Useless, Establishment poodle, non-question asker, non-proposition lodger, non-do anything useful to help working people' Pinel currently making a huge pig's ear of Social Security and her role as a Deputy in St Clement. Not for me in a million years!

    Surely there must be more capable candidates for the people of Jersey to choose from? have you heard any other rumours Team Voice? Perhaps you can do a blog on why people should vote.

    And why some working class candidates caring about ordinary people should put themselves forward.

    1. Bilbo Baggins of Underhill Mount Bingham24 July 2016 at 13:49

      Ever so sorry in the above post I forgot to credit gay rights campaigner and failed St Helier No 3 Deputy candiate Christian May with his name.

    2. I have heard that Reform Jersey are to put up a candidate. If this is true then I hope it will be Montfort Tadier and not Geoff Southern.

    3. Murray Snortsem24 July 2016 at 14:05

      I can give two other names I have heard mentioned. Ian Le Marquand and Gerrard Baudains. Don't know if true or not.

    4. ILM would be great. I could resurface all my laboriously constructed caricatures and people could have a go at him, under privilege, in the States, speaker permitting.

      [Just joking, I hope]

    5. Naughty Polo. How many times have you been in political trouble already with your wicked comments?

  25. Rico Sorda should stand. I know he said he would rather cover himself in dog poo and sit in the sun but on the side of the Good Guys we don't have many options right now. Anyway a candidate on the platform covered in dog poo would still be a better option than candidates all talking crap. Go Rico Go.

    1. Just a quick comment as I am already late for a bar-b-q. What we need is a candidate or candidates brave enough to raise the issues discussed here on this blog, so making them political issues for all. Issues like the scandalous police ineptitude regarding Adrian Lynch. On that front Rico is an obvious candidate.

  26. I will be voting for Stevie Ocean. His speeches will light up the States. A sort of Paul Routier/Angela Jeune hybrid filtered through a bit of Tiny Clanger. And hopefully all watchable live on TV!

  27. Bailhache for Ambassador for Mongolia24 July 2016 at 22:06

    Surely we can find someone from a progressive leaning and of decent talent to stand? Montfort Tardier should definitely be the Reform candidate.

  28. Rob Duhamel might stand? At least he wasn't one of 'them' even if he did think old people should cuddle each other in winter if they can't afford to heat their homes.

  29. Regretably the Exaro News site is to close

  30. Hello VFC. I am just packing my bags as I am told ex-Deputy and Ministerial buffoon Guy De Faye is also to stand for election in the coming bi-election. All we need is little Eddie 'Couldn't run a bathtub' Noel to announce and Jersey really should do the least painful thing and announce that we are now closed, the island abandoned.